Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th July 2022 Episode starts with the kids playing outside Zoon’s house. Zoon enjoys playing the game. Nikhil gets out in the game. Zoon says he is out. Nikhil gets angry and tells that Ritesh is a cheater and is bad boy, who will go to jail.

Zoon gets teary eyes. Pankaj talks on phone and comes to know about BPKH 2 shows cancelled. Rahul talks to lawyer and asks him to do something. Ritesh asks if Mom knows about this. Kaamna says she is in my room, may be she don’t know.

The drug dept officer comes there and tells Ritesh that they have a doubt that he has taken drugs, as they watched his video. Pankaj and Kaamna try to stop them. Ritesh sees the warrant. Sameer looks at Ritesh and says this can’t be possible, he can’t do this. Vivaan says our brother can’t do this.

Ritesh asks Pankaj not to worry, as he has done nothing wrong, so no need to be afraid. He asks Pankaj to bring lawyer there. He goes with the drug dept officer. Sameer looks on. The reporter asks if the crime on him will be proved, stay tuned to know. The reporters take Ritesh’s pic while he is taken away by the drugs dept.

They ask if you take drugs? Ritesh ignores them. Payal tells Indu that Ritesh is picked from his house by the Police. Indu says I thought he is genuine guy and says Zoon shall not see this video. Zoon tells Anjali that ritesh is a good boy. The reporters bombards question on him. He wears the mask and sits in the car.

Anjali asks Zoon if they shall go to have icecream. Zoon says no. Anjali asks if she wants to have carrot cake. Zoon says no. Anjali says what to do? Zoon says Ritesh is a good boy. Anjali says we shall make paper mic so that everyone shall know that Ritesh is a good boy. Zoon says ok. Indu asks about Zoon. Anjali says she is fine, I will handle her. She asks her to watch the video to make mic till she brings the paper.

The reporter thinks how to tell them that I didn’t get entry. The employee asks the reporter to throw that interview as Patel Madam don’t want Ritesh’s interview now. The reporter thinks thank god, I am saved. Sushil comes to Indu.

Indu asks if he came to get bike registration. He says yes and asks what do you think that Ritesh Malhotra had taken the drugs. She asks why the signatures of the customer are missing. The waiter who made Ritesh drink the drugged wine comes there and asks Sushil to bribe the officer and get the work done.

Indu hears and asks who is he? She asks if he is agent. He nods no. She says only agents are allowed. Sushil sends him out and says sorry to Indu. He says he wants car early and says he will get his sign. He goes. Indu hears Payal and others talking that Ritesh reached the drug dept office.

Ritesh reaches drug dept office. The reporter asks him which drug he has taken etc and about the supplier. Everyone watches the news if Rahul supplies drugs to him. Vivaan and Sameer laugh watching the news. Pankaj gets angry. Kaamna stops him. Sameer says sorry. Kaamna asks Pankaj to go.

Pankaj says lawyer told me that no family member shall be there, else the matter can get worse. Deep and Dolly pray to God to make Ritesh free of charges. Pankaj sees Ritesh’s mother coming out on wheelchair. Pankaj switches off the TV. Dolly says this is a mother, she has sensed that her son is in danger. Kaamna sits down and assures his mother that nothing will happen to Ritesh. Pankaj asks the Servant to take bhabhi to room.

Anjali gives paper mic to Zoon and asks her to tell everyone that he is a good boy. Zoon comes to Rajendra and asks him to take her to Ritesh’s house. Rajendra is busy on phone. She comes to Sunita who is sleeping. Zoon asks her to take her to Ritesh’s house. Sunita asks her to let her sleep. Zoon asks shall I go? Sunita says ok. Zoon leaves from house.

Rahul informs Pankaj that he was tested for drugs and the results came negative. Pankaj says Ritesh’s result will come negative too. Everyone is hopeful. Sameer smirks. Someone comes and informs Rahul that Ritesh’s test came positive, he has drugs in his blood. Rahul is shocked. Deep says this thing shall not reach media. Pankaj says until when we will stop this news. Sameer says this is my attack.

Vivek comes to Indu and gets angry on someone. Indu says everyone can’t come here. Vivek says I am your friend and can come. He says his boss is angry and asking him to give full info about the party, as if he is a detective. He says his car was punctured too. He says the boss threatened to fire him.

Indu asks him to drink water and asks what is the plan? Vivek says I want to drink tea. Indu says ofcourse. Vivek says Ritesh had taken drugs, he seems to be a big player. Indu asks if someone else is playing with him. She says she is just worried for her daughter Zoon. Zoon is walking on the road to go to meet Ritesh.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rahul calls Pankaj and tells that major problem happened here, Police have come here. Police comes to the drugs dept and asks Ritesh to come. Ritesh asks him to listen. He is taken away from there. Anjali tells Rajendra and Sunita that Zoon was here, and when she came back, Zoon was not there. Indu gets shocked to know that Zoon is not at home. .

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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