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Bigg Boss 15 1st January 2022

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He welcomes Dharam on the stage and says he is here to celebrate the new year with us. Salman asks who he is enjoyed working with most? Dharam says I enjoy working with everyone.

Salman connects the call to the house and wishes them a new year. He says Dharamji is here. All welcome him. Dharam says I am happy to see you all. Dharam says Rakhi I love you. Rakhi laughs and says love you too. Dharam says Rakhi is the only one who can entertain anyone in the world. Salman says they have prepared a performance for you.

Nishant, Rakhi and Shamita start the performance on rafta rafta song. All boys join them and dance. Then Tejasswi, Rashami, Devo dance with Abhijeet on yamla pagla deewana. All inmates dance together to the song. Salman claps for them and says Karan-Umar are the worst dancers in the world. Umar says it’s my birthday. Dharam wishes him a birthday and blesses him. Umar says thank you so much. Salman says Karan and Tejasswi are having an affair in the house. Dharam blesses them. Salman says Abhijeet wants to become a Prime Minister. Abhijeet says I want to serve my country. Dharam says it’s very difficult to handle a country. Salman brings lassi for Dharam. The inmates also get lassi in the house. They all enjoy it. Abhijeet sings aaj mausam for Dharam. Salman asks Dharam to re-enact Sholay scene. Dharam does it, all clap for him. Bharti Singh enters the stage as Basanti. She dances with Dharamji. Bharti says I am a big fan of Dharam, Dharam says I must be dreaming. Bharti says I have to ignore Salman today as Dharam is here and Salman is always here. Salman laughs. Bharti dances with Dharam on Aaj Mausam. Bharti shows Dharam’s video of swimming and gyming. Bharti says Salman got bitten by a snake. Salman says there was a snake in my house, I grabbed it but it bit me. Then I went to the hospital but I am fine now. Bharti says Salman has made the snake famous also. Bharti says I am the real Basanti here. Salman says all girls in the house want to be Basanti also. Bharti says let’s have a challenge.

Bharti says Tejasswi’s challenge is to sing. Tejasswi sings raat bhi na hile. Bharti says Shamita’s challenge is to dance. Shamita dances gracefully. Bharti asks Rakhi to dance also. Rakhi dances with energy. Bharti says Rashami-Devo will dance together. They dance on tinku jiya. Bharti says I will do the last performance. Bharti re-enacts the basanti scene with Dharam. She dances around Dharam. Bharti tells Pratik and Umar to go and change. They come out after changing into a skirt. Salman says they will do arm fighting. They both try to each other. Umar wins against Pratik. Bharti asks them to go and change. Bharti tickles Salman and he laughs. Bharti blesses Salman and wishes everyone a new year. She leaves the stage. Salman ends the call. He dances with Dharam and takes him off-stage.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s talk to inmates about not taking tasks seriously. There will be a big twist tomorrow as we will send 4 new contestants. The contestants will be
1. Vishal Singh
2. Surbhi Chandna
3. Akanksha Puri
4. Munmun Dutta.

Salman says they will enter another secret house. These old inmates have become laid back but we will give them a shock tomorrow.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says you should clap for yourself. All look on. Salman makes them wear graduation caps and says they have become Ph.D. in getting the tasks rejected. He says Bigg Boss listened to you all week. He asks Bigg Boss to open the main door. The main door is opened. Salman asks them who do they think are top 5 finalists. They agree on Nishant, Pratik, Umar, Tejasswi and Karan are top finalists. He says all others can leave the house. All are confused. Salman says you will get this task rejected also? They start leaving the house. Shamita says they are taking their friends’ names. Salman asks them to come back. Salman says you didn’t question me when I asked you to leave? Shamita says it was out of respect for you. Salman says if you can take the top 5 names right now then why can’t you play the tasks? You don’t want to disrespect me but you can disrespect the audience and Bigg Boss? Shamita says we did the task with full energy but others plot to get the task rejected. Salman says it feels like you people think we give you tasks just to fill the week. We keep trying to bring new tasks to make the show interesting but you keep disrespecting the show. He asks Karan why are they not interested in getting the ticket to the finale? Karan says we didn’t think about disappointing the fans. Salman says don’t lie. Karan says we were just confused. Salman says you don’t have much time left. He asks Umar why is he not interested in doing the task? Umar says I was ready to play the task. Salman says do you know the value of this task? Umar says yes. Salman says even then the tasks are getting rejected, why? Umar says they got us nominated and then I had to play for them. Salman says you said right now that Pratik should be in the top 5 so why didn’t you play for him? Umar says Pratik didn’t request me to play for him. Shamita promised to keep me as a priority so I was ready to play for her. Salman says you think Pratik is deserving but you didn’t play for him because he didn’t talk to you? Umar says yes. Salman says if you are a doctor and someone is ill, if he doesn’t come to you then you will say to let them die? You don’t show any empathy. Umar says I was ready to support Shamita. Salman says she is not even in your top 5 list. Umar says because I know she will be fair. Salman sees Abhijeet yawning and asks him to go to sleep. He says no sir. Salman gets angry at him and asks him to leave. He asks Abhijeet to go to sleep. Abhijeet leaves. Salman says I am standing here as a **** and he is sleepy? Salman tells Umar to let go of the past and play sincerely. Pratik says Umar wanted me to promise him that I will favor him. Salman says that’s not the point. Shamita says Salman is saying that if we are clear about our top 5 list then why are we not playing for them in the tasks. Salman says for example, Rashami was in season 13 and in one task, she had a chance to get the ticket to the finale from Paras, what did you do? Salman says you got it for Mahira and that decision got you eliminated from the show. Rashami says yes. Salman asks why would the audience vote for you when you are not playing for yourself? Think about it. You people are not interested in winning then why would they vote for you? Abhijeet is standing near the bedroom door and says sorry. Salman shouts at him to stop it, he asks him to go and sleep.
Salman tells the inmates that some theories are doing rounds that you people were promised to be sent to the finale week in your contracts? The inmates deny it. Salman says another theory is that the audience will vote for you so you don’t need to play the tasks. The inmates say we are not thinking like that. Salman says we heard Umar telling Rashami that Bigg Boss makers won’t throw Tejasswi out of the show, they are not crazy. Umar says I meant that Tejasswi is a strong contestant. Salman says that Rashami was not strong in season 13. Umar says Rashami was scared this week. Rashami says I was irritated with people’s behavior with me. Salman says so if someone is not performing but they are Colors faces so they will remain on the show? Umar says I didn’t mean that. Salman says no one has an unfair advantage. Salman says people kept saying that Rakhi was unfair last week but Rakhi didn’t have power this week so why did the task got rejected again? Shamita says we played the task this week. Salman says it’s not always about you. He asks Karan what happened this week? Karan says I thought why should I win the finale ticket for my competitor. Salman says you said that Nishant and Pratik are in the top 5 but you wouldn’t play for them? Karan says why would I support them and make them a winner? Salman says you think you were fair this week? Karan says I was not. Salman says thank you for being honest. Salman says you do things as per your convenience. Salman asks Shamita you made a big scene last week but why were you so understanding this week? Shamita says I supported Karan last week but he didn’t support us this week and I questioned him. Salman says but the way you questioned you Rakhi vs. the way you questioned Karan was the same? Shamita says Rakhi was the judge of the task. Salman says so if the judge gets the task rejected then it’s wrong but if the contestant gets the task rejected then it’s okay? Shamita says it’s not like that, I did everything in my power this week. I wanted to play the task. Salman says we are not saying that you didn’t play. Salman asks Karan the way Shamita questioned you was the same as the way she questioned Rakhi? Karan says not at all. Shamita says so you want me to be violent with Karan also? Salman says that’s your decision. Rakhi says Shamita was taking out a grudge on me but she was being nice to Karan. Shamita says Rakhi’s behavior with me is not good while Karan talks to me nicely so I reciprocate similarly. Shamita tells Salman that I wanted to genuinely play this week. Salman shouts Shamita! what the f*ck, did anyone tell you that you are not putting in an effort? Why do you keep going on and on? Shamita cries and says I take you as my mentor, why are you saying that my attitude toward Rakhi is wrong? I am not an unfair person. Salman says we can see that. Shamita cries and wipes her tears. Salman says the difference between last week and this week is that Rakhi was trying to complete the task last week. But this week, you people faked doing the task. Salman says Karan, Tejasswi, Umar, Rashami and Abhijeet were just pretending to do the task. He tells Shamita that I was not pointing at you, I didn’t question you. I am talking and you interfered with me, this is rubbish. You are part of this house so your name will come up. There are no privileges here. Salman says Umar was out in the snowman task but Rakhi allowed him to play so Karan-Tejasswi turned a blind eye but other than that they keep talking about fairness and unfairness of others. You all take stands as per your convenience. Tejasswi says I want to say something. Salman says you can convey it later on. Tejasswi says it was Rakhi’s decision to allow Umar to play. Salman says the audience can understand your intentions. Tejasswi says I know. Salman tells Tejasswi that you are not understanding the bigger point. Salman says the problem is that you have not shown interest in the ticket to finale tasks for the last three weeks. He asks them to think about it and ends the call.

In the House:
Tejasswi says I wanted to talk to him but you people don’t allow me. She cries and says nobody allows me to talk. Karan says don’t blame it on others, you have to butt in if you want to talk.
Shamita cries and tells Rakhi that I don’t have an issue with you, people keep shouting at me. You made fun of my injury. Rakhi says I ended that matter. That topic was brought up so I talked today. Shamita says you think I have some personal grudge against you. You want a reaction from me. Rakhi says you pushed me and I was hurt but I didn’t say a word to you. Shamita says I get physiotherapy every day here. Rakhi says I had surgery. Shamita says so what? I don’t want to talk about it. Shamita comes to Nishant and says her surgery was done years ago but I had an injury recently, I just want to understand what wrong have I done? We do everything with effort but we get fired along with others.
Rakhi tells Karan that Shamita talks to you nicely but she gets angry on me for the same thing. Umar says because he is handsome. Rakhi says she is jealous of my bond with Karan? All boys are mine. She hugs Karan and Umar.

Nishant tells Shamita that you don’t have to take it on yourself. Shamita says but if he is talking about me then I have to give my point. Nishant says you are doing it extra after thinking a lot. He clearly told you that it was not about you.

Shamita cries and tells Karan that why do I get ready for weekend ka vaar. Karan says the situation was different.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that Shamita doesn’t a word for the whole week but she gets upset on the weekend ka vaar on everyone? Nishant goes to Shamita. Karan is there. Tejasswi comes there and asks Karan didn’t you just floss? Why are you back here again? Karan says I had to floss again. Tejasswi says cool, carry on. She leaves from there. Nishant consoles Shamita and says you are thinking too much.

Karan comes to Tejasswi. She says don’t lie to me, don’t do this drama in front of me. Karan says I am not. Tejasswi says I hate liars, look at the sh*t you do. You should go back to her as it looks like I took you from there. I feel guilty. Tejasswi tells Karan that I have a question. Karan says I don’t want any negative questions. Tejasswi says you think I am negative? Karan says you keep irritating me, he leaves from there.
Karan sits with Nishant and says she keeps taunting me, she has become negative now. Nishant says just calm down, she will be fine and Shamita will be fine also. Karan says I went to floss there and saw Shamita crying so I just asked her out of courtesy then Tejasswi came there and started questioning me.

On the Stage:
Salman tells everyone that Bharti-Harsh went into the house to celebrate New Year with the inmates.

In the House:
Bharti and Harsh enter the house. They wish them a happy New Year. Harsh says everyone is asking why Rakhi is back every year? Whenever they have content tension, they bring Rakhi here. Bharti says maybe Rakhi is having an affair with Bigg Boss. Harsh says Shamita looks cute even when she is fighting. She has the guts to fight with Rakhi, even chudails are scared of Rakhi. Rakhi says I am sisterhood with Shamita. Harsh says I am a fan of Shamita’s attitude. Harsh says let’s talk about Pratik. Bharti says when Pratik talks, it looks like he has ice in his mouth. Bharti says Devo and Pratik are close these days. Harsh says Abhijeet is getting angry. Abhijeet says not at all. Abhijeet says she is a nice girl. Bharti says let’s talk about Umar. These brothers think Bigg boss is about getting girls. Umar laughs. Harsh says Abhijeet’s hairstyle has become famous. Karan says Abhijeet was standing in the kitchen and I thought it was Tejasswi. Bharti laughs. Bharti says people are making videos on Karan and Tejasswi’s fights with emotional songs. Karan says people find it cute because they are not going through the pain. Tejasswi says I will beat you. Harsh says let’s talk about Rashami, Devo and Rakhi. Bharti says they must have a stall outside the house, when the season starts they call them back.

Harsh tells the inmates that we will play a dating app kind of a game. If you agree to with something then swipe right and if you don’t like it then swipe left. He says the girls will try to impress Abhijeet first.
Abhijeet: Devo gives a flower to Abhijeet and says this is for your friendship. Abhijeet accepts it. Shamita is next, she says I love Abhijeet so much, I will wash your hair but your underwear, do you like me? Abhijeet says I accept her. Rashami is next, she says Abhijeet is so hot and happening, he looks handsome today. Abhijeet swipes right on her also. Tejasswi is next, she calls him dada so he swipes left. Rakhi is next, she says my brother is a good man, people should accept him as a PM. Abhijeet accepts her.
Rakhi: Harsh says we will ask you some questions and you have to swipe right or left. He calls Tejasswi first and asks Rakhi if she plays for Karan more than the trophy? Rakhi says she has gone crazy in love. Karan lifts Tejasswi up. Harsh asks if Karan will leave Tejasswi after the show? Rakhi says no. Bharti asks when Abhijeet teases Devo then she likes it inside but shows that she is irritated on the outside? Rakhi says she gets excited internally. Devo laughs. Harsh asks if Shamita is a drama-queen? Rakhi says she is a big drama-queen. Shamita says she is a jerk. Rakhi laughs. Harsh asks if she will like to do an item-number with Abhijeet? Rakhi says I would rather die, he is my brother. Harsh says let’s do it here. Rakhi dances on Pardesia with Abhijeet.

Harsh tells the inmates that we have got some future predictions for you all along with your gifts.
Karan: Harsh says Karan got a Goa’s ticket but other ticket is blank. Will he take Umar or Tejasswi? Karan says Umar, it’s clear.
Tejasswi: Harsh says Tejasswi will have to learn Punjabi in 5 days. Bharti makes Tejasswi talk in Punjabi.
Rakhi: Harsh says she has two options. One is the entry pass of season 16 and the other option is Ritesh. Rakhi says I want Ritesh.
Abhijeet: Harsh says he has got slippers from the house but we are not sure if it from his maids or his wife. All laugh.
Umar: Harsh says Rashami gifted him a gold chain but the reality will come out when he washes it and the color comes out. Rashami laughs.
Rashami: Harsh says we have brought Rashami’s house key as a gift for Umar. Rashami laughs.
Pratik: Harsh says Pratik’s gift is a guitar, he has a connection with singers. Bharti says Devo sings well too. Devo laughs.
Nishant: Harsh says we have got a kitchen set for Nishant. He has ruled the kitchen here.
Shamita: Harsh says a rose for Shamita, it was sent from someone but I will give it myself.

Harsh says let’s talk about nominations. He says the elimination will happen on Monday because today is a new year. Bharti says just give your best. Harsh wishes them. Bharti and Harsh dance with the inmates. They leave the house.

At the night time, Karan and Tejasswi are in the bed. She says I want to talk. Karan says I am done talking about others. I don’t want to spoil my mood, I want to be happy. Tejasswi says I am irritated but you don’t care? Karan says I am getting tired, I have to keep myself happy first, I don’t like taunting each other all day long. I think you enjoy taunting me all day long. Tejasswi says you know me well right? She gets emotional and says I hope I would be happy tomorrow. She wipes her tears and says it’s so hurtful. Karan says oh God. Tejasswi says you are so sensitive about others’ feelings but not with me. Karan says which thing hurt your feelings? Tejasswi says nothing. Karan asks what’s your problem with Shamita? Tejasswi says I like her. It’s just that you don’t sort things with me. Karan says I keep telling you that I don’t have anything with her, she is a good girl, I saw her crying so I consoled her. Tejasswi says I am not done. Karan says I am done, I need time for myself. Tejasswi says don’t think I have an issue with Shamita. Karan says stop it now. He goes to lie on a separate bed and starts singing. Tejasswi kicks him and laughs.

On the stage, Salman says there will be an elimination on Monday and a twist tomorrow.

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