Channa Mereya 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 6th October 2022 morning everyone watches Ginni and Aditya sleeping together. Everyone tease them stating they slept while talking on the moon. Ginni feels shy and tries to state about contraceptive pills, but feels awkward, taking pills full name. Aditya says they were talking about Bedbugs, Gurpreet says we did pest control last week, but Aditya covers up stating about towels.

Everyone goes.
Ginni thanks Aditya for covering up. He says you fought with me, you should have clarified that as maybe kitty ladies gave you as a gift to joke. Ginni gets confused. Aditya goes and Ginni tries to clear things.

Suddenly Aditya hugs Ginni and tries to hush Cockroach, Ginni shouts stating to remove it. Akash laughs that it was a prank to unite you both. Aditya says I need to go to the office. Ginny asks him to Pray to Waheguru and go.

Gurleen is talking to her husband, and they fight, to which Ginni listens, she asks Gurleen to let me also talk, but she cut the call, stating he is driving. Ginny gets doubtful about them.

Amber shouts that we might lose our business and upcoming projects. Gurpreet asks him to calm down, as Aditya will handle everything. Amber says that these Japanese investors need to know everything, and Aditya can’t handle them.

Aditya is talking about the future with clients. Aarman comes and they both talk about business. Aditya says that he is not sure about Amber’s behaviour. Aarman asks him to relax and give him time, as he is your father after all.

Amber on call gets to know that Aditya cracked the deal, he gets happy and decides to celebrate. Ginni congratulates Amber. Amber thinks I need a perfect plan to throw Ginni out of Aditya’s life.

Ginni thinks about Aditya, and he was shown working.Ginni arranges books on the shelf, she is about to see the book but gets distracted and she keeps a diary in the box. Amber comes looking for a book and takes it. Ginni keeps the box in the storeroom. Amber decides to party. Ginni says let’s wait for Aditya to return. Everyone agrees.

Aditya comes stating sorry, he goes to eat food and finds no one had dinner. Ginni says we were waiting for you.Everyone enjoys dinner and thinks about their things like Ginni about the diary, Gurleen about married life, Gurpreet about the past, Amber about throwing Ginn i out, and Aditya about Darji.


Channa Mereya 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ladies taunt Ginni for marrying by cheat, so they will not eat food from her hands. Aditya says he will marry Ginni again but this time by his choice.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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