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Channa Mereya 31st October 2022 Gulabo cries and you found this diary, it’s burned, what happened? I am so happy that we found it. Ginni looks away. Gulabo asks what happened? Where did you find it? Ginni says I found it in Adi’s cupboard, all are shocked.

Adi makes some papers with the lawyer and it says that half of their wealth will go to Ginni’s family. Sharja comes to Amber and says we have to stop Adi, I just put the diary in Adi’s cupboard. Amber says you shouldn’t have done that. Adi is leaving with the papers but Amber stops him and tears the papers.

Adi says what are you doing? Amber says you are doing a big mistake. Sharja says this will be insulting to Ginni, it will look like you are buying their honor. Amber says you saw how Ginni left, if you take these papers to her then she would be angrier at you. Adi says you are right, I should do what’s right for Ginni. I will take the lawyer to Ginni and she can tell him what she wants. He takes the lawyer from there. Amber looks on.

ginni tells Gulabo that I took that family as my own but they are our criminals, everyone knew about the diary but they never told me. They kept cheating and fooling me. Gulabo hugs her and says why did they marry you with Adi? They are responsible for our destruction, they will be punished for everything.

She takes a knife and says I won’t spare them. Ginni stops her. Gulabo says you have to decide if you are on your inlaws side or our side? Ginni stops her and says we have to tell the world what happened with my father. Our punishment is to get justice for my father. Singh family is powerful but we have to fight against them. We will go to the police and court. We have to win against them. Gulabo nods.

Scene 2
Ginni calls her lawyer and says we have to file a case. Adi comes there with his lawyer and says you don’t have to file any case. He says I am here to fulfill your demands, you can ask him about share in the business. Gulabo says you want us to become partners with my husband’s killers? I thought you are a diamond but you fooled us all. You are here to make a deal of my husband’s death?

I thought you would take care of my daughter but you should ask if you deserve her now? You are rich but you can’t buy our honor. Ginni asks Adi to leave. Adi tells Ginni that I didn’t know about it before. I love you. Ginni says if you love me then why didn’t you tell me before? You were scared that I would call the police against your family. If you want to do justice then go to your family and tell them to inform the world who Khushwant was and how your family cheated him.

My father should be honored by the world, everyone should know what kind of a chef he was. Adi says you are right, I will get justice for your father. He recalls how Darji can’t be stressed.

He says Darji is ill so give me some time. Ginni says we don’t want to hurt Darji but you want to protect your family while we should remain silent? Everyone should find out that your family business succeeded because of my father’s genius recipes. Adi says I promise to get you justice but I need some time. Ginni says then we will not talk anymore, our lawyers will deal with this. She leaves. Adi is hurt and says I have promised you and I will fulfill it.


Channa Mereya 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi tells the family that Ginni wants justice for her family. Sharja says she just wants revenge. The media arrives outside Darji’s house and people scream that they are thieves and cheaters. They all attack Amber and Adi. Someone throws ink on Darji’s face. Ginni watches the video and is shocked.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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