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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th August 2022 Episode starts with the teacher calling Mr. Raina to play the volleyball match. The father of a child says why we shall waste the time Ma’am. Teacher asks Zoon if her Papa is coming. Vivek says Zoon’s papa is here.

Everyone claps for her Papa. Indu comes there in disguise with a moustache and wig on her head. Zoon smiles and looks at her. She calls her Papa. Ritesh looks at them. Zoon touches her hand. Indu says hi Zoon.

Zoon says hi Papa. She hugs her. Ritesh looks at them. Indu kisses on her forehead. Zoon says Moj kisses like this and says Moj you have come here as Papa. Indu says this is our top secret, don’t tell anyone. She says I told you that your Moj is 2 in 1. Teacher tells that Zoon’s Papa Indra Raina has come.

A father tells other fathers that Zoon is not having her father, but this is her Mummy. Ritesh thinks Zoon doesn’t have a father, I think. Teacher asks the fathers to go and make arrangements in the changing room. Indu asks Vivek to go and sit with him. Zoon says ok Moj. Indu says Papa. Zoon says sorry Papa and says best of luck.

Kadambari enters the school. Indu is about to see her, but goes to the changing room. Kadambari walks inside with her assistant and tells her that she wants Karthik and Aarohi’s story tomorrow.

She collides with Zoon and scolds her for making her expensive phone fall down. Zoon says if your phone was important then you should have kept it safely, and says this will happen when you don’t walk properly. Kadambari scolds Zoon and says she doesn’t have manners. Vivek says she has manners, which a child shall have.

Principal Bhagat asks Zoon to apologize. Zoon apologizes. Kadambari complains to Principal. Principal says leave it, and tells that match is going to start and says we haven’t planned, but Ritesh Malhotra is here luckily. Kadambari says it will be fun.

Sameer says if I hear Ritesh’s name more then blood will come out of my ears. He says if someone takes name of God like taking Ritesh’s name, then will go to heaven. Kaamna says Ritesh is a God for you all and tells him that his car to handkerchief is given by Ritesh. She says he opened night club for your brother.

She says even the money in your father’s account is of Ritesh. She asks him to accept it. Sameer says what to accept, shall I become his Servant. Kaamna says you got Deo adv. Sameer says I got it on my own and says he will get angry if he comes to know this. He says I will not bend down and asks her not to expect anything from him. He goes. Kaamna calls him.

One of the father tells other fathers that the school rules are not good. He gives wine to others. The guy feel that it is very strong. Indu comes there. She says I came here by mistake. The father says he is Sunil’s father who studies in Zoon’s class. He offers her drink and says it is energy drink. Indu refuses to drink.

Sunil’s father tells that the kids tease Zoon, and will tease her more after you lose. Indu takes the drink and drinks it. Other father asks why did you give her drink, she will faint during the match. Sunil’s father says she shall understand that father is father and mother is mother. Indu drinks it and thinks its taste is bitter. She thinks she will win for Zoon.

Asha tells Rajendra that basmati rice is costly and toor dal is A1 quality. Sunita says if we are making a mountain out of nothing, says he is a big man and has a huge female following. She says if we are misunderstanding the ration as shagun.

Asha says yes. Anjali sees the bouquet and says he tried to gift her car too. Rajendra says he found Ritesh’s pic in her purse. Sunita hopes if indu and ritesh gets married, then everyone’s mouth will be shut.

Kadambari asks Ritesh why he is off media. He says his life is boring and nothing interesting is happening. He says if something good happens, then I will tell. Kadambari says if the life was boring then you wouldn’t have bought the car for someone.

She asks who is the lucky winner. He says we have come to the kids event, and asks her not to ask childish question. He says if you think this is news worthy then research with your sources and justify your salary. She says sarcasm, drugs effect is showing. She then says oops sorry, you don’t take drugs, people trap you.

All the fathers come to play the match. Indu also comes there in drowsy state. Vivek thinks why she is walking like this. Indu thinks something was mixed in the energy drink, I will not leave those fathers, but for now I have to play for my Zoon. Ritesh looks at her. Zoon cheers for her. Indu holds her head. Teacher says now we are going to start the game. The referee explains the rules.

Ritesh tells Bhagat Maam that the girl’s father is behaving strange. Bhagat Maam says she is actually Zoon’s mother, she is not having a father so she came to play for her daughter. Ritesh says amazing. Kadambari asks what amazing, its stupid, who keeps their children away from truth, they encourage the kids to stay in imaginary world and then they become emotional fools after growing up.

She says she shall accept the fact that she has no father. Ritesh asks if she has kids. Kadambari says no. Ritesh says that’s why you are commenting on others’ life. He says you don’t live the life which that Mother and daughter live. He says what this mother is doing, other mothers can’t do. He says this woman is fulfilling the duties of both parents.

The match starts. Ritesh waves his hand at Zoon. Zoon smiles seeing him. Indu tries to catch the ball, faints and falls down. Sunil’s father smiles. Ritesh looks shocked.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Zoon asks Indu to get up. Ritesh comes there with Mrs. Bhagat and turns her. He gets surprised to see Indu as Zoon’s mother. Later he plays the match as Zoon’s father. He lifts Zoon happily. Kadambari takes their pic and says Ritesh Malhotra, father for a day. She thinks tomorrow will be fun.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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