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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th October 2022 Indu says to Payal that Ritesh is stupid and crazy who tries to help her by giving her lift. Payal tells Indu that Ritesh is trying to help her only and she is unnecessarily misunderstanding him.

Indu tells Payal that she doesn’t know about Ritesh that’s why she is talking about him this way. Payal says that she don’t think so and asks Indu to try to understand Ritesh. Indu scolds her and asks her whose friend she is. Payal says her’s but signs at the other direction.

Indu throws things at Payal but the latter goes aside so the thing falls into their senior office room and the officer asks who is playing outside which made Indu and Payal to laugh. Payal then tells Indu that she is willing to help her financially. Indu thanks her then Payal leaves the place.

A guy enters the office and tells he is here to give his test to get license. Indu grow suspicious so asks him is he is eighteen? The guy says he is and gives her the documents as a proof. Indu asks him he isn’t lying right? The guy asks her to check the papers again if she wants.

Indu checks it but doesn’t look convinced but she asks him to come with her to do the test. The guy obliges but excuses himself to go to washroom so Indu leaves the place. The guy goes to Indu’s place and changes the document and put some money in her table then calls Sameer and informs him the work is done.

Sameer informs the same to Kadambari and the latter gets happy. Later Anjali is busy talking to her friend over the call. She receives a call from Vivaan but cuts his calls then leaves the place. Rajender comes there and gives a file to Zoon and tells her the paper in it are magic papers.

Zoon asks him to explain it further so Rajender tells her this papers are going to give them permission from the court to stay with them. He then tells Indu about the application which he gave to transfer the house in Zoon’s name. Indu thank him. Zoon tells Indu that she finished her homework so asks her phone to spend some time. Indu agrees then goes with Rajender to discuss about the matters related to changing the authority of their house.

Zoon calls Ritesh and informs him about the magic papers. Ritesh expresses his happiness to her and asks her to give him party. Zoon tells she is too young so Ritesh tells her he will give her party and when she grows up asks her to give him party and asks her what she wants to have. Zoon says icecream.

She also tells him that Indu won’t allow her to go outside so Ritesh promises to bring icecream shop in her house. Zoon gets happy. Ritesh calls Rahul and informs him they have to visit Zoon first before going to the party of Vivaan. He then sees the nanny pleading Shakuntala to open her fist and the latter remains silent so he goes inside and makes her open her fist and gets shocked finding vermilion box in her hand.

He gets upset and leaves the place. In the party venue Vivaan thanks the journalists for covering his party. He then sees Vivek and asks him about Anjali but the latter warns him to stay away from Anjali.

Vivaan gets determined to get Anjali. He then goes to Sameer and Kadambari and serves the drink. Kadambari praises him and Vivaan calls her bhabhi which shocks Kadambari. Sameer sends him away and apologises to Kadambari on his behalf. Kadambari informs him about her being elder than him.

Sameer tells her ago doesn’t matter. The guy who went to Indu’s office comes and gives the driving license to Sameer which he gives it to Kadambari. Kadambari moves away from there and instructs her worker to frame Indu as a corrupted officer. Sameer gives permission for the guy to spend time in the party when the guy asks him. Vivek expresses his displeasure to work with Ritesh’s family members to Indu but the latter asks her to not to mix his professional and personal life.

Zoon comes there. Indu asks Zoon to go with Vivek to sleep in his house. Zoon tells her that Ritesh is bringing icecream shop for her here. Indu smiles and tells Zoon its not possible just then the doorbell rings and Indu opens the door and gets shocked finding Ritesh outside. Zoon tells him what Indu told her and asks him is he not going to bring icecream shop for her. Rahul comes there.

Both Ritesh and Rahul smiles at each other. They take her out and Zoon gets happy seeing the icecream stall which Ritesh brought for her. Indu also comes there with Anjali Asha and Vivek.

Ritesh takes Zoon in his arms and makes her smile hard. He then signs at Indu but the latter refuses to go so he sends Zoon. Zoon gives icecream to everyone and take Indu with her. Indu glares at Ritesh. Kids around there bumps into Indu which lead Indu to smash the icecream on Ritesh’s face. Rahul and Zoon laughs at him. Ritesh smashes his icecream on Indu’s face. Zoon does it on her own.

They all laugh at each other. The next day Anjali shows the news about Indu as a corrupted officer who gave licence to an underaged guy which shocks her and Rajender. Kadambari instructs her staff to follow this case closely also make sure to link this case with Zoon’s custody case.

Swati and Meghna gets shocked seeing the news about Indu. Ritesh tells Rahul that Indu will never do such things and realises Kadambari is behind this. He goes and confronts her. Kadambari questions him his actions. Ritesh taunts her about her honesty towards journalism then warns her about the consequences which she will face if she dont stop her evil plans against Indu. Kadambari looks on.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu is on her way to office. The reporter questions her which makes Indu uncomfortable. Ritesh comes there and hides her behind him. One of the reports questions him why he is supporting Indu also his relationship with Indu and Zoon. Another reporter asks Ritesh is he is father of Zoon. Ritesh tells he isn’t but he wish to become one. The reporter asks him is he and Indu is marrying. Ritesh turns around and looks at Indu and the latter looks on confused.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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