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Bigg Boss 16 21st October 2022

Day 19
1:15 AM
Priyanka says Mr. captain when will the dishes be done? You were after us. Manya says you should do it. Shiv says it’s your fault. Manya says I will do the dishes when I want. Priyanka says Shalin will sleep, who will do the dishes.

1:30 AM
Gautan, Soundarya and Tina are in bed. They laugh. Tina says Nimrit is gone. Archana goes out and sleeps on the sofa. Nimrit comes in. Shalin says she’s sleeping on the sofa. Gautam says why do you all come to my room. Tina says let’s go Archana. Gautam says Archu let’s go. We won’t talk now. She says you guys don’t let me sleep. Tina says you wanted to be with Archana. Nimrit says if you wanna do something with Priyanka and Archana I am ready. Nimrit scares Archana. She says let me sleep. They run out. Archana says I made a mistake by coming to this room. They all laugh. Nimrit falls. Priyanka says guys please control your volume we need to sleep. They all scare Priyanka. Priyanka says let me sleep. I fall sick, I have health issues. The captain is doing it himself. I won’t let anyone sleep now. Wake up, everyone. She says there is a limit. What kind of captain are you? Archana says we need to sleep. Manya says this house isn’t your dad’s. Priyanka says don’t you dare to bring my dad in it. Have some shame. Manya says don’t show me this finer.

2:30 AM
Archana says I want a lighter. She says to Gautam no one will sleep now. I will wake Shiv up too. Archana says I wanna smoke. Soundarya takes her inside. Priyanka says this Manya is a weird girl. Sajid says she has to show that she rules the house. Shiv says there are other people too. Abdu comes there. He hugs Stan. Shalin teases Tina. Abdu says Tina is angry at Priyanka. She is back with Shalin and now they’re requesting something from Bigg Boss.

Shiv says to Stan you said I am going there. Gori said the same. Sajid says he won’t go anywhere. Soundarya says I didn’t talk to him. Gautam says to Nimrit that she was asking me not to react. Abdu steals Manya’s imli and gives it to Stan and Shalin too.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss says some people are always against power. No matter what the situation is, you have to keep ruling, or the system crashes. I saw two sides today. I can’t let the system of this housing crash. I expect the captain to run the house with rules. Is that right shiv? Shiv says yes. Bigg BOss says your strategy isn’t working. You will have to use the other way to handle it. If someone is not letting you run the house, you can lock them in a big chain box outside. Before it takes your captaincy you have to take an action. Shiv says I will. Shiv says I will take an action now. Bigg Boss says now you have the power, you know what people have done. Shiv says Priyanka didn’t do her duty, she will stay inside the box. Archana says I am not scared of anyone. Shiv says to Archana you broke the lighter, go in the box. She says when I become the captain, I will throw you to the gutter. She gets ready. Abkit asks Priyanka are you okay? He sits outside. Archana says your MPA is going to jail. Archana says we will talk from here. Archana says this is nice. Thank you Shiv.

5:15 PM
Soundarya says to Gautam you were so good with Priyanka and Ankit. Why are things and fights lent to you? That’s what my problem is. If I were Priyanka I would be mad too. If someone is having fun. I didn’t like how Nimrit and Soundarya. Bigg BOss says Soundarya speak Hindi.

Archana laughs and says one box is empty Bigg Boss. Shiv takes Soundarya outside. He says to talk in Hindi there at least. He locks her in jail. Archana laughs. Sajid says there should be silence in the jail. Shiv says if you speak English now, I will increase the hours.

5 PM
Sajid asks Abdu do you have an ex? He says yes she is married now. I dated her 5 years before. Sajid says what? You were 14 then. He says no wrong.

5:30 PM
Soundarya goes inside the box. She says I want black coffee. Shiv says this is a jail. He locks Priyanka in the big jail and locks Archana in the box.

7 PM
Bigg Boss says we saw three captains. We saw Nimrit who became a strict captain. Gautam and Shiv suddenly decided to be nice to everyone after becoming the captain. I can’t set the wrong precedent here. You look like a coward. A leader knows how to rule. He says Shiv people were not listening to you. You were hesitant with punishment too. You were serving them food and coffee in jail? And Shiv didn’t even stop that. He wants to be friends with everyone? I get one thing. Shiv can’t handle captaincy. I will fire you right now. I wanna teach Archana a lesson. I wanna see the one who questions every captain, and how she handles it herself. I want to see how she gets the rules run in the house. Archana dances around. He says I am giving you the biggest responsibility. Archana dances around. Bigg Boss says don’t be happy before time. He says Archana is the new captain of the house now. Everyone claps. Bigg Boss says I hope people will do their duties now. It’s an open challenge Archana. Archana says thank you. She dances around.

Nimrit says now I will talk in English only now. Sajid says she will be nominated if everyone retaliates.

7:30 PM
Nimrit gets ready. Archana says I can punish anyone. Manya says what? Archana says get up and clean your dirt. She says Nimrit I respected you when you were captain. Nimrit says you slept in the washroom. Shiv hides things. Archana wakes up Manya and Nimrit. Archana says get up. What message are you sending? Manya says that you don’t us sleep. Abdu and Nimrit steal food from the kitchen. Abdu takes the imli and they eat together. Sajid says rebellion.

8:30 PM
Archana says to Gori don’t come to my room again. Nimrit says to Abdu don’t talk in English. She says I am so irritated by Priyanka. Archana says to speak in Hindi. This show is in Hindi. I did my tasks when you became the captain. She puts the chocolates back in the basket. Ankit and Priyanka are in the pool. Archana says you’re all thieves stealing chocolates.

8:45 PM
Gori says this Archana is after my life for footage. Archana says they stole chocolates from my room. Do they have no manners? Didn’t their parents teach them anything? Gori says di anyone see me going there? I have no chocolate. She brings Shalin. Shalin says she didn’t steal. Archana asks Shalin who else did then? He says Manya gave it to me. Gori says asking her to apologize to me. Manya says Abdu gave to me. Archana asks Abdu who gave you chocolate? He says SHalin.

11 PM
Archana says Manya do your dishes. Everyone cooked. She says say sorry to me. Archana says you have to do it as a captain. Archana says do you litter around in your house too? Manya says yes I do. Who are you to question me? Don’t bark like dogs. Archana says this Ms. India is runner up and she doesn’t even clean. she has no manners. Manya says who did you call runner-up? I won’t do the dishes. Manya says you are gutter.

Day 20
1 AM
Nimrit and Gautam sing with Shiv and everyone. Archan says stop this drama. Are you all owls? Gautam says we can’t sleep. She says go to your room. She says Gautam won’t you become captain again? Is this how you will become captain? Won’t any of you become the captain?

1:30 AM
Archana says my nature is different. You can’t mess with me. Tina says we are going to sleep. They all go. Archana says good night. Archana says your plan flopped Shiv. She says Bigg Boss must be so proud of me.

Episode ends

Precap-Karan says the whole house went against Archana but you Gori you stole things from Archana’s room. You said you will break her head? What you said or did, is it intent to hurt? Everyone agrees it’s wrong. Karan says she even threatened Bigg Boss. She said answer me Bigg Boss or I will break my legs here. This was disrespectful. Do you wanna stay here or go out Gori?

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