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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 18th November 2021 Episode starts with Chiku saying I was coming to meet you, you are very nice. Hira smiles. Kamini says I promised you, you will get the money, don’t worry. Inspector says thanks, I worked a lot on this case. She says when you come to Joshi house with this sad news that Payal is no more, then please get the evidences,

they will question you, you deal with it, you never tell them that its my plan. He says never. Hira asks Chiku her name. Chiku says Chiku. Hira asks did you come to say thanks to me. Chiku says yes. Hira says I m glad, I will feed you the food, come.

The beggar lady takes Milind and Nupur to Hira Amma’s place. She tells about Hira kidnapping many kids. Nupur says we shall call the police. The lady says police can’t reach her, no one speaks against her. Nupur and Milind see a handicapped girl. They feel sad. Subodh asks will Milind and Nupur believe your story that Payal is no more.

Kamini says they will believe the inspector, he has the proof also, there will be no doubt, so chill. They have drinks. Nupur says we don’t know if Chiku is here, if she is here, what did I do, why did I oust her. Milind says don’t think so, our Payal will be safe. He says take us to Hira. Hira asks Chiku to eat the food. Chiku says I will go to the other kids. Hira asks her to have the food, say thanks later, she is daring. Chiku eats. She coughs. She asks for water. Hira scolds her for spying in her room. Chiku says this is spicy. Hira says this is the punishment.

She goes to check at the door. She sees the beggar lady bringing Nupur and Milind there. Nupur wishes that Hira knows about their Payal. Hira scolds the lady Mangla. Mangla says they were finding you, I saw them, so got them here, handle them now. The goon takes away Chiku. Hira asks Nupur and Milind what work do they work.

Milind asks can we come in. She lets them. He says you know about the kidnapped kids. She asks why would I know, you think I steal the kids. He says no, someone told me. She says that I steal the kids and make them beg, I stitch clothes. He says if you know anything, then tell us, else… She asks else what will you do, you want to threaten me, I m not scared. He says no, we came to take our help.

She asks why will I help anyone, get out. Nupur says please understand, we came to you with hope, don’t refuse, its 7 years, my daughter is kidnapped, I waited for her every moment, she didn’t return, we got to know that you can find out about my daughter, I request you Hira Amma, listen to me, every woman as a mother in her heart, please tell me where can I find my Payal. Milind says our daughter was kidnapped from our house seven years back, that person came as a clown.

Nupur says you would know who can it be, please, you can help us, I want my daughter, please tell me where could be my Payal. Hira says I don’t steal kids, else I would be rich, I m poor, I work hard and earn money, don’t irritate me, leave. Milind shows Payal’s pic to her. He says she was kidnapped 7 years ago, can you tell me. Chiku cries. She says how will I find my real mummy. She hears some kids talking.


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chiku hears about a diary. Inspector gives the bad news of Payal’s death. Milind hugs Nupur. They cry.

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Telecast Date:18th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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