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Bigg Boss 16 20th October 2022

Day 18
6:15 PM
Tina cries. Soundarya hugs her and says it’s not permanent. Don’t let it affect you. Shalin says she came to speak to me and I said the truth. I said stay away from me. Now you’re crying. Abdu asks why is she crying. Archana was crying, Tina crying only Abdu and Gautam not crying. Shalin says she’s so mean. I am so mad. I didn’t come here for all this. Nimrit asks Tina who will be nominated next. Nimrit says one of us. Tina says yes we are strong. Shalin asks Stan we will cook so much. We have all the groceries.

8:15 PM
Abdu eats medicine. He says it’s so bad. Sajid gives him more.

Bigg Boss asks tells Tina your pet wasn’t well you knew it but his condition is critical in the last 24 hours. Tina cries.

9 PM
Tian cries. Shalin comes to her. She says he’s too sick. He’s dying. Shalin hugs him. She says I want to be with him. Tona sobs. Shalin hugs her. She says don’t tell anyone about this. He says to be strong. I am with you. Tina says you didn’t even talk to me. He says I was so angry and hurt. I have never used you. It affected me so much. Tina says what about my emotions? She says nothing. Tina says see. He says what can I do with doubts? Shalin says I know what’s bothering you. He asks do you have anything for me? Shalin says say the truth. Tina says you didn’t say anything. He says don’t you have a mind? Tina sits next to him. Shalin hugs her. Tina cries. Shalin asks do you like me? Tina cries.

Sumbul says I feel insulted. He is still going back to her. Stan says people don’t understand when they’re in love. But she isn’t good for him. Anyway, his problem.

11:30 PM
Shalin hugs Tina. Abdu sings Teri meri. Tina says we are just friends. Bigg Boss calls them into a confession room. Bigg boss says we noticed you both act sad when I call you here. There was confusion. I want to know how things are fixed between you two? Tina says he keeps changing. Bigg Boss asks what’s the reason? Tina says he has seasons. Tina says Bigg Boss I asked you to fix things between us. Shalin says really? Shalin says she doesn’t even let me speak. Bigg BOss says and I did fix it. He says Tina’s pet isn’t well and critical. We told her this was due to human emotions. It was her private matter. It’s on a platform now. Do you both want this to go out too much? Tina says I don’t want to talk about it. Shalin says yes we will not talk about it. Tina says sorry. Tina says I got emotional. Bigg Boss asks are things fixed now? Tina says priorities shouldn’t change so quickly. Shalin says only you can save us. Tina says bye Bigg Boss. Shalin says I am sorry to you for the doctor and any mistakes I’ve done. Bigg Boss says Saturday is close. Tina laughs.

1:30 AM
Shiv says he’s changed again. Sajid says he changed 5 times in 7 days. Archana asks Soundarya to stop talking. She says I can’t sleep like this. Soundarya says we all have to wake up. They go out.

Day 19
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to the alarm and sings the anthem.

9 AM
Sumbul says to Gautam he keeps changing. Gautam says this isn’t right. You can say what you feel like. Priyanka says Sajid Ji is after you. Archana comes. Stan and Shiv tease Abdu. They make him sing launda jawan hogaya, bakwas band kar. Shalin comes to them. He says I respect her. But you are all my friends. Shiv hugs him.

Tina says Shiv doesn’t deserve to be captain. he says decide yourself. Nimrit says you’re right.

11:45 AM
Abdu sings like everyone. Stan says when you go we will party. Abdu says you will cry. I will party when Archana goes.

12:45 PM
Soundarya says what would be my intention? Shalin double-crosses people. I don’t need to kiss him. I am not dying for him. I don’t like drama.

2 PM
Priyanka says all this stuff needs to go back. Nimrit says you make me feel beautiful. Abdu says you look pretty.

3 PM
Bigg Boss says good afternoon. You all make it look like a night. Are you all sleepy? He asks Priyanka what’s the problem. She says breakfast was too light. Bigg boss says Nimrit why have you been in the blanket all day? SHe says it feels lonely. Bigg Boss says you’ve all bored me. If you can’t talk then gossip with me. There will be a chime sound. I want one of you to come to the confession room and give me gossip. Soundarya says I have a very spicy gossip. He says it’s between me and you only. Archana says Bigg boss is in a romantic mood.

Nimrit says Bigg Boss knows all the gossip. Gautam says he should us. Bigg boss says really? Gautam says no we will tell you.

3:30 PM
Manya dances on ishq wala love. Archana says I cook so well. I want to kiss my hands. Chime rings. Manya goes in. Manya says there is a triangle. Sumbul has feelings for Shalin. When he’s with tina, she feels insecure and jealous. I saw it yesterday too. Soundarya and Gautam. She gave Shalin hints too. But when she saw Gautam has a stronger card, she started playing the victim card. She’s not behaving the way she is here. I know her for a year, so I asked Gautam to be careful. She says Soundarya gives hints to Stan, Shiv, and even Shalin. She used to hug Shalin all the time. She said Shalin makes her uncomfortable. If I were in a place where I would feel uncomfortable, I would say it out loud instead of hugging him myself.

3:45 PM
Chima rings again. Sumbul comes in. Bigg Boss says these two have all the gossip. Sumbul says no one is liking the captain. Nimrit and Tina were saying he was not doing anything. Archana says what will I tell Bigg Boss? He’s in a romantic room. Sumbul says is this boring? He says yes a bit. I am sleepy. Manya was much better. Sumbul says sorry Bigg Boss.

4 PM
Archana comes in. Bigg boss says I was waiting for you. She says it makes me shy when you say such things. My heart is beating. She says Gautam and Soundarya are into each other all the time. He massages her back. Shalin kissed Soundarya. I asked Soundarya why did you kiss her? she sys such problems don’t happen with us, no one kisses us like this. They say we are just friends. We can see what’s happening. If you’re with Gautam why do you touch others? Bigg Boss says that was spice. She says please Bigg boss send grater. he says it’s gossip day, not shopping. Archana says see closely tonight, you will also see Gautam massaging Soundarya.

Bigg Boss says we heard three gossip about Soundarya. I hope we will hear something else now. Soundarya laughs.

4:30 PM
Sajid and Abdu come to the confession room. Sajid says all girls are using this Abdu. They all come near him to get footage. They know the nation loves it. He is in love with nimrit. I have become his guardian. He says everyone can see he loves Nimrit. Nimrit likes him too but does not love him. One of them will use him and play with his heart. Abdu says what. Abdu says Soundarya and Gautam love. Ankit and Priyanka love. Sajid says that’s not gossip. Abdu says Tina with Shalin. Abdu says time to fight, one-time love. Bigg Boss says it was fun. They leave.

4:45 PM
Archana laughs with Gautam and SOundarya and says everyone is talking about affairs.

5 PM
Nimrit comes to the confession room. She says there are two contestants. It’s Soundarya and Shalin. They say we aren’t talking about it due to respect. I have a question about what it is. Bigg boss says this was boring. You should know what’s happening.

5:15 PM
Sumbul says I am free now. Sajid says why do you wanna be one of them? Be yourself. Shiv says the kitchen is so dirty. You should keep the food covered. Archana says why don’t you do it? Archana says I won’t do the washroom. I’ll only do dishes. Bell rings. Priyanka says Archana there’s a gift for you. It’s a grater. Archana dances around and says thank you Bigg Boss.

5:45 PM
Archana says I won’t do dishes from tomorrow. He said I will do the washroom. Why should I? Soundarya says let them cook themselves. Shiv comes. Archana says I cook with my heart and you say this. Shiv says I had to change duties. Archana says I won’t do anything now. Shiv says okay don’t. Archana says go from here. Don’t mess with me. Archana and Shiv fight.

6 PM
Gori says Shalin loves Tina but Tina doesn’t love Shalin.

6:15 PM
Soundarya comes in. Bigg Boss says you were the topic of most of the gossip. She says I heard Shalin say things about me to cover up the kissing incident. He said I kissed him. Why would I? Is he the last man on earth?

Shiv says I will break this Archana’s ego. She has no shame. Shalin says she plays girl cards. Priyanka says Shiv has lost his mind since he became captain. Gautam tells Bigg Boss Tina feels jealous of Shalin. She might have feelings for him. And Gori was silent in the first week. She tries to copy Archana. Bigg Boss says one more person can come in. Shiv says to Bigg Boss Tina is using Shalin. She is fooling him for now. Shalin might let her win. Shalin says I think Tina is a bit in love.. I can’t tell you the name. Bigg Boss asks the name? He laughs and says to me. Stan tells Bigg Boss Shalin will be fooled big time. Shalin eats with Tina. Gori says you both enjoy it. Stan says I tried to tell him the truth, but he didn’t see it. It’s his life. So I don’t mind. He says Tina will ditch him. Does Tina ask what did you tell Bigg Boss? He says about my heart. Tina says what about me? He says nothing related to you.

Priyanka and Archana tease Bigg Boss. Do they say what happened last night? Is there a baby coming in Bigg Boss? He says I made a mistake by choosing you Archana. You are a third wheel. They laugh.

7 PM
Bigg Boss says today’s gossip session was Spicy. Manya and Archana had the best gossip. There is a gift for them. They bring in the hamper. It has imli and other things. Archana is happy.

7:30 PM
Shalin says to Sumbul I want to talk to you. She says there are things that you don’t understand. Shalin says will you explain? She says no. Shalin says I am scared. Sumbul says to be lost but doesn’t forget the world. He says I will keep that in mind.

11:15 PM
Tina says the mastermind has dirty politics. It’s Shiv. Tina says it’s dirty politics. Nimrit says he’s not doing captain duties. Archana says duties are all messed up. We won’t do our dishes. I will see what he does.

Gautam sits with Soundarya. He says you were telling me last night. Archana was teasing me. She says you are so cheap. Soundarya kisses his cheek.

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