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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd August 2022 Episode starts with Rajendra asking Sunita to have medicine. Sunita says she will have it later. Rajendra says I can understand your fear for Indu and asks her to tell if they gave birth to her, to be someone’s wife.

Sunita asks him not to say anything and says if this was the case, then I wouldn’t have let Indu work, and asks where it is written that working ladies don’t get married. Rajendra says Indu will also marry. Sunita says girls get alliance of good guys and not mothers. She says your daughter became mother first and Zoon has tied her life.

She says if I die before Indu’s marriage then my ghost will trouble you all whole life. Indu hears and says if anything happens to you, then I will not be alive. Sunita asks what are you saying, if you will jump in well, if I do. Indu says yes and laughs.

She says sorry and asks her to scold her or beat her, but don’t talk about death. She says I will agree to your sayings. She makes pinky promise to her and hugs her. Rajendra says it is good that you both patched up. He gives her medicine.

Indu gets a call and excuses herself. Ritesh is on call and says he is Ritesh Malhotra. She says hi. He asks if you have believed that I am Ritesh Malhotra as someone thought I am fraud and said she is deepika padukone. She recalls saying it and asks if everything is fine. He says you brought my life on track, and I want to thank you.

He says he and his family want to meet her and thank her. She says she didn’t do anything and says it is a coincidence. He says it is not less than a miracle for me. He asks her to come else they will come to her house. Indu says no and says shen will come to his house till 12:30 pm. He says ok and ends the call.

Asha asks Indu what happened? Indu says I have to go to Ritesh Malhotra’s house tomorrow. Asha is surprised and asks why? Indu says he wanted to thank me, and says I am thinking to take Zoon with me, as she is his big fan. Asha says tomorrow is her school trip which she can’t miss.

Vivaan comes to Sameer’s room and tells him he has build up a good body. Sameer says yes. Vivaan says Ritesh and Maasi planning to give her a gift and asks if Ritesh and the girl are having an affair. Sameer says don’t know why girls get mad about him.

Kaamna asks Rahul if event is organized. Rahul says yes. Kaamna says today event shall be viral on social media and says people will forget drug video. Pankaj comes there and says there is an Advertisement contract of 25 crores. Ritesh sits to read. Kaamna asks Dolly about Deep. Dolly says he went for his work, he has to do all his work by himself.

Ritesh reads and gets angry on Pankaj, asks how can you show this contract to me. He says it is gutka ad. Pankaj says it is for 25 crores. Ritesh says he can’t risk his fans’ and refuses to do the Advertisement. He asks him to talk to Rahul before approaching him for anything. He goes upset and goes. Kaamna sends Rahul behind him. Pankaj gets upset. Sameer thinks Ritesh is leaving 25 crores contract.

Indu comes to Ritesh’s house. The media surrounds her. The security guard takes her inside. Kaamna welcomes her as the number 1 reporter, and asks her to come in. She says you must have remember my face as I asked you to take his interview in the party. Indu says yes and hugs her. Dolly comes there and hugs Indu for saving Ritesh’s reputation.

She thanks her and says you are very beautiful and your eyes are good, and asks her to be in Bollywood. Indu asks about Ritesh. Dolly says he got angry and goes to his room while stamping his feet. Indu asks if he gets angry? Sameer says yes. Indu says it doesn’t seems like. Sameer says it doesn’t look like you are a spy.

Ritesh tells Rahul that he will not cross his limits and will not compromise with his rules. He says if everyone wants to earn money then sell me and get the money. He says I don’t want to meet anyone and wants to sleep, asks him to cancel all the meetings. Kaamna comes there and asks Ritesh to come out, says that girl came. Ritesh asks Indu. Kaamna says yes. Ritesh asks her to welcome her and give her tea and coffee, and says I will be right back. Rahul says it seems time has come for important discussion. Kaamna thinks Ritesh got happy seeing her, she has changed something in him.

Later Servant keeps coffee for Indu. Indu thanks her. Ritesh comes there and smiles looking at Indu. Indu looks at him. He says hi. Indu gets up and looks at him. kesariya tera plays….She smiles a bit. He asks her to sit and thanks her for coming. Indu says actually I didn’t do it alone, my best friend was with me, but he is out of station today, so couldn’t come. Ritesh says we will thank him later, but will thank you today.

Kaamna says we will do for what we have called you. She calls Sameer, Dolly and others. They all thank Indu. Kaamna says it is Ritesh Malhotra’s thank you, so it will be special. Guard comes there and says Kalpesh ji sent this box. Kaamna says he sent it at the right time. They all go outside. Vivaan asks Sameer to come. Sameer says he is not interested in the circus.

The media asks Indu to reply to their one question. Indu keeps hand on her face, and feels uncomfortable. Ritesh comes infront of Indu and asks Media to wait. He asks Indu if she is fine? Indu looks at him.

Kaamna thanks the media for coming and says she is Indu Raina who got Ritesh freed from the fake drug case, and brought the truth out, and we are thankful to her. She says Ritesh wants to give her present for her courage. Ritesh opens the box. Everyone claps. The media congrats Indu. Ritesh says this is your gift. Indu looks at the car.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu asks Sunita to stop it and says when you know everything then why do you say it. Sunita says past will destroy the future. Kadambari is shown, who is B times owner and scolds the employee asking the footage of Ritesh’s house. The employee says Pankaj asked the media to delete the footage. Kadambari says if Pankaj gives you salary or this company.

Read Online Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Star Bharat Indian Drama Serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd August 2022.

Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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