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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 6th October 2021 Episode starts with Nupur defending Chiku in front of Aai and Kamini. She also steps inside on the red colour and goes to pray. Aai looks on. Rangoli fumes on the kids. She says you were getting a good sleep there, right, you won’t get a mattress here. She pours the water on the mattress. She asks them to go back to Nupur. Sulab says forgive us, we have no place to go, the NGO burnt. Rangoli scolds them. The kids apologize. She asks them to get out.

The kids beg her. She says fine, I will keep you al, but after punishing you all, you will think many times before cheating me. Tanki asks where is Chiku, will she also get beaten up. Chiku says its such a big house. Nupur says Chiku, come, I will show you the guest room. Aarav and Vivaan come. They laugh. They make fun of Chiku. Nupur introduces them to Chiku. She says her house caught fire, so she will stay here from now, handshake now, come on. Kamini shouts Nupur.

She asks Nupur what was she teaching her kids. She insults Chiku. Nupur takes her. Rangoli says Chiku would be near some bin, don’t take her name. Tanki says fine, we won’t take Chiku’s name. She says you took her name again, I will start punishment with you first, you forgot the rules and came inside wearing the shoes. Nupur introduces Chiku to Shashikant. She asks Chiku to call Shashikant as Dadu. She asks Chiku to stay there, she will set her room and come. Rangoli asks Tanki to clean her shoes.

Nupur comes to Milind. She gives him water. She says I m really happy that you are fine now, I was so worried, I wanted to meet you but leave it, imp thing is, you are fine now. Aai comes and asks her to complain to Milind. She says tell him that I didn’t let you meet him, I gave you one month time to stay here, you can’t meet Milind, you are a guest here, we are waiting for you to leave. Nupur says sorry, I came to take my stuff. She says Milind, trust me, the fire… He says it was not your mistake, it was just an accident. She thanks him.

Aarav and Vivaan trouble Chiku. Shashikant watches it. Nupur says I knew it, you will understand. He says but you have hurt me, I came there on your saying, I wanted to see how you spend time with kids, I wanted to try and got a hope, you didn’t take time to break my hope, you dealt our marriage for a stranger, when I said we will have a child, you said Payal isn’t a toy to replace her with another child,

you got a stranger girl to replace Payal, Aai was right, I will be hurt if I go to you, thanks, you agreed for divorce, at least my misunderstanding got cleared, that I and our marriage matter to you, this relation is over. Aai asks her to leave. Chiku saves Shashikant and catches the ball. Rangoli scolds the kids. Sulab says our life was getting set, we had to come back to this hell because of Chiku. The kids agree.

Aai scolds Chiku for making the bhog fall. Kamini comes and taunts Chiku. Aai says we have to get rid of this girl. Chiku says I didn’t do anything, these two were playing… Kamini slaps her and says you want to blame my sons. Nupur comes and gets shocked. Shashikant feels bad. Chiku cries and runs away. Nupur says she is a ten year old girl, you are elder, how did you slap her. Kamini says yes, I will slap her again to save my kids from her bad company, I can do anything for the betterment of my kids, you aren’t a mum, you won’t understand. Nupur says you always insult her. She scolds Kamini.

Subodh says stop misbehaving with Kamini. He scolds Nupur. Nupur asks what did I misbehave, Aai, kids are explained if they do wrong, you never raised hand on any kid, I also thought I will become a mum like you, Kamini slapped Chiku without knowing she did a mistake or not. Aai says there is a difference between family kids and outsiders, I got Chiku here for a better life, you said better life is the right of every kid, don’t hate me much that your love ends. She warns Kamini. Chiku cries and recalls Rangoli. Nupur knocks the door. She asks her to come to the puja in the evening. She goes.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kamini says I can’t let Chiku sit in the puja, she is a criminal. Nupur asks pandit can they bring a little girl in the puja. She looks for Chiku. She finds Chiku locked inside the cupboard.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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