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Bigg Boss 16 24th October 2022

Shekhar Suman welcomes everyone.
He says Karan taught them a lecture on love. He has set the right fire. I will only add some oil. He meets everyone. Shekhar sings a poem. He wishes them all a happy Diwali. Shekhar says you face many challenges there. So much happens in this house, the brain fuses. Let’s have firecrackers between you guys. Shekhar says Bigg boss Diwali is different. Hearts burn, and relationships blast. Bigg Boss says Abdu and Sajid are always together. Abdu says I love it, bro. He says there was a film Tina, hum tumare hain kon. She laughs. Shekhar says love is like a mistake, we don’t agree but others can see it. He says Archana, she’s a string bomb. She blasts here and there. Gori and Archana had such a big fight that the Taliban and Russia declared themselves peaceful. Russia wanted to learn about their dragon fruit bomb. He asks Stan, why were you so happy after cleaning the washroom? He laughs. Shekhar raps like Stan. Everyone claps. Shekhar says I love your hairstyle. Shekhar sings dil ke arman for Sumbul. He says if we collected Sumbul’s tears we would have a flood in this house. Some people would have been in two boats together. Sajid would sing on a corner and fish. Then fish would say he bro it’s about.

Shekhar says after Shiv’s amazing captaincy Archana is the captain. She also wants to be a minister but no one listens to her. Archana says if I could like them they would all listen. Shekhar speaks like her. She laughs. Shekhar says let’s clap for all the boys. They took part in the gossip sessions. There are singles and couples in the house. I’ve never seen so many couples in one house.

Shekhar says I got some gifts, you will tell me who to gift it to. He says Gori you have tongue cleaner. Gori says Archana for sure. She brings brought up and parents in everything. Shekhar says Gautam, dustbinn. He says to Priyanka. I want her to trash the negative thoughts in her mind. Shekhar says Priyanka you have a mirror. Who needs to see their reality? She says to Shiv, he needs to see the reality that he manipulates his friends and that doesn’t make him great. Shiv comes next. He says mask for the fake person. Shiv says Shalin. No one can see his real face. Shiv says I made a mistake by befriending Shiv. Shekhar says Ankit you have a phone, give it to the person whose voice should be going to people. He says I should keep it. Everyone laughs. Shekhar says Archana you have an eggplant for the person who keeps changing parties. She says Manya, keeps changing parties. She doesn’t know where she stands. Shekhar says to keep up the good work. Happy Diwali. He leaves.

Karan joins back
Karan says time to create more drama. He meets everyone. Karan says I also wanna open eyes like Shekhar. We have a big blast now, eviction. Sumbul, Shalin, and Manya are nominated this week. Time to tell who will leave the house this week. The person who will leave this house today is. Manya. Shalin hugs Sumbul. Karan says all the best Manya. Happy Diwali. Gori cries and hugs Manya. Manya says I am happy I will celebrate Diwali with my parents. Sumbul hugs Shalin. She says I was so scared.

Sajid talks to Gautam and says we went to have a conversation. Manya hugs Gautam and meets everyone. She leaves the house.

Karan joins back
Karan says Manya has left the house. Who will miss her the most? Not Soundarya. Soundarya says not at all. Karan says you’re very silent today Abdu. He says people are fighting, I am observing. Karan says I love you. He says more. Karan says two people confuse me the most. Tina and Nimrit. Come on stage. We will test you. Karan says you have to tell who is the husky bomb (coward bomb) is and apply a sticker on there. Priyanka puts a sticker on Nimrit. She says she never speaks in front. Ankit applies to Nimrit. He says she was active the first week but not now. Sumbul applies on Nimrit and says she speaks from behind. Nimrit says whatever I do, people have a problem with it. Shalin applies it to limit. He says when Archana became captain, she didn’t challenge from the front. It wasn’t the brave Nimrit we saw the first week. Gautam gives it to Tina. He says she doesn’t stand for her point. Archana says Nimrit. I was heart, she was my friend she stole my chocolate. She was provoking people behind my back. Soundarya says I will give it to Tina. She was the person who told me about Gautam’s feelings and left me alone now. She’s not present now. Tina says this is too much. Soundarya says it’s the truth. Soundarya says Tina clears misunderstandings. Karan says so she’s not close to you now so she’s a coward? Soundarya says Nimrit has a better leadership side. Tina says you were not comfortable with me speaking between you and Shalin. Soundarya says you can totally speak. Gori gives it to Tina and says to confess if she loves people. Shiv gives it to Tina and says Tina hasn’t blasted like Nimrit. Stan says Tina, she’s always in the kitchen. Tina says it’s a compliment. Abdu gives it to Tina. He says she is doing love all the time. Not strong for the game. Sajid says Tina is very sweet. She doesn’t blast. He gives it to her. Karan says Tina is phuski bomb. Tina says I don’t fight. He says you can start a bit more. Karan says Nimrit your crow is here. Who will make you wear? She says Abdu. Abdu hugs her and makes her wear the crown.

Karan asks Abdu do you know why the house is decorated? He says Diwali. Karan says yes and it’s the festival of lights. The country loves you. Abdu says I love Hindustan. Karan says we have some videos for you. People from Tajikistan and India wish Abdu a happy Diwali. They all tell him they love him. His country’s people love Chota Bhai Jaan. Karan says this is Abdu’s first Diwali in our country. We have to make it special for him. Abdu says I am sorry for it. Karan says this is Indian hospitality. They bring a throne for Abdu from the store. Karan says I love it. You look like a king. Abdu sits on it. He says I love it. He says everyone has to dance and Abdu will give them thumbs up or down. Sumbul dances. Abdu gives her thumbs up. He says very good at dancing. Karan also gives her thumbs up. Karan calls Shalin next. He takes off his shirt. Karan says it’s for you, Tina. Shalin dances. Karan asks Tina, she says thumbs up. Karan says what were you looking at? She says you got me right. Abdu says it very well. He gives thumbs up and so does Karan.

Karan says now Priyanka and Archana. They dance on Radha on the dance floor. Abdu gives them thumbs up. Karan says for that song thumbs up. He calls Gori next. Abdu gives her thumbs up. Karan says this was amazing. The next performance is in front of Shiv. Abdu will dance with him. Everyone gives them a standing ovation. Karan says there is a present for all of you. Happy Diwali. Shalin hugs Tina. Soundaray cries. They get their family photos. Abu looks at it and cries. He tells Soundarya about his family. He says I love it. I miss you so much. Nimrit says mama sent her saree. Sumbul says papa sent his shirt. Karan says have a great Diwali.

In confession room
Bigg Boss says Abdu, you’re away from not just your family but your country too. You must be missing them a lot. So we sent a special gift for you. There’s Tajikistani food for you and everyone. Directly from your country. Abdu dances around. Sajid and Abdu tell everyone. He says thank you Bigg Boss. I love him. He dances around. Shiv asks Soundarya are you okay? She says Manya made this dirty discussion. This is such a small mentality. All actors are characterless for hugging people? They all enjoy the food.

Soundarya says to Shalin you and I know we are right. We don’t have to prove it to anyone. He says I respect girls. I don’t disrespect any girl. If I get insecure about a girl I have feelings for. I am not that cool. It’s not a game I am playing with you. Soundarya says when did Nimrit say all that? he says starting when I was stressed. She said she can’t see me like that. Soundarya says is she your mom? It’s you who needs to draw a line, not me. They stay in your room till 3 am, you come to me then. They portrayed what they wanted. Tina first with you, it’s fun. But I am characterless. People are blaming you too now. I have shattered myself. You didn’t even come to me and ask how do I feel. He says I feel the worst too. I didn’t even want to sit there. Sajid comes. He says don’t get so worked out. She took a stand for you.

Priyanka says they are both playing. Ankit says the love of name. Archana says Gautam has plans. Who falls in love in 5 days? Shalin is doing the same. He’s fallen for Tina’s looks. Archana says I will talk to Gautam. If he doesn’t understand, good for him.

Soundarya says to ask them to show the footage. What wrong did I do in the bathroom? Tina says you should have said it then and there. Soundarya says you can’t argue with Karan. Shalin says that’s not the point. Soundarya says it’s none of Manya’s business to say such things. Shalin says this is your personal equation. Soundarya says and then Shalin you also started reacting. The way you spoke was very disrespectful. Shalin says I was hurt when this was blamed on me. Soundaray says you didn’t provoke me? Shalin says I was only concerned about Gautam. I am with him.

Archana says to Nimrit you were so strong when you came here. Your group has sidelined you. You became biased towards your group. No one is our relative here. Tina isn’t your relative either. Nimrit says I understand that. Archana says you can’t ruin your game for others. Friendship is fine. Gautam is trying to be Sid and Shehnaz. But that doesn’t happen in one day.

Priyanka reads about the Glam competition. She says let’s see who is leading it. Priyanka is leading it. Archana says you have started makeup too. They laugh.

Soundarya and Gautam sit with Archana. Archana says to ask your heart if you love each other. Gautam you are trying to love her but you can’t. You said you will make Soundarya jealous about the wild card girl? Gautam says you keep telling people I had thoughts for you too? Archana says I said I called you brother. He says I have no feelings for you. You both should give each other time. Gautam says we look fake? Soundarya says we will let it go naturally. So people who love are characterless? Archana says Gautam you didn’t stop me or people talking against Soundarya. You didn’t say that I can’t talk to her like this. Change her behavior. Break faces even if it’s me when they speak against her. Soundarya says she’s right.

Gautam sits with Soundarya. She says I can’t believe you. You went to hug Manya even after she hurt me so much. Archana was saying the right things. People were saying you flirt around? You didn’t even come to me once after so much happened? She started speaking about my character yet you didn’t come to me? He says I wanted it to settle. He says listen to me. I was not in that mindframe? She says so you were in mind frame to hug Manya? Do you like her too? Gautam says stop saying that. She says this speaks about your personalities, morals, and priorities. You want to be in everyone’s good books. That’s why all of this is happening.

Karan sees off the day.

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