Bigg Boss 16 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 16 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 16 4th October 2022

Day 3
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to the alarm. They all gather in the garden to sing Bigg Boss anthem.

9:30 AM
Nimrit says why is Priyanka making her coffee? Shalin says she’s making for hereslf. Nimrit says I’ve to check.

9:45 AM
Priyanka says to Ankit it’s too much burden on Soundarya. I feel so bad for her. Abdu says on camera I miss all my friends. Manya says I have to clean. Archana says I won’t help you the next time. Sumbul dances around Soundarya. Soundarya says it was so bad last night.

11 AM
Nimrit asks Soundarya if there are enough groceries. She says yes I will make up for everyone.
Archana says to tell the chores. Shalin says to call him Abdu. Abdu eats spices and says so spicy. Tina and Shiv laugh. Abdu says I am not eating this.

12 PM
Shiv says to Manya just do your work. Don’t worry about others. Manya says I am sick of them. Nimrit and all of them are on one side. He says just do yours. Nimrit says this is self-obsession. Manya says Shalin and Sumbul are rubbish. They mess with people. Shiv says all serial people are on one side.

12:45 PM
Abdu does exercise. Shiv says Abdu.. aren’t you tired? He says I am dead. Abdu over.

1 PM
Shiv and Abdu dance and sing nice to meet you. Sajid says Hasbullah forever. Abdu says I will break your glass. He goes boxing. Sajid says Abdu for ever.

1:15 PM
Bigg boss says to Nimrit there is one contestant you’re having a problem with, Priyanka. She’s doing the chores even when you’re stopping her. She says that you clearly directed that only 3 people should do the chores. This looks really bad. He says let’s make it easy for you. Let’s take punishment from one of them and give it to Priyanka. Who will you let go from Tina, Soundary, and Manya? She says Manya because Priyanka is feeling bad for her.

1:30 PM
Nimrit says there has been enough drama. People are doing work for others. Priyanka was being Manya’s spokesperson she was feeling bad for her. So now three people will do all the work, Tina, Soundarya and Priyanka. Priyanka says I came so late. Nimrit says you were instigating them in the morning too. It was their chores. I had to decide it. I know how to do my work. If Bigg Boss has a problem he will let me know. Shalin says I am glad Manya is free now.

1:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks Sajid to do a stand-up comedy act on the contestants. If you do it well, you will get something nice. You have two hours to prepare for it. There is a pen and paper in the store.

2:15 PM
Manya says a girl who has such a big fanbase, she’s holding a guy’s hand and not playing herself. If you wanna show yourself you’ve to show your own personality. Sumbul says my papa loves this kurta. Shalin says it’s very cute. Manya says it only looked good on Siddharth and Shehnaz because they were pure.

2:30 PM
Abdu goes into the pool. Manya says are you okay? He says yes I am fine. Priyanka says I don’t know swimming. She says you should come like a macho man. He comes out. Priyanka says hottie.

4 PM
Tina says we have had a dinner date here. We can put our dinner and a candle here. When can we do it? He says anytime. She asks today. Abdy gets shy and says no not today.

4:45 PM
The comedy session is live. Sajid reads the poem. He reads,

Bigg Boss ka ghar hai nirala
Na chaku churi naa bhala phir lafra dala
Sirf aik ko milega prize money with tax deduction
Chalo aik aik kar k kar deta hun introduction.

He reads about Ankit that he’s stuck here. No fights, no smiles. He won’t cause any trouble, one last time, he and Priyanka aren’t a couple. He says the second is Abdu, from Kazakhistan to Hindustan he became the life of the country. He might be small but his heart is a hall. He says Priyanka, doesn’t cause trouble herself but has to get into other’s problems. She calls her she’s a goddess but according to others, she doesn’t know anything. He says Sumbul is here for the finale. Shiv Marathi BB winner, go nominated just before the dinner. He says Archana, sometimes sweets, sometimes firebrand, here to set new fights trend. He says Shalin, after Bigg boss he’s the voice of Bigg boss. Before coming here he was saying you’re Farah’s brother, why did you nominate me? He says Manya, Indian beauty, had cleaning duty. He says Tina if you tease her she will make you kanya (crooked eye), be careful Manya. Sajid says Soundarya’s only thing that matters for her is teeth. He sings for Gori. Sajid says Gautam acts like a panelist, he’s a finalist. He says captain, she has many friends except Priyanka. He says about myself. This house is my home now, tolerate my comedy now.

Bigg Boss says now contestants will pick thumbs up or down to show if they liked it or not. Archana gives thumbs up, she says it was fun. Soundarya gives thumbs up. She says I loved it. Tina says this made the environment better. Shalin gives thumbs down. Shalin says I thought you’re carrying a grudge. MC Stand gives thumbs and says comedy should be taken in a lighter tone. Ankit and Manya also give thumbs up. Priyanka gives thumbs down. She says you prepared well but you took out your grudges. Sumbul, Gori, Nimrit, and Shiv give thumbs up. Abdu says really wow, he gives thumbs up. Sajid hugs him. Bigg Boss says now is the time to give you a reality check. When you go back in you will see all the grocery is on carts. Each room will have their grocery and they can eat only their grocery. Sajid will decide who gets what.

5:15 PM
Sajid says to Shalin don’t play games with me. Sahlin says let me speak as well. You can say whatever you want. You had to bring up the past again. Manya says I gave thumbs up for his smile but he said I am always cranky. Sajid says I don’t trust you but let me win that trust back. I am sorry. Shalin ugs him. He says you’re sensitive I won’t crack any jokes on you. Shalin says you keep bringing her name so that isn’t good.

Archana says if you didn’t like it why did you give thumbs up? He had to make people smile. MC Stan says don’t take everything personally. Sajid apologizes to Manya.

6 PM
Nimrit says to Sajid you need to decide. He says I will keep the coffee. Whoever wants it takes it from me. He divides other things. He gives six chicken packs to Shalin. Sreejita says this is not fair. We should have some packs. Shalin says you wanna cook separately. Shalin says there is a medical reason. This is mine. I don’t want any vegetables or fruit. You can convince and take it from him. Gautam and Shalin argue.

Sajid says to Abdu as long as I am here you won’t be hungry. Sreejita says to Shalin Soundarya is vegan. Bigg Boss asks Shalin, Soundarya, and Gautam to come to the confession room. Bigg Boss says Shalin has a medical condition. We change the menu for his medical condition. But there is 4KG chicken. you can eat cheese and other protein too. Shalin says I need 15gms a week. Shalin says but I don’t know for how long will we have this chicken. Bigg Boss says everyone should know the truth. Shalin says I am sorry. Bigg Boss says you took makers’ names and made these claims. Sreejita says everyone will get the chicken. Shalin says this chicken came for me. Sreejita says Bigg Boss said he said half-truth, which is a lie. Shalin says that’s not a lie. I haven’t said anything wrong. Sreejita leaves in anger.

7:15 PM
Shalin says we were discussing. We were deciding to divide. You called me a liar in front of everyone. Sreejita says Bigg Boss said it. Shiv says we have to divide the vegetables.

8 PM
Priyanka says we kept food in the room, Stan. Ankit says I was distributing it. You didn’t even come to pick it up. We should all work equally. He says everyone has to do it.

8:15 PM
Abdu teaches Sajid his language. Abdu laughs. Sumbul asks for coffee. Sajid says Shiv took it.

Shiv says to Tina who said the word shame? Soundarya says I spoke to Sajid for coffee, not you. Sreejita asks her to calm down. Soundarya says you don’t know the topic. Shiv said I won’t get it. Tina says we can divide it. Sajid asks Soundarya to calm down. She says he called me shameless. Shiv says I said nothing disrespectful. Soundarya says you can’t talk to me like this. Go to a side. Get out of here. Shiv says I won’t sit in your feet. Soundarya says to learn to respect women. He says we are all equal. Soundarya says don’t play these games with me. Sumbul says what language are you using Shiv. You’re wrong. Abdu and I did all the cleaning. Soundarya says he called me shameless and to go from there.

Sumbul says I always clean the dishes. Shiv says everyone can say anything. I am not uneducated, she called me that. Priyank and Sajid calm him down.

8:30 PM
Shalin says to Shiv you can’t shout at a girl like that. Shiv says sorry to Soundarya. She says I don’t need your sorry. He says you also said I don’t have shame and I am uneducated. He says should I kneel? She says you don’t mean it. You can’t disrespect me. Don’t justify your words. She cries. Shalin and Priyanka console her.

Abdu tries to cheer Shiv. Soundarya says I was always nice to Shiv. Is this what I deserve?

8:45 PM
Soundarya decides on the bread. Tina sings for Abdu. Abdu says every good voice.

10:15 PM
Priyanka reads Bigg Boss is giving the captain a key to the chocolate box. Nimrit says thank you. She is happy. Shalin says share, please.

11 PM
Tina says I took flour for my two pieces of bread. Gori says we should have our own stoves too. Sumbul says I am eating for two people.

12 AM
Abdu jokes with Gautam. Gautam says once lights go you’re gone. Get egg bread butter coffee. Sreejita says we are teaching him theft. He sneaks into the other room and takes things from there. He shows it to Gautam.

12:45 AM
Manya plays with Abdu. He says I will talk to the camera. He says bye good night, I love you. Everyone cheers with him. He says I love you all good night.

1:30 AM
Manya says Shiv was sorted. Sajid messed it up. Priyanka says maybe. Manya says Shiv needs to come out of his shell. Archana says to Soundarya people would say this was a chance. Lucky people get into Bigg boss.


Bigg Boss 16 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :There will be a reel competition between MC Stan and Abdu. Kili Paul comes to the house. Abdu welcomes him. Stan raps for him. He dances with everyone. Abdu’s manager would be Shiv and Sumbul is MC Stan’s manager and they have to get sign on their artist’s reel album. Nimrit asks Shiv will you make me captain again? The entire house is divided into two teams.

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