Bigg Boss 16 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 16 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 16 6th October 2022

Day 5
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to the alarm and comes to the garden. They sing the anthem. Manya and Abdu are sleepy. Everyone is sleepy in the garden.

10:15 PM
Abdu hugs MC Stan and says be strong bro. Sajid says why are you so tired? Abdu says no time for a workout. Sajid says you will get married soon. How will you spend your wedding night? Abdu dances. Abdu says if you don’t get me married I will punch you. Sajid says you know wedding night? Abdu laughs and says thank you, bro. He gets shy.

10:30 AM
Tina teases Abdu. Ankit steals MC Stan’s shoe and says Bigg boss kick me out. Tina says MC is my best friend now. Abdu asks how much is it. $5000? Ankit says even that’s a lot.

12 PM
Everyone is at the pool. Priyanka says you look hot Abdu. Abdu jumps in the pool. Sumbul says he looks like a fish.

12:30 PM
Soundarya cooks. Gautam says you don’t want me to eat Yogurt? You don’t love me. She says what is she even trying to do? They laugh. Sajid says they’re all feeding each other like goats and then they will sacrifice each other. Gautam eats with Sumbul and Shalin.

1 PM
Soundarya says I’ve not been able to workout out for days. Bigg Boss tells MC Stan he forgot his mic in the washroom. Bigg Boss calls on the landline and tells Nimrit you’re fired. He asks everyone to come into the living room. Nimrit comes into the confession room. Bigg Boss tells Nimirt I told you I won’t tolerate you being irresponsible towards the rules. You’re fired. You will be given a chance to save it. The contestant who rings the bell first in the garden will get a chance to challenge you. Shalin runs out and rings it first. Sumbul says I thought ringing the dong will save the captain. Nimi says it’s okay. I shouldn’t have told you all that happened on the phone. Shalin says chill. She says I am chill.

1:30 PM
Sumbul says to Sajid I feel so different. I might not be as fun as Soundarya and all. I feel alone here. Maybe I am too young or don’t fit in here. He says I am older than everyone. Gori also feels alone. Gori hugs Sumbul. Sajid says to think about Abdu, he doesn’t even know the language. Abdu asks why are you sad? Sajid says she wanted to marry a guy, that boy proposed to her but she told him she loves someone else now. That’s you. They laugh.

Archana says Bigg Boss you should have said in Hindi. Sumbul cries and says before coming to the show I felt like no one would take me seriously. I feel like I am sidelined. No one speaks to me or discusses anything. They just order me around. Sajid says did you think it’s a picnic? She says I didn’t know I would be treated as a kid.

2:15 PM
Priyanka reads the task that will be between Nimrit and Shalin. All contestants will participate too. They will stand on the yellow platform and hold baskets on their heads. The one who drops it first will lose and the other one would become the captain. Priyanka reads other contestants will put things in their baskets. Sajid will be the captain.

2:30 PM
The tasks start. Nimrit and Shalin stand on platforms. Priyanka puts a pot in Nimrit’s basket. Soundarya puts the bowl in Shalin’s basket. Sumbul puts a tie in Shalin’s. Shiv adds two dumbells in Shalin’s. Sajid asks are you okay? He says yes I am fine. Sajid says Shalin you’re shaking. Sajid says I am scared for you Shalin. Priyanka asks a dumbell in Nimrit’s Gori puts a pot in Shalin’s. Shalin throws the basket and says enough. Things break. Sajid asks are you fine. Shiv takes off Nimrit’s basket. He says are you okay? Shalin says Shiv I will return 40 KGs with 400. Sajid says our captain is Nimrit. They all hug her. Sumbul says sorry to Shalin. He says these are small things. It’s fine.

3 PM
Bigg Boss congratulates Nimrit and says you had to lose your captaincy because of some people. Now take your first decision. Punish three people, will the same people continue the chores or should there be two new people? Bigg Boss says to Sounadrya you were asked to do something that doesn’t mean you make a joke by using a prop.

Shalin says I would have fallen. Sreejita says your friends were in the washroom. He says I have no friends here. Archana says to Tina I was having fun. Tina says don’t make fun of others. Archana says Bigg Boss said it, are you guys deaf? Tina says mind your language. Don’t call me dumb. Stay within your limit.

Shiv says to Shalin I did what was allowed in the task. I knew you could pick easier things very easily. Sumbul says that doesn’t mean you break his neck. Shiv says we are talking. Let us talk. Sumbul leaves in anger. Shalin says it will come around. Shiv says yes the world is round. Sumbul cries in her room and says I can’t do this papa. I wanna win but it’s so hard here.

Archana asks do you have a setting with Nimrit? I just wanna cook. Sumbul says I feel like I don’t fit in here Shalin. They say things like I can’t speak, I won’t understand. He says you’re feeling alone because you just came here. She says I have nothing to do. I feel weird about it. Shalin says I respect all the girls. My friends are family to me. People questioned me if there was something between us. I told them there’s no such thing. I wouldn’t wanna hear something like that about you. Your respect is important to me. You can hold my hand, so I thought a lot of people would talk. She says I care for my friends. I know I get the family warmth from you. He says I am there for you.

3:15 PM
Nimrit says to Tina my point was it was the first task, where were you both? Tina says I thought people would put small things.
Archana and Soundarya fight. Archana says if you put so many things on someone’s head, it would break. Soundarya says don’t tell me what to do. Gautam says I won’t sit here. Archana says are you scared? You’re a coward. Tina says mind your language. She says Gautam let’s go. Gautam says I need to handle this. Tina hugs Shalin and says I am sorry we were not there for you. I had no idea people would put dumbells. Priyank and Ankit were having a shower. Shalin says it was a task. Tina says I need to call Nimrit too. I need to care about something.

Gautam says Shiv said I wasn’t there for my friend. He should mind his own business.

3:30 PM
Archana says Manya was bringing my chutney crushes for the task. It’s my personal thing. You can’t touch it. No one can touch it. Nimrit says Sajid was the umpire. Nimrit says a pot was kept in my head too. Shalin says to I am telling you one day. Tina says if they put dumbells on you I will do that too. Shalin says I didn’t fall. I am powerful. Gautam says we will play on our own standards.

4 PM
Nimrit says Archana makes the place steamy with her words, she can cook. She will make good food. Use smoking spots one by one. I will decide the consequence. Sajid says tell us to know. She says I can be strict too.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss says there is a dancer in this house. She has a dance performance. If she wins it she will get the right to save one of the nominated contestants. Bigg Boss says if she wants, she can save herself as well. The decision will be in the hands of other nominated contestants. If they all wear her name’s T-shirts and dance with her, she will be saved. If one of them doesn’t come she will lose. And then the other 5 will mutually decide who will they save among themselves except for Gori.

6:15 PM
Shalin says all of them won’t vote for Gautam. Gautam says Shiv won’t agree. Tina asks Gori who would you want to save? Gori says herself. But they’re trying to save Gautam. MC Stan says to Gautam and Shalin what will you both do? Archana says to Dolly I can talk to Gautam. We can save you. Shalin tries to convince Sajid. He says I will support Gori. Shalin says there are people in her support already. Gori talks to Shiv. He says it’s fine. Gori says Archana said she will convince Gautam.

Nimrit says Sajid is the person who can change the game. And either they can save Gori or they would never agree and it would go in vain.

6:45 PM
Gori starts the dance. Shiv, Sajid and Archana join her. MC Stan also joins them. Gautam also wears the shirt and joins them. Abdu also dances on the stage. Everyone claps. Gori is happy. Bigg Boss tells Gori since all contestants joined her, she will choose the contestant. Gori saves herself. She thanks, everyone.

7 PM
Tina says to Sajid you’re not going this week for sure. Abdu hugs him and says I will cry.

7:45 PM
Tina says to Abdu I like you naa. Would you marry Archana? What will you do? He throttles himself and says die, finishes. over. Nimrit says what about Sreejita? He says no bro. Gautam says what about Priyanka? Tina says she will make Rotis for you. He laughs on the floor.

Shalin says to Tina never love me. She says I only fight with you. Abdu says thank you so much. Tina says Shalin and I would fight and would fix it in two days. Shalin says we will patch up at night. Abdu says to Shiv fight with me and becomes powerful. He does boxing with her.

Priyanka and Ankit eat the food together. Nimrit says to Gautam they take a lot of food. Come and take it early. Gautam says it’s okay. Nimrit says that’s not fair.

10 PM
Abdu plays with Gautam and says very cute. He kisses Gautam. Soundarya laughs. Gautam says it’s fine for tonight. Abdu says I will hug you tomorrow. I love you, bro. I help you with things. Gautam says bro code.

10:15 PM
MC Stan says I am tired bro, I wanna go home. Abdu says you’re not. Come on. He says I wanna make money. Abdu says you are a superstar but this platform can make you more famous. People talk badly in comments on Instagram. We should become stronger. Not every time you can be happy in life. Not everytime you’re a superstar or rich. Not every time someone would clean your washroom. That’s how you understand life.

11:15 PM
Abdu sings tum hi to ho. Nimrit says that’s such a sad song. Are you okay? Shalin asks Abdu, are your parents tall? He says they’re all big. Sajid says but only you’re a star.

1 AM
shalin asks Tina to sit. She says I have a reason to go. Girls would know. Shalin asks is your heart broken? Soundarya says what is this in the girl’s name? Tina says I can’t enjoy everything. I want to have fun with a girl like Sreejita. I can’t be myself around her. Shalin says she will leave. Tina says she won’t. Soundarya says done being the girl? Shalin says I don’t feel like a man these days.

2:45 AM
Nimrit says my wavelength is better with Sreejita than Tina. I don’t get such childish things. Shalin says I tried talking to her. But she doesn’t stop. She says things like Nimrit is my friend so she will support me only. She said that about me. She said Shalin is my good friend and he will only support me. That’s not okay. Soundarya says she’s so childish. But we are feeding it. Soundarya says I am glad you bought it up. When I asked there what should we do? She said Shalin can’t talk. Why can’t he? Nimrit says it shouldn’t look like she’s ruling you. I didn’t get it, why didn’t you talk to her like that?


Bigg Boss 16 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Salman comes inside the house to do weekend ka vaar for the first time. Salman gifts his dumbells to Abdu. Abdu is very happy. Salman says you will steal all the girls with this body. Salman says you all have to be original. Not copy of past contestants. There’s a guy here who is a copy, Gautam. You might be a big surprise, be yourself outside. Salman asks MC who is fake here? He says Shalin. He’s doing full-on acting. Sreejita says to Manyaa that innocent isn’t a bad word. They fight. Sreejita says don’t bark like a dog. Manya says who did you call a dog? How dare you? Manya says you don’t know hard it took for me to be here. Sreejita says don’t cry. We have all worked hard. Manya says I have been the ambassador fo this country. Who are you? An actress who did a devil’s role?

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