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Bigg Boss 16 25th October 2022

Day 40
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.

9:45 AM
Shalin says she’s an actress. Tina says I don’t understand Gautam either. Shalin says if it’s looking fake from both sides why are you doing it? Tina says Gautam was a strong contestant before this. Shalin says he thinks of his heroism.

Soundarya says to Nimrit, Archan felt like Gautam was flirting with him too. Nimrit says if she can think that anyone can.

11:30 AM
Priyanka says to Ankit did you wash your cup? He says yes I did. She says Stna used this then? She says what is this childish behavior of his? Gautam says to Sajid I was right with my decision I wanted to know here. Sajid says so it’s a relationship? Gautam says yees. Sajid says okay.

2 PM
Sajid says to Abdu will break your heart now Nimrit. Sajid asks Abdu Shiv or Nimrit. He laughs.. Sajid counts.. He says if you don’t answer we will open your shirt’s button. He chooses Shiv. Sajid asks Nimrit or Priyanka? He says Nimrit. He asks Priyanka or Archana. He chooses Archana. Nimrit says he is good at knowing people.

Soundarya says to Gautam make your own food. Bigg Boss says Archana speaks in Hindi. Archana says this is why people don’t understand your love story because you speak English. Soundarya laughs. Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living area. Archana takes everyone to the living area. Soundarya teases Archana with grapes. Tina says what is happening? Archana says what will my voters think? Bigg Boss says all captains were fired in this house. I am telling you this one last time. I don’t want to get fired by people. I want to apologize to the people of India, I got two people here who feel ashamed of speaking Hindi. Soundarya and Nimrit, you both will stand on the Balcony and sing India I came to this Hindi show and can’t speak Hindi. You both have made fun of this rule. They stand on the balcony. Nimrit stands on the balcony. She says please forgive me India. I don’t speak English. Bigg Boss says Soundarya is getting ready. Since you know the media will see you. Shalin sings like them. Tina says stop it. Sajid dances around them.

2:45 PM
A letter comes for them that they have to speak if fast. Nimrit and Soundarya speak it. Abdu and Sajid laugh. Sajid gives them a salute.

3:30 PM
Abdu says Bigg boss please forgive them. Sumbul says if you feel bad Bigg Boss will make you do it. Abdu sings songs with Sajid. Shalin says to Gautam be careful. Don’t let your individuality go. Bigg Boss asks Nimrit and Soundarya to stop.

4 PM
Sajid says Nimrit Abdu was feeling so bad for you. Archana says people speak Hindi in this country. Soundarya says yes.

5 PM
Bigg Boss says I gave you all this house. There is one part of the house that an evil power has taken over. You have to save that area from her. I will take two names, who will go inside the house and become that evil power. There will be two people who are stuck passerbys. They have to convince why another person is the one who deserves to be nominated. Then evil power will laugh and the two inside who are evil will nominate one. If they don’t nominate anyone they will get nominated themselves. Bigg Boss asks Archana who do you want to nominate for this week. You have the right to nominate one person right away. She says Gori because of her gestures. Bigg Boss says Gori is nominated and she will not take part in the task.

Nimrit and Tina are called into the house by an evil power. Shalin and Gautam come as passersby. Gautam says everyone knows Shalin has two faces. No one knows what he really is. Shalin says everyone thinks his love is fake too. Nimrit says to Tina Shalin has been nominated for two weeks. People save him, he’s a strong contestant. Tina says both of them are important to me. The evil power laughs. Gautam says I am tired and I want your support. Bigg Boss asks Nimrit and Tina. Tina says we don’t have a mutual agreement. Nimrit says you’re here for yourself. Tina says Shalin has been nominated for two weeks. Tina says to nominate Gautam or we will both be nominated. Tina says Gautam. Bigg Boss asks if is this a mutual agreement. Nimrit says yes, she’s mad.

5 PM
Shalin tries to cheer up Nimirt. Nimrit says I hope you will be loyal toward us now. I let my friend go because of you. Archana says Tina and Nimrit hate that Gautam isn’t giving them time.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss calls Tina and Shalin into the confession room. Bigg Boss says was it tough? Tina says yes they’re both my friends. Bigg Boss says you were ready to get yourself nominated? Nimrit never mentioned that. She says sorry I am a bit of an emotional fool. Bigg Boss says to keep your eyes open now. Gautam says she thinks I am fake because Karan said it. And Shalin isn’t fake? Tina says Gautam can cross any limit for the game. Sumbul says why didn’t Nimrit take a stand? Soundarya says she couldn’t nominate herself. You don’t understand what it means to be friends.

6 PM
Sajid and Abdu come into the house. Sajid says look at the web. Bigg Boss asks Ankit and Nimrit to come to the task area. Ankit says I am a nice guy don’t nominate me. Nimrit says I’ve tried to be involved in the house from day 1. I have given a lot more contributions. Ankit says after the first week her contribution is almost the same as mine. The evil laughs. Sajid and Abdu force each other to say it. Sajid says love on one side and friendship on one side. They say Nimrit. Sajid says to Nimrit you will be safe. You’re strong. She says if I go you both will come with me. Sajid says your lover did this.

6:30 PM
Abdu says I feel so bad. Sajid says don’t worry. Nimrit won’t be nominated.

7 PM
Priyanka and Shiv come there. Stan and Soundarya are in the danger zone. Stan says we are not here to make love angels. We are not here to impress people. Soundarya says I have contributed to the house. Love and friendships have always been part of this house. Shiv tries to convince Priyanka to save Stan. Priyanka says Soundarya is stronger. Shiv doesn’t agree. Their time is up. Priyanka says this is so unfair. Shiv says, Soundarya. Priyanka has to agree to save herself. He gives Stan a high five. Priyanka says you’re so biased. You nominated a strong contestant.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss calls Shiv and Priyanka to come to the confession room. Priyanka says Soundarya was a strong contestant so I wanted to save her. Shiv made a biased decision. Shiv says it’s not evil to have a friend. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka if they had to choose between Nimrit and Ankit who would be strong for you? She says I don’t understand Nimrit so I would nominate her. He says you want everything your way. They go out. Shiv says to Nimrit what Bigg Boss said.

8 PM
Tina says I got nominated too. I didn’t act like a child. Gautam says yeah we saw what you did. Tina says I always stood with you. I wanted a chance from you. Gautam says you are starting it. He says you used to come to me to tease and make Shalin jealous. Tina says don’t say such things about me. Mind your language. Tina says it was a fun thing. He doesn’t react like you. Don’t use such words about me. Shalin says this isn’t right Guatam. Sajid asks him to calm down. Gautam says you had no one genuine reason. Tina says he was nominated twice. I was ready to nominate myself to save you both. Bigg Boss was mad at me for it. Nimrit saved herself. She chose herself over others. Sajid says really? Tina says I was nominating myself for them. Nimrit didn’t.

8:30 PM
Sumbul and Shiv come to the task area. Soundarya and Shalin are the evils. Shiv says I’ve given my 100%. Sumbul’s game was weak. She was with Shalin all the time. Sumbul says I don’t try to interfere in wrong things. He has made his cult. He has made people his followers. Shiv says to be fair and not personal. Soundarya says Sumbul needs a chance. Shalin says Shiv is stronger, it’s not fair. Soundarya says Shiv isn’t fair himself. I want to save Sumbul. Shalin says we should go for Shiv. They say Sumbul. Shiv says this isn’t fair Soundarya. Soundarya says she should be given a chance.

Shiv says Shalin was doing drama. Shiv is strong but since Soundarya is saying Sumbul let’s go with her.

9 PM
Sumbul says to Priyanka I don’t understand what Shalin is. He was trying to save Shiv. Shalin says can I have two minutes? She says no. Bigg Boss calls Sumbul and Gautam into the evil area. Priyanka and Abdu are in danger zones. Priyanka says I can take my own decisions. He decides what Sajid says. Abdu says people outside love me. I am positive and I entertain. I don’t fight or cry like her. Sumbul says Abdu won’t go even if nominate him. People love him. The evil power laughs. Gautam says we are nominating Abdu. Abdu leaves. He says I am nominated, and it’s fine.

Sumbul asks are you mad at me He says it’s fine, and he hugs her. Priyanka says he’s upset. I can see it. Bigg Boss says Sumbul if you feel so bad why did you nominate him then?

9:30 PM
Tina and Sajid are in the danger zone. Stan and Ankit are the evil forces. Tina says I have fun and I have my equations. Sajid says whoever saved me will get money from me. Everyone laughs. Tina says sir don’t get involved in tasks. I hope Ankit you will be fair at least. Stan says, Tina? They nominated tina. Tina says to Abdu we are not going anywhere. You are strong. Abdu says this shows you who your real friends are. Abdu sits alone. Bigg Boss says the nominated people are, Gori, Abdu, Tina, Soundarya, Shiv, and Gautam. Sajid says to Abdu I told you. Abdu says Priyanka said Abdu doesn’t understand anything. People decide things for me. I am happy with my height and my work is very well. Sajid says this man has a big heart. People like us are performers. He is seeing people’s reality and it is hurting his heart now.

9:30 PM
Sajid says Abdu is new here. He’s seeing people’s real faces.

Abdu says I am sure some people are not good. Sumbul, and Priyanka. More than anyone Priyanka is my enemy now. Maybe I am going. Stan says you are not going anything. They hug Abdu. Sajid says to Abdu you will fly like a butterfly. People like you because you’re positivie. You became people’s love because you’re a cute and lovely person not like most people.

11 PM
Shalin says we are all friends Gautam. This will happen every week. Tina says I was going to nominate myself. It would be the same for you if you had to choose between Soundarya and me. Gautam says it will take me some time.

11:30 PM
Abdu says Sajid chose Ankit before me. He thinks it’s so difficult? Another time bro Sajid doesn’t choose me, I will ask him to let me be. Sajid comes in. Abdu says there are things that make him angry. You chose Sumbul and Ankit in my place. I will sleep with Shiv today. Sajid says it’s a game. They are all here to play too. Abdu massages his back.

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