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Bigg Boss 15 4th November 2021

Day 33
5:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita was so restless to take my name out of the task. I thought it was Umar’s name. Karan says listen to me. Tejasswi says I don’t want to talk. Karan says you have this information now, you can use it or blow it up. I am on your team so don’t be angry with me. Tejasswi says it’s not clear that you are in my team? Karan says shut up, don’t say that. Don’t be unfair to me. You have trust issues. Tejasswi says if you knew Shamita had issues with me but you were playing best friend with her? You can continue being her best friend but I don’t like this plot. I don’t like these kinds of plots. I am a strong player and I don’t want this track. Karan says which track? Don’t assume. Tejasswi says it’s a cliche strategy. Karan says you think I am doing this strategy? Tejasswi says no, maybe makers are playing this strategy but you know about it. I won’t be part of this strategy, I don’t want to pull another woman down to play my game. I don’t like you pitting two girls against each other to play your game. I won’t be part of this game. Karan says you are angry with me because of my past? Tejasswi says I don’t know anymore. I have worked hard here, what have I done against Shamita? Karan says you have hurt her ego. Tejasswi says I am shocked with her behavior.
Shamita tells Jay that I have nothing personal against Tejasswi, she shouldn’t take it personally.

6 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that you get angry on me for no reason. Shamita says it’s frustrating for me to live with this injury. I hate being dependent on others but you are my brother so you should protect me when others are charging at me. Tejasswi comes there and asks why did she eliminate her from the task? Shamita says I have nothing against you, I have an alliance with Nishant and Pratik so I am playing for myself. Tejasswi says you think I am not capable of being a captain? Shamita says you are taking things personally. Tejasswi says this task is about eliminating others, I just have a problem that you desperately wanted to remove me from the task. Shamita says I was desperate because I am injured, I wanted to finish my turn. Tejasswi says you wanted to eliminate me so desperately. Shamita says you didn’t make a deal with me so I am playing for myself. Tejasswi says I don’t play with teams, I play alone. You had no reason to eliminate me. Shamita says I want to be the captain, I eliminated a person who can be my competition. Tejasswi says you are being insecure and territorial. You don’t like your people Vishal and Karan talking to me? Shamita says you are totally wrong. I am playing my game, I will eliminate anyone who is not part of my team. Tejasswi says but I am a capable captain. Shamita says you are taking this personally, I have priorities in this game which includes Vishal, Rajiv, Nishant and Pratik but you are not my priority so don’t be aggressive. Tejasswi says you removed my name, you should have told me if you have a problem with me. Shamita says you are not making sense at all. Tejasswi says it’s a basic sense that I can be a good captain. Shamita says what is the basic sense? Tejasswi says you have grudges against me which I found out about. Shamita says like what? I have nothing against you. It’s all in your head. I have no problem with you but if you want to think like that then keep thinking that. You are not my priority so get that in your head. Don’t use words like I am insecure with you. Tejasswi says it did look like you are insecure. Shamita says that doesn’t mean it’s a reality. I will do as per my priorities. Tejasswi leaves. Shamita says she is weird, I don’t care. Vishal says why is she reacting like that? Shamita says I do believe she is a little fake. She is entertaining but she doesn’t listen when she doesn’t want to, she is very cocky and condescending.

Tejasswi asks Nishant why would Shamita eliminate me from the task if she doesn’t have a problem with me? Nishant says it’s a competition so she is playing for herself. Tejasswi says if she removes me from the task then how does it makes her the captain? Karan comes to Nishant and asks him to expose Shamita’s secret if he has it. Nishant says I don’t have Shamita’s secret.

6:30 PM
Miesha tells Nishant that if he makes her the captain then she will be super fair.

Karan tells Tejasswi that if we can’t eliminate from Shamita from the task then we have to think of sending a strong competitor against Shamita. Tejasswi says I don’t care if Shamita becomes the captain. Karan says I will play my game if they are too. He asks whose secret do you have? Tejasswi says Miesha. I shouldn’t have told you about that. It’s against the rules.

Miesha tells Nishant that I assume that you have my secret. Nishant says I love you.

Karan tells Tejasswi that if we send Rajiv or Vishal against Shamita then Shamita will win but if we send Umar against Shamita then I will rile up Shamita to make her lose the task.

Shamita asks Jay about his equation with Karan and Tejasswi. He says I have an equation with Tejasswi. Shamita says Tejasswi is saying that I am b*t*hing about her but I have never talked about Tejasswi with anyone.

Karan tells Afsana that we have to protect Umar’s name. Afsana says I want to be safe in the game. Karan says just save Umar so he can play against Shamita.

Nishant’s secret is played which Karan shared. Nishant is eliminated from the task.

7 PM
The buzzer plays, Simba goes to the recording room and shares Ishan’s secret.

Nishant tries to stop Umar but he goes to the recording room and shares Pratik’s secret.

Tejasswi tells Miesha that you can think anything about me, I nominated you but I just want to ask you if we choose you for the captaincy task then you will fight in the task? Will you fight against anyone? Miesha says I promise I will fight against anyone, even Jay or Ishaan to become the captain.

7:00 PM
Miesha asks Jay if the person whose secret he has is important? Jay says yes.

Tejasswi tells Karan that I don’t like this style of playing. Ishaan’s secret plays which were shared by Simba. Pratik’s secret is shared by Umar. Pratik and Ishaan are eliminated from the task. Pratik tells Umar that I shouldn’t have trusted you. Umar says why would I save you?

7:15 PM
Shamita asks Rajiv if Miesha can be influenced by Jay? Rajiv says yes.
Shamita asks Miesha if she has her secret? Miesha says no. Shamita asks if Jay has her name? Miesha says I can’t tell, I am fighting for the captaincy. Shamita says you should. She asks Miesha to use her own mind, don’t get influenced by Karan or Jay. Do your own thing. Shamita says Jay or Afsana has my name.

Afsana tells Karan that I think Miesha has Shamita’s name.

Miesha tells Jay that we both have someone’s secret. If I tell you that we can become contenders then are you okay? Jay says yes but I don’t know who has your secret? Miesha says Tejasswi has it. Jay says if I go and share Shamita’s secret then Vishal will share my secret and take me out of the task that’s why I am not going.

Tejasswi tells Miesha and Jay that Nishant’s team wants them to win. They are keeping Shamita and Rajiv in the competition.

Nishant tells Pratik that things are changing, he says Umar couldn’t do anything against us in 5 weeks so we should do something to make the captain from our side, Umar is on our side. Pratik says you can play your game, I am not stopping you. Nishant says I want to take a bet on Umar and see how he performs.

Tejasswi tells Jay and Miesha that I want to protect your name because I nominated you and I felt guilty. I want her to become the captain.

Vishal tells Pratik that if I had your secret then I would have protected it.

Tejasswi tells Miesha to do something and eliminate Shamita’s team. Miesha says I will talk to Rajiv.

The buzzer plays. Umar tells Nishant that I want to be the captain. Nishant says I will have to go if no one goes. Umar says then go. Nishant says then you will be out. Umar laughs and says if you make me the captain then your friends will go hysteric, they will beat you up. Nishant laughs and says send someone else if you want me to protect your name. Umar says okay and goes. Nishant asks Jay who has Afsana’s secret? Jay says I don’t know. I can’t go as then I will have to bear consequences. Jay asks Nishant why is he saving Umar? Nishant says I won’t gain anything but I want to see how he performs and if he will fulfill his promise to me.

Bigg Boss asks the inmates to play the game as the round has started. Pratik tells Tejasswi that now you are not playing the game? You are wasting the task’s money now but it’s fine?

Vishal tells Shamita that I am hurt because someone is trying to protect Afsana’s name.

Karan asks Afsana to go. Afsana comes into the recording room and shares Rajiv’s secret.

8:15 PM
Miesha asks Rajiv if he is planning to go at all? Rajiv says not at all. I won’t share the secret. He leaves. Tejasswi asks Miesha how will you crack him? I want you and Jay to be the contenders for the captaincy. Miesha says this task will get rejected. Jay says I don’t want to. Tejasswi says no one is going from their side.

Karan tells Umar that Rajiv is acting like he has Shamita’s secret but it’s actually Jay who has Shamita’s secret.

Shamita asks Jay if he has Karan or Tejasswi’s secret? Jay says no, I don’t have a strong bond with them.

Bigg Boss asks the inmates to go to the recording room as the task is going on.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss says a lot of time has passed but you people are not playing the task. if no one goes to the recording room then Jay and Afsana will be eliminated from the task as they are elders of the family in this task. Jay says what?
Jay tellls

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