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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 31st August 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh asking Zoon if her Moj is always busy. Zoon says sometimes she is busy. Ritesh says today is that busy day, if we wait for her then the food will be cold. He says we shall have a bite, lets try the dal.

Indu comes back and tells Zoon that she is so sorry, but they have to go back. They come out of the hotel. Zoon says she wants to see the Lonavala. Indu says but today it is not possible, I have some important work.

She says I will make food in car and you can watch 2 hours extra on TV. Zoon gets happy. Ritesh asks Indu, what is the way to talk to the girl like this. Indu says I am not in a condition to argue with you, can we please go home.

Satish comes to Rajendra’s house with Kaamna’s goons. Rajendra asks who are you? Satish and the goons enter the house. Payal tells Indu that she has filled the form, and tells that she will get 50000 Rs. PF just as Kamat sir comes. Indu asks what about the second thing? Payal says you can’t get third personal loan.

Indu asks her to get the first one ready. Ritesh asks any problem? Indu says no and asks when we will reach Mumbai? Ritesh says 1 hour and 10 mins. Rajendra asks who are you? He says my daughter Indu might be coming?

Satish says we are waiting for Indu, she knows me very well. Rajendra says Indu knows goon like you. Indu comes there and sees Satish and his goons inside the house. Zoon hides behind her. Indu says Satish bhai, you are here. Satish greets her and says hello Zoon, how are you? He asks did you still have fever?

Indu takes Zoon to the room, gives her phone and asks her to play the game. She asks her to take the coloring book or play with the toys. She says you will not come out of this room. Zoon says who are these bad uncles, I am scared. Indu says your Moj will not let anything happen to you. She goes outside and locks the door from outside.

She comes to the hall and asks Satish, why did he come home directly. She says I have promised to give all your money? Rajendra asks who are they? Satish says she has taken 3 lakhs rs from me, for her daughter’s treatment and didn’t pay the installment since 3 months and interest is adding up.

Rajendra asks if he is saying truth. Satish asks her to give the money. Indu says she don’t have money now. Satish asks the goons to show their goodness to them. The goons break the things in the house. Indu asks Satish to stop all this.

Satish says it will stop when I get my money back. Zoon opens the window and sees the goon breaking the things and pushing Rajendra when he tries to stop them. Satish breaks the plates. Indu pleads her hands infront of him. Zoon gets scared. She calls Ritesh who is in the car. Ritesh says hi.

Zoon says there is a problem in house, bad uncle is breaking things in house. Ritesh asks driver to turn the car. Sameer talks to Satish and asks him to threaten them and leave. Satish says ok. Sameer tells Kaamna that everything is happening as planned. Kaamna says Ritesh has raised hand on my Pankaj ji due to zoon and Indu.

Indu tells Rajendra that they will go to doctor. She pleads infront of Satish to give her some time. Satish says I am giving you extra 2 hours and smashes their family photo with his feet, threatens her and goes. Rajendra asks Indu, why she didn’t tell him? Indu says I promise they will not come again.

She says I have make arrangements of some money, and have to arrange some more. She asks him to take care of Zoon till then. Ritesh comes there and asks Indu what is all this? Indu asks what you are doing here? Ritesh says Zoon had called me, and was scared. Indu sees the window open and says it means she has seen everything, she might be very scared. They go to Zoon’s room and call her.

Ritesh scolds Indu and says if anything happens to Zoon. Indu says I am her mother and says you don’t know what has happened here. Rajendra says she might have hidden somewhere, door was closed. Indu sees Zoon’s shoes. Ritesh moves the curtain and sees her. Zoon hugs him.

Ritesh says don’t cry, we all are with you. Zoon asks where is the bad guy? Ritesh says they are all gone, and asks her not to get scared. He says everyone is with Zoon. Indu calls Zoon. Zoon hugs her. Indu cries. Zoon asks Moj, if you are fine? Indu says yes, I am fine. She asks if you are fine. She asks her not to cry.

Ritesh asks Zoon if she is fine now. He asks can I talk to your Moj for 2 mins. Indu says Bob ji is with you and asks Zoon to be with him. She goes to Ritesh. Ritesh asks what is all this, Indu? Did you see Zoon? Indu says I had taken some money from someone. Ritesh asks from whom, goons who messed up with the house.

Indu says I didn’t know that they will do this. Ritesh says take money from me and give to that guy. Indu says I have arranged the money and will give. Ritesh says I want to help you for Zoon. Indu says I know my responsibilities. Ritesh asks then what I am doing here. He says if Zoon gets even a scratch then I will make your life hell.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaamna tells Sameer that Indu has decided to sell her ornaments and pay the loan. Sameer says then all her problems will be solved. Kaamna says we will not let this happen. Indu goes out to sell the jewellery when Kaamna’s goons push her and take the jewellery bag. Indu is shocked.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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