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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th August 2022 Episode starts with Ritesh telling that Zoon has to handle herself and her mother too. Indu asks who are you to raise finger on Zoon and me. She asks what do you know about us, that you are saying such comments, and says you are superstar, but not a God that can say anything or do.

She says if I am irresponsible? She says if you are so responsible then wouldn’t have called media to make your good boy image, wouldn’t have used my daughter. Ritesh asks what? Indu says don’t say a word, you act to love my daughter, but truth is that you use my daughter for publicity, gifting car to me and showing to public that you are great by using media.

She says you used my daughter as weapon and now giving me lectured calling me self centered. She says people says right that industry people are like elephants, who eating teeth and showing teeth are different. She says she feels bad for people and Zoon like kids, who love and respect you.

She says keep your phone with you and asks him not to be seen around her daughter. He asks her to get out. She says she don’t want such people’s reflection on her daughter. She asks him to think again before scolding a mother and says if there was someone else then would have broke your head. Ritesh shouts calling Rahul and asks him to send her out. Indu says even she don’t want to stay here. She goes.

Sunita asks Rajendra to download Imagegram so that they can keep eye on Ritesh. Anjali brings Zoon there. Zoon is crying.

Anjali says she is crying. Sunita offers her water. Zoon tells Rajendra that she wants to talk to Ritesh and asks why did he get the pic posted as the kids are teasing her, and asks if one day father is bad. Sunita says we will make you talk to Ritesh, I will ask your Moj. Zoon says I want to talk to him now itself.

At RTO office, Indu says no paper is in proper place in this file. A guy Kamat Sir comes there and calls Indu. Indu says sir you are here. He says you are still strong as a mountain. He tells that he thought to spend his last days here. Indu asks if you are my boss. Kamat asks about Rajendra and asks if he is still the same. Rajendra calls Indu. Indu gets shocked.

Sameer comes home and asks Kaamna about Ritesh getting Ad film for him. Kaamna says she has no idea. Sameer says he will take all my life decisions. Kaamna asks him to be quiet. He says he don’t want to be his puppet like her.

Ritesh comes there and asks if he forgot all the manners. Sameer gets angry and goes. Ritesh asks Kaamna what happened to him. Kaamna says he is upset, as you got him Deo Ad. Ritesh says work is work. He says mood is bad. She says she will make him understand. She asks about his mood and asks if anyone troubled you for that article. He says no, nobody talked about it.

She says she met kadambari and she said sorry about the article. She says what was that girl’s name? Ritesh says Zoon. Kaamna asks if you know her from before. Ritesh says I met her 2-3 times, I feel that we have strong connection, like we have some old relation. Kaamna says you became Papa for her and played the game. He says when I was playing the game, I felt as if I am her father. Kaamna asks who is her mother? Just then Ritesh gets a call and goes. Kaamna recalls Kadambari’s provocative words.

Indu rushes home. Zoon says everyone was making fun of me in school and says she don’t want to talk to anyone. Indu asks her to say what happened? Zoon says I want to talk to genie Ritesh. Indu says she will talk to him. Zoon asks her to call Ritesh from the gifted phone. Indu says I have returned that phone. Zoon asks why? Indu says we don’t take costly gifts from people.

Zoon says he is my special friend, you shouldn’t have returned the phone. Rajendra tells Indu that since she came from school, she is worried. He says you returned her gift and says it would have been good if you have asked her. He says sometimes we do wrong with our children, while doing right.

Indu says I don’t know this, may be people says right that I am a bad mother. He says you became a mother in an accident, other mothers get 9 months to get trained, but you didn’t take even 9 seconds to become a mother. He says you will learn soon. Indu hugs him. Rajendra tells that today he is going to give the tiffins as the delivery boy is having off.

Asha thanks Vivek for picking her and says she got this job. Vivek congrats her. Asha says she was waiting for her job, so that she can help Indu in the house expenses. She says you might be thinking how much I am speaking. He says I never get bored and says he is happy to see her happy.

Indu comes and sits beside Zoon. She says she saw icecream shop when coming home, and thinks he got new flavors in his shop. She says it was so yummy that I thought to eat all the icecream. She says chocolate fudge and yummy milk shake are all yumm. She says I am going, if anyone wants t have it then can tell me. Zoon says I want to have icecream, but will not talk to you. Indu says ok. Zoon says I will have a new icecream. She says I am talking to myself.

Ritesh and Rahul are in the car. Ritesh tells Rahul that he got the call from Director that Sameer left the shoot midway and 1.5 crores loss happened. He says how he will compete. Rahul says if has such attitude then he will not get even a small work. A biker hits Rajendra and runs away. Ritesh and Rahul see the accident happening and get down the car. Ritesh wears hoodie so that nobody identifies him. They go and make Rajendra sit. Rajendra is in pain. Rahul asks if anyone knows. Indu and Zoon are going from there. Indu asks what is happening here? A guy says someone hit the old guy. Ritesh tells Rahul that they shall take him to hospital as he is in pain. They take him in car. Rahul asks Driver to take U turn, 3 kms back. Indu looks on.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Indu tells Ritesh that she will not go away from here. He says ok play manjira. She says she didn’t come to play manjira. He asks if you came to eat my brain. She says I didn’t think even in my dreams that you will stoop so low. Ritesh checks if she is drunk. She asks what are you doing. He asks if she is drunk today also. She says shut up. Zoon tells Indu that you say that Papas are busy in day time and free in nights. She asks her to call Ritesh. Zoon calls Ritesh and asks him to come and meet her. Indu opens the door and finds Ritesh standing.

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Telecast Date:11th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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