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Bigg Boss 15 3rd January 2022

Day 93
8:45 PM
Umar and Tejasswi start melting the ice. Umar rubs on the ice using his upper. Tejasswi uses a lighter but it doesn’t work. Umar brings hot water and starts melting the ice. All inmates look on. Tejasswi also melts the ice using water. Rashami asks Umar to pour water slowly. Nishant says she doesn’t have any brains. Rashami asks him to shut up. Nishant asks her to get lost, you are brainless. Rakhi says this is a difficult task. Shamita gives tips to Tejasswi. Nishant asks Tejasswi to use saltwater. Bigg Boss says only 5 minutes left. They both work hard. The task ends. Everyone praises them. Rakhi says Umar won the task. Bigg Boss says we will tell soon if his performance was better than Akanksha.

10:15 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I am sorry about that day, I should have supported you. She says it’s okay. They hug each other.

11 PM
In the secret room, the new inmates get another script. The director says you have to enact an emotional scene. Vishal and Munmun can’t smile. Akanksha and Surbhi try to make them smile. The director says Munmun won this challenge. She says I am challenging Pratik, Abhijeet and Shamita.

In the main house, Tejasswi reads the task in which Pratik, Shamita and Abhijeet will act like emotionless people. The other inmates will try to make them react to them. Munmun won the task. Rakhi, Karan and Umar will be referees of the task. There will be 2 rounds in the task. In the first round, people will make them react and then after the buzzer plays, the referees will announce who reacted the most. That inmate will be eliminated from the task. In the next round, the remaining two inmates will try to not get angry on the other inmates. The one who reacts the least will win the task.

11:15 PM
The task starts, Nishant tries to irritate Abhijeet. He makes him laugh. Nishant tries to make Pratik laugh but he doesn’t react. Nishant tries to talk to Shamita but she doesn’t show any emotion. Rakhi says anyone would a fool to choose Abhijeet as a PM, Abhijeet laughs. Rakhi tries to make Pratik and Shamita react but they don’t. Devo makes Abhijeet laugh again. The first round ends. Rakhi says Abhijeet got eliminated in the first round.

The 2nd round starts between Pratik and Shamita. Rakhi tries to make Shamita angry but she doesn’t react. Vishal watches her and says Shamita is so beautiful. Rakhi says Pratik is an idiot, who do you think you are? Do you think you can get as many girls as you want? Abhijeet says Pratik tries to butter everyone up. He has to interfere between people. Nishant says you can’t bring personal issues up. Umar says let them play their task. Tejasswi says they have already decided a winner, they will make Shamita a winner. Rakhi asks Karan if they have already chosen Shamita as a winner? Karan says no we didn’t. Don’t fall for it. He tells Tejasswi that we are fair in the task. Nishant says I don’t think so. Abhijeet says Pratik is a cheap man. The buzzer plays and the 2nd round ends.
Umar, Karan and Rakhi talk about the result. Rakhi says they didn’t react at all. Karan says to Bigg Boss that they both didn’t react at all, what to do now? Bigg Boss says this task will continue till one reacts. Umar says we have to continue the task, do anything but make them react. Umar asks Nishant to play the task. Nishant says you always stay away from the task when it’s your friend but I can’t?

11:45 PM
The task is going on, Abhijeet says Pratik eats potty. Umar tries to make Shamita laugh, he funnily dances in front of her. Umar says there is cow dung on my bum. All laugh. Abhijeet says Pratik is a jerk, I have never seen a man like him. Devo says look at yourself first, you are taking out a grudge in the task. Umar says he is doing his task, let him do it. Rakhi says bring Shamita’s items, I will wear her jewelry and extensions. Devo tells Shamita that you must be missing your family and Raqesh. Rakhi wears Raqesh’s jacket, she wears her items. Nishant says they can’t attack her in a group. Karan says stop crying, we are doing our task. Nishant says you are being unfair. Tejasswi says it’s not even funny. Rashami talks in Pratik’s ears and he coughs. Umar says it’s not a reaction. Rashami says he reacted. Devo says that’s cheating, he just coughed. Umar says we are watching everything. Nishant says they can’t be fair. Rakhi checks Shamita’s food items. Nishant says Karan can’t play fairly. Karan says you can’t play like me. Nishant says you are just a cheater, this is your reality. Rakhi says we have to watch their reactions, stop fighting. Devo tells Abhijeet to stop spitting filth to Pratik. Abhijeet says I am just doing my task. Devo says why is he not saying anything to Shamita?

Bigg Boss tells the referees to decide a winner. They say we can’t. Bigg Boss says if you can’t reach a decision then we will start a new round in a bit.

12:30 AM
Pratik tells Shamita that Abhijeet said that Shamita has constipation and I eat it. Abhijeet says I am doing my task. Pratik says so you can say anything? Devo asks Pratik to not react at all. Pratik says I will hit him.
Umar says Nishant is talking rubbish. Karan says we will do our task.

The next round starts, Abhijeet says Pratik is poop, I will hit him if he says anything to me now. He throws away his mic and says I will beat him. Nishant asks him to wear his mic. Abhijeet says I will take the trophy and I will become a PM also. I have dogs like him at my house and they are my slaves.
Tejasswi asks Karan why is he fighting with Nishant? Karan says Nishant got personal with me, don’t question me. Tejasswi says I am just asking you. Karan says I was doing my duty but Nishant started attacking me for no reason. Tejasswi says you said a lot to him also. Karan says you people are not doing anything in the task. Tejasswi says because I know the results.
Karan brings chili smoke and tries to make Shamita-Pratik react. Tejasswi says they are just weak people. Abhijeet says this Pratik is useless. Devo says Pratik worked so hard in the task for you and you are doing all this? Pratik drinks water. Shamita doesn’t react at all. Abhijeet gets angry and says I will break his arms, he said he would hit me. Abhijeet throws away a stick in anger. Rakhi asks him to calm down. The round ends and they don’t react.

Rakhi says what to do now? Umar says no one is playing. Karan tells Tejasswi that if you are not playing then at least don’t taunt us for playing.

12:45 AM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that this is the last round, if the referees can’t reach a decision then this task will be rejected and Shamita-Pratik both would lose. Shamita says don’t get the task rejected. Umar says we won’t.
The last round starts, Nishant tells Pratik that I know you need a ticket to the finale but you shouldn’t hear all this. Just give a reaction, these people are cowards so show them who you are. Karan says don’t call us cowards. Nishant says I didn’t take your name, get lost. Karan says don’t call me a coward. Nishant charges at him and says you want to be violent with me? I have been respectful. Karan screams at him and says don’t mess with me. Nishant says I didn’t call you a coward directly, I am doing my task. Tejasswi asks them to calm down. Karan says I won’t take his rubbish. Nishant says he cursed me just right now. Karan says I have heard that you curse me behind my back, at least I am cursing at your face. Nishant says I have never cursed you. Karan says Pratik told me that you curse at me behind my back. Nishant tells Pratik that see what he is saying. Tejasswi tells Pratik that you are a liar.
Nishant tells Shamita that the task will be rejected, what’s the point then? Rakhi says one has to give up. Nishant asks Shamita to give up, it’s okay.
Karan tells Tejasswi that you all are fooling me. I see your intentions in the tasks. Tejasswi says I see your inclinations in the tasks also. You people are focusing on Pratik only, you want him to lose so we will make him lose now.
Nishant asks Pratik to give up. Tejasswi says Pratik should sacrifice. Bigg Boss says only 5 minutes are left. Rakhi asks Pratik to give up for his friend. Tejasswi says I don’t know what they want. Rakhi asks Pratik to react. The buzzer plays and the task ends. Shamita says I didn’t cough, I didn’t even touch myself. You all decide who did the task better. Pratik says I never gave a reaction. Karan says it’s about expressions, Pratik just scratched his face.

Umar tells Karan that we can announce a winner on the basis of performance. Rakhi says Shamita played better. Karan says everyone was attacking Pratik. Tejasswi says Pratik took the torture because of his acts in the house. Bigg Boss asks the referees to announce a winner. Shamita says I won’t compromise at all. Pratik says I won’t also. Shamita says I didn’t move at all. Bigg Boss asks them to announce a winner. Rakhi says they are both strong and didn’t react at all so we can’t decide on a winner. Bigg Boss says as there was no winner in this task so no one will win a ticket to the finale from this house via this task. Rakhi says from this house? Tejasswi says those new inmates won the ticket.

1 AM
Devo asks Abhijeet why were you cursing me and Pratik? Abhijeet says don’t charge at me. Devo says you are filth. Abhijeet says Pratik punched me. Devo says he is a *****. Pratik asks her to calm down, Devo says he brought up my parents. I won’t spare him. Devo charges at him but Pratik holds her back. Abhijeet says she is a monkey. They both charge at each other. Abhijeet tries to hit her with a bottle but Umar grabs him. Devo is charging at him. Abhijeet tries to attack her but Rashami shouts at him to stop it. She makes him sit on his bed and asks him to calm down. Rashami says Devo started all this by cursing. Devo charges at her and says don’t blame me, he was cursing me. Abhijeet says I will hit her. Bigg Boss says don’t lose your senses in anger. Umar is trying to control Abhijeet. Devo says I won’t spare him. Nishant shouts at Abhijeet to calm down. He gives him water. Karan takes Devo from there. Devo says Rashami is cheap and fake. Rashami says look at yourself first, you are a coward. Devo asks her to get lost. Umar asks Rashami to stop it, Abhijeet is ill. Rashami says Devo is useless. Devo says you are cheap. Bigg Boss says no one will talk now, Abhijeet will stay in the bedroom and Devo will stay in the indoor garden. Devo says I will hit him. Pratik takes her to the garden and says he is too much. Devo says I won’t spare him. She throws things around. Pratik hugs her as she cries. Pratik says he said many things to me also. Devo says you don’t care but I do. Pratik says are you stupid, he asks her to calm down and says it hurts me also. Pratik tells Nishant that he is saying too much rubbish.
Rashami tells Rakhi that if Devo has issues with him then why does she keep going back to him? She keeps washing his clothes and then gets angry at him. Shamita says what’s wrong with Devo?

1:15 AM
Shamita asks Pratik why are you red? Did you hit yourself? Pratik says I didn’t. Shamita says you were talking to Abhijeet but Devo went on another level. Pratik says because Abhijeet said too much to her. Shamita says she shouldn’t have talked to him. Pratik says I tried to calm them but I couldn’t.

1:30 AM
Tejasswi tells Nishant and Shamita that Abhijeet was just doing his task. Nishant says he went extra but he was just doing his task, he has some grudge in his heart against Pratik but he was just overdoing it in the task.
Abhijeet tells Rakhi that I will hit Devo. Rakhi says give me the stone, you can’t hit her. He says I won’t do anything.

Devo goes in the washroom and throws things around. Shamita and Pratik rush there. Shamita asks Devo to open the door.

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