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Bigg Boss 15 13th October 2021

8 PM
Shamita tells Miesha that I have destroyed your shoes so you can use my slippers. I know you must be upset right now. Miesha asks Pratik if he took her shoes? Shamita says he didn’t know. Miesha cries. Shamita says I will ask my stylist to send new shoes for you. Pratik had no idea. Pratik hugs and consoles her. Shamita tells sorry to Miesha and says I didn’t want to do it. Miesha says nobody is there to send another pair of shoes for me.

8:30 PM
Shamita asks Pratik why can’t Miesha’s parents send new shoes? Pratik says she lost them. Shamita cries so Pratik says you didn’t know that. She takes her shoes and asks Pratik to call her there. Pratik calls Miesha. Miesha comes to Shamita. Shamita hugs her and says I am sorry, I didn’t know. She asks her to choose one pair of shoes. Miesha says I am not allowed to take it right now. Shamita says you can always take it from me later on. Miesha says mine was not expensive as yours. Shamita says that’s not an issue.

8:30 PM
Ishaan tells Jay that Umar is smart. He told me that Miesha is fooling me but Miesha told me that he wanted to create a love triangle with her in the house. Jay says people fight and then become friends here as nothing happened.

8:45 PM
Pratik tells Nishant and Shamita that they took sugar and kheer from the house. Nishant says they can’t keep coming in the house like this. They don’t even ask us before taking items. Pratik says we should stop them. Shamita says they are going against the rules.
Vishal goes into the house and steals some items. He tells the camera that my stomach is hurting so I am taking it.

9 PM
Karan asks Shamita what should he do about Jay? Shamita says Jay is aggressive, he is cursing Pratik using his mother. Karan says Jay keeps grudges inside. At least Pratik is trying to change so he is better than Jay. Nishant tells Karan that Pratik didn’t instigate Jay at all. Simba comes there and says Pratik was talking to everyone, he was not taunting Jay. Umar says yes, he was not pointing at Jay. Simba says Jay shouldn’t have cursed his mother like that, no one would bear it. It’s not right what Jay did. Karan says I will talk to Jay.

12 AM
Vishal tells the camera that we had a good task today. We gave a tough fight to the housemates and won. Goodnight.

12:30 AM
Miesha tells Vishal that Pratik will talk to her if she is not sitting with Ishaan. Vishal says if you are not with Ishaan then he will doubt. Miesha says Pratik will think I am fighting with Ishaan, we fight every night and Pratik knows that. Vishal says we have to make a pathway so we have to keep Pratik away from the puzzle pieces. Tejasswi asks Donal if she will do it? She is not sleepy right? Donal says not at all.

Miesha and Ishaan are together. Ishaan asks her if she tells Pratik about their fights? Miesha says they are cute fights, don’t be angry.

12:45 AM
Ishaan tells Miesha that if you are telling Pratik about us then it’s not good. You have a history with him. Miesha says it was nothing, I was just friends with Pratik. I have never liked him back, he liked me. Ishaan says you shouldn’t have told him about our fights. Miesha cries and goes into a corner. Ishaan tries to hug her. Miesha says don’t touch me, I don’t want people to see us fighting but don’t talk to me. Ishaan says I was not talking about your history with Pratik. Miesha says you talked about it in front of the camera, people are not stupid. Ishaan says I am not saying anything. Miesha says just shut up, don’t say anything. Bigg Boss asks Miesha to wear her mic. She does and ignores Ishaan. Vishal comes there. Tejasswi is joining puzzle pieces in the washroom. She tells Vishal that I am working on it.

1:45 AM
Tejasswi and Donal bring joined puzzle pieces to the garden. Tejasswi starts making pathway. Donal is keeping an eye on the OTT members. Tejasswi puts the pieces on the pathway and says it looks best. Vishal says just hide it for now. We need more puzzle pieces to complete it. We will do it tomorrow. Tejasswi puts the pieces under her mattress to hide them. Vishal asks them to sleep now.

3:45 AM
Miesha tells Ishaan that don’t say things that you don’t want to in front of the camera. Ishaan says I won’t let anyone question your character. I promised on my sister who is like my daughter that I love you. I am not playing games, I really love you but I have to keep telling you that I am not playing a game. We didn’t have a father and I have seen my mother cry for 12 years so I have respect for women. Miesha says you are affecting me. She cries so Ishaan consoles her and says I really love you. I have started seeing the future with you. Miesha says I have trust issues and it will take me time. Ishaan says take your time baby. Miesha says I am going from here. Ishaan pulls her in his lap. Miesha hugs him tightly.

Day 12
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song ghungroo. They all dance. Tejasswi dances with Vishal and Jay. Karan dances with Vidhi.

9 AM
BigG enters the house. Ishaan teases him. He leaves the letter there. Umar reads that the jungle is filled with sweetness and poison. There are deers, trees and lions there.

9:15 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that I can never trust Vishal. He tries to put me down. He is stupid cunning, he thinks only he should be entertaining in the house. He doesn’t even fight in the tasks.

10 AM
Shamita tells Ishaan to spend some time with Umar as he is responsible. Ishaan says but he is targeting me for no reason. Ishaan tells Shamita that Umar was behind Miesha from before the show. He asked Miesha to make a strategy with him so they will fight with Praitk in the house. Then Miesha met in the house and Umar didn’t like it.
Umar goes into the bedroom and steals the steamer. He and Karan take it. Umar steals bread and other items also from the kitchen.

10:45 AM
Pratik comes to the washroom and finds the steamer hidden there. He says what is all this? He asks who did it? Vishal says Karan must have done it. Pratik takes it to the bedroom and tells the jungle inmates to not use the main washroom. Shamita says we have to clean it. Karan says I am also cleaning it. Shamita says but it’s not allowed, I have seen you stealing items also. Karan says we were joking, we will give the steamer and other items back. You should protect your fridge also. Shamita laughs.
Pratik tells Akasa that people are not even cleaning the washroom after using it. Afsana comes out of the washroom.

12:30 PM
The buzzer plays and more puzzle pieces arrive in the cave. Simba and Ishaan take it. Ishaan runs away from Pratik and Nishant. Pratik tries to go behind him but Karan holds him back. Ishaan hides the pieces in Jay’s bag.

1:30 PM
Jay tells Karan that I didn’t curse Pratik’s mother at all. Karan says Pratik’s logic is that he has to work on the task. Jay says that’s fine but he can’t shout at me. Karan says he did it? Jay says yes, Pratik doesn’t say anything to you that’s why he keeps screaming at me. Vishal says don’t talk about Pratik. Jay says I can’t take out my aggression. Vishal says just avoid cursing him at all. Jay says he instigates me for no reason. Vishal says Salman has already put him in place. Jay says I just argue with him in the task. Vishal says just avoid cursing him. Karan says Pratik goes mad when you curse his mother. Jay says he is assuming it, I didn’t curse his mother. Vishal says just don’t curse at all, you are a senior so just avoid it. Jay says everyone has cursed in this house, these are tricks to put one person down. Vishal says but doesn’t put down yourself. Jay says I will try my best but I can’t promise it. Karan says I will try to stop you. Vishal says we will be there with you.

5:30 PM
Tejasswi reads the task ‘poison’s terror’. The task will happen between jungle inmates. There will be three teams and whoever wins will become housemates along with Shamita, Pratik and Nishant.
– Team Tigers will have Jay, Vishal, Tejasswi and Akasa.
– Team deers will have Ishaan, Donal, Simba, Afsana
– Team plants will have Vidhi, Karan, Umar and Miesha.

In the first round, the teams will take canes from Shamita and use the machine to take out the juice. Only Shamita will decide which team will get how many canes. The team will have to protect their juice from the other team. After the round ends, Shamita will decide which team has the most juice. In the next round, the winner of the first round will take the juice to Pratik and Nishant’s lab and get poison from them. They can use that poison to kill other inmates. It’s a jungle so tigers can only kill deer. Deers can only kill plants. Plants can only kill tigers. If one team is killed completely then the remaining two teams can kill each other. At the end of the task, the team with the most alive members will win the task. Shamita will be the referee of the task.

Vishal tells Tejasswi that if we win the task then we don’t have to make a pathway. I can sell this to Nishant.

Vishal tells Nishant that if we win the task then others can’t make the pathway. Nishant says okay.
Vishal asks Jay to go and talk to Nishant.
Shamita tells Pratik and Nishant that I trust Vishal. Nishant says I don’t.

Vishal tells Shamita that Karan is with Pratik and Nishant so you make us the winner then I will be in your team. Tejasswi, Akasa and I will be with you if we are in the house. Shamita says I am with you.

6 PM
The buzzer plays and the task starts. Vishal tells Shamita that I am a sweet man so give me canes. I have good relations with everyone. Simba says I have never fought with anyone, I really need to prove a point so I need it. Karan tells Shamita that I want to enter the house and leave this place. Shamita says what’s my gain? Vishal says my team will support you, you know me and Tejasswi are strong. Nishant and Pratik try to talk but Shamita stops them. Simba tells Shamita we will become your strength. Karan says I am their weakness. Shamita gives some canes to Simba and Karan. She gives the most to Vishal. Nishant tries to stop her but she says we will have more rounds.

All teams start taking out the juice from their machines. Umar tries to steam from Jay’s team. Jay pushes him away. Nishant asks them to be careful, you will get hurt. Umar steals from Tejasswi’s team also. Nishant and Pratik are dressed as lab scientists. Nishant says they are finally playing for themselves. Umar is attacking Jay’s team and throws away their container. He attacks Simba’s team also. Vishal charges at him. Bigg Boss asks them all to stop. Jay is grabbing Umar. Bigg Boss says don’t lose patience. Tejasswi says they are all breaking things around. Umar is throwing their containers. Shamita asks them all to stop it, you can’t break the container. Afsana says Umar is not stopping. Nishant shouts at them to stop it, listen to Shamita. Shamita asks them all to stop playing. You can throw each other’s juice, you can steal canes but don’t hurt each other, don’t break the container. You all have to decide how you want to play. Shamita tells Umar that you broke their container. Shamita asks them to start again. Akasa charges at Umar and says he dropped our bucket. Bigg Boss asks Ishaan to be careful of using the machine, he will get hurt. Umar is blocking Akasa and Vishal. Karan says don’t do it. Miesha is protecting the bucket from Vishal. Karan asks Vishal to not do it. Akasa steams their canes. Vishal leaves their bucket. Karan asks Umar to steal some canes. Umar tries to steal from Ishaan. Ishaan asks him to get lost, you are a nalla. Umar shouts at him. They both charge at each other. Nishant and Pratik take Umar away. Umar says he is cursing me. Nishant asks him to calm down. Umar says Ishaan called me nalla. Simba asks him to go away. Ishaan says it’s not a curse. Donal asks Umar to go away. Vidhi tries to steal from Donal. Bigg Boss asks Ishaan to use the handle of the machine, you can get hurt. Afsana says Umar has hurt me. Umar says you can go home then. The gong plays and the first round ends. Shamita asks them all to stop.

6:30 PM
All teams have prepared their juice buckets. Shamita asks each team to show their containers. Pratik asks Shamita to talk to them. Bigg Boss says it’s Shamita’s decision only so Pratik and Nishant won’t talk to her. Ishaan tells Shamita that our juice was thrown away. Shamita tells Umar that your way of playing is wrong, you have attacked people for no reason. Umar says they started it. Shamita says I will disqualify you if you attack others again. Simba says he is useless. Umar says who are you? Get lost. Shamita says the tiger team (Vishal’s team) won this round. Umar says this Simba has just done Splitsvilla and some soaps. You are useless.
Nishant asks the tiger team to take poison from them. Tejasswi says we want to kill Simba using this poison. Umar says this is Simba’s level. Tejasswi says Simba is strong that’s why we are killing him. Simba asks Umar to get lost.

7 PM
Shamita tells Vishal to play their game. Vishal says we will make a pact with the deer team so we can get Umar killed. We can’t kill the plants’ team directly.
Miesha tells Vishal that I am fine with people trying to snatch canes from me but they shouldn’t hurt me.

Pratik asks Akasa to just protect herself.

Vishal talks to Ishaan and Donal. He says Karan is not doing much but Umar is the main player. Simba says Karan is taking the juice from the machine so let’s take Karan out. Vishal says I will our juice to your team. He leaves. Afsana asks Simba if I can fight both the teams? Simba says yes, do it.

Shamita tells Nishant that Vishal promised him if he enters the house then he won’t let the jungle team make the pathway. Nishant says Tejasswi is strong also so it’s a win-win for us.

Vishal tells Ishaan and Donal that we shouldn’t have taken Simba out of the task. We both have to fight together to take out plants.

Ishaan talks to Afsana and says Vishal is playing a game. Afsana says I know, I will throw away juices of both the teams. Ishaan says I will give you a hint. Donal says we can’t throw away the juice after the buzzer plays.

Nishant tells Karan that Shamita is taking Vishal’s side. Karan says I know their weaknesses so Shamita should consider it. Nishant says I am just telling you.

7:15 PM
Nishant tells Shamita if Vishal goes against us then what? Shamita says I can take a guarantee for Vishal and Akasa. Tejasswi has a good equation with you. Pratik says give equal canes to each team. Shamita says no, it’s my choice so I will do it as I want to. Nishant says I am not asking you to not do it. Shamita says Vishal has guaranteed me he won’t let them complete the pathway, just trust me. I won’t betray you both. Nishant says I trust you and Pratik only here. Shamita says we can’t trust any other team.

Vishal tells Simba’s team if Karan goes in the house then he will make an alliance with Nishant and Pratik as he is friends with them. If I go in the house then I will make an alliance with Shamita but I won’t ditch you people. I am with your team.

Karan tells Umar that I don’t care about the canes. We just won’t let them make juice now. Shamita is giving them more canes so we have to do it.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that their passion shows the importance of the show for them but they have to be careful when working on the machine. If someone gets hurt then it will be difficult. We have asked Ishaan to be careful so in the next round, anyone using the machine has to be very careful. They all nod. Shamita tells them that I will give you canes then it’s on me. I can give you extra canes if I like your work. I am the referee so I can make rules. Karan says times will change Shamita.

7:45 PM
The buzzer plays, Shamita gives canes to Karan, Jay and Vishal. Umar says Simba can’t be part of the task. Simba says you are a coward Riaz. Show some strength, oh you don’t have it. Umar says finally you opened your mouth. Simba says you can never be like your younger brother, he has reached stardom while look at you. Ishaan goes and steals the canes from Vishal. Vishal says what are you doing? Karan runs and takes a water bottle. Tejasswi says this is cheating. Shamita takes the water from Karan. Umar throws Afsana’s bucket. She gets angry and attacks Miesha. Ishaan’s team is attacking Miesha as she is trying to protect her bucket. Afsana throws Vishal’s bucket. Vishal say what are you doing? We are one team. Vidhi is attacking Miesha too. Umar says Miesha is getting hurt. They all charge at her. Karan is fighting Vishal and Jay off of her. Shamits screams oh my God, careful with the girl, she can get hurt.

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