Channa Mereya 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 26th October 2022 Amber comes to Darji and sees him crying, he is shocked and says you told the truth to Adi? Darji says it’s time to rectify our sin. Amber says you should have been silent, you destroyed everything and Adi will hate me now. You have done this. Darji says I won’t be silenced by you anymore.

Amber comes to Adi and sees everything broken in the room. Adi glares at him and says you destroyed the happiness of everyone. Amber says I did everything for the family. Adi says you just love money, you don’t care about others. Amber says I did everything for people I love. Adi says you are shameless, I will tell the truth to Ginni now. He leaves.

Adi comes to Ginni’s house. She asks him to come inside but he says I want to talk to you. Ginni says at least come in the house. She asks him to sit down and asks what happened? Adi says I want to talk to you. Gulabo brings food for him and asks if he was in hurry to take Ginni back? Adi says I want to talk to Ginni.

Ginni says we want to give you something. Gulabo shows Khushwant’s ring to him and says you are like our son. You make us all feel protected, her father would have been so happy to meet you. Adi thinks this family respects me so much and otherside is my family who did that. Adi says I should leave now. Ginni says you wanted to talk? Adi says I will talk to you later.

Amber shouts at Darji that Adi left to tell the truth to Ginni, everything will be destroyed now. Darji says you can beat me if you want. Amber starts throwing things around in anger and takes a gun. Darji tries to stop him. Amber says I will kill myself.

Manveen and Gurleen are preparing for the rituals. Manveen is making videos online. Adi comes there and says we are going to bring Ginni back.

Amber tells Darji that I can’t live without my son anymore, I will shoot myself now. Darji is shocked.

Ginni is cooking Adi’s favorite food. She sees Adi there and says how come you are back? Adi smiles at her and comes closer. He is about to kiss her but.. it turns out to be her dream. Dimpy comes and asks what are you thinking about? Ginni laughs.

Manveen is making videos and asks Adi about the ring he got. Darji calls to him. All come there and sees Darji putting a gun on himself. Darji says I will kill myself, I have to repent for my mistake. Amber and Adi plead him to stop. Darji says this is my punishment. Amber says I did wrong with Khushwant, you were never wrong.

We had to work on our business and we stole Khushwant’s recipes. Darji says we took advantage of him. Adi was right that we cheated him and his family. I should die now. All look on. Darji is about to shoot himself but Adi tries to snatch the gun from him. A gunshot is fired and all are shocked.


Channa Mereya 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Ginni tells Santo that I keep thinking about papa’s diary. Adi tells Amber that you did a sin and then tried to destroy the evidence. Amber says you know this burned diary can destroy your and Ginni’s relationship. Adi asks for the diary.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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