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Bigg Boss 16 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Day 12
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to the alarm and sings the anthem. Archana hugs Shalin.

9 AM
Archana says Bigg Boss said things will remain in the closet. Sreejita says did you bring ginger from your house? She says it was in my bag. Soundarya says that’s so stupid. Gautam says you can’t do this. She says I kept it in my bag and it’s mine. Shalin says I can’t mess with her now. Priyanka laughs and says she will bring you online.

9:30 AM
Soundarya massages Abdu’s back. He says thank you, and he hugs hr. Shiv says he’s such a drama.

10 AM
Shalin says to Soundarya here is a roller. Gautam says what.. Shalin says you’re captain go do your work. Shalin says what’s burning. Gautam leaves. Shalin runs after her. He hugs tina and says what’s up baby. Shalin says back off. He hugs Tina. Everyone laughs. Gautam says now where is the fire? Sreejita says Gautam stop having fun on two sides. Shalin kisses Soundarya and says I never keep debt. Gautam says you are so cheap. Shalin says it’s called calculation. Shalin says I don’t want Soundarya.

Archana says to Stan if you see potty in dreams you get a lot of money. Soundarya says to Gautam don’t react. He did this to provoke you. He says you let him kiss you? She says he just did it. Don’t react. Go have fun. Soundarya says you want me to go? He says yes. Soundarya leaves. Shalin says you can have fun but we can’t? Gautam says did I kiss anyone? Shalin says you hugged her. Gautam says I hugged her and I knew what she was comfortable with Shalin says who area do you decide boundaries? If she didn’t like it she would have said it. You are overreacting. Gautam says I am not. Shalin leaves.

10:30 AM
Soundarya says I am a loving person. I have fun. I have a healthy relationship with Shalin. Soundarya says I hug everyone. Gori says it’s not a problem.

11:15 AM
Gautam says this isn’t okay. Sreejita says it was friendly. She likes the attention she’s getting from Shalin.

12 PM
Tina says I would have a problem if my boyfriend kissed someone else. Shalin says then say it in a dignified way. Tina says you’re being protective of Sunday. Nimrit says to Gautam whatever you decide just stay firm. Tina says he didn’t kiss me. Shalin says was she uncomfortable? She was okay. Shalin says to Gautam she said she respects me. Sreejita says the room of 6 ate all the poha. They give fewer groceries. Gautam says this is the duty of the one who cooks.

12:15 PM
Nimrit says people from room 6 take food without asking. We always ask.

Abdu sings Chota boss. Tina says to Shalin don’t feel guilty. He says do you think it’s my fault? She says I didn’t even know you much before coming here. Don’t cross the thin line. He says I am least bothered about it. He says this is emotionally damaging me. She says wow? Me? Amazing. She leaves in anger.

Tina says to Abdu no one understands you here. Abdu says then make a plan B. She says if I care for you and you don’t care for me and say my friend is damaging you what would you do? Abdu says I would distance. Everyone is for themselves. This is a game here. You’ve to see who’s good and who’s not.

1:30 PM
Archana says I will make my own roti. Gautam says that’s not your duty. Archana says to ask Shiv to knead. Gautam says to stop provoking people. Stan says Archana is crazy. Abdu says very crazy. Soundarya says to Abdu I don’t know what Shalin wants, I know Gautam likes me, everyone wants Soundarya. Abdu says but Soundarya is mine only. They laugh.

2:45 PM
Bigg boss asks Ankit to come to the confession room. Gautam says I have kept Archana in the kitchen. Bigg Boss says to Ankit I am seeing silence for the first time. You are playing like me, just observing. He says I don’t talk much. Bigg Boss says you speak less so I think you observe more. Bigg Boss says people have dual faces here. Bigg Boss asks Sumbul? He says Sumbul is confused. Her friends are Shalin, Tina, and Gautam. She doesn’t know if she should mingle with others or not. Tina is playing with her mind. Bigg Boss asks is there a love story? He says Gautam and Soundarya and Shalin and Tina. Bigg boss asks what’s your take? He says Shalin and Tina are a game plan. Gautam has genuine feelings. Archana always tries to fight. Priyanka is open, she says what she feels but she gets into fights. Bigg Boss asks who bothers you? He says, Tina. She was blaming Sajid for speaking but not Shalin for using his hands. Speaking is allowed here. Bigg Boss says then you should speak too. He leaves.

4:30 PM
Nimrit says we can’t steal groceries. We want our ginger back. Archana says I took it earlier. I didn’t know we would change rooms. Nimrit says Gautam this isn’t allowed and fair. Should we also start taking things from other people’s rooms? Gautam says this isn’t okay Archana. If you don’t return ginger we would spill all the tea you add ginger to. This is Bigg Boss’s house. We can’t keep house things in our bags. Archana says I am only returning it for you. I am not scared of anyone. She hugs him and says for you only. He says thank you.

Nimrit gets her ginger back. Ankit says he sold his soul for this ginger. They laugh.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks Abdu to call everyone in the living room. He gathers everyone in the living room. Bigg boss says I heard you all speaking in this house. now you all will tell me who is the one contestant whose voice bothers you the most and you want that contestant to shut up. Everyone laughs. Gori says shut up Sreejita, her voice hurts me. Nimrit says the most irritating voice is Archana. Shut up Archana. Sreejita says Archana says the most irrelevant things. Shut up Archana. Archana says Soundarya irritates me, shut up Soudanrya. Priyanka says the girl who makes me laugh so much that my cheek hurt, shut up Archana. Ankit says please shut up Archana. Shiv says she doesn’t even go silent at night, shut up Archana. Abdu says all day fight ee ee ee. Shut up Archana, close your mouth. Sajid says she makes me laugh. So shut up Manya. Stan says shut up Archana. Soundarya says the rudest, hitting below the belt, and has no manners, for goddamn sake shut up Archana. Manya says Archana fights a lot. Shut up Archana. Tina says she has to speak in everything. Shut up Archan. Gautam says shut up Archana. Archana says this will become a hashtag.

Bigg boss says since everyone thinks Archana irritates them the most, I command her to shut up. She can’t speak from now. Archana says what? No. Everyone laughs. Archana says don’t do this Bigg Boss. I can never do this. Bigg Boss says shut up Archana. Everyone laughs. Abdu says I love Bigg Boss. Thank you so much. Bigg boss says to Archana come to the confession room. Archana says I am being silent for you. Not for them. I will stop being silent. He says will you give up? She says I won’t. He says okay but now we have an issue. Let’s call Shalin to solve it. Archana says I gave ginger for Gautam, he’s a nice guy otherwise I won’t care for them. Shalin comes in. Bigg Boss says Shalin your roommate lost her voice. He says thank you. Bigg boss says and you don’t have chicken? Shalin says yes I am dying without it. Bigg Boss says I am giving you a chance to earn 2 packets of chicken all for yourself. You will become Archana’s voice from now on. She will only speak to you and you will say it on her behalf. Archana laughs. Shalin says what? He says yes she will tell you, you will tell others. Shalin says I will go mental. What are you doing with me? Bigg Boss says you will get chicken next week too. Archana says to do it.. you will get the chicken. Archana says what will I get? Bigg Boss says you will know on right time. Shalin says thank you Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss asks him to wear the parrot hat. Archana laughs. Shalin says why is this happening to me? Archana laughs and makes him wear the hat. She says Shalin is my parrot now. Bigg Boss says don’t take it off. Shalin laughs. He says thank you Bigg Boss you’re amazing.

Archana comes out. Shalin says we will win this task. Don’t speak. Archana laughs and says tell them you’re my parrot. Shalin says I am her parrot, that’s what she is saying. I will speak on her behalf. Everyone laughs. Shalin says she will tell me and I will tell you all. Shiv asks what exactly happened. Shalin tells them. Sreejita laughs. Abdu laughs.

5:30 PM
Shiv says this should have been given to Ankit, He would speak at least. He says we have become a popular couple after last night. Priyanka says how was your wedding night? He says it was amazing. Nimrit and Gautam steal Archana’s ginger. Abdu says you dead, over. Shiv says will you sing the anthem twice? Sajid asks Archana will you make coffee for me? She nods. Sajid says what’s that? Love bite? Archana tells Shalin, mosquito bite. Shiv says will you make tea for Soundaarya? She remains silent.

6:15 PM
Sreejita says don’t go to her, she will speak. He says I want my chicken. Sajid says Priyanka speaks more than Archana. Archana and Abdu provoke Archana. Priyanka says Soundarya looks so nice. Your parrot is with Soundarya.

Nimrit speaks to Soundarya. Soundarya says he likes me but it is only 10% from my side and it will take time for me to learn from him. But today’s incident made me very angry. Everyone sniffs ginger in front of Archana. They try to provoke her. Archana tells Shalin, you have done all this. Nimrit says say something, Soundarya.

7:45 PM
Everyone teases Archana coming out of the washroom. Nimrit says Shiv tickles her feet. Sreejita says I will touch you with these hands, I didn’t wash them.

8 PM
Bigg Boss says things, relations change every day here. The two who were fighting at this week’s start have now become each other’s voices. Everyone laughs. Bigg Boss asks Archana how did she like Shalin’s performance? Shalin says very nicely on his behalf. Shalin says she did very well. Everyone tried to provoke her but she didn’t win. Bigg Boss says well done. There’s enough chicken for Shalin in the store because he loves it the most. And Archana loves ginger, everyone laughs. Bigg Boss says there is 1KG ginger in the store room for her. She runs to it. Bigg Boss says it’s not going anywhere. Bigg Boss says you can speak now Archana. Archana says be jealous of my ginger now. Shalin says I will only eat chicken now. Ankit says give us some for dinner. Shalin hugs Archana. He says I will hug you on TV for the first time. Gautam hugs Archana and says well done. She says I will make qeema thinking about someone. Priyanka says make chutney for me. Archana says I will add a lot of ginger.

9 PM
Shalin says to Gautam talk to me. Archana laughs around and says karma is a b*t*h. Shalin says I will eat chicken all day.

9:30 PM
Gautam says Tina and I have a very different vibe. Shalin says Soundarya and I have a very different vibe too. Gautam says I don’t kiss tina. Shalin says she kissed me first. I don’t want to lose what I have with you. Nimrit says you both are looking stupid. Shalin throws a cushion on him. Gautam says why didn’t you come to me? they all come to Gautam and say have tea? Shalin hugs Gautam.

11 PM
Abdu asks Shiv to massage his back. Soundarya says I wanna do it. Shiv says he doesn’t want to fight with Gautam. Think about him. Soundarya laughs. Abdu says you all pagal.

11:15 PM
Bigg boss says in this task you’ve to make a juice of all the bad qualities and make them drink it. Nimrit makes Priyanka drink juice of bitter words.

Day 12
2 AM
Shalin hugs Tina and Sumbul together. Sumbul says see you tomorrow morning. Abdu says good night everyone I love you.

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