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Bigg Boss 15 9th November 2021

Day 38
5:15 PM
Rajiv jokes that I like people with natural bodies. Pratik says you sent out your personal biscuit boy (Ishaan) from here. Rajiv says don’t go below the belt, what do you mean by personal biscuit boy? I didn’t take him out. The audience took him out. Pratik says you plotted to get him eliminated. Rajiv says you want me to open my mouth? Rajiv says Ishaan is not here so don’t talk about him, I live here with respect so don’t disrespect me. You are not a big star as you think so. Jay and Nishant cheer Rajiv up. All start laughing.

6 PM
Tejasswi sits under the tree and says we are hungry, please send some food. Send some ration so we can cook something. Please just send something, even tea would work.

6:15 PM
Tejasswi, Nishant and Shamita are in the confession room. Bigg Boss says you learn a lot of things in the house. We have seen you three cooking the most in the house so we want to know the names of two inmates who have no idea of cooking here or in the outside world? Nishant says it’s Jay. Tejasswi says Vishal also. Tejasswi says Jay and Vishal have never made anything in the kitchen. They have not even made tea here. They agree on Jay and Vishal’s names.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we called Shamita, Tejasswi and Nishant. We asked them who doesn’t cook in the house or can’t cook at all in life. They took Vishal and Jay’s names. Bigg Boss says Vishal and Jay will cook for someone special. He asks Karan to read the instructions. Karan reads Vishal and Jay will play a task. The challenges are usually between good cooks but today hopeless chefs will cook food. In the challenge, Jay and Vishal will use easy-to-cook items to make food. There are two cooking stations where they will make food for a date night between Shamita-Raqesh.

8:45 PM
Jay and Vishal are trying to cook. Vishal says I have never cooked in life. He says I have done all kinds of works but never cooked food. Karan smells his food and says I want it. Karan asks Jay to hide some items so they can eat later on. Jay says I won’t risk it.

Shamita tells Neha that I am feeling guilty about getting a date night after breaking rules. Neha says don’t think too much. Raqesh gets ready for the date. Tejasswi says you look nice. She goes to help Jay and laughs at his cooking. She says Jay always taunts my food and now look at him. The buzzer plays and they have to stop cooking.

9:30 PM
Tejasswi brings Raqesh to Shamita and says he is shy but he wants to ask something. Raqesh asks Shamita will you.. Shamita says go on a date with you Sure. Nishant helps Jay in dressing up his plate.

Jay brings food to the table set for Shamita-Raqesh’s date. All inmates are excited to see the room decorated. Vishal says I am happy to cook for my sister.

9:45 PM
Jay tells Shamita that I hope you can eat our food. Raqesh-Shamita enter the date room. Raqesh says it’s so beautiful. Raqesh pulls the chair for her. She sits down and says they wrote our names with ketchup, so sweet. Jay tells Tejasswi that my wife would be cursing me, I never cooked for her. Shamita tells Raqesh that it’s our second date officially. Shamita tries the food and says it’s not bad. Raqesh says it’s good.
Tejasswi tells Karan that I like Shamita-Raqesh’s bond. Karan says we didn’t get that much time as them. Tejasswi says I am lame. Karan laughs. Nishant tells Karan that what about us? Karan says we are not getting that pretty treatment because we are lousy people. We are not as classy as them.
Raqesh asks Shamita why are you acting shy? Shamita says I never get shy. Raqesh says you look nice. Shamita says thank you. Shamita tells Raqesh that cameras are on us so what can we talk about?
Nishant asks Karan if I can take cleaning cloth from the task items? Karan laughs. Nishant acts like Raqesh and Jay acts like Shamita. Nishant says I am confessing my love, hashtag #ShaRa. He asks if he can marry? Jay laughs.

In the date room, ishq wala love plays. Shamita laughs and says what is this. Raqesh hugs her and slow dances with her. Shamita lovingly smiles at him. They kiss each other on the cheek. In the house. Nishant dances with Jay. Umar dances with Afsana.

10:45 PM
Tejasswi says we won’t cook breakfast tomorrow. Umar says we can use gluten-free food also. Pratik says we don’t have enough flour. Umar says we have 5kg flour which we can use for 2-3 days. We can use gluten-free butter. Pratik says but she has a medical problem. Umar says but we have all done the mistake. Vishal says we can eat less but eat 3 times. Pratik says eat with the full plate so you won’t have to eat 3 times. Umar says the body doesn’t work that way. Nishant says we don’t have enough food. Tejasswi says we will cook around 12 PM and 8 PM. Shamita says we are all together in this, I would feel bad that I have food and you people don’t have. I would give up my bread. Nishant says let’s not mix Shamita’s food with our daily food. We can adjust in our ration but use Shamita’s food when we are hungry.

11:00 PM
Umar tells Tejasswi that your idea of cooking two times a day is wrong. You should have asked me as a captain. Tejasswi says it was a proposal. Umar says to Pratik that it’s about my position. Pratik says we will use Shamita’s food items also. Umar says you are making me look bad as I had to ask Shamita for her food while you all were silent. Pratik says it’s not like that.
Simba tells Vishal that Pratik talks too much. Vishal says the way Pratik presents himself is wrong.

11:30 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that Umar was asking for your butter and whatnot. Shamita says Umar has a problem with my gluten-free food.

1:15 AM
Umar gives tea to Tejasswi and says I used your almond milk. Karan asks Tejasswi to hide her almond milk box. Tejasswi says they get so much gluten-free food. When I took Neha’s food items, she asked me to thank her but I didn’t because they have so much food. Umar says they don’t even eat those food items. Umar says Shamita has 13-14 butter packets. Tejasswi says they have oats, brown rice and whatnot. They have so much food with them. Karan says tomorrow will be nominations. Umar says they all become one group in these tasks. Tejasswi says Jay seems to like sucking up to them. Umar says Jay never talked to Pratik but now he is acting like best friends. Jay wouldn’t like his face before but look at him now.

Day 39
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Munda. They all dance. Shamita hugs Raqesh. Neha hugs Afsana. She dances with Nishant.

8:30 AM
Rajiv asks Pratik if they are making breakfast? Pratik says we are just making oats, we took it from Shamita. Umar says we act like we are in prison. Vishal says we are eating rich people’s food now. Rajiv tries it and says I can’t eat it.

9:45 AM
Rajiv tells Raqesh that I don’t like talking behind people’s backs. They have to fight over small things and they fight over food every day. I don’t like it. They did a mistake by putting Pratik in the kitchen. He talks too much.

10:30 AM
Vishal tells Umar that we can get Simba on our side. Umar says he can’t play this week so both sides are equal. Vishal says you would be a referee so don’t play a fair game, this game is not about playing fairly. Vishal says Jay will be a selfish captain, he just cares about his benefit. He is trying to shout at everybody just to be seen. He is screaming at me to get some footage.

11:15 AM
Tejasswi asks Karan how would be the outside world after we go from here? Karan says it would be solid. Tejasswi asks if you think I have a wall around me? Karan says not for me, I am breaking your walls. She asks if he has walls around him? Karan says I have a concrete wall but not with you. Tejasswi says why? Karan says if I trust somebody then there is no wall. Tejasswi says if you are with somebody for some time then you need half of that time to get over them. Karan says I don’t believe in all that. He says I like who I am today, I don’t like to be vulnerable but I didn’t like the way you scolded me. I never blast but I keep things inside me which make me push people away. People keep scolding me and I listen to them silently. Tejasswi says I won’t let anyone near you now, I am very different in a relationship, you won’t even recognize me. Karan laughs. Tejasswi pulls on his cheeks, he laughs.

12 PM
Rajiv asks Pratik to calm down. Pratik jokes about his language. Nishant tells Rajiv to not make a lot of food. Pratik keeps joking with Rajiv. Rajiv asks Pratik to stop irritating him. Pratik asks him to not be angry. Rajiv says don’t insult my accent.

12:30 PM
Jay asks Shamita if Raqesh was romantic with you? He says I would be so romantic. He asks Raqesh to help Shamita in making her wear the necklace. Shamita says I don’t need help. Jay tells Shamita that she looks beautiful. Raqesh laughs at him.

12:45 PM
Rajiv is cooking and making rotis. Afsana says potatoes are not cooked properly. Nishant says if you can’t cook then don’t taunt, you can cook if you have a problem. Rajiv says I need more flour, Pratik says I can’t give more. Rajiv says I need one spoon of flour. Pratik says I can’t give it. Rajiv says I am not cooking, you people have gone mad. Nishant says I am using less ration also. Rajiv says I am just asking for one spoon of flour. Nishant says you are not able to cook so calm down. Rajiv says Pratik doesn’t say anything to you because he is your friend. Nishant says Pratik gave you ration as much as you wanted. You are getting irritated so don’t cook. Pratik tells Rajiv that I was joking with you. Rajiv says I was asking for one spoon of flour only. Nishant says I used ration wisely unlike you. Rajiv shouts at him. Nishant says don’t shout, get lost otherwise I will hit you. Shamita asks them to shut up. Nishant says he is shouting at me. Rajiv says you are shouting at me. Pratik asks them to calm down. Shamita tells Rajiv to go away from there. Nishant shouts to get lost, he leaves from there. Shamita says Rajiv won’t cook from now on, she asks Rajiv to shut up. She asks him to get lost. Rajiv says why? I am talking. Pratik asks Shamita to calm down. Shamita says we cook here, we don’t need these energies here. She asks Rajiv to leave from there. Vishal takes Rajiv from there. Shamita says he doesn’t shut up at all.

1 PM
Rajiv tells Umar and Vishal that they keep taunting me, I can’t cook like that. Pratik doesn’t get out of the kitchen at all, he is always irritating me. Umar says I saw him, he is irritating everybody.

Neha tells Shamita that when Nishant is cooking then ask Rajiv to not cook. Shamita says Rajiv doesn’t have an idea of rationing so he shouldn’t cook. Shamita calls Umar and says Nishant-Rajiv fight a lot, I don’t want to eat food like this. Take one of them out of this duty. Umar says I agree.
Umar comes to Rajiv and says we don’t want fights when it comes to cooking. I will ask Tejasswi to help with cooking. Rajiv says take Pratik out of this duty. Umar asks Tejasswi if she will take Pratik’s duty in the kitchen? She says sure, I don’t have an issue.
Pratik tells Rajiv that I was joking with you. Rajiv says I am not talking to you. Pratik puts his hand on his knee. Rajiv says don’t touch me, I don’t want to talk to you. Pratik says fine, don’t talk to me now and leaves.

1:30 PM
Umar tells the inmates that I will change the kitchen team now. Umar says Rajiv, Nishant and Tejasswi will do kitchen duty from now on. Pratik says why won’t I do it? You have a problem with me only.
Karan tells Umar to not act like this, it looks like you have an issue with Pratik. Umar says Nishant and Rajiv are helping others but Pratik is irritating others. Nishant says it’s a management issue. Pratik says I am handling ration also. I am not the problem. Umar says fights are happening because of you in the kitchen. Tejasswi says Nishant, Simba and I can take up the kitchen duty. Umar asks Rajiv if he doesn’t want to work in the kitchen? Rajiv says I can’t cook like this, if Pratik wants to do it then let him do it. Umar tells everyone that Tejasswi, Pratik and Nishant will do kitchen duty from now on.

2:30 PM
Tejasswi is sitting in Karan’s arms. Raqesh laughs at them. Raqesh gives something to Karan. Tejasswi asks what? Karan says come with me. He takes Tejasswi from there. Karan makes her sit down and says I took evil eye locket from him, I promised to get it for you. Tejasswi hugs him and says thank you. Karan makes her wear it. Afsana says Tejasswi is excited. Tejasswi hugs Karan, he says I am shy. Afsana teases them and says you both look excited, she says they are both in love. Tejasswi caresses Karan’s face and says thank you.

3 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you people entered the house as jungle inmates. You people upgraded to be in the house but now you are entering a new stage of the show. This phase will help you protect yourself, get privileges and whatnot. It’s time to show you the biggest upgrade of the season. You all are equal right now but you can become a VIP inmate. Only VIP inmates will be able to win the show. He asks Tejasswi to read the instructions. She reads about a task in which Umar and 3 other inmates will become VIP members. Simba is punished so he won’t be part of the task. All inmates will be tied to Umar, till they are tied to him, they can become VIPs. When the gong plays, Umar will let go off 2 inmates and eliminate them from the task. The inmates can eliminate themselves also. 3 Inmates tied to Umar till the end will become VIPs. Umar will be tied to the inmates using ropes and carabiners.

4 PM
The task starts and Umar is tied to all the inmates. They all laugh. Umar says now I feel like a captain.

4:30 PM
Umar asks everyone to tell why he shouldn’t eliminate him/her. Afsana says Umar you are my true friend. Pratik tells Umar that if you think I am deserving then save me. Neha says I have participated a lot, I am trustworthy. Rajiv says I am not a celebrity, I need this ticket. Jay says I am a loyal friend, I can pay you back if you choose me. Nishant tells Umar that I am dedicated to the show. Shamita says I know you have friends who are with you since the first day so you will prioritize them. I deserve to get this ticket. Tejasswi says I have played from the heart and will play like this. Vishal says do what you want to. Umar says I am not thinking about friendships right now. I am thinking about who deserves to be in the finale. Karan says the decision is in your hands but you should choose people who can be with you. We have each other only so think about that. Raqesh says success is always silent.

The gong plays. Umar says we need to know more about these new contestants. I am eliminating Neha and Raqesh from the task but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it. Neha says just save people who you can lead and not people who lead you.

4:30 PM
Umar tells Rajiv that some people are a priority for you right? Rajiv says I don’t play mind games, you are my priority.

The gong plays, Umar says I will eliminate Rajiv from the task. He is my friend but other people have a better contribution to the show. He eliminates Shamita from the show and says she doesn’t need my support. She has a good support system. Shamita says I respect your decision.

Vishal tells Umar that I swear on my mom if you save me then I will play with you loyally. Till we 4 people are left in the game, I will be loyal to you. Umar nods.

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