Bigg Boss 16 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 16 11th October 2022

Day 9
10:15 PM
Sumbul talks to Shiv. She says to Stan sorry for the misunderstanding. He says we are friends. Archana says to Gautam my respect has increased so you, you were fair. The audience must be loving you. Shalin says to the doctor you’re not qualified to treat me. Have you studied medicine? You are not qualified to handle me. He comes out.

11 PM
Archana says to Sumbul you are here to play your part. You will do it on your own. Make your papa proud. You’re not here to make friends.

12:15 PM
Soundarya says to think about yourself. Don’t be overconfident Archana. Archana says so he can hit people? And stop speaking English. Soundarya says we can speak whatever you want. Archana says you’re all scared of me. Abdu says this is getting irritating. Soundarya says karma is a b*t*h. Archana says she called me a b*t*h. Soundarya says I called Karma b*t*h. Archana says I will smash your face. Soundarya says she has no class. Archana says what’s your class? Have you seen your face? Gautam calms down Archana. She says I will slap her. Soundarya says see your class. Archana says she’s calling me ill-literate. No one even talks to her in the entire Mumbai. Manya asks Archana to stop.

12:30 AM
Gautam says about duties, Sumbul will cook breakfast. And after that Priyanka will make breakfast. Then dinner Soundarya and Tina. Shiv, washroom, twice a day. shiv says it’s once a day. He says just clean it if dirty. He says Shalin’s bedding and living room. Shalin says no. Abdu says I can clean the washroom. Gautam says you clean the dining table.

1 AM
Gautam says she was saying I will hit you. Soundarya says she doesn’t know how to speak. She brought my family in between, she threatened to hit me. I wanna talk to Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss asks Souundarya to speak in Hindi. Tina says who talks like that, you need to talk to her. Soundarya says I am from a dignified family. Nimrit says you don’t need to justify. Soundarya says she doesn’t even know what family I am from, or what my profile is. I never even ask her anything. I have killed my ego, how can my parents take it? She cries.

Nimrit says let’s not forget what happened. We can be the next. Sreejita says they have been trying to break the group. Gautam says to Soundarya that Shalin and Tina created these problems in our group. I know I don’t like such jokes. Soudnarya says I am not your girlfired. Shalin knew it was bothering you.

Day 10
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the Bigg Boss anthem. Priyanka plays an action sequence with Abdu. Sajid says gas attack. Abdu runs.

9 AM
Nimrit says Abdu you’re flirting with all the girls. How will I marry you this way? We will go to Kazakhistan after Bigg Boss. He laughs and says no thank you. Sajid says he wants three wives. He won’t tell anyone. Ankit says they’re all finding out. Abdu is shy. Sajid says Abdu Nimrit has a boyfriend, he is watching you right now. He has knives. NKimrit says no I am single.

12 PM
Tina says to Soundarya that Gautam gets shy when he sees you. Ankit says they all were saying this is wrong. then after Bigg Boss let it go. Now they are all on his side. Sajid says they don’t belong to anyone.

2 PM
Soundarya says Shalin cracked a joke on me. He said I only liked one brand since childhood, it’s Calvin. I want to wear Calvin. He is doing all this to bother you. I didn’t give hint to flirt with me. She says don’t be provoked. Gautam says I want you to tell him to stay within his limit. I don’t know his intention. I am not a child.

4 PM
Gori says to add more vegetables. Sreejita says everyone is hungry. We all have to eat. It’s not only you. We can’t keep giving everyone like this. Gori says I have a routine. sreejita says we all have routines. Archana says I won’t fight anyone anymore.

Sreejita says to Gori clean your hands somewhere else. We have to cook here. Gori says I am washing my hands, my your own language. Stan says don’t tell people what to do. Gautam says stay out of it. She can speak for herself. Sumbul and Gori fight. Gori says don’t shout at me. Sreejita says you’re brought up shows here. We can’t even talk to people like you. Shows your schooling. Gori says we are all here in front of you. Do what you want. Sreejita says they have no manners. It shows how they were brought up. Tina says her language is so bad. Gori says yeah as if you have a lot of standards. Sreejita says talk to my hand. Nimrit says what was that bump sign? Speak what you want. Sreejita says that’s such bad language. We are cooking here. We are not idiots, you wanna wash first. Gautam says it’s not about group Stan. Stan says you are all ganging up on her. Nimrit says I don’t wanna eat. It’s served to everyone. Gori says you were disrespectful to me. Nimrit says Sumbul and Sreejita were cooking. stan says I will stand for my friend. What class and standard was she talking about? Just because she’s from a village and you’re all from cities? This isn’t right. Priyanka says just because you know English doesn’t mean you’re better than other people.

4:30 PM
Stan says to Gautam this isn’t right. They always mock her for being the village. Language is to communicate only. Gori says she first asked me to leave by making a shoving sign. Gori says speaking English isn’t even allowed here. Gori says she asked me to talk to her hand. Sreejita comes and says I was right. Gautam says don’t get personal about classes. Sreejita says it was a reaction to her gesture. She made a bum gesture at me.

4:45 PM
Gori says they have no manners. Bigg Boss has asked not to speak English. Sumbul had nothing to do with do. Nimrit says to Sreejita they will catch anything that comes out of our mouth. Sumbul is angry. Tina tries to calm her down. Archana says they are here to become celebrities with just English.

Shalin says to Sumbul they will provoke us. Gori says did they graduate in their mother’s wombs? Shalin asks Sumbul are you okay? She says yes I am fine. Shalin says we all won’t react to anything. They are silencers. We are diamonds. Gautam says no one will get food till the whole food is ready. Shiv says no one is here because of their class or money. Archana says our stan is 4 crores.

5 PM
Tina says we all have medical issues. Sreejita says for us people will start questioning medically. Soundarya says Stan is being so edgy to Gautam. Sumbul cries. Shalin hugs her. Priyanka says to Gori your gesture provoked her.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss says to Gautam, we have all kinds of people in this house. From all classes, languages, and areas. We welcome people from all backgrounds here. Gautam says you’re right. He says the way some things were said in a fight earlier was so discriminatory. According to you, who is to blame? And who should be punished? He says Tina, Sreejita, Stan and Gori. Bigg Boss announces their names and that they’re nominated. Tina says Gautam you saw me, not Tina? Sumbul says Gautam gave these names. Gautam says Bigg Boss asked for 4 names. Archana says Sumbul was also there.

Shiv tells Abdu, Tina, Shalin, MC, Gauri, and Sreejita are nominated. Gori says we were fighting for our rights. Archana says you’re my friend. But I am here for myself. tina says to Gautam I didn’t even mention class or village. I was stopping Sreejita from saying such things. Gautam says I’ve nothing against you. Nimrit says to Sajid Stan thinks he’s self-made so we are against him? Sajid says there is an actors group and no actors group. They are both against each other. Gautam is being fair.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss calls Abdu and Sajid and the medical room. the doctor checks Abdu. He has back pain. Abdu cleans the dining table. Sreejita says my little jaan cleaning such a big table.

7 PM
Bigg Boss says Tina, MC Stan, Gori, and Sreejita you’re all nominated by Gautam for classist remarks. The grocery is in the store room. The task is as per last week. You will have to distribute it.

Tina, Sreejita, Stan, and Gori decide how to distribute the food. Gautam says to Tina I had to take a name. She says it’s fine. Gautam says to bring chicken. Nimrit says can we get coffee? Gori says let us decide. Sajid says this is not good. Tina says Shalin needs his protien. Sreejita says we will discuss Chicken in the end because it will take all the time.

7:45 PM
Nimrit says Shalin was nominated. Shalin says I don’t know why if he found it not wrong. Tina and Stan distribute the flour. Sreejita divides. Sreejita says we are keeping coffee. Tina says Sajid drinks coffee. Gori says Shalin takes tea. He can take either of them. Sreejita says Ankit and Priyanka drink it.

8:30 PM
Archana says Abdu choose me. Nimrit says no choose me. Abdu says fight now. She says to Soundarya that Gautam is playing with all of us. Shalin says I was only having fun with him. I told him I am not even interested in anything.

9:45 PM
Archana makes her tea. Gautam says Archana they’re making food. She says I will make my tea. I will see who can stop me. Tina says then we will cook later. Let her do what she wants. Tina says I can’t deal with it. Gori says they are just cutting. Archana says they haven’t even started. Gautam says don’t shout and get personal. Don’t talk to me like that. Sumbul takes Gautam with him. He says what is wrong with her. Priyanka says I am so hungry. Archana says anyone can cook. She’s cutting the food, not cooking. Soundarya says I won’t cook until she’s there. Tina says to tell her to let us know when she’s done. Gori says why can’t we make our tea? Gautam says I being respectful, stay out ot. Gori says will you abuse me? Gautam says see her stan now. Stan asks Gori to calm donw. Tina says they talk in such a bad way. Sumbul says to Archana keep making tea. We won’t cook. Priyanka says should we die hungry? When there is space do the cutting at least. 15 people will stay hungry?

10 PM
Archana says tea is ready. She gives tea to Gautam. He gets angry. Archana says I made such good tea. Shalin says you didn’t nominate her, now tolerate her. Archana laughs with Shiv. She says I am enough for all of them.

Priyanka fights for flour. Gautam says Gori has taken it. Priyanka says we want our share. This isn’t fair. Sreejita says we tried to stay fair. Nimrit shows her flour. Gori says I didn’t keep it here. Nimrit says to Gori don’t try to cover up. Just say that you got extra for your room. They can do whatever they want.

11 PM
Tina says to Abdu I am sad. He says no I am fine.

Soundarya says to Stan I thought you would come to me once at least. He says you’re with Gautam. She says we are not dating and I was your friend. He says I am with you bro. Abdu says romantic date? Soundarya says no I like you only. Abdu hugs her. He laughs. Soundarya says acct like Gautam. He mimics him. They laugh. Abdu says Stan likes Soundarya. Gori laughs.

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