Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th October 2022 Episode starts with Indu recalling Ritesh’s words that he is ready to marry her for Zoon’s sake, that she is best mother for Zoon and he is best father for her, that her love for Zoon is truthful and for Zoon’s better life, will she will marry him.

Sunita comes to Indu and asks what is she doing? Indu is trying to take off the bangles which Shakuntala made her wear. She tells Sunita that Ritesh proposed her for marriage. Vivek hears and asks what?

Kaamna tells Ritesh that girl doesn’t deserve to be his wife, and asks him to think before taking such a decision. She says you both are opposite, you are superstar and she is an ordinary girl. She says I fold your hands before you, not to take his decision. Dolly says this is best decision of his life and tells that Ritesh wants to marry Indu for Zoon. Ritesh tells Kaamna that Dolly is right, he is marrying Indu for Zoon’s better future, though we are complete opposite of each other.

Kaamna asks will you ruin your life for a fan. Ritesh says she is not my fan, but like my daughter. He says I love her more than anybody else in this world and I have to do this, tells that Zoon and Indu are in this situation because of me, even Maa wants this. shakuntala smiles.

Vivek tells Indu that she should have flatly refused to marry Ritesh. He says this is kadambari and Ritesh’s plan. Anjali asks Indu to marry Ritesh for Zoon. Vivek asks her to be quiet. Sunita says Ritesh can’t be wrong this time, and he loves Zoon so much. Vivek says he had snatched Zoon from Indu. Anjali says when he realized his mistake, he took this stand and offered money also. Vivek says he is acting. Anjali says we don’t have any option other than this. Indu goes out. Ritesh tells Rahul that Indu went without answering him. Rahul says you have announced your wedding without her consent and asks him to have patience, and convince her with love.

Vivek tells Asha that Indu’s life will be ruined with Ritesh, and says superstars are not loyal. Asha says Ritesh means a lot for zoon. Vivek says how can Indu stay with Ritesh, whom she hates a lot. She asks him to agree. Asha says may be everything will be fine between Ritesh and Indu. Indu tells that she has to go and return bangles to aunty. Anjali asks Indu to marry Ritesh, and tells that nobody can be a better father than Ritesh for Zoon. Vivek agrees with her and asks her to marry Ritesh. Ritesh comes there and tells Anjali that he wants to talk to Indu.

Vivaan informs Sameer about Ritesh’s announcement. Sameer is shocked. Vivaan thinks once they get married, he will see how Anjali ignores him. Ritesh tells Indu that this decision of marriage is difficult for him also, and asks her to decide else the court will give custody to Kadambari. He says we will be just Zoon’s parents and not husband and wife. Indu recalls Kalpana and Judge’s words.

Ritesh says if you agree, then? Indu says yes. Ritesh asks what? Indu says I am ready to marry you. Anjali and Asha hear them and get happy. Indu tells that she will marry him for Zoon’s custody, tells that she hates him more than anybody else in this world. She says she has to take permission from Zoon, for this marriage. Ritesh says we both have to take permission from Zoon. They go to Zoon.

Indu tells Zoon that they want to talk to her. Zoon asks what happened? Ritesh says you always say that your friends come with Mummy and Papa for the annual function at your school. Zoon says only Moj comes for it, she is 2 in 1. Indu says if your Papa also comes then? zoon says you are my mummy and papa also. Ritesh says your Papa is going to come with your Moj. He forwards his hand towards Indu.

Indu holds his hand. Ritesh says your Moj and I are going to marry, and we need your permission. He asks if you will give us permission and will make genie Ritesh as your Papa. Zoon asks if you want to become my Papa. She asks Indu if he is saying truth. Indu says yes, when you give us permission. Zoon asks if we will stay together as a happy family. Ritesh says yes, as a happy family. Zoon gets teary eyes.

Indu and Ritesh ask what happened? Zoon says she didn’t know and asks her to keep her down. She goes out. Indu and Ritesh follow her. Zoon wipes her tears and asks the watchman if he knows who is he? Watchman says he is superstar Ritesh Malhotra. Zoon says wrong, he is not just superstar, but also my genie papa. The watchman asks if he is your papa. Zoon says yes, I will tell this to everyone.

Zoon thanks the God for fulfilling her wish and tells aloud everyone that even now she has papa. She calls her neighbors also and tells that her Moj is going to marry her Papa. She says she will make everyone meet her genie papa, he is world’s best papa. She says Zoon’s happy family is completed now,

and tells Indu that they are not alone anymore. Indu hugs her. Zoon says she is happy, but still she is getting tears. Indu says such things happens when we get what we wanted desperately. She asks her not to cry and be happy always. Zoon says ok and hugs her. Ritesh calls Rahul and tells him that it is decided that they are getting married. He says this news shall be viral and reach Judge Damle that Zoon has her parents now.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rahul gives sargi for Indu. Asha asks Indu to have food. Indu eats the food from the sargi plate. Sunita tells that Indu ate the sargi sent by Ritesh’s mother at the right time. Indu looks on.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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