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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th July 2022 Episode starts with Kaamna scolding Yogesh and tells him that she told him clearly that Ritesh has allergy with lilies. Yogesh apologizes. Vivek comes there and apologizes to her.

She scolds him and says you are the third class event management guy who asked us to pitch your company. She says Ritesh is specific about what he likes and tells that he doesn’t like pink color and there shall be no lilies. Vivek says I will change the décor. Kaamna insults him and threatens to sell him in chor bazaar. Servant comes and gives phone to Kaamna.

Kaamna asks Vivek to do as she said. She picks Ritesh’s call and talks sweetly with him. Ritesh asks on whom you are shouting? Ritesh says I know that you shout while organizing the party. He thanks her. She says I love you shall be said.

He says I love you. She asks him when he is coming? He says he has another theatre visit. Kaamna says she came to know about the incident and asks him to be careful. He says he will return after the last theatre visit.

Zoon asks Indu to agree, but she refuses. Rajendra asks shall I serve the food. Sunita says their dramas will continue and says she will apply medicine to Indu. While she applies medicine to Indu,

Zoon gets teary eyes feeling Indu’s pain. Sunita is stunned to see her in pain. Zoon asks Indu if she is paining pain. Indu hugs her. Sunita goes to the kitchen. Indu’s bhabhi Asha asks did you get emotional seeing Zoon crying? Sunita says Zoon and Indu’s relation, their love and their emotions are beyond my understanding,

and says they don’t have blood relations but more deeper and stronger than real relations. Asha says all relations are not of blood. Sunita says if her mother or father comes there, then? Asha says then we will fight for her, she is the daughter of the house. She asks if you can stay without Zoon.

Sunita gets teary eyes and says I can stay without Zoon, as she is not my daughter, but Indu is. She says Zoon is not letting Indu to move forward. Asha says she is also a family member like us. Sunita says we didn’t hinder Indu’s future like her. She says I am a mother and can’t see her life stagnant.

She asks her to keep the bowl on the table. Asha goes and collides with Vivek. Vivek looks at her smiling. Asha takes the bowl from his hand and says I have to take it. Vivek says sorry and says you would have fallen down. She says relax, everything is fine. Vivek looks at her. Asha goes. Song plays….dil kyun yeh mera.. Asha asks shall I keep plate for you too. Vivek smiles and nods.

Kaamna tells the guards that this party is Ritesh’s private party, and says if any more comes to the party other than guest list, then I will not leave anyone. Vivek tells Sunita and others about Kaamna,

who is called as hitler by everyone. Indu comes there with Zoon. Vivek makes Zoon sit. He says I was telling about Ritesh’s party. Zoon asks if he is talking about Ritesh. He says his company is organizing his success party. Zoon asks Indu if she can go? Indu says no. Zoon signs Vivek.

Vivek tries to convince Indu to let her go with him. She asks if you do babysitting, then who will do your work. He says workers do all the work. Zoon asks Indu. Indu says ok, go. Vivek says I will put your name in the guest list. Vivek comes to Ritesh’s house with Zoon. Zoon says wow, and looks at the house and TV. Vivek says superstar’s house is like this only. Vivek asks her to talk in low tone and makes her sit on the stair.

He asks her to sit quietly until he finishes the work. zoon asks when Ritesh will come. Vivek says in sometime. She says she has brought chocolate for him. He asks if Ritesh will eat it. She says yes, and says she knows everything about him, and reads articles too. Ritesh reaches home and asks Rahul to come ready.

He talks to the guests and asks them to take cake and food for their children and have party too. The guard praises him to be a star. Ritesh comes inside and sees the decorations, says it is mind blowing party. He is surprised to see Zoon sleeping on the stairs and recalls saving her. She is about to fall while sleeping. He keeps hand on her head and asks Santosh to give cushion.

Zoon wakes up and says Ritesh. Ritesh says I woke up. Zoon says sorry for sleeping at his house. She gives him chocolate. She says it is melted. Ritesh eats it and makes her taste it as well. She says she wants to take selfie with him, but she doesn’t have phone. Vivek comes there and asks if she is troubling you.

Ritesh says no and asks who are you? Vivek says this party is organizing by my company. Ritesh says sorry, I have chocolate in my hand. Vivek gives him tissue. Ritesh asks if she is your daughter? Vivek says she is your biggest fan. Ritesh asks where is her mom? Vivek says she is in office.

Ritesh says she left her with a neighbor. Vivek says we are family friend. Ritesh says she is an irresponsible mother. Vivek asks did you say anything. Ritesh says no. He asks Zoon to come and have chocolate with him.

He lift Zoon and makes her sit on the chair infront of Dining table. Zoon asks if you can do something for me. Ritesh says I am genie ritesh and can do anything. Zoon asks him to search Papa for her. Ritesh says yes and thinks her mother doesn’t know that her daughter misses her Papa so much.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ritesh asks a lady what she knows about him and says he didn’t talk to his mother since many years. Indu makes Ritesh’s mother drink water. Servant tells Indu that she is Ritesh’s mother and is paralyzed since many years, she don’t understand anything. Indu says who says that she don’t understand. She says if she is like this since many years, then she might be living for someone.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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