Channa Mereya 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Channa Mereya 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 24th October 2022 Amber is looking for the diary, he finds it in the porch and says I have to destroy it before Ginni finds it again.

Darji comes to Guradwarah and prays for Ginni. Adi and the family arrive there for the wedding. Ginni arrives there as a bride. Adi smiles at her.

The wedding starts, Adi promises to always protect Ginni. Ginni keeps recalling about the diary. Adi promises to bring happiness back in her life by finding the diary. Ginni is getting dizzy. The wedding is finished and suddenly Ginni faints.

Adi comes to his room and Ginni is sleeping there. He holds her hand and caresses her face. Ginni wakes up and smiles. Adi gives her medicines. He comes closer to her and says you are looking pretty. Ginni says you look handsome.

Adi comes closer and caresses her face. Ginni blushes and looks away. The door knocks so Adi goes to check. Ginni tries to recall about the diary and gets dizzy again. She goes to sleep. Adi comes there and is sad that she slept. He goes to sleep on the bed with her.

Scene 2
In the morning, Adi and Ginni come to the family. Darji blesses them and says hope you both remain together forever. Supreet blesses Ginni. Gulabo says we will leave now. Gulabo tells Adi that I know you are angry with Sam but I just want you to forget about Goldie and Sam. Adi says she tried to kill Ginni and you are saving her?

Gulabo says I am just saying that Ginni is worried about the diary and if you drag Sam to the court then Ginni will have to go there. I just want you end all this and make sure Ginni becomes fine. You can do anything you want though. Adi says I will not take any action against Goldie and Sam but if they try to hurt Ginni again then I won’t spare them.

Adi comes to Ginni, he says you shouldn’t go anywhere. Ginni says what were you talking about with Gulabo? Adi says she is my mother in law so we have our secrets. Ginni says you are my husband so I have a right.

Adi pulls her closer and says then give me what I want. He says so much happened last night. Ginni says what? Nothing happened. Adi says you came closer, you hugged me.. Ginni is flustered. Adi says then we went to bed and then..

you went to sleep. Ginni says stop teasing me otherwise I will leave you. Adi pulls her closer and says I will never let you go. Ginni says I will never leave you.


Channa Mereya 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Darji is looking at Khushwant’s photo and says I am sorry. Adi comes there and sees the photo. He says you knew Ginni’s father? why were you saying sorry to him?

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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