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Bigg Boss 15 8th January 2022

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says we finally made them do a ticket to the finale task. He says Nia Sharma went in the house today for a task and see what happened.

In the House:
Nia enters the house and dances with everyone. She says I am here for a reason. I want you to tell me which is a rotten fruit in the house.
Nishant: He says Abhijeet and Rakhi are rotten fruits. Their thoughts are rotten.
Shamita: She says Tejasswi is fake and makes friends for the game only. She is a rotten fruit here. She spits venom against me in the tasks. Tejasswi says I don’t have a friend in the house, I am extremely content with Karan only.
Pratik: He gives it to Devo for judging him. He gives it to Abhijeet. Devo cries as Pratik called her rotten. Pratik says I had to be honest. Devo says I felt bad for him and that was my mistake.
Rakhi: She gives it to Nishant for not understanding her friendship. She gives it to Abhijeet for cursing so much.
Tejasswi: She gives it to Abhijeet as his language is rotten.
Karan: He says Rakhi is a rotten fruit as she is against me and Tejasswi.
Rashami: she gives it to Rakhi for being unfair.
Abhijeet: He gives it to Tejasswi as she came this far in the show because of Karan. He gives it to Rakhi also.
Umar: He says I will give it to Tejasswi as she forgets everyone when it comes to the game. Tejasswi says I don’t have any friends here. Umar says you have power so you don’t need a friend? Tejasswi says I am not biased.
Devo: She gives it to Abhijeet because of the way he talked about my mother. She gives it to Tejasswi as I never had any expectations but she has said things like I am the only one for her but now she is saying only Karan matters to her. She didn’t support me in the pole task. She won the VIP and showed her arrogance. I don’t like it. Tejasswi says I have never changed my attitude towards Rashami just because she is a VIP. Rashami says we all noticed the change in your behavior towards me after I became a VIP member. Tejasswi says I normally talk to her because I can’t be arrogant with her all the time. Shamita says Tejasswi can be biased but others can’t be.

Nia Sharma says the most rotten fruit is Abhijeet. She wishes them luck and leaves.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that I am still your best friend even if you don’t agree. Tejasswi says you can keep the one-sided friendship. Nishant taunts I like those kinds of friends.

Karan tells Tejasswi that you keep setting a narrative that no one is there for me. Tejasswi says it didn’t include you. Karan says you keep saying that 3 guys attacked Devo so you are setting a narrative that we were torturing her. Umar says you said you were feeling bad for her then you should have shown support to her. Tejasswi says I didn’t want to attack anyone in the task. Umar says very sadly. Tejasswi says I can feel bad for others because I have a heart.

Pratik tells Devo that you said a lot to me, I was being honest. You are not a rotten fruit. Rakhi says she got cursed for you, she always supported you but you gave the rotten fruit to her? Pratik says I just expressed what I felt.

Rashami tells Tejasswi that you didn’t talk to me when I entered the house. Tejasswi says you never talked to me, I came to you. Rashami says I have been nice to everyone. You have never taken care of me. Tejasswi says I have taken care of everyone here. Rashami says then don’t pass comments like you don’t have friends here. Devo did everything for you in the task but you are saying you are alone here? Tejasswi says I don’t feel I have anyone in the house.

Karan tells Tejasswi to stop making people against me. Tejasswi says I just said that I have only Karan in the house but you are questioning me. Tejasswi asks Devo if she commented on others? Devo says you said that everyone would see how they tortured me in the task, how they were attacking made your blood boil so the audience would see your real side. Today you are saying you don’t have a friend except for Karan, earlier you told me that I am the only one for you.

Shamita tells Tejasswi that you didn’t support anyone in the pole task and you are making others look bad when they were just doing their task. Tejasswi says I don’t have a single friend in the house. Nishant tells Tejasswi that you got angry with Abhijeet because he commented on Devo but you were angry at people attacking Devo against Rashami but you didn’t support her? You went to sleep while your friend was standing on the pole. Tejasswi says I was there if she needed anything.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that I am always there for my friends. Tejasswi says you don’t speak, I got to know something, you are not with me so don’t fake it. Nishant says if I fake it then I own it up. Tejasswi says I know what I am talking about, you have shown your real side to me.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Nishant is not with me. Karan says he is with you emotionally but not in the game. Nishant comes there and asks her to speak clearly, I don’t hide anything from anyone here, he leaves. Tejasswi tells Karan that they want me to say that they are my friends but they are not. If I am saying that no one is a friend for me here then I am right. Karan says you are saying I am not also with you. Tejasswi says it doesn’t include you.
Shamita tells Umar that Tejasswi is gaining sympathy card by saying no one is here with her but she had multiple support systems here.

Karan tells Tejasswi that I love you. Tejasswi says you matter to me a lot. Karan says are you taunting me? He says good guys fall for bad girls. Tejasswi laughs.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s connect the call to them. He connects the call and says I want to talk to Tejasswi. He asks her why do you play the sympathy card? She says I am not. Salman asks why are others saying that then? Do you really think you don’t have friends in the house? She says yes, except Karan. Salman asks if you came into the house to make friends? Did anyone come here to make best friends? You don’t care about the trophy and just want to make friends? Tejasswi says no, it’s not like that. Salman says then why are you upset. Salman asks how many friends do you have? She says close friends are 5 only. Salman says I have only 3-4 people which I call my close friends. My advice is to stop playing the sympathy card, stop saying that you are alone in the house, no one loves you. This is bullshit, people can see through it, do not depend on anyone. If you are having fun then people will be with you but if you keep crying then they will say she is always crying so leave her. He says you have the advantage in the house which no one has, that is you have Karan.
Salman says we will talk to Karan a lot. He asks him to smile his best for now. He says two names are linked with Karan, which are Tejasswi and Shamita. Salman says Tejasswi and Shamita are similar. Karan says really? Salman says don’t pretend to act innocent, I know you are thinking about ***** but don’t even think about it. All inmates laugh at Karan. Nishant says they both talk in a child’s voice, they do have similarities. Salman says we will prove they are similar. He asks if they are both pretty? Karan says yes. Salman asks if they both have done KKK? Karan says yes. Salman asks if they are possessive about their closest one? Karan says yes. Salman asks if they are both opinionated? Karan says yes. Salman says both are righteous as per their convenience? He says yes. Salman says both think they are the leaders of women empowerment. Karan says yes. Salman says both don’t back off from the arguments, Karan says yes. Salman says they both need to have the last word in an argument. Karan says yes. Salman says both think they are always right. Karan says I don’t think so. Salman says they both had closest friends which were Nishant and Vishal. Tejasswi says that is weird but yes. Salman says they both talk in other languages. Karan says yes. Salman says both are in the good books of Karan. Karan says yes. Salman says when he needs advice then he goes to Shamita, when he needs to give advice then he goes to Tejasswi. Rakhi says that’s right. Salman says Karan never took a stand for Tejasswi and he didn’t take a stand for Shamita also. He never takes a stand for his friends except for Umar. Salman asks if Shamita was disappointed when she didn’t win the reaction task against Pratik? Because Karan didn’t raise his voice. Shamita says Pratik did well in the task but he coughed once, they should have taken that into consideration but Tejasswi was influencing Karan, I was disappointed with him. Salman says Umar and Rakhi were on Pratik’s side but Karan chose to not support Shamita and got the task rejected. Rakhi says you are right sir. Salman asks Umar, he says yes you are right. Salman says Karan got the task rejected to ensure that Pratik doesn’t win but he didn’t take a stand for Shamita, he should have said that Shamita deserves to win because she didn’t react at all. Shamita says I didn’t know that, I didn’t know Umar and Rakhi were on Pratik’s side. They all said that Pratik was attacked more in the task. Pratik says I didn’t show any emotion in the task. Salman says Pratik is also right. Karan says Rakhi and Umar wanted Pratik to win. Salman says Karan is also right, we just want to know if you were a judge and attacking them with chili smoke then what kind of reaction was you expecting? If he coughs because of the smoke then that’s not a reaction? Karan says the letter said that they should show emotion or they should get from the chair. Salman says Umar gave a comment about whose performance was better should win. Karan says Shamita’s performance was better. Salman says Shamita and Pratik both coughed in the task but only Pratik drank water. This means Shamita’s performance was better than Pratik. Pratik says but I didn’t show any emotion. Salman says we are not questioning you. Salman says Shamita gave her opinion after the task but then calmed down. He asks if Rakhi, Devo and Tejasswi were the judges and they got the task rejected then your reaction would have been totally different. He says Shamita’s reaction came the next day when she got angry at Tejasswi. Were you angry with her because she didn’t allow Karan to support you? Or because you couldn’t win? Shamita says both. Salman asks why didn’t Tejasswi allow Karan to support you? Shamita says I don’t know, she seems insecure about me, she waits to talk against me or influence Karan against me. She is a little mean to me, if she has something in her heart then she should talk to me. I have been ignoring her but there is fakeness to her. I didn’t give a reaction after the task because I was against Pratik and he performed well too, I had mixed emotions. Salman asks Karan if Tejasswi stopped him from supporting Shamita? Karan says Tejasswi commented in the task saying that we were supporting Shamita. It was not a nice comment. She never stopped me from supporting Shamita directly. Salman says indirectly Tejasswi said something to Karan which made you neutral and you withdrew supporting Shamita. Tejasswi says you were supporting Shamita initially? Karan says it’s not like that. Salman asks Karan if he can openly support Shamita? As he knows what Tejasswi thinks about Shamita. Would have said that you are openly supporting Shamita? Karan says I said that we should make Shamita a winner but Rakhi-Umar didn’t agree. Salman asks Rakhi and Umar if Karan had said to make Pratik a winner then what would you have said? Rakhi says we wouldn’t have agreed. Salman says the point is that Rakhi said Pratik was attacked more so he performed better. Rakhi says Shamita didn’t give a reaction at all. Salman says the point is connected to Karan, the difference between Karan and Rakhi is if Rakhi is supporting someone then she can play unfairly for them, she doesn’t care what people would say. It can be wrong or right but the point is she always takes a stand for her friends. Shamita was winning the task fairly but the inmates influenced Karan so you didn’t support her. He says let’s hypothetically think who Karan wanted to make a winner in the task? Karan says no one. Salman says was this your thought before also? Karan says Bigg Boss said that this task would be rejected if we don’t make a call. Salman says that basically, Karan wanted to get the task rejected, he didn’t want Shamita or Pratik to get a ticket to the finale. Salman says Shamita is your friend so why you had that thought? Shamita says at least be honest. Pratik says we played fairly. Salman says the point was that Umar-Tejasswi were not part of the task but still he didn’t support Shamita, he didn’t make a call because he didn’t want to at all. Salman says Pratik has a soft corner for Devo right? he says yes. Salman says Pratik told Nishant that he wanted Devo to win at any cost. Salman asks Umar if he assumed Karan would support Rashami because she is his friend right? Umar says yes. Salman asks Karan then why do you want anyone to approve Tejasswi’s win and not because of a biased decision? Karan says even Tejasswi wants to win without any biased support. Salman says you had the chance to make Shamita/Nishant/Tejasswi get a VIP ticket but did you show strong support for any of them? No, you didn’t show any support. You did what you always did, you waited for the housemates’ approval. You became part of the herd. You don’t want to make decisions on your own, you listen to everyone before making a decision. Everything is happening in front of you but you listen to everyone before making a decision. Salman says we are talking about the debate task. You talked to Abhijeet to support Tejasswi, you even talked to Umar. Karan says I didn’t ask Umar to support Tejasswi. Umar says Karan wanted Tejasswi to win but he asked me to be fair. Karan says I just asked Abhijeet to support Tejasswi. Karan says I wanted Tejasswi to win. Salman says Rashami went to Abhijeet after Karan and told him to play for himself. Karan asks Umar to give another point to Tejasswi but Umar said that if Tejasswi wins fairly then okay but he wouldn’t support her. Karan says I didn’t ask anyone to make Tejasswi a winner, I just wanted her to win fairly. Salman says we are not doubting that. We are not calling you biased. Salman says the way Umar gets angry at Karan for not controlling Tejasswi and making her give support to Rashami, he shows right on Karan but then Umar tells Karan he wouldn’t support Tejasswi and you were fine with it. You also didn’t take a stand for Nishant in the task. The outcome is that you didn’t take a stand for Shamita, Nishant and Tejasswi. Can’t you take a stand or are they not worth it? Is this your weakness or it’s part of your personality that you can’t take a stand? You need to take stands for your family and friends. Salman says these people needed your support, these were not small tasks. Salman says in the whole season, Shamita/Nishant/Tejasswi never asked Karan to do anything for them but Umar asked you with right about why Tejasswi sent Rashami to the jail. Umar always had an expectation from Karan, not only for himself but for his friend Rashami only. But Umar never takes a stand for Karan’s friends. That’s why Umar is still Karan’s friend because you never want to choose a difficult option, Umar is an easy option for you. You don’t have to select Tejasswi, Shamita, or Nishant, you just always choose Umar and you even select Rashami for him, Rashami is Umar’s priority but you support them both. My point is if you had shown similar support to your friends Tejasswi, Shamita and Nishant then you would have been called a good friend or a good boyfriend. Are you like this in real life also? Or is this your strategy of not taking stands in the house? It’s high time that you change the way for your friends and family.
Salman asks Tejasswi if she is living in a bubble? If yes then you need to break it. Then you will say that the creative team is making an angle between you, Shamita and Karan. We don’t make an angle. The complication is between Tejasswi, Shamita, Nishant and Karan. He says Shamita/Nishant/Tejasswi are connected to Karan who has never given you support as he does it for Umar. He never takes the right decision for you all. So we are not making any angle. Tejasswi says maybe I am not seeing it.
Salman says let’s talk to Umar. He asks Umar if you expect Karan to play for Rashami then why it’s important for you that Karan should request you to play for Tejasswi? Umar says I don’t have a problem with Tejasswi, she changed her sides after Rakhi became a VIP. Salman asks Karan if Umar wanted to support Tejasswi before the VIPs came in? Karan says he has an issue with Tejasswi after she sent Rashami to jail. Salman says you both are wrong, Umar never wanted to support Tejasswi and Karan knew about it. Salman asks Nishant. Nishant says when we became VIPs, Umar never wanted to make Tejasswi a VIP, their personalities don’t match. Salman says you are completely right, he has had an issue since the beginning of the show. Tejasswi says I have never acted sweet just because he had power. Salman says I am talking and you are overlapping over me. Tejasswi cries and says I see no one fighting for me, I am not playing any sympathy card. No one is there for me to play. Salman says then your problem should be with Karan only. Salman says I am giving you a big picture, my point is that you don’t need to cry, you are strong, you are alone here, you have a boyfriend but he never took a stand for you, he never supported you. Salman tells Umar that Karan is your priority and then Rashami or is it the opposite? Umar says Karan is my priority. Salman says Tejasswi is not a priority for you at all. Umar says I agree. Salman says Umar is usually the one who tries to prove Tejasswi wrong the first. Then you try to prove it to Karan how Tejasswi is wrong. Salman says Karan told Tejasswi many times to not fight with Umar, then you keep asking her to say sorry to Umar. What is this behavior? You have never told Umar to behave with your girlfriend, you never stopped him when he is insulting your girlfriend, what is wrong with you? Tejasswi starts crying. Salman tells Karan to be a ***** man and take a stand for his girlfriend. What will you do when people insult your girlfriend outside the house? You will keep your mouth shut? If someone talks like that for my woman then I wouldn’t spare them at all. Salman says Karan never complained to Umar to control Rashami. Karan says I never did. Salman asks why do you have expectations from Tejasswi only to be a good friend? Did Umar ever tell you that he will support Tejasswi? He never did. Don’t you think about all that? You think you couldn’t make relationships in the house because of Tejasswi but the truth is that you couldn’t make friends in the house because of Umar only. You still have most relationships in the house. These other people never asked for anything from you but Umar always keeps asking from you. Do you know that Rashami-Umar were playing for Shamita? Karan says I didn’t know that. Rashami says we never said that, I was fair in the task. Shamita says I never asked for their support, Tejasswi keeps accusing me. Salman says Tejasswi never accused Shamita. Tejasswi says I never accused Shamita, I never took away her credit. My reaction is not for Shamita. Salman says Tejasswi is right, she was not accusing Shamita, you both should sit and talk. Tejasswi says Shamita keeps saying I am insecure of her but I am not. I have never been against her. Salman says you both have to take the right decision.
Salman says let’s talk to Abhijeet now. Salman says Abhijeet said some words in the house which are not correct, will you act like this in front of your family? He says no. Salman says if people curse as you cursed to your family then how will you feel? The curses you said can’t even be repeated. I am warning you that I will drag you out of the house midweek if you repeat those. You will become a PM like this? Abhijeet says should I speak? Salman says I will beat you if you talk. Abhijeet walks away and goes to his bed. Salman says what does he think he is? Salman tells the inmates to understand what he is saying. Salman tells Umar that I have warned you many times to not be violent. The audience will take a decision tomorrow. He ends the call.

In the House:
Abhijeet says open the house, I don’t need a single penny.

In the house, Karan tells Tejasswi that everything is clear now. They don’t need me in the show. Tejasswi says they talk so much to you so they want you. Karan says they insulted me so much. You don’t take any stress, he goes from there.
Rashami asks Umar if he talked to Karan? Umar says I am stressed about myself. Everything is clear with him. I don’t want to justify about Tejasswi, I don’t like her and that’s clear.

Umar tells Karan if there is an issue with me then tell me. Karan says you are not going anywhere. The story that was shown was not correct. I never wanted Shamit to win. Umar says we wanted to be fair but even then we are wrong because we are not taking a stand for our friends. Karan says I even tried to support Tejasswi.

Tejasswi tells Shamita that I never did anything because I was insecure with you. Yes, I agree that I never benefited you but I did everything for my friends. I was supporting Pratik in the reaction task because I like him more. Shamita says everyone thought that Karan would be biased towards you in the debate task. Tejasswi says he never does it. Shamita says he did it in the past. Tejasswi says I agree. Shamita says I am just saying that things happened that made me irritated with you. The way you respect Rakhi even when she is questioning your relationship with Karan, if I was commenting on your relationship then you would have insulted me. I have been longer in the industry than Rakhi so I deserve the respect too. But you don’t believe that. Tejasswi says I thought you are younger than Rakhi. Shamita says why do you never give an answer to Rakhi? When she was linking me with Karan. Tejasswi says I thought I should be mature about it, I thought you would react to her. Shamita says I told Rakhi to stop it. I don’t even talk to Karan to avoid all that. Shamita says I have nothing against you. Tejasswi says let’s hug it out. They hug each other. Shamita says then clarify things with me if someone says anything to you. Tejasswi says I will.

On the Stage:
Nia Sharma enters the stage and promotes her song. Salman dances with her. Nia says I went in the house but it’s difficult to handle them. Salman says you have met them all, do you find them look nice? Nia says they all looked nice. Nia thanks him and leaves from there.

Salman says tomorrow we will have panelists like Geeta, Neha, Divya, Kashmira, Rahul, and Vishal.

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