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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Sunita trying to feed food to Zoon. Zoon says she will not have food until her Moj comes. Ritesh comes there with Indu and tells that commissioner told that Mahesh shall withdraw the complaint,

then only we can marry. Zoon comes to Ritesh and asks him not to let her go to bad Police uncle, don’t let him stop the marriage, and says I want to be with you both. She says please marry my Moj. Ritesh says you will stay with us, everything will be fine. Indu tells Zoon that Moj and genie Ritesh are with her.

She asks did you have food and tells that she is very hungry and asks her to come, and have food. Ritesh is angry with Mahesh and leaves from there.

Kadambari and Sameer drink wine together. Kadambari says you have talked openly infront of Ritesh. Sameer says I hope you trust me now. Kadambari says 100 percent, and asks him not to break this trust. Mahesh comes there and says sorry for disturbing them. He asks for soda. Kadambari says she has ordered it and it will come. Door bell rings. Mahesh opens the door.

Ritesh is on the door and starts beating Mahesh. Sameer is about to stop Ritesh, but Kadambari asks him not to stop Ritesh, as his anger will benefit them. Ritesh beats Mahesh. Mahesh says I will snatch Zoon from Indu. Ritesh beats him and says Zoon is his daughter. He leaves. Sameer tells Kadambari that he will take Mahesh to hospital. Mahesh says it is good that you didn’t interfere in the fight and asks Sameer to call Police.

Rahul asks Ritesh why did he beat Mahesh so much. Ritesh says he got peace. Rahul says if you had given him money then he would have agreed. Ritesh says I will not give him a single penny. The Inspector comes there and tells Ritesh that they are arresting him for attempting to murder Mahesh.

Indu thinks why the lights go suddenly. She sees someone’s reflection and peeps outside. She thinks to check the fuse. She finds the fuse taken out and thinks who has opened it. She keeps back the fuse and sees someone running from there in hoodie. She runs inside the house and closes the door. She finds Mahesh inside the house. Mahesh tells Indu that Ritesh has injured him, and he has sent him to jail. He says he will send Zoon to orphanage and then will marry her. He opens the door and leaves. Indu is shocked.

Kaamna asks Rahul to talk to lawyer and get him bailed out. Rahul says there are Diwali holidays going on, so there is a problem in getting bail. Kaamna says if this thing is out then his reputation will be ruined. Indu comes to the PS to meet Ritesh. Ritesh asks what is she doing here? Indu tells him that Mahesh had come to her house last night. Ritesh gets angry and asks why she let him enter the house.

Indu says she was holding aarti plate for him. They argue. Ritesh asks her to go home and take care of Zoon. He says he will get bail. Indu is leaving when she hears Constables telling that Ritesh will not get bail and he can get bail only if the case is withdrawn by the complainant. Indu thinks Ritesh went to jail because of her and thinks to do something.

Kadambari tells Sameer that Mahesh is very cunning to use the situation to put Ritesh in jail. Sameer smiles. Kadambari says Mahesh is a cunning and evil, than I thought. Sameer says you have kept him in your house. Indu comes there. Kadambari says who has given you address of my house. Mahesh comes and says I have given. He says Indu called and she has come to meet me.

Kadambari says you can’t meet her. Mahesh says you can’t tell me. He asks Indu why she has come? Indu says whatever happened between us, was our past, and it is not Ritesh’s fault. She asks him to take back the complaint. Sameer says why will he take the complaint back, Ritesh has beaten him badly. Indu tells Mahesh that she still feels that there is some goodness left in him, and the circumstances have changed him. She asks him to take back the complaint. Kadambari asks her to go.

Mahesh tells that it is their personal matter and Indu is not lying. He pretends to be good and tells that he is still soft at heart. Kadambari says it is my house. Mahesh tells that he is ready to take back the complaint and tells Indu that they shall go out and talk. He tells Indu that he will take back the complaint,

and tells that he regrets to betray her. He says he will go back to Bhopal and will not show his face to her. He asks her to have coffee with him for one last time. In the restaurant, Mahesh gives a letter on which he has written that all his claims were false and they were never married.

He says Ritesh will get bail easily. Indu gets a call and excuses herself. Mahesh thinks she is a foolish girl and a street guy can take her advantage. He thinks he will take her advantage so that she feels ashamed of her existence. He mixes sleeping pills in the coffee. Indu talks to Zoon and ends the call. Mahesh asks her to drink coffee. Indu keeps her phone on the table and drinks coffee. Mahesh looks evilly.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahesh keeps mobile to record video in the hotel room, while Indu is unconscious. He thinks he will not let her show her face to anyone and comes near Indu. Ritesh is in jail. Sameer asks Mahesh to kill Ritesh and gives him gun.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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