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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18th August 2022 Indu asks Sunita where is Zoon also whether she had medicine or not. Sunita tells she had food and have medicine now she is sleeping in her room. Indu then takes her bag to go to office but gets confused when Sunita tells her that Ritesh left so he can’t able to drop her in her office.

She ignores her then leaves the house. Vivek asks Indu what happened why she is here. Indu tells until unless Ritesh is in her life she will face trouble only. Other side Ritesh talk to Rahul about the argument he had with Indu. He asks her how could Indu can drag his mother in between the argument also who is she to stop him from meeting Zoon.

Rahul tells him she is Zoon’s mother also asks him to tell him not only his side of the story but an entire one. Ritesh tells him that he told they had an argument though. Here Vivek justifies Ritesh’s actions which upsets Indu. Indu tells him because of what Ritesh did Zoon may do it on her own which he isn’t understanding it.

She then leaves the place saying she don’t have time to discuss about this nonsense. In Malhotra’s mansion Vivaan asks Sameer what is he doing in his laptop. Sameer tells that he is trying to get information about Kadambari but Kadambari is clever so he can’t able to get any information from the internet.

Vivaan asks him to check Deep’s college magazine. Sameer thanks him for the idea. Dolly goes to meet Deep in his office. Asha who joined there as Deep’s PA comes to his cabin to take signature. Dolly introduces herself and asks her about her husband but Asha leaves without saying anything.

Dolly questions Deep and the latter tells her Asha is a widow so Dolly feels bad for Asha. Deep receives a call from Sameer who asks him about his college magazine. Deep tells him its in his library. Sameer thanks him and smirks happily.

Indu comes to her office and gets shocked seeing the poster which is pasted by one of their staff in which it states that Ritesh will be the Independnce Day chief guest. She asks the staff to remove it but he tells her it’s their boss Kamath asked him to paste it so he cant.

Indu goes inside thinking that she has to inform her boss she can’t able to help him and goes to his room. Her boss talks to someone on the call asking them to take part in their office Independence Day celebration.

He then cuts the call and thanks Indu for helping him. He also talks about his granddaughter who is suffering from kidney failure and wont take proper medicines at all but she is a big fan of Ritesh after learning Ritesh is coming to their office she is taking proper medicines and it’s working well with her health. Indu gets worried and upset how to tell her boss the truth.

Other side Rahul pleads Ritesh to calm down first then they can talk about his argument with Indu. Ritesh refuses and tells him how dare Indu can bring his mother in this conversation and he won’t see her at all. Rahul reminds him he cant able to distance her because Zoon is her daughter and he wants to meet Zoon often. Ritesh looks on thoughtfully. Rahul suggests him to work out first.

Ritesh agrees and decides to leave but Kaamna comes there and asks him to take part as a chief guest of Manjit Chawla who is a politician his office Independence day celebration. Ritesh tells her she knows he lost his father on August 15th and because of him only his mother is in this state so he wont do anything on that day so asks her to cancel everything then leaves the place. Rahul tells Kaamna that Indu is the reason behind Ritesh’s anger.

Kaamna scolds Indu she then tells Rahul she wants to talk to him about something. She shows the photo of Shanaya Reddy and asks him to make her as an item song dancer for Ritesh’s upcoming film. Ritesh comes there and without even seeing the photo ask Rahul to hire that actress only. Kaamna thanks Ritesh then thinks to herself that she told she will stop Pankaj frok going to Bangkok and she is succeeded in her plan and smiles.

Payal asks Indu to think about their boss and his grand daughter who is excited to meet Ritesh. Indu feels helpless. Other side Ritesh tells Rahul as a mother Indu’s reaction is right. Rahul gets relieved that Ritesh accepted his mistake. Here Payal tells Indu that Ritesh may not taking this argument easily as much as she is. Ritesh tells Rahul if Indu apologises to him first then he will think about apologising to her. He then receives a message from Indu and then gets upset when she delete the message. Indu tells Payal that something feels not right that’s the reason she delete the message.

Payal encourages her to call and talk to Ritesh. Meanwhile Ritesh asks Rahul why did Indu send him message then deleted it. Rahul gets annoyed so he scolds Ritesh. Kaamna gets happy overheating Pankaj phone conversation with Shanaya who refuses to go with him to Bangkok.

Pankaj tells Kaamna he knows she is behind all this but she can’t stop him and leaves. Kaamna tells be it Pankaj or Ritesh she will never let other person get her place or more importance in these two people’s life for that she will go to any extend. Indu calls Ritesh and tells him she wants to meet him. Ritesh asks her to come to his house.

Indu obliges and prays to God that nothing goes wrong during this meeting. Ritesh gets upset that Indu is late. Indu comes there with an injured leg and informs him that she met with an accident but she will manage it. Ritesh makes her sit and starts aiding her wound. They both shares an eye lock and smile at each other.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sameer shows the poster to Ritesh which is pasted in Indu’s office and asks him is he going to attend this event. Ritesh gets furious at the one who did this without his knowledge. Indu tells him that she is working in this office before she could complete Ritesh interrupts and calls her a selfish person. Indu gets shocked. Kaamna looks at Indu angrily.

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Telecast Date:18th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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