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Bigg Boss 16 7th October 2022 Shukarvaar ka vaar
Salman welcomes everyone. He says this year there is a lot of change. For the first time, I am going inside the house and will do weekend ka vaar with them. He goes inside the house with the band Baja. Everyone is shocked. Salmaan meets everyone. He says for the first time we will talk from here. Salman says thank you. Salman says I will talk from here for the first time. He says I am the devil’s guest here. Are you guys ready? They say yes. They sing the Bigg Boss anthem. Salman says Bigg Boss has started playing already. Salman asks Abdu about missing home. He says not much, little. I love Bigg Boss. He says everyone loves you. Amazing. Abdu says it’s fun. Salman says you all need to speak to him in Hindi so he learns. Salman gives a gift to Abdu. He opens the box, it’s his dumbells. Abdu is very happy. He says thank you, I love it. Salman says now you will have a hotter body in the pool. Abdu laughs. Salman says this pool hasn’t been used so much in so many seasons. Shiv says all girls are after him. Salman says he’s impressing girls with that body. Shiv says I am learning from him how to flirt. Salman asks Abdu what kind of girl do you like? He says beautiful. Salman says s*xy? He laughs. Abdu says, good heart. All women here are friends. Salman says but you have to make one more than a friend. Abdu laughs.

Salman asks Nimrit Shalin challenged your captaincy but you won. Nimrit says I gave my 100%. It’s not easy to understand so many people all at once and then lead them. Salman says have they given you a temprament? She says yes. Salman asks Priyanka you’re the mother of this house? She laughs. He says you do the best then you stop. A speed breaker named Ankit comes your way. She laughs. Salman asks MC Stan how is Boba? He says she must be fine. Salman says she’s in Thailand. Salman asks Archana who will you make chutney of from your mixer? She says I never thought of it. They’re scared of me. He says you are the MP to be. She says I will be sweet. He says to win Abdu you have to become MP. She laughs. Salman says Bigg Boss is teaching you all how to utilize less grocery. He says to Gori Shakira this house, nice belly dance. You do here and there too, that’s your talent. He says tell me secrets too, gossip with me. She says something in his ears. Salman says have you gotten comfortable? Gori says yes I have now. I know who to talk to and who to avoid. Salman says let’s see your moves. Sumbul will give you a competition.

Gori dances, and everyone claps. Sumbul comes next and dances on Sundari. Salman asks the contestants who did better. 10 people vote for Gori and 4 for Sumbul. He says Salmans says I am throwing a party but only 10 people will be invited. These people will get exclusive time with me. Let’s see who I choose. I will pick one person. He can pick another person, and then another person. This is how the chain will go. Salman chooses Abdu. Abdu chooses Nimrit. Gautam says he’s so clever. Nimrit says thank you. They go inside. There’s fancy food. Salman asks Nimrit who would you choose? She says Gautam. Gautam invites Shalin. Salman asks Abdu who does he think Shalin will invite? He says Sumbul. Salman asks Shalin, he says Sumbul. Sumbul comes in. She invites Tina. Salman asks who won’t be here. Shalin says Shiv shouldn’t. Sajid should diet, and Ankit and Priyanka will have fun outside. Salman asks Sumbul why did you invite Tina. She says she’s my friend. Tina invites Soundarya. He says not your best friend? She says who? Sreejita she’s not my best friend. She doesn’t like my vibes here. So it’s fine. Soundarya chooses Stan. Stan invites Sajid. Sajid invites Shiv.

Everyone else goes back inside. Sreejita and Many fight. Manya says shut up. Sreejit says as if you’re too innocent and young. Manya says at least I am not like you. Manya says what is your problem? Sreejita I can use my mouth as I like. Innocent isn’t a bad word. Manya says you can’t talk to me like that. Sreejita says I can talk however I like. Don’t come after me like a dog. Manya says how dare you to call me a dog? You’re a TV actress. Manya says mind your language. Sreejita says she’s not a player, I just called her innocent. Everyone works hard, just because you’re some show’s runner-up doesn’t mean we haven’t worked. Manya says what have you done? Sreejita says we don’t need to tell a girl like you. Priyanka says what kind of words are you using? Sreejita says she’s asking me what have I done. Manya says I was the ambassador of this country. Who are you? A TV actress? Who played the devil’s role?

Salman says Bigg Boss and I are never eye to eye but we are this time on one thing. Bigg Boss said you’re all supposed to be original. but there is one person who looks like a copy. People who spend time with you also look like a copy. You and Nimrit. Sajid says I agree. Shiv says I agree. They all enjoy the food. Salman says I don’t know who is on which team? Only Tina can answer this. He says I heard you saying to Nimrit we’re in one team but Archana shouldn’t know. You said Bigg Boss does nominations so people know who is on which team. Tina says there are two teams. Ankit, Priyanka, Manya, Sreejita is on both sides. MC Stan, Sajid, and Abdu enjoy everywhere. And we all enjoy it everywhere. Salman says such a big group? Nimrit says I hang out with everyone except two people.. Priyanka and Ankit. Ankit is nice but Priyanka has some problems with me. Sumbul says I spend time with people I like. Salman says why do you complain? She says they all treat me like a kid. They think I’ve not seen enough. Even Shalin asks me to be silent. Tina says I’ve never done that. Salman says people around you make you feel that way. Tina says not me.

Salman says to Sajid, I will take a name and you will take a film’s name matching their personality. Salman asks Abdu, and Sajid says Chota Chetan. Soundarya, Bawarchi. Stan Gulli Boy. Shiv, Singham, and Rajneeti. Tina, Khubsoorat or chupke chukpe, or Golmaal. Sumbul, Kaartoos. Shalin, captain since I see the next captain in him. Gautam, dhoka. Nimrit, ready. Salman says what about you? He says yeh Kahan agaye hum or joker. Salman says Shiv you are doing well. You take a stand but when people come in a stand you get silent. He says I don’t want to go too ahead with fights. Salman asks MC Stan who do you think is fake? He says Shalin. He’s doing a lot of acting. Salman says but he is saying a lot of sorry. Salman says who else? He says sorry. She fights when the camera pans on her. He says what do you do? Nothing. Don’t be the first contestant to be out. Everyone is playing their game. He says you recognized fake people in a week? Do you have the talent to recognize fake people? He says yes. Salman says I will take you shopping next time. They laugh. Salman says a matter happened between you and Shiv. Who came to have footage that day? He says Gautam, Shalin, and Tina. He asks Abdu? Stan says people come to him to get footage instead. Gautam says he came to the room. He was crying. I’ve been through so much in life. I’ve done the dishes. I have been a guard. I worked so hard. I saw myself in his face. I spoke to Shiv and told him not to personal attacks. Salman says everyone has worked hard. Shalin says we stood for you and you think we took the footage, Stan?

Salman says Shalin, you’ve three doubts. First, you think you’re running the house. Second that you’re a good advisor. And third, you’re helping MC Stan to get followers. Shalin says I never knew he has 2m followers. Salman asks Abdu how many do you have? He says 4 million. Salman says they’re much up now. Salman asks Shalin what did you complain about? He says I love being a host. Salman says do what you’re here for. Salman says Abdu has many friends but also many complaints. Can I get more towels in different colors? He says many people steal my towels and they’re all same colors. Salman says he has a demand too, two first-class tickets to Las Vegas. Who will you take? Sajid says of course. Abdu says I like it here. I wanna stay here. I am eating spicy, and my stomach hurts. Salman says let’s see what people outside are thinking? They see Ankit. Sajid says he’s thinking about what will Priyanak give him in food. Priyanka is thinking why is Manya looking at Ankit? And Ankit is saying I wanna go home. Where am I stuck?

Priyanka says Sreejita gets jealous. She is upset that she didn’t go in. Sreejita says people forget things and people in a day. If my show is a hit they will forget in a minute. People shouldn’t be so proud. Salman says the party is over. Be original and be yourself. We will meet tomorrow now. He leaves.

In the house
Archana says I am very hurt. Gautam says to Stan I didn’t want the footage. I saw sadness on your face. Nimrit says we all felt bad for you. Anyway, it’s over. Priyanka says to Abdy you didn’t invite me. I am sad. Shalin says to Sreejita I took Sumbul’s name. Tina says to Stan I am seeing people changing. If you think I am fake, that’s not okay. Sajid asks Nimrit if are they a couple. Nimrit says Ankit has platonic feelings and Priyanka has more feelings but she hides because she knows it can’t happen. She doesn’t let him talk to anyone of us. I don’t even behave that way with my boyfriend.

Gautama says everyone is saying, I am not in any group. Tina says they called me last night. They asked what’s my problem with Sreejita? she has a problem with me. Shalin and Gautam pull my leg all the time. I don’t understand these two people. I have trust issues. Shalin asks what happened? Tina says you all sit with Sreejita and ask me to sit. Shalin says we are all a family. She says we are not a family. If that’s a reality check for you. He says we are all one. She says I am not. Shalin says Salman mentioned you started groupism. If you hit me, I will hit back. She says if my friends make me feel uncomfortable I will have a problem.


Bigg Boss 16 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :It’s hit vs. flop activity. Nimrit says Priyanka flop. Hit Gautam. Gori says Sumbul hit. Ankit flop. They spray foam on the flop’s face. So many people take Ankit’s name. Salman says Ankit your family called. They said our son left home for Bigg Boss but we can’t see him there. Ankit says I take time to open up. Salman says better see it’s before time is up. Guests come inside the house. Salman asks Archana to pick any two things from any room she wants. She has to convince MC Stan to give his shoe to her. Archana says Stna look into my eyes. Salman says MC Stan Boba is seeing.

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