Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 23rd October 2021

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says all inmates are in the house but they got played by Bigg Boss. He says we gave a task to the inmates.

In the House:
Nishant reads the task in which Karan, Shamita and Jay will be rated by the inmates on the basis of:
– 100% original
– 100% fake
– 50-50 fake-original

At the end of the task, all inmates have to rate these three. They start with:
Umar: He rates Karan 100% original, jay 50-50, he says Shamita is 100% fake.
Ishaan: He rates Karan-Jay as 100% original, he rates Shamita 50-50.
Miesha: She rates Jay 100% original, she rates 50-50% Karan, she rates 50-50% for Shamita.
Simba: He rates Karan as 100% original, Jay and Shamita as 50-50%.
Vishal: He says Shamita doesn’t need me, she didn’t favor me in the task. She didn’t let me cheat on the last task. He rates Shamita as 100% original. He rates as Karan as 50-50. He rates Jay as 100% fake. Vishal says he asked Karan and Tejasswi promised to give back the money but then he wasted 25 lacs. Pratik says no one will give prize money from their own pockets. Vishal says I am still ready to give money from my own pocket. Jay says Vishal is fake as he keeps saying he is poor but then he agreed to pay the money from his own pocket. Vishal asks him to not shout.
Tejasswi: She says Jay didn’t do anything wrong as he didn’t want to put others in trouble. She rates Jay as 100% original. She says Shamita kept changing her stance in the house about the luxury budget. She gets influenced by Vishal. She rates Karan as 50-50. She rates Shamita as 100% fake.
Akasa: She says Karan is 100% original. She rates Jay as 50-50. She rates Shamita as 50-50% fake.
Pratik: He says Jay was being unfair with me in the task but then he backed off yesterday. rates Jay as 100% fake. Jay says I didn’t have a choice, I couldn’t put others’ future in danger. Pratik says but you didn’t care about my future. Pratik says Karan can’t control his anger against his own friends, he rates Karan 50-50. Pratik rates Shamita as 50-50.
Afsana: She rates Karan 100% original. She rates Shamita as 50-50. She rates Jay as 100% fake.
Nishant: He rates Karan as 100% original. He rates Shamita as 50-50. He rates Jay as 100% fake.

The inmates vote for the positions. They rate like this:
Karan: 100% original
Shamita: 50-50 fake-original
Jay: 100% fake.

On the Stage:
Salman says there will be a wild card entry in the house soon. He connects the call to the house. Salman says you rated Karan, Shamita and Jay. Salman asks Jay. Jay says I just follow my words, there are so many fake people here but I am not. I try my best to win the trophy but money is important to me. Salman asks Shamita why 50-50? Shamita says this is me, it’s difficult to be a judge in the task. Salman asks Karan what he thinks about getting 100% original? Karan says I am happy. Salman asks if he is original because he is throwing people around? We will talk about it later on. Just use your mind. Karan says I did a mistake. Salman says you got saved because Pratik didn’t take any action against you but don’t be violent in the tasks. Salman ends the call.

BigG enters the stage and welcomes Hina. She sings Lag Ja gale. She hugs Salman. He says you are back? Hina says it’s a love from both sides. Salman asks who is your target? Hina says they are all comfortable so I will shake them up. Salman asks who is your favorite? She says I like Karan’s game but he shouldn’t use violence, I like Tejasswi also. She says I want them to be hygienic and entertain people. I will do a BootCamp in the house. Salman sends her into the house.

In the House:
Hina Khan enters the house. All inmates greet her. Afsana says you look fat today but you are my favorite. Hina laughs and says all are your favorite? Afsana says no, you are my favorite. Hina says I will give my view. She tells Karan that you are playing well but don’t be violent. She tells Pratik that you are doing well. She tells Jay that you are a good player but don’t show your vulnerable side. Hina says I will conduct a BootCamp here. She says the first class is about cleanliness. Hina says Ishaan, Vishal, Umar and Simba will do mopping shirtless. Hina praises Vishal’s body. Hina asks Shamita to put sauces on her gown. Shamita says this is a designer dress. Hina laughs and says I am joking. She asks Shamita to throw sauces on the table. She makes the boys make an apron and they have to clean the sauce without using their hands. First Vishal-Umar. They all start twerking on the table and dance on tera buzz. All cheer for them. Hina asks Tejasswi to rate Vishal, she says 5 on 5. Akasa says I want to rate 5 on 5. She says Vishal 4 on 5. Shamita rates 4 on 5. Miesha rates 5 on 5. Afsana rates 5 on 5 for Umar and 4 on 5 for Vishal. Hina says next is Simba-Ishaan. They both start dancing zara zara. They both start dancing s*xily. All cheer for them. Hina laughs and says Simba can’t clean in the house. Shamita rates Simba 3 out of 5, 4 out of 5 for Ishaan. Miesha rates Simba 4.8 out of 5, 4.9 out of 5 for Ishaan. Afsana rates them 4.5 out of 5. Tejasswi rejects them both. Akasa says 5 out of 5 for Simba. Hina asks the girls to announce the best dancer. They all make Umar the winner. Vishal comes there wearing a towel and says I don’t have washed clothes. I don’t have many clothes and my clothes were destroyed in this task. Shamita asks him to calm down, don’t do drama right now. Miesha helps him in cleaning up. Shamita goes to the washroom area and says I will wear a towel only. I don’t have clothes to destroy. Hina gets awkward seeing his temper. Nishant says drama vibes. Vishal asks Nishant to not call him a dramaqueen. Vishal comes there wearing a towel. Shamita says we all do tasks. Umar says you can wear my clothes. Vishal says I am fine.
Hina tells the inmates that we will do a class on the organization of the home. She asks Ishaan-Miesha to fold the bedsheet but you have to dance. They dance on lahu munh lag gaya while folding the sheet. Ishaan s*xily dances with her. Hina asks other inmates to rate their chemistry. Pratik says it was amazing. Hina asks if he will fold a bedsheet with someone? Pratik says I will do it with Nishant. Hina says my favorite pair is Karan-Nishant. She asks them to show chemistry. Nishant and Karan dance on zara zara mehekta hai while folding the sheet. All laugh at them. Nishant falls in Karan’s arms. Karan lifts him. Nishant dances around him. All clap for them. Tejasswi says they were better than Ishaan-Miesha. Hina claps for them and says their chemistry was amazing.
Hina says the next class will be on pain. She says we will do the waxing task. She calls Jay and Afsana. Hina says I will ask questions to Afsana and if she agrees then she will wax Jay’s feet. She asks Afsana if her fiance’s name is Saanjh? She says yes and waxes Jay’s leg, he screams in pain. Hina asks Afsana if Ishaan-Miesha are cute? Afsana says yes and waxes him again. Hina asks Afsana if her surname is Khan? Afsana says yes and waxes on his hand. Hina says the next players are Shamita-Karan. Hina asks Shamita if she is missing Raqesh? She says yes and waxes on his leg. Hina asks Shamita if Nishant disappointed her this week? Shamita says yes and waxes Karan’s hand. Jay says let’s wax his chest. Hina asks Shamita if she takes Vishal as her brother? She says yes and waxes Karan’s chest. He screams in pain.
Hina says the next task is about food. She says we will make Tejasswi eat from Karan’s hands. Hina says Karan will make her eat strawberries with mustard sauce but Tejasswi can’t show disgust, she will act like it’s tasty. Karan makes her eat and she tries to keep smiling. Karan dips marshmallows in Szechuan sauce and makes her eat. Next is Pratik-Akasa. Akasa makes him eat marshmallows in Szechuan sauce and he tries to keep smiling. Hina asks Akasa to praise him. Akasa says he makes me wake up by slapping me, so nice. Akasa makes him eat strawberries and applies Szechuan sauce on his lips. Pratik laughs and says it burns. Hina wishes them luck and dances on paani paani. They all dance. Hina leaves.

Tejasswi tells Jay why does Vishal keep talking about money and clothes. Nishant asks Jay if he is friends with Vishal? Jay says I am not. Nishant says you should count on me. Jay says I do, I don’t understand Vishal’s game. He is too much me and myself. Tejasswi tells Karan that Vishal grabbed Shamita because he wants to be seen with her, I feel bad for Shamita. Karan says Shamita doesn’t like Pratik-Nishant so she finds solace in Shamita.
Shamita asks Vishal why did you keep talking about clothes in front of a guest.

Karan tells Vishal that you are playing a good game but you go off. Vishal says I am not playing any game with Shamita. Karan says I know you are not hurting anyone. Vishal says my friendship with Shamita is real and it can backfire for me also. Karan says but she also favors you, the perception is that you are always playing a game.
Tejasswi tells Umar that Vishal thinks he is running a game. Tejasswi says he didn’t like that I was above him in the ranking task.

On the Stage:
Salman tells the audience that there will be a new wild card entry Rajiv. The clip shows celebrities praising Rajiv and his entertainment level. Salman says let’s see who is Rajiv. He calls Rajiv Adatia on the stage. Salman says you know so many celebrities, what do you do? Rajiv says I have an events company, I have good friends. I am from London so my hindi is not good so let’s see, I will have so much fun in the house. Rajiv says I have been following the season so let’s see. He says I don’t like Vishal’s game, he is manipulative and two-faced. He says I like Karan’s game, Shamita is loyal and entertaining, I have a soft spot for her as I know her personally. He says I know a few people in the house already. Salman says you have to tell what you think about the inmates when I take their names. Rajiv’s answers:
Karan: He is controlling
Vishal: Manipulative and two-faced
Ishaan: blinded by love
Miesha: She is smart
Akasa: weak
Shamita: loyal and entertaining
Pratik: coconut (hard on the outside and soft on the inside)
Tejasswi: intelligent
Umar: clueless
Simba: invisible
Afsana: bomb
Jay: a player
Nishant: a snake

Salman tells Rajiv I wish you all the best when you go in the house. Rajiv says I will have fun. Salman sends him into the house.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman tells the inmates that I will tell you statements and you have to guess who said that. You have to apply the foam on their faces. Salman says someone said Jay’s reasoning about money was stupidity and he is revengeful. Jay says Umar must have done it, he applies foam on him. Salman says it’s not Umar. Salman says someone said that Jay keeps grudges in his heart. Jay says Vishal must have said it. Salman says wrong. Salman says someone said that Jay doesn’t understand what’s right or wrong. Jay says it must be Pratik, Salman says wrong. Salman says someone said that Jay doesn’t understand the tasks. He guesses it to be Shamita. Jay says Nishant must have said it. Salman says someone said that Jay thought he would enter the house anyway so he held on to his principles but then went back on his words. Jay says it must be Karan. Salman says wrong.
Salman says someone said about Tejasswi that she has no individual game and wants to be seen with me that’s why. Tejasswi guesses it to be Vishal. Salman says correct. Salman says someone said that Tejasswi wants to play the game in the kitchen also that’s why she used the prize money. Tejasswi guesses it to be Shamita. Salman says someone said that Tejasswi is not real, she is all about herself. Tejasswi says Salman is not scolding me so I am not wrong. She guesses it to be Pratik. Salman says wrong.
Salman says someone said about Shamita that she might mess up in the illusion room trying to be fair. Shamita says guesses it to be Vishal but Salman says wrong, Shamita says guesses it to be Karan. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Manish Paul on the stage. Manish says I am here for the first time, this season is going well. I want to help you with hosting. Salman says it’s your forte. Manish says I will do a segment in which I will spill secrets. He says I will ask you questions first. He asks Salman if he is scared of his father still? Salman says never, I respect him. Manish asks if he will deny hosting BB16? Salman says silence is the answer. Manish says now you have to dance with me. Salman dances with him. Manish jokes around with Salman and they both do some hook steps together. Salman sends him.

In the House:
Manish enters the house and all are excited to see him. Manish says there are cameras everywhere but maybe Ishaan-Miesha don’t know that. Jay says if you are with them then you will be seen on Voot only. All laugh. Manish says let’s do some action. He asks Nishant to create hook steps for everyone. He asks for Karan. Nishant does a tackling step for Karan. He makes a classy hook step for Shamita. All laugh. Manish says I will show you photos and you have to tell me what’s going on. He shows a black and white photo of Vishal-Tejasswi-Jay. The next photo is of Pratik hitting Nishant’s bum. Nishant says they all are crazy about my bum. All laugh. The next photo is Ishaan-Miesha hugging each other in the blanket.
Manish says to the inmates that I will ask you to give spice titles to each other. he gives ‘jealous spice’ to Jay and asks who should have it? Jay says I think Vishal is a ‘jealous spice’.

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