Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10th October 2022  Episode starts with Indu coming to her office and hearing her colleagues gossiping about her. Payal tells Indu that she knows that she has not done this. Kamat Sir calls Indu.

Indu tells that she has not done anything wrong and tells that she had checked that boy’s birth certificate and that he was not underage according to it. Kamat Sir asks whom to believe, and tells about finding money in the drawer. Indu asks if I had taken the money then why will I leave it in the drawer which has no lock.

Kamat Sir tells that he has to suspend her. Indu goes out. The media stops her and asks her about taking bribe. Indu says let me go. Ritesh comes there and stops the media. He holds Indu’s hand and stands infront of her. He tells the media that he was 16 years old when he started driving along with his friends. He says there are many kids who drive without licence,

and gets licenced with fake papers. He asks how many times you have seen MRTO officer charged for this and questioned how she has ruined an innocent lives. He tells that Indu is getting trapped and she is innocent. The media asks why you are supporting her. Ritesh says Indu is already stressed due to her daughter’s custody case. He asks them to find out who has done this.

The media asks him what is his relation with Indu. Ritesh says he has relation with Zoon. They ask if he wants to marry Indu. Ritesh says why shall I tell you, it is my personal matter. Indu gets shocked and goes. She scolds Ritesh saying he is born to create problems for her. Ritesh says he is trying to help her and asks if she will go on scolding him. He says fine and starts walking. Indu also walks in other direction. The title song plays….

Rahul asks Ritesh, why he got angry when media provokes him. Ritesh says I behaved better than them and says Kadambari has done this to influence the judge. Rahul says when you are saying the world that you want to be zoon’s father, that means you wants to marry Indu. Ritesh says he don’t care for the people and media, and says Kadambari’s cheap plan shall not be successful.

Vivek tells Indu that Ritesh and Kadambari have done a planned game. Anjali says Ritesh is supporting her. Vivek says he is acting. Indu says Ritesh is stuck with her life. Meghna comes there and tells that her assistant told that Judge is upset after seeing the news. Indu says but we have financial stability.

Rajendra comes there and says bank manager said that the house can’t be on Zoon’s name as it is on EMI. Anjali gets the news that Indu and Ritesh are dating and shows to everyone. Meghna asks Indu not to lose hope. Ritesh does exercise and takes a bath thinking about Indu and zoon. Indu looks at Zoon’s pic and smiles. Ritesh sees Zoon’s pic, and then his pic with Indu and Zoon. He sleeps.

Next day, Kaamna asks Dolly if she has called the girls for the puja. Dolly says yes. Kadambari comes there. Kaamna asks how did she come? Kadambari says she has come, as Sameer invited her for puja. Vivaan comes and thanks her for the article. Sameer comes and hugs Kadambari. She says if we can talk.

Kaamna tries to hear them. Kadambari asks about Ritesh. Sameer says he is rotten in his room. Kadambari tells that she has sent her journalist to Indu’s house to increase enmity between Indu and Ritesh.

Vivek scolds the journalist for taking the girls’ pic. The journalist tells that people are gossiping about Indu and Ritesh’s marriage so that’s why he was taking Indu’s pics. Vivek asks who is spreading fake news. Journalist tells that Ritesh gave this tip to him so that Indu gets bad publicity. Vivek asks him to leave from there.

The journalist smiles and calls Kadambari, says work is done. Indu tells Vivek that she will go to Ritesh’s house and confront him. Zoon says she will come along with her. Indu thinks to show Ritesh’s real face to Zoon and asks her to come.

Ritesh sees Kadambari and gets angry. Rahul asks him not to do anything. Dolly tells Kaamna that Ruby can’t come as she is unwell. Kaamna asks how they will do puja without one work, as they need 9 girls for the puja. Indu gets down from the auto and steps on the glass pieces. She shouts in pain and asks the auto driver to take auto to side, so that Zoon can get down safely.

Shakuntala looks at the door. Kaamna tells that Bhabhi believes that Lakshmi comes today. Dolly says she is waiting for Ritesh’s wife. Rahul asks Ritesh to do the aarti. Indu comes there with Zoon. Shakuntala smiles seeing them and signs zoon and Indu to come. Zoon asks Indu to come as Ritesh’s moj is calling them. Indu walks inside with her injured bleeding feet, leaving her foot impressions on the floor.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dolly says it seems bhabhi wants to say something to Ritesh and Indu. Shakuntala gives Ritesh’s hand in Indu’s hand. Deep says it is a miracle. Dolly says welcome to the Malhotra family.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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