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Channa Mereya 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 30th August 2022 Sam is calling for Adi and says I can’t find my phone. Armaan hears that and takes the phone from Ginni. He gives it to Sam and says I mistakenly took it, she nods and leaves. Ginni silently thanks Armaan for saving her and tells her friend Santo on the call that she couldn’t find anything in the phone.

Armaan brings the clothes for Adi and says this is for your gala dinner, I am your best friend so I have a lot to do. Adi says I will need you tomorrow morning, Armaan nods and leaves. Adi tries to take off his shirt but gets stuck. He calls out to Armaan but Ginni comes there and helps him. Adi says I don’t need your help.

Ginni says I help people who are stuck. Adi says like the way you married me to help me? Ginni says my intentions were not wrong. Adi says you can do mistakes and just apologize. He leaves from there. Ginni says I pray that the truth comes out and he stops feeling guilty.

In the morning, Sam is leaving the house with the money when the inspector arrives there. Darji comes there and asks what happened? Sharja called me and said that someone is threatening Sam, I tracked the number and the person calling her is Santo. Ginni is shocked. Sam glares at Ginni.

Sharja says someone threatened Sam and asked for money. The inspector says we will arrest Santo and find out who was behind all this. Sam glares at Ginni and says I will help the police, Santo is Ginni’s best friend.

Ginni says yes, she is my friend and she called Sam because of me. Sam shouts that she tried to play tricks on me. Sharja grabs her and says this woman is so shrwed, she asks the inspector to take her away.

He says I will teach her a lesson now. Darji shouts at the inspector that she is Adi’s wife, how dare you try to harm her? He tells Sharja to stop calling the police here. Amber says the police is here because of these girls.

Supreet says Sharja was not wrong to call the police. She asks Ginni and Sam to stop doing all this. Sam says I got scared when I got an extortion call but everything will be fine when Adi announces me as his partner. He will throw Ginni out of the house as she is a liar. Gulabo comes there and slaps Sam.

Sam is shocked to see her there. The inspector leaves. Gulabo tells Sam that you can’t hide your deeds for long, you destroyed my son’s life and now you are destroying lives here? I will send you to the jail, you destroyed my daughter’s life too.

My daughter has a heart of gold. Sharja asks them to stop it, why did your daughter trap our son if she has a heart of gold. You daughter and mother are gold diggers. Darji asks her to stop it.

Gulabo says this Sam cheated us, took our money and went to Canada. Now she is back to destroy my son’s life and now destroying Adi’s life, she should be ashamed. Ginni hugs Gulabo and asks her to calm down. Gulabo tells Darji’s family that my daughter is made of gold, don’t reject her because of Sam.

If you throw Ginni out of the house then we will lose our honor, that’s all we have. Supreet says I understand your emotions but only Adi will decide who will stay here or not. Gulabo says I will plead with him too. He asks Darji to not let anything wrong happen with my daughter. Ginni stops her and says we didn’t do anything wrong so don’t b
beg to anyone.


Channa Mereya 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Before gala, Ginni tells Sam that I found out you forged your divorce papers with Goldie, I will tell Adi about this and bring out your truth. She tries to leave but Sam grabs her and takes her away.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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