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Bigg Boss 15 30th October 2021

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show and wishes diwali. He connects the call to the house. Salman says you all look nice. He says we gave you a task this week and you passed the task wonderfully. He taunts them. Salman says it was an eye-opener for us. We can’t understand you easily but we got to know that you people can’t perform without a script. Do you follow a script in real life also? Salman says we gave you a task in which you had to write your complaints about 2 inmates but you people couldn’t play it without a script? He says we asked you to write complaints and see what happened.

In the House:
Karan reads that they have to write complaints about two inmates. Each inmate wrote complaints.

On the Stage:
Salman tells the inmates that 8 people complained about Pratik. There were complaints but we all know those complaints already. Someone wrote he is stubborn, selfish and strong-headed. You all wrote the same thing about Pratik. You all thought Pratik was wrong in the captaincy task but we don’t think so. Salman asks Vishal to read his script. Salman asks what’s his complaint against Jay? Vishal says he is my friend but he is ignoring me, he taking revenge on me but I have always been loyal to him. He has broken my trust. He has a grudge against me. Salman asks Jay about it. Jay says I don’t agree. Jay reads his script which says that he is loyal to his friends and he can’t trust Vishal after he talked behind his back, I can’t forgive him. Salman says nobody knew about their friendship breaking? He asks Simba. Simba says I didn’t know their friendship would break down like this. Umar says they were friends before but now they don’t talk much. Salman says my point is that you people don’t know about their equation so how would the audience know about their equation? After reading this, we saw that you both see each other as rivals. Vishal says it’s not like that. Salman says we didn’t know that you both are acting like rivals. We wouldn’t have put you in the same team if we knew you were rivals. You are not showing emotions to the audience. Vishal says he doesn’t want to be my friend so what can I do. Vishal hugs jay.
Salman asks Nishant to read his complaint. Nishant reads that he is hurt by Karan because of the game he is playing. He has shaken his trust. Karan reads his complaints that Pratik fights in the tasks like a spoilt brat, he is horribly selfish. He says Nishant supports Pratik even when he is wrong, he is always protecting Pratik. Nishant just cares about Pratik. Salman asks Pratik to read his complaints again Karan. Pratik reads that Karan is playing a game, he is hurting me so I don’t care about his game now. Salman says the audience didn’t know about Nishant and Pratik being miffed with Karan. Salman reads Tejasswi’s complaint that Karan instigates the jungle inmates against OTT members but he is always friends with them.
Salman asks Umar to read his complaint. Umar says my complaint is that Shamita told me to not beg her for the food when I entered the house. Shamita says I never used the word beg. Umar says she favors her friends in the task, she is bossy and even was unfair with me in the task. Salman says Shamita has issues with you. When you try to talk back then people make you shut up. Umar says I never talked to Shamita openly.
Salman tells the inmates that they are not opening up to others. We will have to make you write scripts like these so the audience can understand you. He says you people fight but then make holiday plans. Salman says when Rajiv entered the house, he was miffed with Ishaan-Miesha but then he complained against Simba-Pratik so you have become diplomatic also? You have played well in the task but don’t be diplomatic. Salman tells Shamita if she is putting in efforts in the house? You don’t get along with people. You and Tejasswi act like queens in the house and all the boys are following you. We have no issues with that but we have to investigate why it’s happening.
Salman tells the inmates that Pratik was stubborn about his point but you all thought Pratik was at a mistake. He asks Tejasswi why did she tell Pratik that he is wasting the show’s money. She asks why did she question Jay when he used 25 lacs to enter the house? Tejasswi says the situation was different, Jay thought about others but Pratik finds loopholes in getting the tasks rejected. I did convince Karan, Vishal and Jay for the voting but Pratik was stubborn and didn’t listen to the voting. Salman says the task was not about voting. Salman says we needed 2 contenders but 4 people wanted to be the captain so come only Pratik was responsible for getting the task rejected? Tejasswi says but I was able to convince Karan, Jay and Vishal. It was only Pratik who was not listening to anyone. Pratik says I was playing for myself. Salman says Simba also wanted to be the captain. Tejasswi says Pratik was not backing out which got the task rejected. Salman asks Nishant to explain. Nishant says we had to choose 2 contenders but there were 5 contenders. They all charged at Pratik and the main point of the task got lost. Tejasswi says their solution is to get the task rejected. Salman says why was only Pratik blamed for getting the task rejected? Tejasswi says we have no personal grudge against Pratik. Salman says what were the criteria for selecting 2 contenders? Nishant says who could entertain people when they fought. Salman says Pratik was a good contender so why couldn’t you choose another contender? Tejasswi says we wanted to see Vishal-Jay to fight. Salman says the truth is that you people couldn’t convince Pratik and it hurt your egos. Pratik was not wrong for standing up. Karan says we would have come to a solution if Pratik agreed. Salman says Simba was also in the line. Jay says Simba came out of nowhere at the end. He was not talking in the whole task but in the end, he said he wanted to be the captain also. Salman says you just had to choose the contender for the captaincy but you took the task too seriously. He says we gave a nomination task in which Nishant had to choose 8 inmates and then the nomination task had to happen between them but you people destroyed the task. Shamita asks Salman why did he call her queen? What am I doing wrong? Salman says you don’t have a connection with others, you are not making connections as you did in OTT. Shamita says I am trying my best. Salman says people would cheat you but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t make relationships. Shamita says when you call me queen, I look like sophisticated but I have worked so much in the house. She asks where am I am going wrong? Salman asks nobody knows that here. Shamita says Umar is saying that I asked him to beg but he is throwing coffee near me all the time. All laugh. Shamita asks Umar to talk on her face. I am not biased. Salman says this will all go on camera. Shamita laughs.

Salman tells the inmates that you both keep giving statements like jungle inmates vs. OTT. Or statements like Jay-Karan are celebrities and you can’t compete against them. Salman says we will give you another chance now. You have to tell who is useless or do you hate the most.
Simba: He says I hate Afsana because she doesn’t respond to love. He gives a useless title to Ishaan as he has become useless in love.
Umar: He gives a useless sticker to Simba as he can’t talk about his opinions. He gives a hate sticker to Shamita as she keeps calling me aggressive and illiterate but I have studied a lot.
Vishal: He gives a hate sticker to Rajiv as he is very possessive about his friends. He gives a useless sticker to Miesha.
Shamita: She gives a hate sticker to Umar as his aggression is scary. She gives a useless sticker to Ishaan as he doesn’t talk to others but Miesha only.
Rajiv: He gives a hate sticker to Vishal as he talks behind people’s backs. He gives a useless sticker to Simba as he should talk more.
Karan: He gives a useless sticker to Pratik as he should know the right path. He gives a hate sticker to Nishant as he is just giving hate to me even after our friendship for 8 years. He gives a hate sticker to Vishal also as I don’t find his ways right.
Miesha: She gives a hate sticker to Akasa. She gives a useless sticker to Ishaan as he is not even with me in the house.
Ishaan: He gives a hate sticker to Pratik as he has the wrong thought process. He gives the useless sticker to Simba as he doesn’t understand his duties.
Jay: He gives a hate sticker to Vishal as he talks behind my back. I took him as a friend but he is just my competitor now. He gives a useless sticker to Simba.
Tejasswi: She gives a hate sticker to Pratik as he argued with him. She gives a useless sticker to Simba.
Nishant: He gives a useless sticker to Afsana as she doesn’t work in the house. He gives a hate sticker to Karan as I trusted him the most.
Afsana: She gives a hate sticker to Simba and also a useless sticker to him. She says he doesn’t understand what’s happening in the house.
Akasa: She gives a useless sticker to Vishal as he doesn’t give much in the tasks. She gives a hate sticker to Pratik as he doesn’t listen to her as I care for him.
Pratik: He gives a hate sticker to Karan as he doesn’t support me at all when he calls himself my friend. He gives a useless sticker to Tejasswi as her points are useless.

Salman says the most hated are Pratik and Vishal. Simba is the useless one but it’s good useless. He ends the call.

In the House:
Vishal tells Shamita that Jay keeps talking about improvement but I have entered the house two times. They keep instigating me for no reason. They keep cornering me. He asks Rajiv what’s your grudge against me? I just felt bad when you backbit about me with Shamita. Rajiv says I talk in front of everyone. Vishal says I like you Rajiv. He hugs him.

Pratik tells Umar that these people don’t support me then why would I support them? Karan says you can talk to me directly. Pratik says if you take me a brother then show support. You keep calling me selfish but you never support me also. Karan says you don’t listen to others ever, you just find loopholes in the tasks. Karan says if you can’t see I am saying all this for your own benefit then I can’t do anything. Pratik says I am doing everything that I think is right.

On the Stage:
Rohit Shetty enters the stage with Katrina Kaif. They dance with Salman. Salman promotes their movie. They play a game with him in which they talk about Salman’s crimes and he has to do a dare. Katrina says Salman’s crime is he never follows the dance steps. She asks him to praise her. Salman says you are strong, pure, stunning, gorgeous. Salman sings a song for Katrina oh mere dil ke chain. Salman plays the game with Rohit next. Rohit says Salman’s crime is he never appeared on his show KKK. Salman says I will come next time.

Salman connects the call to the house. He tells the inmates that we have the police here because you people become aggressive in the tasks. He introduces Katrina and Rohit as police. All cheer up seeing them. Rohit says we are here to promote our movie. Rohit asks Tejasswi how are you? Tejasswi says I am good, Salman is way sweeter than you. Rohit says you have an affair with Bigg Boss? Tejasswi says everyone knows about it? Rohit says yes, Bigg Boss has run away from the show after hearing that. All laugh. Tejasswi says I worked with Rohit in a Marathi film. Rohit says Jay is always ready to fight here. Jay says I am the same, people fight here with me too much. Salman says you can direct Simba 2 with our Simba. Rohit asks him to say Singham’s dialogue. Simba says the dialogue. They all tease him so Simba laughs. Salman says Simba is doing well. Salman says Akasa sang the song aetha aa which was picturized on me and Katrina. Akasa sings aetha aa. Salman-Katrina dance on her song. All clap for her. Rohit says let’s have sweets. Tejasswi says please. Simba brings gulab jamoon from the store room. All are excited. Rohit says these are special gulab jamoons. They have to make each other eat while talking about misunderstandings of others.
Pratik: he says my misunderstanding is I think I am weak here. He makes Shamita eat as she thinks she can dominate others here. Shamita says I love you Pratik.
Akasa: She makes Tejasswi eat and says she can be wrong sometimes but her misunderstanding is she is always right.
Tejasswi: She makes Pratik eat and says he thinks I am useless but it’s his misunderstanding. Rohit laughs at her. Tejasswi says I will talk to you.
Jay: He makes Tejasswi eat as she thinks she is a good cook but she is not. All laugh.
Miesha: She makes Vishal eat and says his misunderstanding is I have become useless in love but it’s not the case.
Karan: He makes Tejasswi eat and says she has a misunderstanding about me which has hurt me. Tejasswi says he has gone crazy.
Rajiv: He says Karan’s misunderstanding is that I have a return flight to London and I will leave next week.
Shamita: She makes Pratik eat and says he has a misunderstanding that everyone is against him but it’s not the case. She hugs him.
Vishal: He makes Nishant eat and says he thinks he is always right.
Umar: He makes Nishant-Karan eat as they have a misunderstanding that their friendship broke but they should continue their friendship.

Katrina tells the inmates that you all are funny. Rohit says they are all nice except Tejasswi. He wishes them luck. Katrina asks them to dance with them. They all follow Katrina and do the hook step with her. Katrina and Rohit hug Salman and leave the house.

Salman tells the inmates that it’s time for the elimination. Vishal, Simba and Akasa are nominated. Salman says we will tell you tomorrow about the elimination. He ends the call.

In the House:
Nishant tells Jay that it’s on you how you take Vishal from now on. Jay says he is just a game player for me now. Nishant says you cut off with him but the audience doesn’t know anything about it. Jay says he calls me his best friend but then he calls me fake. Nishant says the same with Karan, his behavior is wrong. Vishal comes there and says I am shocked with Jay’s words, we are both strong personalities. I am not lying to you, I genuinely love you and never said bad about you. You were never on the opposite team for me. Jay says I mean those lines. Vishal says I am hurt also. Jay says your acts are upsetting me. Vishal says you are losing a friend.

Salman signs off from the show.

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