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Bigg Boss 16 14th October 2022

Weekend kar vaar
8 AM
Salman says today I will be their boss. He plays the alarm, everyone wakes up, and sings the anthem. The song has changed, and they all dance happily. Sreejita says this was fun. Salman says good morning. No one can save you from today’s fair. Today I will be the boss of this house. Sreejita says Salman sir. Salman says intention and health are the two most important things. You all have a task to make juices for each other. You have to add qualities that you don’t like about each other.

Gori mixes bitter tongue and clever juice for Sreejita. She drinks it. Archana says come, Soundarya. She ads ego, Archana says she thinks I am everything and greedy. Soundarya drinks it. Soundarya calls Archana, she says greedy, and bitter, and turns master. She thinks she can fight and be nice to the same people. Salman says Archana and Soundarya hate each other. Stan calls Shalin and adds turn and ego juices. Nimrit says Archana, bitter, her voice annoys me. She interferes with an ego. Shiv calls Shalin and mixes clever and egoistic juices. Sajid calls Abdu and says he’s boring, he has an ego that I spend time with him and he is clever. Abdu drinks it. Abdu makes for Sajid. He says everything, he has all qualities. Sumbul calls Gori and adds spicy and bitter. Archana calls Nimrit and adds bitterness and cleverness. Gautam calls Shalin and adds boring and angry. Shalin calls Soundarya. Everyone laughs. He says she takes turns and she gets bitter and boring. Salman says I am shocked by Shalin’s decision.

Soudarya says Shalin’s ego is hurt. Shiv says to Archana there is something going wrong. Ankit asks Soundarya Gautam or Shalin. She says of course Gautam but I am trying to understand him. Shalin is more of a friend to me.

Salman calls Sajid to the confession room and gives him a secret task to steal valuable things from other contestants. His partner will be Abdu. Sajid says the challenge is accepted. Sajid tells Abdu about the task. Sajid steams Sumbul’s photo. They sneak into Shalin’s room for the shaker. They look for Tina’s teddy bear. Abdu says you mean zuzu? Sajid says is that what you call it in Tajikistan? Abdu sneaks out with a teddy in a blanket, and Sajid distracts everyone. Abdu sneaks to Gautam’s room while Sajid distracts them. He steals his shirt. Abdu tells Sajid it’s done. Sajid says we had to get Gautam’s jacket or shoes. Ankit sees them. He asks Sajid what’s happening. Sajid says please don’t say anything. Badu steams Gautam’s shoes and goes to the room. Ankit goes after him. Shalin asks Abdu what’s up? He says I am taking my towel somewhere. Abdu tells Sajid he’s done. Sajid says we are maha thieves. We are robbers. Sajid says police don’t arrest us.

Bigg boss says to Sajid now you’ve to hide Abdu. The inmates shouldn’t know he’s not there. Sajid takes Abdu to the room. Sajid tells Abdu he has to hide for 45 minutes. Sajid says to Sreejita Abdu ruined my suitcase. He’s so weird, I am going to fight with him. Sajid asks Nimrit where is your husband? Sajid pretends like he’s looking for Abdu. Everyone looks for Abdu. Sajid says Bigg Boss Abdu is lost. Nimrit says have you hidden him? Sajid says why would I? They check everywhere. Salman comes to meet Abdu. He says you got abducted. Sajid abducted you. Well played you both. You’re doing very well. Who do you think would win? Abdu says I don’t know yet. Abdu goes inside with Salman. Everyone is happy to see him. Priyanka says we guessed it.

Salman says a lot of other things are missing too. They’re all stolen by Sajid. But you will only get it back on a condition. He says Archana, India loves you but your elections are gone. She says why? He says because you are of all India. you will lose form everywhere. She says my journey was so good. Salman asks Abdu do you like Archana? He says no no. He says to copy her. Abdu says every time eee eee eee always fighting, always fighting. Bigg Boss please shut her up for a week. Salman says she is giving full entertainment. He says clap for Ankit. He said 6k words this week. He said to Shalin, don’t shove. Very happy. He will increase by 2k weeks this week. Salman says guess these things who said them about you and get your things back.

He says Tina, who said my wavelength doesn’t match with Tina, she is childish. She says Nimrit, he says you will get your teddy bear back when you say the reason why would she say that. Tina says she is sweet in my face. She should have tried to understand. She says my best friend gave this teddy to me. He returns it to Salman. Salman asks Gautam who said about you that you are playing very smartly. You are best friends with me, Priyanka, and you too. Everyone. Gautam says Archana, Archana says I don’t say such things. He says, Tina. Tina says I never said that. Salman says that your shoes are back. Salman asks Sumbul who said about you, Sumbul likes you. It’s one-sided love and passion that everyone can see not me alone. Sumbul says, Tina. Salman says why is everyone after Tina. Tina says I said it. Salman says is only Tina speaking in this house? Sumbul takes her picture. Salman asks Shalin who said about you, he is here to win. No morals, no values. Shalin says Gautam. Salman says no. He says, Soundarya.. Salman says you doubt your friends? He says I don’t expect so much English from Shiv. Salman says don’t say that. He says I meant the accent. Salman says time up. He says Nimrit. Salman says your shaker is gone. Shalin says it’s very important for me. He says, Stan.

Salman asks Priyanka if someone said when you go to his house as the DIL, his mother would cry and suffocate herself. Priyanka says this won’t happen for starters this is very personal. Ankit says we never say such personal things. Salman asks them to guess. Priyanka says Nimrit? Nimrit says not me. She says Shalin? Salman says no. She is a contestant who cries a lot about others being personal to her. Priyanka says Soundarya, wow. Soundarya says I said it in a lighter tone. Ankit says are these the so-called manners you keep talking about all the time? This is not okay. Priyanka says seriously? Lighter tone. Priyanka says don’t take it personally it’s not about manners. Salman says Soundarya if you can stoop so personal then you shouldn’t complain about others being personal. She says I said that in Archana’s context. Priyanka says so you can say anything? We never became this personal. Next time think before you speak. Soundarya says don’t tell me what to do. Priyanka says to speak in English. Soundarya says don’t tell me what to do.

Salman says let’s welcome Parineeti Chopra and Hardy for their film. Parineeti says you are all doing very well. But I am Abdu’s fan. India is loving you. Hardy sings for me but I want you to sing for me today. Abdu sings Inna son for her. Parineeti says I am jealous of his three wives. Hardy says I am MC Stan’s fan. Stan raps for him. Salman says I feel you bro. Stan laughs. Parineeti says we have a love song. I want someone to dance with me. Come Shalin. Shalin dances Parineeti. Parineeti says all girls are loving you. Parineeti says this is my first action film. It was fun.

Parineeti calls people and says Hardy will check your pulse and say something. He checks Sumbul’s pulse and says my tears. He checks Archana’s pulse, he says I am sparrow and Shalin is my parrot. He says Gautam, why is everyone getting a kiss except for me. Salman says you want a kiss? He says everyone is getting one. Hardy checks Stan, he says boba. Parineeti sings songs and asks contestants to guess. She sings chori bari drama queen hai. Tina says Archana. Tina says she fights and then cries herself. Everyone agrees. Hardy sings chan di kuddi. Everyone says, Soundarya. Everyone says no Priyanka. Parineeti sings jigar da tukda. They all say Abdu. Parineeti asks who is your jigar ka tukra, she says Tina and Shalin. Hardy sings naa site. He says Tina, she’s a doll. Parineeti sings main pareshan. She asks Archana, she says Manya. Archana says no Soundarya. Soundarya says you bother everyone. They leave.

In the living room
Shalin tries to explain to Sumbul. She asks Tina who did you say this to? Nimrit says to Tina I never used the word childish. Soundarya says they exaggerate. Priyanka says only you can stoop that low. At least I say things to my face. Soundarya says don’t do me your attitude. Soundarya says to Shiv, I only said if they get married, she doesn’t let anyone talk. Priyanka says to Sajid, how dare she say such a thing about his mom and related to me? Sajid says yes mothers should be respected. His mom is like my own mom to me. Priyanka cries and says she has no manners. Sajid says don’t cry. I know you are strong.

Tina and Shalin try to explain to Sumbul. Shalin says I told her that it’s too much. Then Tina said she might like you. Tina says I asked him to talk to you one on one. And then you cleared it for me. Sumbul says I only cared about you both and didn’t like this at all. Tina says we were not friends then. She says Shalin and I were at least.

Priyanka says cheap and disgusting people. Soundarya says listen to me. Priyanka says is this what your parents have taught you? She says Ankit I am very sorry. Soundarya says I agree but it was in a different context. It was never in that context. Gautam says to Sumbul I told you to watch out for yourself. She hugs him. Ankit says no matter what your context was, dragging someone’s parents is not okay. Priyanka says we have seen what your ethics are like. She says sorry limit I took your name because I thought we had a rift but I didn’t know people could stoop so low here. Nimrit says I know. Soundaarya says you’re allowed to talk you need to listen. At least understand the context. you got personal to me that day. Ankit says you brought my mother in it. You got personal about her. Soundarya says you got personal that day. Ankit says you brought it on my mom. Priyanka says have some shame. Ankit takes Priyanka inside. Soundarya shouts. Nimrit asks Soundarya to be quiet. Priyanka cries and says I can’t believe this.

Sumbul’s dad comes on stage. She cries looking at him. He asks how are you? He says I came here to tell you that I sent you here with positivity. You’ve faced so much. But if you are this protective, I am scared for you. I sent you here to show you how the world is. You know how people use you and they fool you. It makes me sad, I can’t see my Sumbul there. He says Shalin you told me you were from our city. She felt connected with you. She always stood with you and you made her drama in the whole house. She is a kid, you should have respected her yet you spoke nad thing about her. It sent a very bad narrative out there. I thought Tina as a senior will treat her like a sister. You made stories about her and told everyone. I trust my upbringing but she’s a child. He says see Sumbul, this is how people are. They are pretending. He says Gautam and Ankit, thankk you. You both supported her. You both spoke to her, you respected her. He says Shiv.. you’re real Maratha. you said sorry to her and treated her like a sister. He says Archana, Sumbul took Shalin’s side as a friend even after he hurt you. But you spoke to her and make her understand that she should play for herself and stand for her right. I am your fan. Archana says she’s my young sister, he says I will support you in your elevtiosn. She laughs. Sumbul says love you, papa. He says all young girls are looking up to you. Be a role model, be Sumbul who has her own personality. He sings a poem for her.

Salman says we generally don’t allow anyone to come and explain and make their contestant understand anything but your daughter is too young so we allowed this. It was complicated. We thought this was correct that you speak to her. He asks Sumbul did you understand? She says papa is right. I wasn’t myself, thank you, papa. You will see me now. Salman asks why didi you become so dependent? She says when I become close to people I become dependent. Salman says no one is here for you, Shalin or Tina or no one. Only you have to be there for yourself. Shalin says can I say something? Salman says no you better not say anything. He says Salman, you have to fix it. You’re an adult now. We allowed your dad here to make you understand things. Her dad says yes, I was not seeing my Sumbul here. She was insulted and sidelined, she let her self-respect go. She says Shalin isn’t what you are. You’re a child and they used your immaturity. He leaves. He leaves.

Salman says I will come back tomorrow and have to say a lot of things. Tomorrow’s episode is gonna be hard.
Nimrit hugs Sumbul. They all console her. Priyanka says you can cry, be light and then be yourself. Shalin says what have I done? Tina says we didn’t do anything. We were concerned for her. Shalin says Tina, please. But it didn’t go out as we intended.

Salman says let’s wait for tomorrow. Good bye.

Episode ends

Precap-Shalin and Tina speak to Sumbul. Shalin says did I disrespect her? Tina says I didn’t do anything bad to you. Sumbul says both of you go away from me, please. Shalin says the world is joking, why don’t you understand? She says then let me be, please. To hell with you. Salman says to Shalin what do you think of yourself? Do you have any respect for other professionals? A doctor came to you because you were not well. You told the doctor that she isn’t qualified enough to treat you? How educated are you? Shalin says can I say something? Salman says you better not. I took off your jacket, don’t force me to take off your shirt too.

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