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Channa Mereya 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Channa Mereya 12th October 2022 Adi is surrounded by fire and asks Ginni to leave. She says I am waiting for you outside. Ginni cries looking at him, they both recall their moments together. Adi asks her to leave.

Ginni sadly starts leaving. Amber and Goldie pull Ginni from the dhaba. a kerosene bottle falls in the dhaba and a blast happens. All are shocked to hear Adi’s scream. Amber thinks Adi can’t leintoave me like this. Ginni says no, he promised to come back for me, he will come out. Armaan asks her to calm down.

Ginni says you know Adi never breaks his promise, I am sure he will come out. I will keep waiting here till the end of the world. She screams I am waiting for you Adi, you promised me. We have to talk so please come out. All cry looking at her. Ginni says I am sure that Adi will come.

All are hopeless but then Adi jumps out of the dhaba. Ginni runs and hugs him. Adi falls down in her lap and says I love you. Ginni cries and says I love you. Adi smiles and faints. Ginni cries and asks him to open his eyes. All rush to Adi. Ginni says wake up.. Adi is taking deep breaths. He holds Ginni’s hand and wakes up. Adi says I want to talk to Ginni, they leave them. Ginni hugs Adi.

Adi says I told you I won’t break your promise. Ginni cries and says I was scared to lose you, I can’t lose you, you have become my life. Adi says we will be together, you are more important than my life. Amber comes there and says let’s go now. Gulabo thanks Adi for saving her life. Adi says Ginni’s family is my family. Amber takes Adi from there. Ginni hugs Gulabo and asks if she is okay? She nods.

Ginni says Adi has done a lot for us today. Gulabo says yes, Adi has done a favor for us. We have lost your father’s dhaba. Ginni says we have to decide what we will do now, we can say that fire has b. urned the dhaba but we are all safe. Let’s promise to rebuilt my father’s dhaba. All family members promise her.

Ginni says there will be troubles but we will do it. Sam looks on. Gulabo asks Ginni to go and take care of Adi, we are okay. Ginni nods and leaves. Sam thinks I thought they will burn down but they have become more united now.

Ginni and the family bring Adi home. Supreet tells Adi that call her if he needs anything. Supreet and Amber leave. Adi goes to sleep. Ginni sits alone and cries recalling the events. Adi wakes up and calls her, he says I know what you are feeling right now. That dhaba was your life and it shook you from inside. Ginni says you understand my feelings more than me. You are my soulmate, God has sent a partner for me, you are my partner only. Adi smiles.


Channa Mereya 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ginni comes to the dhaba and cries seeing it burned. She tells Adi that first I lost my father’s diary and now this. Adi says promise me to find your father’s diary and I won’t let anyone stop you from finding it. Ginni hugs him and cries. Amber sees them and thinks the game is on.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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