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Bigg Boss 15 29th October 2021

Day 27
7:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan if he thinks Nishant-Pratik-Shamita are playing a game then tell me, I didn’t notice it before but I am seeing now that they get united when there is something going on. Karan says if it’s their natural instinct to protect each other then I don’t blame them. Tejasswi says but you were blaming them that they get united against us but we are not united like them. You are right about all that but after that discussion, you went behind Shamita and Nishant. You are telling 10 people to go against them but then you and sit with them like nothing is wrong. You allege them but then you act friendly with them. You don’t destroy your bond with Shamita and Nishant. These people are innocent but I can clearly see that you are protecting your bond with Shamita and Nishant. Karan says Nishant was hurt that I passed some personal comments so I clarified it with him. I don’t play double games so trust me. Tejasswi says you sound a hypocrite, you say something but you completely opposite. You can’t fool me with all this. I know for a fact that you will go behind Shamita and Nishant after all this.

7:30 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that Pratik is at fault for all this but all others are at fault too. Shamita says Pratik is supporting something wrong. Nishant says Pratik is being an idiot. Shamita says I don’t want to support Pratik in this. Nishant says Pratik likes people against him, it’s his way of playing. Shamita says but why are we getting crushed in all this? We can’t support him in this. Let him fight on his own. Nishant says I will stop talking if this goes on. Shamita says then we can become Simba and have no say in the game. I am just frustrated with the game.

8:30 PM
Jay tells Karan that what you said about OTT members was right but it felt like you were targeting them. Karan says but they all become united whenever they need be. Jay says but they have a bond like we have a bond. I just didn’t like you pointing them out just because they are from OTT.

9:15 PM
Karan tells Shamita that my reaction was real. Pratik is my friend but I can’t keep bearing his stupidity. I blamed you and Nishant for taking Pratik’s side again so I thought it’s your plan to stick together whenever there is a situation. I am not against you just because you are an OTT member, I was stupid to say all those things. Shamita says you are a human and you can make mistakes. Karan says it will never happen again. Shamita says stop being so hard on yourself, it’s fine.

9:30 PM
Tejasswi asks Nishant if he is breaking up with Karan? Nishant says I won’t even share bed with him today. I am getting irritated with Karan. I am not dumb enough. I could sense his tone and I didn’t like it. Tejasswi says you will patch up with him soon so think about what you are saying. I was fighting with Pratik for everyone, he goes wrong. He said that if I don’t want to be the captain then I should leave the house. Pratik comes there and says you worked hard in the task so you deserve to be the captain. Tejasswi says but we have to be careful sometime, we got the task rejected. Pratik says I don’t blame anyone for all this. We got the task rejected because we all were stubborn, not just me. Tejasswi says you have to look at a bigger picture. Pratik says I think you can be a better captain then Vishal and Jay. Tejasswi says I know.

11 PM
Karan sadly looks at Tejasswi. She asks what happened? He says nothing. She says we will talk tomorrow as you are not feeling fine. Karan says I am fine now as you are talking to me. Tejasswi asks if he is fine now? Karan says I am a little sensitive and I thought you should know I felt a little bad. Tejasswi says you tried to twist my words, you said I don’t want you to talk to Nishant and Shamita. I don’t care if you talk to them or not. I just don’t like you blaming them and then go behind them as a friend. Just don’t say things without thinking. I can’t be a friend who will agree to you all the time. Karan says no, you made me realize I was wrong. I said sorry to Shamita. Tejassswi says what? You did wrong with other inmates and not with Shamita-Nishant. You should apologize to all others and not to Shamita. Karan asks why? Tejasswi says you blamed Shamita-Nishant but then you go and protect your bond with them. Karan says I did a mistake. Tejasswi says did you give me credit that I made you realize your mistake? Karan says I did.

11:15 PM
Karan and Nishant lie on their bed. Nishant looks away from Karan. Tejasswi laughs at them. She asks Karan to say goodnight to her. Karan says I am not feeling well. Karan hugs her and says goodnight. Nishant says I want to sleep. Tejasswi says this is awkward. Karan ignores Nishant. Tejasswi and Nishant silently joke about him.

12:30 AM
Miesha tells Rajiv to not think about what happened. Rajiv starts crying so Miesha consoles him and says you didn’t do anything wrong. Rajiv says I never want bad for anyone. Miesha says we are all fond of you. Rajiv says people say things in anger. Miesha says you can’t go back and change anything. Rajiv says I don’t judge anyone, he asks Miesha to not break Ishaan’s heart, he won’t be able to bear it. Miesha says what if he breaks my heart? Rajiv says he won’t break your heart, he is not like that.

Day 28
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song paisa paisa. They all dance.

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