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Channa Mereya 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 17th October 2022 Ginni tells Gurleen that I will call Adi and clarify. Supreet tells Amber to leave with the family, don’t stay back for me. Sharja says don’t force her to go with us, Adi got angry at her so she must be scared of her. What if he burns her other hand too? Adi glares at her and shouts to stop it. He leaves from there.

Ginni calls Adi. He says we are just coming. Ginni says you have started fighting with the family again after I left? Supreet didn’t give bangles to anyone else, she gave them to me. Adi is surprised to hear that. Adi says it’s not about that, she has taken a lot of my mother’s. Ginni says I know you had to bear a lot but you shouldn’t have misbehaved with Supreet yesterday. Go and apologize to her. I will wait for you, she ends the call.

Amber asks Supreet what did Adi do? Supreet says don’t be angry with Adi, he is happy so it’s okay. Adi comes there and says you should have told me the truth, you know I go crazy when it’s about my mother. I just want to say let’s forget everything and come with us for the function. Supreet looks on. Adi says come with us for Ginni at least.

Supreet says I know Ginni is a nice girl but my relationship with you is stronger, I will come there for you and because you asked me to. It’s up to you when you accept me as a mother but I have always taken you as my elder son. Amber asks Supreet to go and get ready. She leaves from there. Sharja thinks Ginni has blinded Adi, he just follows what she says.

Adi and the family arrive at Gulabo’s house. Amber smirks at Sam. He looks around and finds Ginni’s father’s Khushwant picture on the wall. He imagines him coming there and shouting at him. He says you have cheated me and my daughter, you will be punished. Amber shouts no Khushwant.. All come to him and ask what happened? Amber says I wish Khushwant was with us today. Supreet says you are right.

All family members are sitting when Ginni arrives there. Adi stares at her. Ginni greets everyone. Ginni says sorry to Supreet and says I forgot to tell him about the bangles. Supreet says you have reunited him with the family so thank you. Gulabo says I am thinking we can do their engagement tomorrow.

Supreet says yes, that sounds good. The family members do the roka ritual with Adi and Ginni. Adi tries to hold Ginni’s hand but she blushes. Amber tells everyone that I have an announcement to make. I have been selfish and did many mistakes but I will try to rectify them now. I am changing our hotel chain name to Gurkiraat group of hotels.

Adi is surprised. Amber asks Adi to sign the papers and asks him to read it. Adi signs the papers without reading. All clap while Amber smirks. Ginni goes to bring sweets. Amber calls Sam and says we have to win the game, follow the plan. He ends the call.

Adi comes to Ginni and tries to hold her hand, she tries to run away but Adi grabs her. Ginni comes to the kitchen and finds a worker taking kerosene bottles from the dhaba. Ginni says it means someone deliberately put dhaba on the fire. She says I will find out who that person is, that person must want to hurt me. Suddenly she finds an anklet in the dhaba. She looks at it and thinks who must own this? She recalls Sam’s anger against the dhaba.


Channa Mereya 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Adi and Ginni get engaged. Later on Ginni slaps Sam and says you put dhaba on fire right? I will burn you alive.

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Telecast Date:17th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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