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Bigg Boss 16 10th October 2022

Day 9
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to the alarm and gets in the garden to sing Bigg Boss anthem.

9:15 AM
Archana says to Gori I told you Upma wasn’t enough and you threw it in the bin. Gori says no one would eat it. Archana says you should have told someone. Archana says see how much is it. Sumbul says it’s just two spots. Sreejita says it’s not enough. Archana says it was less anyone. Gori says it was spicy.

9:30 aM
Sreejita says we have all achieved something. We are here because of our achievements. This is an acting or beauty contest. Seeing people like this that no one would pick you up from the queue. Manya says I didn’t say that. Abdu says you threw your glasses. Archana shouts outside. She shouts like this, my head hurts.

10:15 AM
Sajid says to Abdu there’s one way we can kill Shalin, tell him you’re a bad actor he will die of frustration. Abdu says, are you? Sajid says I can’t tolerate this man anymore. He fights with me. I will fart on him. Abdu laughs and runs.

11 AM
Abdu says I am hungry. Archana says what you wanna eat? He says biryani. But not spicy.

12 PM
Tina says to Shalin to tell her love. He says I can never say love you to people. I can only say love you too. Tina says have you never dated? Sumbul sings outside. Tina says Ankit and Priyanka are a couple. Gautam likes Soundarya. Shalin says I don’t think it can work. She says you also like Soundarya, right? Sumbul loves you. He says you also like me. she says a little more than friends. Gautam says to Soundarya that people who don’t get things value them. A person like me complimented. Soundarya says you’re so full of yourself.

1:15 PM
Abdu makes sounds near Soundarya and Priyanka. They laugh.
Shalin says to Archana I need chicken. I have a medical condition. She says you eat a lot. What will other people eat? Eat chicken once. He says are you a doctor? She says bring that doctor. It’s not a problem if you get enough chicken or not. He says it was all allotted to me. Archana says who allotted? He says Sajid, it was his task. She says who is Sajid to assign. Bigg Boss said it’s for everyone. She says I will cook for everyone. Go from here. Archana says I will cook for everyone. Do what you want. He picks up the chicken packet. Archana says give it to me. He says I don’t even know how will I get the chicken next. Nimrit says everyone will get one piece. Archana says this isn’t fair. Bigg boss never said a medical certificate is there. There is no such medicine. He’s fooling us. Gori says he’s so rude. Priyanka says she’s right. Sreejita says you’re all taking his side. What you his servants? She says he wants to eat half KG chicken. Might not get anything in the house. He has a bull-like body. He’s our lord as if. Manya says calm down.

Priyanka says we all have diets but we are digesting. she can’t get a special grocery for him. Archana says is this a five-star hotel? People like him won’t get any movie or serial. Is this a five-star hotel? Does he eat so much in his house? Archana says stop barking like dogs. Nimrit says don’t call us that. Priyanka says he’s acting like he runs the house. Shalin says you do what you want. You’re so ill-mannered. He says I drive a big car than you. She says people like you run after small roles, and I get paid for my name.

2:45 PM
Shalin lays in bed. He says I am so lucky first got a kiss and now sleeping next to her. Gautam says to stay within your limit. Shalin keeps a pillow in between and says this is the wall of manners. Gautam says it doesn’t suit you.

3 PM
Shekhar comes back. HE says time to call my first guest. It’s Priyanka who meets him. He says you have to be honest. He asks Gautam is settled with Nimrit. Who did he go to before her? She says Tina, Manya and now Soundarya. He teases Archana. He says who is left? She says to me. Shekhar says he’s Abdu in a different form. He asks is his plan is to be close to the captain. Priyanka says he is sweet but knows how to get his things done. Shekhar says they all look sweet. Look at Archana, so docile. They laugh. Shekhar says you are doing so well Archana. Do you listen to your voice? They laugh. She says I Archana Chutney pissaao. They laugh. Shekhar says they gave you the title of Jaga Mata. She says Gautam gave me that title, thanks to him. I took a stand for someone. He wasn’t part of that fight either.

He forgot it wasn’t even his fight. Nimrit says it was regarding Manya. She’s an adult. She tried to add fuel to the fire. Priyanka says then why were you all ganging on her when she put her hand in the sink? Nimrit says it was my second day as captain. We were still setting rules if cleaning the sink was part of dishes or cleaning. Priyanka says didn’t you have a brain and humanity beofre? Nimrit says don’t get personal. I am not judging your mind and soul. Manya says I can take a stand for my soul. Nimrit says so you don’t have to be her mom.

Shekhar asks Ankit what’s with you and Priyanka? She says he’s mine and I won’t let him go to anyone. Shekhar says some relationships are of heart only. He asks Priyanka about Shalin. Priyanka says he thinks he is a leader and people should listen to him only. We don’t know what’s in his gourp. I can’t call him a friend. Shalin says I will welcome you when you leave Ankit and have tea with me. she says we have different leadership values. We will have a lot of clashes bro. He says we are all leaders. No one is anyone’s dog. She says no one is ill-literate. He says I said it after lunch. They made fun of my medical condition. Archana says your problem is not mine. I won’t go buy groceries. Shalin says can I go to the washroom? He goes. Shekhar asks Ankit when will Ankit speak. He asks Ankit to come over. Shekhar says you’re so calm and quiet. It’s a good quality. He says it all looks very small and petty to me. Shekhar says then you shouldn’t have come here. Ankit says I am trying to open up. I am trying to listen to people first. I don’t wanna repeat the same things. Shekhar says you both have an allegation that you eat the food of 5 people. Priyanka says we ate from the trash yesterday. Shekhar says Ankit your personality for Priyanka is a disadvantage? He says she’s an individual and so am I. People think I don’t speak so I don’t understand things. But I do, I will speak my mind. Shekhar asks who is nice to you other than Priyanka? He says sreejita. Ankit asks Tina? He says I have not interacted with her much. Shekhar wishes them luck.

4:30 PM
Archana says I can’t again and again. I asked Soundary and then she wanted tofu. So you better not bicker. Soundarya says mind your language. I have cooked a lot too. don’t talk to me like that. Everyone loved the food I made. I am not gonna shout like you, you call everyone crazy.

Archana says to Nimrit I went to the room and asked Soundarya what will she eat? she said yesterday’s food. Nimrit says she can’t eat curry it has yogurt. Archana says asks her to swear on her mom. Soundarya says you’re a crass woman. Don’t bring my parents to it. Do you even know what vegan is? Archana says she’s crazy. Soundaarya says, blo*dy idiot. Shiv says don’t use that language. Tina says she said today in the room. Archana abuses them nd says them are such liars. Soundarya says I don’t care about her anymore. she leaves in anger. Archana says they’re jealous of me.

5:30 PM
Shalin says to Sumbul, I want tot to say something to you. You’re not a kid. She says I know. He says I balance it out. She leaves in anger. Tina says to talk to her openly and ask her if she has feelings for you. He says what if she says yes? Tina says then upfront says no. What’s the probklem? he says are you serious? She says she will cry for once and then accept it. Tell her the truth. She cries every day. Sumbul cries in her room.

Gautam says to Sumbul you’re very strong. You don’t need anyone’s support. She says I just got it. He says just be you. Sumbul hugs him. Sumbul says to Shalin you don’t care right? It’s not what you think. He says what is it? She says you made fun of me while walking. I am young but strong too and that’s what people like about me. He says I am sorry if it hurt you. She says I do things that I like. If you don’t care what I want, what I feel then why does it matter? He says what do you want? She says nothing, I am fine alone. I know when I tell you something it will go out. He says can we eat? She says yes there’s no point of speaking. She leaves.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss rings the alarm. He says looks like you’re all sleeping. Nimrit can’t even get the rules followed. The chocolates were for Nimrit but she distributed them like it was her birthday. Let’s see the condition of the house. Was it this bad when you came here? Nimrit? Nimrit says no Bigg Boss. He says Nimrit is fired, she’s no more the captain. I will ring a buzzer now. Two people who ring the dong right away will fight for the captaincy. You know the task. You can only use things that are yours, not mine. You can fill it with each other’s or your own things. Nimrit can’t compete but will take part in the task.

Buzzer rings, Gautam and Shiv ring the dong. Shiv and Priyanka try to find heavy things.

6:30 PM
The task starts. Shalin and Sumbul are in the kitchen. Tina picks her things. She says what is all this nonsense. Gautam stands outside. Bigg Boss asks Gautam to wear his mic. Everyone brings their things to the garden. Shalin brings a bag. Archana says this is Bigg BOss’s property. Nimrit says one item at a time. Shalin throws all his things in Shiv’s tub. Nimrit says one thing at a time only. Priyanka says we can put other things too. Who are you to make rules on your own? Nimrit says who brought my things? Touch your own things. Priyanka says Bigg boss said you can add anyone’s things. Nimrit shouts who brought my things? Priyanka says Bigg BOss said anyone’s things. Who are you? Are you crazy? Nimrit says one thing at a time. Soundarya and Shiv add things. Archana brings her mixer. Shalin keeps adding his protein shakes to the tub. Manya says he’s cheating. Nimrit says things are falling. Soundarya says don’t throw things. Gautam says they’re shaking me.

Nimrit says to Shalin why don’t you understand one thing at a time? He says whose side are you on? Nimrit says don’t you know he’s my best friend? Don’t question my integrity. Sreejita says let us play. Enough. Shalin keeps adding things to Shiv’s tub. Archana says Gautam I like you but I want to go against Shalin. He is your friend.

7 PM
Priyanka says be strong Shiv. Archana fights with Shiv. She says you shoved me. How dare you? Shalin says she was trying to stop me. I only moved her. Priyanka and Gori say you shoved him. We saw you ourselves. Sajid says Shalin you shoved her. you forget things in anger. Archana says if Bigg Boss sees it, he will take action himself. Shiv’s things are falling. Nimrit says he’s making them fall himself. Nimrit says I saw SHiv myself. He was using his hand and throwing things himself. Nimrit says I saw it myself. He did it. Bigg Boss says is the task over Nimrit? Nimrit says eys, Shiv threw things himself. Bigg Boss says Nimrit has been disqualified, and Gautam is the new captain. I hope you have learned lessons from Nimrit. Shiv fights with Nimrit. He says you’re so unfair.

Sajid says Bigg Boss calls me to the confession room. This isn’t fair. Shiv says I was moving, and so was Gautam. This is so unfair. The captain was their and they have a group. This si cheating. Nimrit says I am not the captian. Archana says then who are you to decide? Nimrit says I was the umpire of this task only. Archana says then take a stand. He has hit me. Nimrit says I am not the captain. Talk to Bigg boss yourself.

7:45 PM
Sumbul says he did use the wrong word. I heard it myself. Archana says Shalin broke a rule. Sajid throws his mic and says I won’t’ stay in this house. Archana says so won’t’ I. Abdu ties to stop him.

8 PM
Shalin says sorry to shiv. Shiv says if I slap you and say sorry would you like it? You have hit Archana too. You didn’t even go to her? Shalin says to Archana your task wasn’t with me. Shiv says we were not shouting. Stop shouting. Shalin says I didn’t hit you intentionally. I had a suitcase in my hands and you came my way. My hands weren’t free either. Shalin says to Sajid I am ready to say sorry but hitting her wasn’t my itention. Sajid throws his mic. Shalin says what’s the problem? Ankit tries to calm down Sajid. Gautam says I spoke to Bigg Boss. If this happened, there will be a punishment. Ankit says Bigg Boss we want a meeting.

9 PM
Bigg Boss congratulates Gautam. He says your captaincy has started with a bang. I am giving you time as a captain to decide what happened. Decide if Shalin broke that rule. Talk to people. Shalin says I have a problem with my security. I was threatened by Sajid. Shalin throws the mic. Bigg Boss says to Gautam another role is broken, and wearing a mic is a rule. Sajid says we all saw his aggression just now. 5 people saw it. Tina asks Shalin to calm down. She says wearing the mic, it’s worth it. Sajid says bought his suitcase in aggression. Shalin says Sajid said he will hit me. Bigg Boss tells Gautam Shalin is smoking and not wearing a mask in the garden. Gautam asks Shalin to wear the mic. Priyanka says he can’t break rules like this. Then all of us would do it. Shalin says Sajid threatened me. That man has anger issues.

Tina asks Shalin to wear the mask. Sajid says he got so angry and even now. Tina says to wear the mic. Gautam says 5 people saw it. If they saw it and don’t feel safe around him then that’s wrong. Physical aggression isn’t acceptable. They have no right to be in this house. Sajid says this is a very fair thing you said. Stan says I only told him to check the footage.

Shalin cries. He says I am troubled. Sumbul and Tina try to calm him down. Gautam calms Sajid down.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks about Gautam’s final decision. Gautam says he’s at fault. Bigg Boss says Gautam spoke to everyone and has decided that Shalin has broken the rule. I saw the footage and realized it wasn’t intentional. It happened in heat of the task. But I give Shalin a punishment that he will never be a captain and he will be nominated for 2 weeks straight. Sajid says this isn’t fair. We don’t feel safe with a person who gets physically violent. If anyone gets violent I will also get violent and that’s not fair. Archana says if I slap people too, would that be okay? Sreejita says it was a task. Shiv says we are here to play not hit people. Sreejita says calm down. Shiv says if you take his side no one will take your side when this happens to you just because he is in your group. Sreejita says I have no group with him.

Sumbul says to Gautam you saw what he did but not what Sajid did? He was threatening Shalin. I am not taking Shalin’s side. But did you see him once? He’s lying inside scared.

9:15 PM
Sajid is in a confession room. Sajid says Shalin gets angry. Bigg Boss says it wasn’t his intnetion. We would take this decision if he was intentioanl. Sajid says sorry I also got angry and emotional. Sajid comes out and says I will talk to him one by one. Sajid comes to Shalin. Shalin doesn’t talk to him. Sajid says listen to me brother. Tina says he doesn’t want to talk right now. He’s not well. Ankit says he is not even sorry. Sajid says he doesn’t want to talk. Sreejita says he has attitude problem, he’s not grounded.

Sajid comes to SHalin. Shalin says I don’t want to talk to you. Please stay at a distance. Tina says we will talk later. Sajid says I came to say.. Shalin says please I don’t feel well. Sajid leaves.

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