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Bigg Boss 15 2nd November 2021

In the House:
Kamya Punjabi tells Rajiv to not talk about personal matters if he can’t talk much. You have given too much importance to people who were not seen at all. Ishaan-Miesha should thank him. You told Miesha to not count you in her boys so you were judging a girl’s character? Ishaan says it was a joke, I don’t like the way you are talking. Kamya says everyone is watching you, what you told Miesha was totally wrong. Kamya tells Rajiv that you can entertain people so do it. Kamya tells Umar to show his potential also. We don’t see Asim in you so just have the confidence. Umar thanks her. Kamya calls Shamita and says you are always image conscious, why? Shamita says yes, I do get conscious. Kamya tells Nishant that you were amazing in OTT so keep doing that here also. Kamya tells Tejasswi that you blame Karan for bonding with everyone but you do the same thing, don’t try to dominate Karan, everyone is here to play the game. Bigg Boss asks Kamya to save one inmate from the nominations today. Kamya says I will save Karan. She wishes everyone good luck and leaves.

10:30 PM
Ishaan tells Karan that I felt bad with the way Kamya talked, I was just joking with Miesha but I would never malign Miesha’s character. Karan says Kamya doesn’t have a filter. He tells Rajiv to not comment on things which makes him look bad. Rajiv says I didn’t say anything wrong, you have a wrong thought process. Tejasswi asks Rajiv to not exaggerate this matter anymore. Rajiv says that chapter is over for me now.

11:30 PM
Tejasswi asks Miesha to eat something and give food to Ishaan also. Miesha starts crying and says I can’t cry for one person every day. I was waiting for him but he is eating alone, I will play my own game now. Tejasswi asks her to calm down and eat something. Miesha says Ishaan never talks to me and ordered me to make food. Ishaan comes there and says I can’t take a stand for her every day. Ishaan tells Miesha that I would never comment on your character, you could have defended me in front of Kamya. Miesha says she was giving her point of view, don’t tell me what I have to do all the time. Simba takes Ishaan aside and says you have to keep your ego aside, be a little down to earth. Miesha tells Karan that I didn’t want to insult Ishaan but I wouldn’t defend him in front of Kamya.

12 AM
Rajiv tells Simba that Tejasswi is always entering the conversations, she was talking about our issue with Ishaan also.

Jay tells Ishaan that don’t comment on Miesha, you said that she does all this for a game when she was holding Pratik’s hand, she is that kind of a girl. Just be careful of what you are saying. She is a girl. Miesha says I didn’t know he commented on that. Ishaan says my intentions weren’t wrong. Jay says but people won’t understand that. Just be careful, he leaves. Miesha cries and tells Ishaan how could you comment on that? You said that I am that kind of a girl? Stay away if you think that about me.

1:15 AM
Jay tells Miesha that I didn’t like Ishaan’s comment on you so I told you, don’t cry over him but take a stand for yourself. Miesha says will you take a stand for me when the time comes? Jay says I will.

Day 32
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song tunak tunak. They all dance.

10:30 AM
Rajiv tells the inmates that I clean the kitchen but you people mess it up. Nishant says they cook at night time. Rajiv says I am cleaning all the time.

11:30 AM
Tejasswi asks if Simba is cooking today? Simba has skipped his duty for 2 days now. She asks Simba to cook dinner today. Pratik says he was ready to cook yesterday but you stopped him. Tejasswi says I am just asking him to do his duty. Umar says she is just asking him. Pratik says she is taunting me, I am not crazy. Tejasswi says you think I am always targeting you. Pratik says you always taunt people.

12:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the nomination task will keep going on. He says 4 people are safe. Karan, Tejasswi, Jay and Vishal are safe. They will take one name which they want to nominate this week. We will give a chance to other inmates to convince the 4 safe inmates to not nominate them.

Nishant tells Jay that I am playing well, I deserve to be safe. Jay says I will take a fair decision.
Vishal asks Miesha what’s her game without Ishaan? Miesha says I am playing my own game. Vishal says I think you are a strong player.
Karan asks Shamita why I should save her? Shamita says I am sorry for snapping at you yesterday. Karan says it was natural so it’s fine, I was not attacking you. just clear things with me.
Pratik tells Jay that I consider myself strong, I take my stand. Jay says you are not on my list as my equation with you is different. Afsana requests Jay and says I will not fight with you. Jay says you are saying this because you want to be safe now? Afsana says it’s not like that.
Rajiv tells Karan that I have given a lot to the game, more than Ishaan-Miesha.

1:45 PM
Karan asks Pratik who should we nominate? Pratik says Ishaan doesn’t have his opinion.
Miesha tells Jay that I can’t lie to you, I don’t want to be safe.
Ishaan tells Tejasswi that I am better than Pratik, I am not selfish like him. I will stand by you in the show.

2 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan, Vishal and Jay that I don’t like Pratik’s behavior. I think Miesha is less involved in the house also. Jay says she does the most work in the house. Tejasswi says I am talking about the game. Karan says I want to nominate Ishaan-Miesha also. Ishaan has broken my trust also. Jay says I want to nominate Afsana as she doesn’t follow any rules, he says I want to take Simba’s name also as he doesn’t give much to the show. Vishal says I want to take Ishaan’s name also, I want to see Miesha play solo. I want to take Afsana’s name as she is in her own shell. Karan says I want Ishaan-Miesha to be nominated. Tejasswi says I agree with Miesha’s name. Jay says Miesha follows the rules. Tejasswi says Jay is playing safe by taking Simba’s name. Vishal says we have to come to a conclusion. Jay says I am giving the name that I think is right. Karan asks him to think about the game. Vishal says Jay is playing like Pratik. Jay argues with him. Vishal asks him to play the game and not take out his grudge. Karan tells Jay that he can take Miesha’s name or get the task rejected. It’s your decision now. He says we three agree on Miesha’s name. It’s your choice now.
Umar says if they get the task rejected then nobody can blame Pratik in the future.

Bigg Boss asks Jay, Karan, Tejasswi and Vishal about who they choose? Karan says Jay is not agreeing. Tejasswi says he is being stubborn. She tells Jay that he is inconsiderate, can’t you play the task? Jay says I want to save my own people. Tejasswi says you are playing a safe game, you are looking weak. Jay says I am doing what I think is right. Jay says I can nominate Ishaan otherwise let’s get the task rejected. Karan says let’s go.

3:45 PM
Bigg Boss asks the 4 safe inmates about their decision. Tejasswi says we have finally agreed on a name which is Miesha. Jay says I didn’t agree. Karan says it was a common name for 3 of us. Tejasswi says Jay fought for Miesha but we don’t want to get the task rejected. Bigg Boss asks if they mutually agree on this name? Jay says no. Bigg Boss says we will give you 5 minutes to mutually agree on the name otherwise one of them will get nominated.
Tejasswi asks Jay if he wants to get nominated? Jay says if the priority is between us and them then I am ready to agree. Karan says I can’t handle his behavior, he is acting like only he cares about Miesha. Jay says I am ready to agree. Tejasswi says you are making us look bad and only Jay was fighting for her. She tells Jay that he changes his decision only after Bigg Boss threatens him.

Bigg Boss Karan, Vishal, Jay and Tejasswi if they have a mutual decision? Vishal says yes, we want to nominate Miesha. Bigg Boss says Miesha is nominated now. She says okay.

Tejasswi tells Jay that you were stubborn about saving Miesha but every time Bigg Boss has to threaten you to change your decision, why can’t you stick to your decision? Every single time, you change your decision and you look bad. Jay says I was saving my friend but when it comes to me then I will save myself.

4:15 PM
Miesha hugs Jay and says I have nothing against you. Jay says I chose you against Ishaan, they wanted to nominate you but I wanted to protect you as I am your friend.

4:30 PM
Miesha tells Shamita that Vishal told me that he wouldn’t take my name but Jay told me that Vishal wanted to nominate me. Vishal doesn’t follow his words. Tejasswi is always following me around but then she nominates me? I don’t have a connection with Karan so it’s fine if he nominated me. I just don’t like Vishal and Tejasswi nominating me. Shamita asks her to use her remaining days wisely.

5 PM
Karan reads the nomination task. The remaining inmates will play a task. Shamita will choose one safe inmate to play for her as she has a finger injury. Miesha is nominated so she won’t be part of it. In the task, there is a coconut tree, when the buzzer plays then the inmates have to collect coconuts in their baskets, the coconuts will be thrown from the tree by the safe inmates. They have to protect their own baskets. When the round ends, then the referee will announce who has the most number of coconuts. The winner of that round will nominate someone else. There will be 4 rounds in the task. Shamita says I feel bad that someone else has to play for me. Shamita says I will choose Vishal to play for me. She thanks Vishal. He says don’t be stressed.

5:30 PM
Umar tells Ishaan that let’s make a team with Afsana, we will play together. Ishaan says done.
Pratik tells Nishant and Simba to attack Ishaan. Vishal says I will support you. We can’t let Umar play. Pratik says let’s target Ishaan first.
Rajiv tells Ishaan that don’t attack Shamita or Simba. Ishaan says we might have to attack Simba. Ishaan hides Simba’s basket. Simba asks where is my basket? Bigg Boss says it’s against the rules to take someone’s basket before the task starts. Afsana takes out Simba’s basket from the cupboard. Pratik says Umar hid it, Umar says I didn’t take Simba’s basket. Pratik gives Simba his basket back. Jay says you people can’t do this before the task starts. Umar shouts at Pratik to not blame him when he didn’t do anything.

5:30 PM
Karan tells Jay and Tejasswi that we will decide who will get more coconuts as we will throw the coconuts from the tree. Jay says they can snatch from each other also. Tejasswi says that will be one of them.

5:45 PM
The first round starts, Tejasswi-Jay throws some coconuts from the tree. All inmates fight to collect them. Simba snatches from Umar. Umar shouts at him. Pratik snatches the coconuts from the tree. Simba and Umar take coconuts from the tree also. Jay says you people can’t do that, we have to lose the coconuts. Ishaan says Pratik snatched the coconuts from the tree first. Karan tells Tejasswi and Jay that Pratik can’t do that, it was against the rules. Tejasswi says let’s disqualify him. Karan says Umar and Simba took the coconuts also. Karan says let’s disqualify Pratik, Simba, Umar and Ishaan. Tejasswi says Pratik started it so he should be disqualified only.
Vishal tells Umar that I will play on your side in this round so don’t fight with me.
Tejasswi asks Simba who started this? Simba says Umar started pulling on the coconuts. Tejasswi says don’t lie, Pratik started it. Karan says they all should be punished. Karan shouts at Ishaan for snatching the coconuts from the tree. Pratik says I just took the coconuts which were hanging down. Jay says Pratik didn’t cheat technically. Jay says if Pratik did a mistake then Ishaan has done the same thing also. Tejasswi says Ishaan gave back the coconuts he took but Pratik didn’t. She tells Karan and Jay to play a fair game.

6:15 PM
The rounds end. Bigg Boss asks the referees about who has the most number of coconuts and won this round? Jay-Karan-Tejasswi count the coconuts for everyone. Umar and Pratik argue over cheating in the game. Rajiv shouts at Pratik for cheating. Umar gets his coconuts and Karan counts them. Pratik says his coconuts were not in his basket. Umar says I gave mine to Afsana.
Tejasswi tells the inmates that cheating was done and Pratik started it. She says Afsana won this round even if Pratik had more coconuts but he cheated. Bigg Boss asks Afsana that she won the round so who will she nominate? Afsana says I am nominating Simba for cheating in the task.

7 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan-Jay that it looks like you are taking Pratik’s side. Karan says it’s not like that.

Vishal tells Rajiv that I will target Afsana-Ishaan first.

Simba tells Pratik that I will play the task, I will support you. Pratik says let’s play our solo game. Just win the task and get Umar/Ishaan nominated.

7:15 PM
Jay tells the inmates that if someone snatches the coconuts from the tree then I will disqualify them. Jay loses the coconuts from the tree and all inmates fight to get them. Simba pushes Ishaan and he falls down. Rajiv and Pratik fight. Ishaan, Umar and Simba are trying to get the coconuts from each other. Nishant fights with Umar. Vishal tries to get coconuts from Nishant also. Ishaan shouts at Simba for being aggressive. Simba shouts at him that I am playing a game but Umar is cursing me. Ishaan says you were saying that you would slap me. Jay asks Simba to calm down. Pratik asks Simba to calm down. Ishaan says Simba is pushing people. Umar says I didn’t curse Simba. Simba says I clearly heard it. I was playing my game but you cursed me. Karan asks Simba to calm down. Simba says Umar is a ****, he throws away the chair in anger. Vishal asks Simba to calm down. Karan says don’t take it on ego. Simba says it’s my weakness, he can’t curse me like that. Umar says I didn’t curse at you. Karan asks Simba to calm down.

Jay drops some more coconuts from the tree. They all fight to get them. Simba runs behind Ishaan but Umar grabs him. Simba tries to attack Afsana but Umar-Ishaan pull him back. Simba tackles Umar to the ground. Pratik tries to attack Afsana but Ishaan protects her. Afsana says Vishal is cheating. Karan asks what did he do? Afsana says he stole my coconuts. The buzzer plays and the round ends.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks the referees about who won this round? Tejasswi counts Vishal’s coconuts. She counts for Ishaan and Simba. Jay says Simba has the most number of coconuts so he won this round. Vishal asks Pratik and Simba to nominate Afsana. Pratik says we have to nominate Umar or Ishaan as Simba is already nominated. Bigg Boss asks Simba who he wants to nominate? Simba says I am nominating Umar as he cursed my ******. Umar says I had a valid reason. Simba asks him to shut up. Bigg Boss asks Simba to give his final name. Simba says I am nominating Umar as he plays an unfair game, he doesn’t deserve to be here. Umar says you just woke up and saying that I don’t deserve to be here. Simba says I will see you outside. Umar charges at him. They both curse at each other. Umar says you are a *****, Simba says you are a ****. Pratik keeps Simba away from them. Ishaan asks him to get lost. Pratik says you both were cursing at Simba. Ishaan says you were targeting Afsana, she is a girl. Pratik says she is part of the task. Ishaan says she is a girl but you have no shame. Umar says Afsana can’t fight with you physically. Miesha says if the game was equal then they would send a girl and a boy in the sultani ring. Afsana shouts at Pratik to not touch her, if you touch me then I won’t spare you. Pratik says I am playing my task. Umar says if he touches you then don’t spare him at all. Pratik asks her to get lost.

Shamita tells Karan that Simba got nominated because of an unfair decision. Afsana comes there and tells Simba to not touch her. Simba shouts at her. Umar says Simba is being aggressive. Simba charges at him and says I won’t spare you. Umar and Simba get into a heated fight but Karan tries to keep Simba calm.

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