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Bigg Boss 16 12th October 2022

Day 11
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Sreejita says we want coffee for our room. I distributed it. Archana says Stan you will drink coffee too. Sreejita says he was part of the task too. Priyanka says to be fair at least. Sreejita says I was fiar.

10 AM
Shalin says to Tina I made the bed. She says thanks. He says I am not that bad either. He says it’s not our age to be jealous. She says I trust you. He says I will give my 100%. Tina says I am scared of trusting. He says when he had his first accident, I learned a lot about life. Tina asks about his first relationship. He says no she was my best friend. Sumbul asks Tina and Shalin about breakfast.

10:45 AM
Shalin says to Gautam there are many changes. Shalin says there might be some changes. Gautam says don’t be shy. Shalin says about Tina.. Gautam says I’ve seen it. Shalin says I am so nervous and scared. Gautam says of what? Gautam says she cares for you.

Shiv scared Abdu with a mask. Nimrit joins them too. He says you all pagal.

11:30 AM
Soundarya says Gautam help me weight train. Tina teases them and says yes he’s coming.. Shalin says I can help you. Gautam says to Nimrit that now he’s doing it intentionally. Everyone can see it. What’s wrong with him? I look like an idiot. Soundarya says I will help you with lunch.

12:45 PM
Nimrit says Abdu said yes. Sajid says will you marry her? He’s shy.

2 PM
Gautam sits with Tina. He says someone else is wearing a mask. He says Shalin why do you always help Soundarya? Tina says why are you both after one thing? Tina says I am leaving in 2 days. Shalin says I will leave. Shalin says I only tease you. Gautam says Tina and I have exchanged rings. He sings the jealous song.

2:15 PM
Bigg Boss says to Gautam how should the food be cooked? He says there are 12 people who need chicken. We have given Shalin chicken. Bigg Boss says we have increased the quantity for him. That doesn’t mean all chicken belongs to him. Bigg Boss says you’re all taking this decision. Gautam says I thought cooking 4 times would take time. Bigg Boss says do they have another thing to do? Gautam says can I change duties? He says yes. Gautam says I will do that. Bigg Boss says one more thing. Shalin and Tina spend time, not in their bedrooms. Gautam says I will make sure people spend the night in their rooms.

2:30 PM
Abdu says I will earn 100 million dollars. Sajid says Bigg Boss will give you 1000 million dollars. Gautam says people will only be given food as per the grocery they give. If you can’t cook, I will change your duties. You can’t settle in each other’s rooms. You can sit outside to talk.

3:30 PM
Shalin says to Sajid what happened that time wasn’t right. No one can say anything to me, I am not weak a soul. Stan can abuse Shiv no one can say anything to him? Sajid says I lost my cool. Shalin says I am not a hypocrite like Stan. I am not scared of anyone. I should be respected like I am respecting you. Sajid says done smiling. Shalin says but I am telling you. Sajid hugs him.

4 PM
Everyone enjoys Abdu’s new video Chota Bhai Jaan. Everyone claps. Bigg Boss says we have the song, the Chota Bhai Jaan. Let’s do a video. Nimrit and Priyanka will be a part of it. You have to make a music video with Abdu. You can choose a direction. The director who makes better videos will win a special right.

5:15 PM
Nimrit makes videos with Sajid. Abdu comes to Nimrit. Gautam says to Soundarya, you can stretch me with. She says you never trained with me. I don’t want it now. He says listen.. Nimrit starts recording. Archana says they take all the onion.

Archana says to Gautam I made 5 things in one hour. He says to talk to Bigg Boss if you don’t wanna do your chores. She says truth burns this Gautam. Sajid says you will also speak in the video. She says I am taking my point. Gautam says there’s a difference between keeping your point and fighting.

5:30 PM
Bigg boss tells Priyanka and Nimrit that their video shoot should end now. Archana says I can stand for myself. Stan and Archana fight. Stan says she says just anything. Archana says I can smack his face. Stay within your limit, I am a girl. Stan says so you can abuse? She says I am the lioness. Gori says calm down. Archana says I am not scared of anyone.

5:45 AM
Gori says don’t talk to him, Stan. Soundarya says she has no self-respect. Archana says he threw water on me. Archana says I am real, I don’t fake. I am not lying, I swore on my mom. Stan says I won’t talk to her. Abdu says don’t talk about your mom. You need a little rest. Gautam says we have to respect all the girls. Shalin says she came my way when I was taking luggage. Gautam says I am not getting into that but Stan started shouting at her. Soundarya says let’s end this topic.

7:15 PM
Soundarya and Priyanka say we don’t believe in this girl and boy thing, we are all equal. Gautam and Shalin try to sort it out.
Abdu hugs Stan and says smiles. Nimirt says should I tell you a joke? Abdu says please smile. Stan says I am good bro. Abdu hugs him. Sajid says he’s so cute.

8:15 PM
Bigg Boss says time to see Priyanka and Nimrit’s video. They see the video, everyone is bad to Abdu. Shalin takes him out and the room lights up. He dances with all the girls. People become his fans. Girls give him flowers. Everyone dances with him. This was Priyanka’s, everyone claps. In Nimrit’s video Abdu dances with all the girls. He dances in costumes. Gautam and Shalin fight and Abdu stops them. He wears a superman cape. Everyone claps. Bigg Boss says now you all decide whose video was better.

8:30 PM
Sajid says both videos were so good. He says to Nimrit nimrit’s shots was amazing. He says Priyanka’s storytelling was amazing. Shalin asks Sumbul how do you feel? She says you look confused. Archana says to Priyanka your video was amazing. Sajid says to Abdu you wanna marry Nimrit right? Abdu says I like Priyanka’s video a little more.

8:45 PM
Abdu and Shiv say Priyanka’s video was better.

9 PM
Everyone decides. Bigg Boss asks Abdu the decision. Sajid says to raise his hands for Priyanka’s video. Tina says Nimrit? Bigg Boss says Priyanka wins. Everyone claps. Bigg boss says you can change beds for everyone. The grocery there will remain in the room.

9:15 PM
Nimrit tells Priyanka I wanna share with Soundarya. She asks everyone about their concerns. Shalin says I want to be in the room with chicken. Abdu says to Nimrit your video was good too.

9:30 PM
Ankit and Priyanka try to finalize. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka about her decision.

9:45 PM
Nimrit says Archana and Manya will be in one room. Nimrit says my equation with her is good. Stan and Archana resolve their issue. She hugs him and says you’re my brother. He says I also consider you, my sister. Archana says Gautam hasn’t been doing wrong to me. Archana says yes he is with nimrit.

10 PM
Bigg Boss asks Priyanka, she says room of too Shalin and Archana. Everyone laughs. Shalin says for one day only. She says room of 4, me, Ankit, Soundarya, and Sumbul. Room 3, Nimrit, Sreejita, and Tina. Room of 6, Gori, Stan, Shiv, Sajid, Abdu and Manya. Sajid says thank you very much. they laugh. Shiv says you will both know each other.

10:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks Priyanka’s thoughts about her decisions. She says room of 2, our room had less grocery. I wanted Archana to have a room with more groceries and Shalin needs chicken. She says because of room 4 we had many issues. I wanted Ankit and me to be there. Soundarya is vegan and her food is there. Sumbul and Soundarya might undnersstand I am not as bad. He says the room of 3 has the least groceries. She says Sreejita made the mistake so she should be in that room. Bigg Boss says they might learn from your decision.

10:45 PM
Abdu plays with Stan. He says bro Shalin you end. He laughs. He says you are dead. Shalin says I am, and he laughs.

11 PM
Tina says to Shalin are you scared? You will make a lot of content with Archana. He says I am scared. She imitates him. He says I love you. Tina laughs. He says imitate now. Gautam says say it. He says I need to make sure girls are safe here. Tina says I don’t feel safe. They laugh. Archana and Shalin hug. He says good luck. Archana says I will make you my brother. Sondarya says to Gautam I am a doctor, my dad is watching, I can’t tolerate this girl. And now Shalin is so nice to her.

Sreejita asks Archana you’ve done so much mouthwash. She says I am sleeping with Shalin. Everyone laughs.

11:15 PM
Stan says I hugged Soundarya. It can create problems. Nimrit laughs. Priyanka says to Manya that Soundarya is playing well with Shalin and Gautam both.

11:30 PM
Archana comes to her room and scares Shalin into becoming a witch. Shalin says what are you doing Archana. Are you crazy? She laughs. Everyone laughs outside. Tina comes in. They all laugh. Tina says good night. She says bye.. Archana says he got so scared. They laugh. Archana says I can walk on the walls.


Bigg Boss 16 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ankit says people have dual faces. People act for cameras. Shalin and Tina are fake. Shalin says Tina. I love you. She laughs. Ankit says it’s all for the game. Bigg Boss asks who is the one contestant whose voice annoys you the most, and ask them to shit. Everyone says shut up Archana. Abdu says close your mouth. Bigg Boss says Archana will be silent till my next order. Archana says I can never do that. Bigg Boss says shut up Archana. Everyone laughs. Bigg Boss says Shalin will be Archana’s voice, he will only talk to her. SHe can’t speak to anyone else. Shalin laughs.

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