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Bigg Boss 16 19th October 2022

Priyanka says Shiv has hijacked everyone’s mind. Sajid says he’s a good planner. she says so you’re not playing the game? Sajid says I am the mayor, he’s the planner. Priyanka says don’t you want the trophy? He says I am here to play only. Priyanka says I am told for your good. Ankit says he asked me one of you or none of you. Priyanka says you didn’t tell me. You knew they were taking you. He says what are you saying? He says they wanted us to fight. She says you think if I fight I would stop being friends or stop helping you? Is Abdu not my friend anymore? Priyanka says to Sajid, you parted us. He says I took Sumbul because Manya wasn’t there. Priyanka says Shiv is playing with his mind. Shiv says we thought either manya or Sumbul. We had to take our people. Priyanka says you think everyone is wrong if it’s not your way. Priyanka says to Ankit you’re practical but I get emotional when it comes to you. It’s my problem, I will work on it. He says yes. She says yes I show some right on you that’s my problem. He says I look bad this way. I am also attached. She says I can’t see it. Salman also said the same. I’ve to work on my problems. I always stand for you. He says, haven’t I? She says I don’t want to bring past. Ankit says it’s your choice.

Nimrit says Gautam didn’t choose Soundarya or me. Tina says Shalin said he isn’t royal. Shalin says to Abdu we have done it. Abdu says we are bros. We are fighting for ourselves.

9:30 PM
Manya says long time no see. Bigg Boss says right Manya. Take off your mask. Sumbul says you will see us everywhere now. Bigg Boss says you might not get another chance. The nominations have started again. The nominated people are less active people, Manya and Sumbul, and Bigg boss punished, Shalin. Shalin laughs. Sumbul hugs Shalin. Manya says Sumbul and Shalin won’t go. Gori says people are watching. Manya says people don’t know me well. Tina ugs Sumbul and says be strong.

9:45 PM
Shiv says to Abdu, you, me and Gori, and Sajid are the core team. Abdu says we are 5 stars. Abdu says Sajid changed the decision last minute. Shiv says he might have his reasons.

Priyanka says to Archana they don’t let Abdu decide. Tina says to Nimrit I can’t trust Shalin. Nimrit says I am not sure of him at all.

Tina says to Stan you didn’t stand your word. He says I’ve nothing to do with Shalin. Tina says good luck. I will see how loyal he’s to you all. I will see. You know what kind of person he is.

12:15 AM
Shalin asks Stan what did she say? Stan says she said you broke their trust, how can you stay loyal to you. She said you know what kind of person Shalin is. Sumbul says he never listened to me. Stan says to be careful. What kind of bond is this?? She’s speaking against you everywhere. Sumbul says calm down. Shalin says everything is a drama. No one has a heart. Sumbul says I do. Shalin laughs. SUmbul says to think from day one, you will connect a lot of dots. I tried a lot to tell you. Stan says so did I.

1 AM
Soundarya says Stan is so questionable. I am so hurt. Tina says the same. He changes his words. He promised he would take me. Now he’s on Shalin’s side. They are ruled by Shiv. Sumbul says now you believe this when Stan is saying it. Shalin says how can a girl be like that? She said such close things to me, warmth, and now just because of one room, she did this? I didn’t even ask for it. I will process it. Abdu says goodbye to everyone. I love you abba. I miss you. By seeing you soon.

Day 18
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.

10 AM
Abdu hugs Tina and says you are so cute. Nimrit hugs him too. Priyanka says they play with Abdu’s mind. Nimrit says they manipulate him. Shiv says Nimrit should understand from her side. Sajid says but Abdu loves her. Abdu sings a song. Gautam says soeone shut him up, someone. Nimrit says he’s singing for us. Tina says all girls think he’s singing for them.

11:15 AM
Sumbul says your time is up from this room. Tina says if people say anything to you or nominate you or not give your name for captaincy your mind. SUmbul says what are you saying? I don’t feel close to you all. Gautam jokes with Sumbul. Gautam says Ankit only needs a place to sleep. They laugh.

11:30 AM
Sumbul says to Shalin Tina asked me to leave the room. Tina says what should I say to her? Shalin asks Gautam to do his shift. He says I will do it myself. Shalin says you love asking others. Gautam says who did I ask? Shalin says who is acting like a boss? You and Tina? Taunting Sumbul? Gautam says she knows I joke with her. I don’t need to tell you. Shalin says why are you taunting her?/ Gautam says don’t act like her kid. Sumbul says shut up you both. Shalin says to stay within your limit Gautam. Gautam says she has her own mind. SUmbul says calm down, please. Gautam says I didn’t come to meet you. I can go where I want. I can taunt whoever I want. Shalin says what will you do? Gautam says to stay within your limit. Archana says let them fight Bigg Boss. Shalin says what will you do? Everyone tries to calm them down. Shalin says we can see you doing your shift. Gautam says to stay within your limit. Tina says this is why I was saying. Gautam says you run after girls. Tina says what are you? Sumbul asks them to calm down. Gautam says ask her. He is the one who changes parties. Shalin comes in. Gautam says what are you saying? Shalon says don’t mess with me. Hide behind the girls. Gautam says you hide behind Tina and Sumbul. You use people. Fool a kid. Sumbul says no one is a kid. Gautam says don’t show me this attitude. We know what you are up to. Sumbul asks Shalin to go back to the room.

11:45 AM
Tina says you don’t even deserve to be talked to. Nimrit says then don’t? Soundarya says he is an opportunist. Shalin says he could say things to me directly. Why taunt a kid? Sumbul says stop calling me a kid. Tina says we won’t talk to Sumbul. Nimrit says yes. Tina says they don’t deserve it. Gautam says he’s worth nothing. Shalin shouts and says don’t tell me who’s worth what. You’re not worth two pennies. Gautam says we can see how you use people. You are manipulating a kid. Sumbul says no one is manipulating. Shalin says I will break your face. Sumbul asks them to calm down. Gautam says what is your problem? Sumbul takes him outside. Gautam says are you a goon here? Sumbul says Shalin please calm down.

Abdu hugs Shalin and gives him water. Shalin says he only says stupid things.

12 PM
Nimrit says what did we do? They were playing a game. Tina says he said you hide behind girls. Sajid says I was trying to sleep. Sumbul says if I have a problem I will speak. I don’t want this fight. I won’t tell you anymore Shalin. Shalin says Iw ill fight for you. Sajid says you’re asking him not to fight for you? Sajid says decide what you want to do. Nimrit says he thought Tina you would go with him. She says I am not an idiot. He left first. Gautam says he fools. Sumbul says I don’t want my papa to think I need other people to protect me. Sajid says either fight for yourself or doesn’t come and tell us. If you want us to fight you can’t say things like let me fight.

Priyanka says he wanted to send Tina. Shalin. Stan said it. Tina says he said to take one of us. He wasn’t loyal to me at all. I didn’t say anything. Nimrit says I got the clarity now.

2:15 PM
Sumbul says there is a limit to jokes. Tina says we were joking. You thought we are taunting. Sumbul says you said things like I play on both sides. Nimrit says you could say it. He didn’t have to be your spokesperson. Sumbul says he stood up for me. It was right.

3 PM
Bigg Boss asks Tina did you cook? Is there less grocery? Tina says yes we need groceries. Bigg Boss asks Archana. She says there is no onion, tomato, and no grater. I thought I would make koftas. He says come in line. Bigg Boss asks Gori how is food? She says good but there’s no salt, flour is almost over too. Bigg Boss asks her to come to the line. Sajid says I can’t eat rice. He says you are not in line. Bigg Boss asks Soundarya. She says my vegan food is a bit less and the rest is fine. Bigg boss says makeup is not less either. They laugh. Bigg boss says you are in line.

3:30 PM
Bigg Boss says I told you all there is a line. Now this line will make it to the grocery. He asks Gautam to read the letter. Gautam says you can win groceries. You will do the shopping for your room’s groceries. It’s called you’re in line. There is a shop. Abdu and Sajid are shopkeepers. You will shop for your bedroom. It will open 4 times but it’s not easy to shop. Only the first three in line will get groceries. First-person will get 15, the second will get 10, and the third will get 5. You have to run to the shop and make a line when the buzzer blares. Shiv will be a supervisor. He can shut the shop down anytime even after the first person. This can be beneficial to Shiv, Sajid and Abdu. At the end, whatever is left, they can take and divide it. Ankit and Sumbul will also try to get groceries.

3:45 PM
Abdu comes inside the shop and tells the rates. He says there are chips too. he says Archana ginger. Abdu eats inside and says this is fun. Stan and Archana fight over space. Buzzer blares. Shalin is first then Soundarya and Gautam. Shiv takes chicken and flour. Gori says to take coffee too. Archana says he’s barking like a dog. Stan says you’re a dog. Archana says don’t take footage. I will break your legs. He says I can threaten you the same. Soundarya takes the flour. Tina says to take coffee too. Shiv says I can ring the bell. Soundarya says don’t please. She says to give sugar too. She leaves.

Gautam says flour. Sajid says it’s over. He says coffee. Sajid says that I have kept it for Abdu. Stan cries. Soundarya says you are very strong. Don’t take it to your heart. They don’t matter. She has no morals. Gautam says there is flour, give that. Abdu says no. He gives it. Gautam says thank you. They have hidden flour and rice. Abdu says to make cheese too. Gautam says only vegetables are left now. They have hidden everything.

4:30 PM
Buzzer blares Shalin, Sumbul, and Gautam in line. Shalin says coffee. Sajid says it’s over. Archana asks Gautam to take rice. He says they aren’t giving it. Gautam asks for cheese. Nimrit says he took all the chicken. Shiv says don’t fight for things. Sajid says to Archana don’t cross the line. Don’t act smart with me. I can ring the bell. She says to be fair.

4:45 PM
Tina says Shalin got the game. We have to stop him. Gautam is first. He falls. Sumbul falls down. Soundarya says carefully. Sumbul says I was first. Soundarya says Ankit was first. Ankit takes 6 items.

Tina says to Shalin I didn’t fool that you lied to me. You had no courtesy. He says you have lost all respect. She says you didn’t even talk to me. He says don’t piss me off. She says don’t talk to me like that. Calm down. He says you broke my heart. Tina says you did the same. Stan said something else. He says I never lie. I asked you first. Stan didn’t plan anything for me. My word is most important to me. I am not scared of anyone’s dad. She says mind your language. He says I am polite. She says you’re not. You are playing with them. I spoke to them and you too. I am an idiot. I don’t want to talk to you. She says hear me out of once. Stan said. He says I don’t want to discuss anything.

Gautam says eggs, please. Tina says I was hurting. You didn’t even talk to me once. He says I came to talk to you. I was clear. He says don’t play with me. It’s not worth it. She says I am hurting. He it’s not worth it. She says don’t you realize I am equally hurt? He says I can’t do this again and again. Tina says understand where I was coming from Sha. He says my name is Shalin, call me that. She says whatever.

5 PM
Sajid says I gave 5 KG flour by mistake. Nimrit says then you should have been careful.
Shalin says you have no idea. I can’t do this to myself. She says do you have any idea? He says are you hearing me? He says I can’t fight and then be okay in one minute. Sumubl comes in and says Gori is calling you. Shalin says I will win it all by myself. You became friends with me. Don’t hurt that feeling. She says I am not. Tina says I was upset. He says I told Stan to take Tina. It was his choice. I was smiling at him. Tina cries in her room.

5:30 PM
Shalin gets first. Shalin says my motive is to win only. Gori says take everything. He shows what’s left. Gautam and Soundarya are next. Tina says he’s saying Stan is playing. Nimrit says Shalin is the game changer. Now he’s putting it on, Stan. I don’t trust him. Shiv rings the bell. Gautam takes the last bucket. Shiv, Abdu, and Sajid distribute. Bigg Boss says everything inside the shop is theirs.

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