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Bigg Boss 15 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 17th November 2021

Day 46
6:15 PM
Vishal tells Rajiv that you have watched BB also, if you are in jail then you will be seen more. You can make a scene when you are sent to jail but when we get a chance then we will bring you to the VIP side.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that you are taking a stand like we are all wrong. Nishant says I taking a stand for Pratik, you people have created an image so I don’t care anymore. Tejasswi says you take a stand for Pratik and you are dishonest with others. Nishant says I can’t help it.

6:45 PM
Karan asks Nishant if Pratik tries to lose again then we will be wrong. Nishant says he won’t cheat like that. Pratik challenges Simba for jail. Pratik says Simba is inactive in the house, he has good opinions but he is usually sleeping. When he had a fight with Umar, Simba became violent and threw him in the pool. I have never been this aggressive. Simba says I don’t talk in matters which don’t involve me like Pratik. I did a mistake with Umar but Pratik broke the door also in anger. I don’t interfere in fights, I don’t enter into matters which I don’t find relevant. Pratik says you are lazy in the house. Vishal asks Simba what qualities he has? Simba says Pratik is self-centered, he doesn’t care about his friends. Pratik says it’s not like that, Nishant could have been biased for me in the task but I asked him to be fair with him. Tejasswi asks if he never interferes in other’s matters? Pratik says if it involves the house matters then I get involved. I have a right to talk about ration and food in the house. The round ends, Umar tells VIP members that Simba accepts his mistakes. Karan says Pratik had good arguments. They mutually make a decision. Umar says this round was played with honesty. He says Pratik shows his personality better than Simba, we are saving Pratik and keeping Simba in the game.

7:30 PM
Rajiv tells Umar that I don’t agree with your logic. Umar says I promise you that we are putting you in jail so you are safe from the nominations. Rajiv says I have nothing against Simba. Umar says you can talk about his game.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that we thought you were helping Pratik. Nishant says it’s your thinking. He leaves from there. Karan tells Vishal and Tejasswi that Rajiv will blast in jail. Vishal says he can’t even use the washroom. Tejasswi says we will have to take him to the washroom.
Rajiv tells Pratik that I thought they want to put me in jail to save their faces. Jay tells Pratik to not act sweet in the task, just be real. Pratik says I am the only person who is honest here. Jay says I won’t ignore you now. Pratik says I am not sweet and fake.

7:45 PM
Simba challenges Rajiv for the debate. Simba says Rajiv deserves to go to jail as his topics are senseless. Rajiv says I have nothing against Simba’s personality, I think he should talk a little bit more. I can’t say much for Simba, he sleeps a lot and that’s it. Simba says I don’t like to scream between 10 people. He says I am working on sleeping less. Rajiv says I don’t think Simba is playing wrongly. Pratik asks Rajiv to play his task. Rajiv says Pratik has done more mistakes in the show but he got saved and Simba is still in the game. Rajiv says I can’t say anything wrong for Simba. The round ends. Karan says Rajiv said nothing against Simba so he deserves to go to jail. Simba is safe. Pratik asks Rajiv to open his eyes.

Bigg Boss tells Rajiv that you were chosen by VIP members so he will be in jail till the next orders. He says Rajiv can’t become a VIP this week as he has been punished. Pratik says I told you to fight in the game. Rajiv says they are playing games with me. He tells Neha that I thought I would debate against Pratik. Karan reads the rules that Rajiv will remain in jail, if he wants to use the washroom then he will ask VIP members to open it. VIP members will keep the key with them and he will get food three times only. Rajiv gets emotional. Simba says why are you so cute?
Vishal tells Umar that we did well for Rajiv’s game. Umar says we are going wrong. Vishal says I don’t think so.

8:15 PM
Neha hugs Rajiv and says I am with you. Rajiv goes to jail. Vishal says I am here with you. Umar says Pratik chose Simba in the game. Jay tells Rajiv that you are in jail because of yourself. Rajiv says I couldn’t say anything against Simba. Umar says you lost in a difficult situation. Rajiv says I can’t create issues against Simba.
Tejasswi tells Karan that I felt Nishant was helping Pratik, he wanted him to go to jail. Karan says maybe we are thinking too much, there was no need to send Rajiv to jail. Tejasswi says we still have Simba.

8:30 PM
Umar tells Karan and Tejasswi that we don’t need to use too much brain. We are thinking too deep, we went off-track in this game. Karan says you are right.
Nishant tells Pratik that they wanted to send Neha to jail. Pratik says they just didn’t want to choose me. Nishant says whoever comes to the VIP zone will break their bond. Pratik says just bring me there. Nishant says they are all miffed with me, they are keeping grudges against me. Pratik says Jay is going against me again just to do something. Nishant says you should talk to him, he is going wrong. He says Vishal just wants to prove that he is a flipper so he doesn’t concentrate on the game. Pratik says I feel bad for Rajiv, he trusted them. Nishant says I am feeling bad for Jay also, he is not focusing on the game, he should understand as a sensible person where he is going wrong.

10 PM
Rajiv tells Tejasswi that Neha told me about Vishal’s plan. Then Vishal said he wants to send me to jail so I will be seen here. Tejasswi says Neha knew about our plan? Rajiv says yes, Vishal discussed the plan with her. Karna says he wanted the credit.

Nishant tells Neha that people learn from their mistakes. Neha asks if he is learning from VIP members? Nishant says time will tell.

Karan tells Tejasswi that we are doing mistakes.

12:15 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that I was hurt by the way Umar spoke to us today. I almost had tears in my eyes. Karan asks why? Tejasswi says I know you and Umar are close so I didn’t want to tell you. Karan says I will sort things out with him. I will talk to him. Tejasswi says I had nothing wrong against Umar, I do like him.

1 AM
Tejasswi tells Karan that it’s just a crush. Karan says you think you have a crush on me? I don’t think so. Tejasswi asks if I don’t treat you as a special person? Karan says you do but I don’t think I am your type. If I hadn’t confessed my feelings for you then you wouldn’t have considered me at all. Tejasswi says I accept that. Karan says then don’t say that I am your crush. Tejasswi says I can have a crush later on. Karan says what I felt was a crush but then you saw my feelings and thought I am a good guy so let’s explore.

1:30 AM
Nishant tells Neha that they shouldn’t talk to me in a tone that is not for friends. Nishant says Tejasswi got silent when Umar and I gave back to her. she keeps talking about a team but there is no team. I gave them too much footage. They are all scaredy cats, they think they can snicker on anything but we will do it on them now.

Day 47
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song second hand jawani. They all dance. Tejasswi asks what did this song mean? Nishant says it’s a long race. Tejasswi says love you Nishant.

9 AM
Nishant tells Rajiv that you look like a panda in the cage. Jay says he looks like a fool. Rajiv asks why do you plot and plan every task? Nishant says I don’t do that. Rajiv says Karan-Tejasswi do it all the time. It becomes boring, they fooled me to go to jail.

11 AM
Karan tells Umar that Tejasswi really likes you. Umar says I don’t like her behavior for some days. It’s irritating me. Karan says you can talk to her. Umar says Vishal felt the same. Karan says Tejasswi shows right on the person who she thinks is close to her. Umar says but she can’t call me weak, I will speak up if I think she is being unfair. Karan says you both are right. Umar says she should be careful about the way she talks. Karan says just talk to each other and sort things. Umar says I will talk to her. Karan says Tejasswi thinks you won’t talk to her. Umar says our friendship is not that weak.

11:15 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that Umar is not happy with he reacted to you. Tejasswi asks if he talked to him? Karan says yes. Tejasswi says Umar’s reaction was okay but his words hurt me. I don’t mind him getting angry with me. Karan says I talked to him and he didn’t mean to end the friendship. Tejasswi says reactions are part of his personality so I don’t change that. Karan says you both should talk and clear things out.

12:30 PM
Neha tells Karan that you can’t handle anyone disliking you. Karan says it’s not like that, I just care about my people. I didn’t like when you called Umar a puppet and whatnot. Neha says I say things clearly in front of everyone. Karan says you started bitvhing about me since you entered the house. Neha says I said nothing to Jay about you. Karan says you keep saying that you have seen things which you can’t talk about, you say it like I have done bad things. Neha says you are a people pleaser. Karan says if I make friendships and stand with them then what’s your issue?

1:15 PM
Jay tells Nishant that I want to become a VIP once. I also want to bring Pratik there, I don’t have a bond with him but I want to end this chapter. I will support him to become a VIP. I just want to call it a truce.

2 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that you should have made a gravy. Pratik says you keep finding out mistakes. Nishant says it’s dry food. We can’t eat it with rice. Pratik says we will do things our own way. Simba is cutting bhindi. Nishant says don’t cut too much, people don’t need to eat bhindi a lot. Nishant asks Pratik to make a gravy.

2:15 PM
Nishant puts bhindi on his face and scares Umar. Pratik laughs and says I want to vomit looking at his face. Nishant says Pratik has a good heart but a black mind.
Tejasswi asks Umar if he used her brush? Umar says no, Vishal used it. Tejasswi says guys are disgusting. Umar says Vishal used it on his underarmms. Nishant comes and scares Tejasswi. She hugs Karan and laughs. Karan says he looks scary.

2:30 PM
Rajiv tells Neha that it’s frustrating to be here, I don’t deserve it. Neha says Karan did this with you. Pratik says you don’t do your duty, you give unwanted opinions. Rajiv says I have never wasted food like you. Umar says Pratik has wasted bhindi today also. Pratik says I will eat it, I can’t give portions to others, if they are not eating then it’s not my issue. Rajiv says you are a ration king. Pratik says I can do rationing when it comes to cooking, I can’t grab people and make them eat. If someone doesn’t get their food portion then it’s not my fault. He tells Rajiv that even I didn’t get food. Rajiv says I didn’t get yogurt, I didn’t even know it was there. Jay says you should have asked for it. Tejasswi tells Pratik that you should keep portions aside for inmates who are not present. Pratik says if people are taking portions themselves then I can’t stay in the kitchen the whole day. I am not in the cooking department, I just do rationing.

3:15 PM
Tejasswi reads the task in which one VIP member can earn power. The task is a ‘scary monster’, all VIPs will play against each other in the task. Neha screams and says this is going to be fun. Tejasswi reads that there are 5 boxes allotted to each VIP. They have to fill their boxes with items. There is a monster who will sit on the chair. Pratik, Neha, Simba and Jay will be the monster of this task. They will select two VIPs with the lowest weights and then the monster will eliminate one of them after giving a reason. Jay says this is going to be fun. Tejasswi reads that Rajiv won’t part of the task. Rajiv is screaming from jail and asks what’s going on? Tejasswi reads that there will be 4 rounds, after every round, the one with the least items in their box will be out of the tasks. The housemates will check their boxes and announce the winner. The VIP who remains in the task till the end will win it.

3:30 PM
Nishant talks to his VIP members. Umar says we can mold Simba so let’s support him. Nishant says I am fine with anyone coming here. Simba can be stubborn also. Vishal says I want to choose Simba also. Nishant says let’s think about it.

Pratik tells Jay and Neha that we can only trust Nishant there. Neha says Shamita would have trusted Vishal. Pratik says if Nishant supports us then we will go on their side.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Neha, Jay and Pratik will make Nishant the winner of the task. Vishal whispers to Tejasswi that keep Nishant in the bottom 2. Tejasswi tells the plan to Umar also.

3:45 PM
Vishal whispers to Neha and says if I promise to make you a VIP then will you make me win this task? Neha says I can’t do it alone. Vishal says just eliminate other VIPs from the task. Jay says Neha has been talking to our enemies. She might cheat us. Neha laughs.

4:30 PM
Jay tells Neha that if one of us becomes a VIP then Nishant will come on our side also.

The task starts and the first monster is Neha. All VIPs start filling their boxes with the items provided by Bigg Boss. Jay says Nishant has filled his box with cotton. The round ends. Pratik checks all VIPs boxes on the weight machine. The ones with the lowest weights are Tejasswi and Vishal. Jay says now Neha will take a decision. Vishal tells her that I have worked hard in the game. Tejasswi tells Neha that I have done everything I feel is right. She tells Neha to take her decision if she wants to. Neha laughs evilly and says I am eliminating Tejasswi from the task. The issue with her is that power goes to her head. Tejasswi says I have never said things that are wrong. I think you took the wrong decision. Neha eliminates her. Pratik tries to stop Neha but she doesn’t listen.

4:15 PM
Pratik tells Jay to not let Vishal crack a deal with anyone. Neha asks Pratik why he wanted her to eliminate Vishal? I don’t want Tejasswi in the game.

Tejasswi asks Umar why didn’t go against Nishant? Umar says we can’t be obvious in the task. Neha would never eliminate Nishant against Vishal.

Jay tells Pratik and Neha that let’s send Simba next. I am sure Umar and Vishal will be the last two.
Tejasswi tells Pratik that I didn’t have the lowest weights. Pratik says it was not about the lowest weights. Tejasswi says I know that. Pratik asks her to read the file, weight was not even the criteria.
Karan tells Nishant that you will win this task then it’s your decision which we will discuss. I don’t have an issue.

Simba tells Pratik and Jay that I will go second last. Pratik says how does it matter? Jay says let him go second last.

Vishal tells Neha that I wanted to target Nishant but they didn’t play like that. My preference is for you when it comes to the VIP side.

Umar asks Simba if he wants to come to the VIP side? Simba says I will come on my own. Umar says we want you to become a VIP. Tejasswi tells Simba to become a monster last at any cost. Jay comes there and says she can’t talk to him, she is out. Tejasswi says you can’t stop me from talking. You are scared of me talking to Simba? He is headstrong. Jay says I want to talk to Simba, we have a group discussion. He takes Simba from there.
Vishal tells Neha that I don’t want Simba to be a VIP. It’s your chance to become a VIP. Neha says let me use my mind.

Simba tells Tejasswi that I don’t believe in deals and all that. Tejasswi says you just have to fight for yourself. We want you to become a VIP. I think they will make Nishant the winner but if you become the monster last then you can make anyone of us the winner and then we will choose you as a VIP.

Jay tells Nishant that I was down for some days but I want to make up to you.

Jay asks Simba to not hear their promises. They even promised to make me a VIP.
Vishal asks Nishant who he wants as a VIP? Nishant says between Jay and Pratik. Vishal says if it was between Tejasswi and Shamita then I would choose Tejasswi as she helped me in the game.

5 PM
The next round starts, they all run to get items in their boxes. Tejasswi hides some items in her pocket. Vishal gets hurt in the task. Karan cheats by getting more items after the round ends. Jay stops him and says don’t do that. Umar laughs. Pratik tells Karan to not cheat. He takes away his items. Karan says don’t take them. He takes the full box and puts it in his box and shouts at Pratik to not touch his box. Simba is the monster in this task. Karan throws the box away and says who are you? How dare you touch my box? Pratik says I saw him cheating. Karan says Simba is the monster in this round so you can’t stop me. Tejasswi tells Pratik that you are not judging this round. Pratik says Karan got physical this time also. Karan charges at him and says how dare you to touch my box? You are not the judge this time. Karan says I won’t let you play the task. Pratik says what is this way? Tejasswi says Pratik can’t interfere in the task. Pratik says Karan is violent in the task. Karan says I won’t let anyone play this task. Pratik says we will see. Simba tells Pratik that why are you taking Karan’s items? I saw him cheating so I would have eliminated him anyway. Tejasswi asks who is Pratik to get involved in the task? Pratik asks her to shut up. Neha asks Pratik to let Simba take a call. Pratik says Karan was being violent with me. He threw the box at me. Simba tells Pratik that I would have stopped Karan, why did you take away his item? I would have disqualified him. Pratik says I am the monster also. Tejasswi shouts that Simba was the monster in this round. Pratik says you are feeling insecure? Tejasswi says you really think so? Karan says Simba is the monster so why was Praitk getting involved? Simba says Pratik shouldn’t have taken items from Karan. Tejasswi says at least Simba is being sensible. Pratik asks her to get lost, shut up. Don’t talk to me. Tejasswi says don’t tell me to shut up. Pratik says Karan gets aggressive every single time. Karan asks where did I hit you? You have gone crazy. Tejasswi asks Pratik to shut up. Simba asks them to end it. Karan asks Pratik if Simba told him to take the items from me? Pratik says he didn’t stop me also. Karan says wow. Simba says I have already disqualified Karan.
Tejasswi tells Karan that Simba would have eliminated Nishant but you got angry and did this. Karan says he disqualified me from this round, he can’t eliminate me in this round as he can’t weigh my box, it’s already broken.
Jay tells Simba to eliminate Karan as you disqualified him. Simba says let me think. Simba tells Karan that you are disqualified. Karan says you can’t weigh my box. It’s against the rules. Simba says I will tell you after the round ends. The round ends, Simba says Karan would be disqualified from this round. Karan says okay. He says Karan’s weight would be 0, he will come here with another VIP member. Jay checks the weight of other VIP members.
Tejasswi comes to Karan and asks him to come, you would go against Nishant. Simba will eliminate Nishant.
Pratik says Nishant and Karan have the lowest points. Simba says Karan had 0 weight. Karan says I worked hard in the task, he tells Simba that if I get the power then I will use it for everyone’s benefit. I don’t think about myself only. Nishant tells Simba that everyone is equal for me here, I have worked in the house. It’s your decision which I will accept. Simba asks Nishant if he will be fair or will be personal if he gets the power? Karan says I don’t have any personal relationship so I will be fair to choose a VIP. Nishant tells Simba that I have loyalties so I won’t lie. Simba tells everyone that I saw yesterday, all 4 VIP members were against Nishant but I felt he was right. I feel Nishant is fairer than others. Karan says we didn’t target Neha, we were against favoritism. Nishant says it’s a lie. Karan says Nishant was supporting Pratik and it was clear. Neha says let Simba talk. Pratik says stop talking Neha. Neha says don’t scream at me again. Simba tells Karan-Nishant that it’s nothing personal, my decision is based on what I saw. He tells them that I think Nishant will use the opportunity better. He eliminates Karan from the task. Nishant hugs and thanks Simba.

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