Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 31st October 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh assuring Rajendra and Sunita that judge will take decision in their favor after Indu and his marriage and that they will get Zoon’s custody. Sunita says she is worried with the happenings. Ritesh asks do you trust me Moj? Everyone is surprised hearing him calling her Moj.

Sunita says more than anyone else. Rajendra tells Sunita that God sent her another son after Prashant. Ritesh says he will manage everyone. He says he will go and help Chacha and Chachi and asks them to come for haldi on time. Rajendra asks Indu to drop him outside. Indu says she is thirsty and goes to drink water.

Ritesh comes behind Indu and asks her to drink water using sipper, as she has mehendi on her hands. He asks her to forget whatever he had said. Indu says why shall I forget, if you are Raja that you are ordering me. She says she gets hurt hearing that she is not Zoon’s real mother.

Judge and her husband watch Kadambari’s video. Judge’s husband tells Judge that Kadambari is acting as there is no bandaid on her hand and asks her to see her hand, as there is manicure done on her hands. Judge says so she was not in the hospital. Her assistant hears and goes.

Judge tells her husband that Kalpana will try to take case in her favor. She tells that if Indu and Ritesh gets married then she will give the custody to them. Kadambari gets Judge’s assistant’s call who informs her everything. Kadambari tells Sameer that Judge came to know somehow that she was acting. Sameer says even the child will understand seeing the video. Kadambari shouts at him saying it was all her plan, and she will lose 5000 crores.

Later Indu and Zoon come for the haldi ceremony with the family. Dolly praises them and asks them to come inside. Anjali comes there and looks at her mehendi. Vivaan sees his name on her hand and smiles. He says someone was saying that she don’t like Vivaan. Anjali says it is not necessary that she likes him.

Dolly asks Indu to meet Shakuntala. Zoon asks where is Genie Papa? Dolly says he is in a meeting with a director. Director is telling a film story to Ritesh. Ritesh asks if you want to make a film on this story. Director says yes. Ritesh says this is a blockbuster film and asks about the budget. Director says 100 crores. Ritesh says he can’t work as he will produce the film. Rahul takes him to side and asks him to think. Ritesh says he will produce the film. Director gets happy. Ritesh meets Zoon. He tells everyone that he is late for his own haldi and introducer the writer.

He makes an announcement that he will not only act in the film, but will produce the film. The director thanks him and goes. Indu comes to Ritesh and congrats him. She asks how is this film? Ritesh tries to say. Indu asks if it is Adhyakmik. Ritesh says right. She says he doesn’t know Hindi and he becomes hero. Zoon says she will go and tell everyone that he is super hero.

Ritesh says I am not deaf and tells that he will manage to be superman. They argue. Indu says you have ego and don’t have manners. Ritesh says I am not dayan like you. Indu says she doesn’t have fake attitude like him. Dolly asks them to stop fighting and asks Ritesh to change his clothes. They sit for the haldi rituals together. Sunita and Rajendra begin the haldi rituals and apply haldi to them. Cutie pie song plays….Others also apply haldi to them. Indu and Ritesh smiles. The photographer clicks their photos.

Dolly asks Ritesh to take Indu to his room, and says she is his would be wife. Ritesh thinks now he has to share his room and bathroom with her. He asks her to see her face. Indu asks him to see his face. Ritesh tells Indu that now he has to share his bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom also with her. Indu says you have proposed me and tells that he is late to realize this feeling.

He says he is not regretting. He says bathroom is in that way. Ritesh takes her to bathroom and explains to her about the showers knob. Indu says stop it, our wash basin tap is easy. Ritesh says where people go to wash hands and gets bath instead. He then asks her to keep shower gel and body wash on that place and wipe the floor after bath. Indu asks if it is over. Ritesh goes. Indu says what does he think of himself, drama company. She calls Ritesh. Ritesh comes there and says is it not working. He tries to close it and gets drenched.

Kadambari tells Sameer that their haldi is done and very soon they will marry, we can’t lose 5000 crores. He recalls Mahesh’s suggestion asking him to ask Kadambari to marry. He tells Kadambari that she shall get married, as it is the last option. He explains his plan. Kadambari says I am ready. Sameer ays even I am ready.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kadambari tells Sameer that she is ready for marriage, tonight she will wear this bridal dress and will sit in the mandap. Ritesh’s baraat comes. Kadambari gets ready for marriage and says Indu Raina will get my bad sight. She covers her face with the veil.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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