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Bigg Boss 15 4th October 2021

In the house:
Day 2
8:30 AM
Vishal stands in front of the garden and talks to himself. He says I talk with my loneliness. He says poetry to the tree. He says I have a major crush Vishwa Sundari tree.

10:30 AM
Shamita tells everyone that we will keep two people in charge of the kitchen so there is no confusion. Pratik says I think Nishant can handle it. Tejasswi says Nishant can cook? Nishant says if others want to do it then I am fine. Tejasswi says I will do chopping and Miesha will help me. Nishant tells Pratik I am not sure about us so let them handle the kitchen. Pratik says but you can make breakfast right now. Nishant says let them do it.

10:45 AM
The door opens and BigG gorilla enters the house. Jay introduces Pratik as a new product. BigG leaves a letter and leaves.

Miesha is crying silently. Vishal asks what happened? You can’t be crying like this. Pratik comes there and says come outside, I have to read the letter. He asks Miesha why is she crying? Miesha says I am not. All gather around. Pratik reads the letter that there will be a disaster coming their way.
Miesha tells Vishal that I was working in the kitchen but Pratik kept forcing Nishant to take my place. I was already working but he wanted to replace me. I know he is doing it deliberately, he is so mean. Vishal hugs her and says you haven’t come here to cook food, if he is doing anything but doesn’t be affected. Miesha says we were friends at some point. Vishal says just ignore. You look hot while crying. Miesha laughs.

11 AM
Vishal tells Miesha to not cry anymore. Tejasswi says how can you cry without asking us? Jay laughs. Vishal says she looks hot while crying too. Tejasswi asks Miesha if she liked Pratik also? Miesha says no, he liked me, I was just fond of him as a friend.

12:15 PM
The bell rings. Pratik and Nishant come to the storeroom to see so many food items. Shamita is excited to see her gluten-free food. Nishant tells everyone sorry. Pratik says we have got so many items. Umar says this is unfair. Jay says we will manage it. Vishal says we have Tejasswi, Vidhi and Miesha. Tejasswi says they have got too many food items. Karan says we just want butter from them. Karan reads the letter that only Nishant, Pratik and Shamita can use this grocery. Jungle-inmates can’t use it.

1:15 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that our contestants didn’t have any perception of the show. Pratik says I don’t see any strong-opinionated person from the lot. I think Karan has difficulty. He was the host in my first show, I used to take his advice. Now we are competitors.

2:15 PM
Akasa shows her tattoos to Pratik. Pratik says you have a vibe of going all out. Akasa says I do care what other people but Neha is gutsy and she doesn’t care about others. Pratik says you will learn not to care here.

2:30 PM
Shamita is acting and all are cheering for her. Vidhi says he will come for you. Shamita says Raqesh won’t come. I have to do so much. I will keep a cook for him. Jay says you will be Shamita Shetty Bapat. Shamita says I will hit you if you don’t stop. Jay runs away and says I was just joking. Shamita says I will make your face red. Jay laughs.

4:15 PM
Miesha is changing her clothes in a corner. Donal says there are cameras so be careful. Miesha says I will do it here. Donal says you can use the washroom. Pratik says I am not allowing it, I know Miesha has done this before. Miesha changes her clothes in a corner. She asks Pratik to go away, I asked you nicely but you didn’t allow me. Pratik says it’s not my rule, Bigg Boss can’t allow you to use the washroom so don’t fight with me. Miesha says you are making me fight with you. Pratik tells her that I don’t want to fight with her. Miesha says I was talking to my girls so you can leave. Pratik says but I am here also. Miesha says you are irritating me. Don’t do it. Akasa says we will not use the washroom. Pratik says you are testing my patience. Miesha says don’t ask me to talk calm down, don’t talk to me. I will shout if you do also. She cries and goes away. Pratik tells Vishal that I didn’t say anything to her. Akasa says just go and talk to her. Vishal says let her be.

Miesha tells Vidhi that he keeps poking me. Vidhi says why are you allowing him to poke you? Miesha says he kept coming when I was changing.

4:45 PM
Akasa tells Miesha that Pratik will keep poking you so go and solve it with him. Vishal says she was changing so why did he have to come there? Vidhi says you were not there so don’t say all that. Akasa says I feel it’s their old matter. Miesha says I tried talking to him yesterday.

Karan comes to Pratik and asks whom did you fight with now? Pratik says I just talked to Miesha to not use the washroom. Nishant says it’s against the rule so he stopped her. Pratik says we both have a history, we are both sensitive but why is she shouting at me here? I didn’t raise my voice.

6 PM
Jay asks Miesha if he talked to OTT people? Jay says I talked to Nishant and Shamita but Pratik is acting too smart. If he is nice to me then I am nice to him but Pratik is acting like he is the king. Tejasswi asks how is Pratik? Miesha says he is nice. Jay says he knows his tongue will keep him in the show so he is using it for no reason.

6:15 PM
Vidhi tells Karan that Miesha was changing in the corner. She tried to use the washroom but Pratik stopped her. Miesha didn’t talk to him rudely but Pratik kept talking to her so Miesha got angry as she was changing. Miesha says I was changing in a corner so he commented that I changed in the last show also. Karan tells Vidhi to not talk like that otherwise his character will be questioned. Miesha says I just told him to not come there but he kept poking me. If it were someone else then he would have left but he is poking me for no reason.

7:45 PM
Pratik tells Miesha that you are alleging me that I was coming there when you were changing? Like I was lurking there? I had no ill intention. Miesha says I was changing in a corner and then he came suddenly there. Pratik says I went there after she changed. Miesha says you are not listening to me. Pratik says you started yelling at me, I have nothing against you. Miesha says don’t irritate me. Pratik says don’t allege me that I was looking at you while you were changing. Karan says Miesha clarified that you didn’t have any ill intention. Miesha says I was in the middle of changing when you kept coming back. Pratik says but my intention was not wrong. Vidhi says you are wrong Pratik, as a third person it felt like you kept coming back when she told you she was changing. Pratik says how can you raise a finger at me? Karan says if a girl is changing then why would you go there? Afsana tells everyone that you people keep teasing Pratik so don’t allege him right now. Shamita asks them to stop it. Pratik didn’t have a bad intention, he is being cornered. You were wrong for going there two times but I know your intention was not wrong. Shamita says I know your intention was not bad. Nishant takes Pratik away. Shamita says you people can’t pounce on one person like that.

8 PM
Miesha tells Pratik that I clarified from my end. Karan asks Miesha to end it. Ishaan says Miesha was taking a stand, Pratik didn’t have bad intentions. Pratik tells Miesha that you know me, I was in the heat of the moment. Miesha says what you said right now was wrong. Pratik says I am sorry about that but your way of alleging me was wrong. Let’s end it.

8:15 PM
Pratik tells Karan that I know Miesha from outside but she ignored me like I am no one. Karan says you can be intimidating to others. She could have maligned your reputation but her intentions are nice, she is taking your stand. Pratik says because she knows me. Karan says then open your mind to it. He nods and leaves. Karan tells Jay that he is a kid.

10:30 PM
Vidhi tells Akasa that I know Pratik have a clean heart. Akasa says he is real on the face.

11 PM
Pratik changes his clothes and says I was feeling uncomfortable. Akasa says you are like me. I am a great influencer. Vishal says you are a great singer. Akasa says I want to be an influencer. Vishal says don’t go down. Pratik says they are at a good place too. Vishal acts like crying and says don’t fight with me. I am scared.

12 AM
Vishal tells Simba that I don’t like OTT people, they act like they know everything. I like Shamita, she is sweet. Akasa says Nishant seems sweet to me. Vishal says I think Pratik is just playing a game. Nishant is also playing but he plays smart. Vishal says our Pratik is Afsana, she screams without any reason. I get irritated.

12:45 AM
Donal tells Miesha that I am happy about your connection with Pratik. Akasa says he is her favorite. Akasa says I have watched a lot of Bigg Boss. Donal says you have studied a lot.

Day 3
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song bach ke raina re baba. They all get up and dance. Vishal dances with Nishant.

8:45 AM
Vishal tells Tejasswi to just trust people close to her. I trust you and Jay. I like Karan also. Vishal says we will play together. Tejasswi says sure.

9 AM
Pratik says people have left dirty socks in the garden. He tells Nishant but he asks him to calm down.

Jay tells Vishal that Pratik doesn’t use his mind. Ishaan says his way is not right.

9:30 AM
Pratik tells Miesha that you can’t keep clothes in the common area. Miesha says you can ask the person. She asks Ishaan to put his shoes away. Ishaan says don’t touch it, I will take it away. Pratik says it’s not a big deal. Pratik tells Miesha to not be extra nice, they all have to take responsibility. Miesha says I am like this, I don’t have a problem.

12:30 PM
Pratik asks who left his shaker on the basin? Jay says we can’t babysit people, you can ask around. Umar says you can’t run behind people. Vishal says if they left the shaker here then who are you tell I can’t drink here? Pratik says it’s about hygiene. Vishal says but I like to drink here only. Pratik says I am not creating an issue. Pratik asks Miesha to take care of things. Miesha asks him to relax, she is getting ready. Pratik says fine and leaves. Vishal tells Jay that he doesn’t fight with me. Umar says if I want to keep things here so who is he to tell us?

12:45 PM
Umar asks Pratik if he is a watchman of this house? Pratik says we will get punished, have you watched Bigg Boss? Umar says I know more than you so stop irritating us. Jay tells Pratik to not act like a watchman, we will get punished if we do something wrong. Pratik says I didn’t call you wrong. Jay says you keep irritating people. Pratik says I was not talking to you. Vishal asks Pratik to stop blabbering. Nishant says we have to follow Bigg Boss’s rules, you people can break it if you want. Jay tells Pratik that I don’t have a personal issue with you. Pratik says you are taking it personally. Jay says I am telling you to not irritate me anymore about other’s items. Pratik says I will throw things away if you don’t move it. Vishal tells Nishant if I am keeping my items in a corner then what’s the issue? It’s clean also. Pratik tells Jay that I like to live with cleanliness. Jay says don’t raise your voice with me. Pratik says what about your tone? You are not even listening to me. Jay says I am not judging you, I was listening to you last night. I don’t have an animosity with you.

1 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that three OTT inmates came and brought a disaster for you. The disaster is that you have lost your personal belongings, you can only keep your medical items while putting all your personal items in a cave. The responsibility is with Pratik, Nishant and Shamita. Nishant asks everyone to bring their items. They say fine.

Vidhi and Tejasswi are trying to cook and fire breakouts but they handle it.

Shamita tells Pratik that girls have long hair so let them keep combs with them. Pratik says it’s not important for living. Nishant says we will do what Bigg Boss has asked us. It’s not essential. Pratik says they can keep a trimmer. Nishant says you can’t allow a trimmer and deny a comb. Pratik says fine. Shamita says you allowed a trimmer which is not fine. Nishant tells Pratik to just take important items from them.

Jay tells Afsana why did you give up all your items? Afsana says I don’t have any comb.

2:15 PM
Jay tells Pratik that take all your shavers. Umar says I get acne without shaving. Afsana says they can take all items. Vidhi says don’t talk against the team. Vidhi asks Afsana to not push her. Nishant tells them you people have your time but let us do our task.

3 PM
Afsana says Vidhi is acting like my mother, I didn’t push her. Afsana says I will break your tongue. Vidhi says I was not talking to you but you go against your team. Tejasswi says she was just explaining to you. Afsana charges at Vidhi and says who are you to stop me from talking? Donal tries to calm them down. Afsana tries to attack her. Karan pulls her back. Vishal shouts at them to stop it. Vishal shouts at Afsans to beat her if you want. Don’t threaten to hit her if you can’t. Tejasswi asks Afsans to try and touch her, we are standing up for her. Karan asks Vishal to calm down. Afsans shouts at Vishal. Vidhi tells Tejasswi she started shouting for no reason. Afsana says why was she is stopping me from talking? Vishal asks her to calm down and listen to me. I am like your brother right? She says fine. Vishal asks her to calm down. Afsana says but she can’t mess with me. They all bring items to the garden. Afsana says Vidhi pushed me also. Vidhi says I didn’t touch you, you pushed me. Get lost. Afsana says you will do my work.

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