Bigg Boss 15 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 12th January 2022

Day 103
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song assalam e isqhum. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I couldn’t play the task after what happened on the weekend episode. I could have asked Rashami to play for me, I should have tried to play. I did a mistake so what? I shouldn’t play for Nishant when he can’t play for me. Tejasswi says you shouldn’t.

9:30 AM
Shamita sees Abhijeet sleeping and asks him to wake up, you are breaking the rules. Abhijeet says you used to sleep when you were not a captain.

10 AM
Rashami tells Nishant that you behave rudely with me but I keep giving you attention. Nishant says I don’t give justification for anything I do. Rashami says I am talking about communication. Nishant says I didn’t like the way you played against me earlier. You didn’t support me in the debate task also. Rashami says don’t say that, I was just being fair in the task. Nishant says you people have flipped on me.

2:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for Shamita to use her power. She can replace one VIP inmate, she can downgrade one member. Shamita says Rakhi came here as a VIP, I don’t want to downgrade her because she has been entertaining in the show. Rakhi thanks her. Shamita says I just want her to be fair but I see her trying. She says I am downgrading Tejasswi as Rashami-Devo supported me so I am paying them back. Bigg Boss asks other inmates which include Nishant, Pratik, Devo, Rashami and Abhijeet to mutually decide who played the task best, that inmate will be upgraded. Abhijeet says I was the best in the task. I didn’t change my side. I played my game. Pratik says talk about your performance. Nishant says how? Abhijeet says I played my game. Nishant says we all tried, I used my mind to start the game. Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita thinks I should be downgraded, she was the one saying that Karan should have taken a stand for me and all that. Pratik says I gave my 100% in the task. Nishant asks Abhijeet to let others talk. They all argue at the same time. Devo says I really wanted Shamit to win the task yesterday, I played with all my passion. Rashami says I wanted a good captain that’s why we didn’t support Tejasswi, we knew Shamita would be a good captain. Nishant says talk about your performance in the task. Rashami says I am just giving my point of view, I played the task very well. Tejasswi says it was clear they wanted to remove me from the task since the start. Pratik says it was not the case. Tejasswi says I will clear it on the weekend episode. Pratik says we can’t come to a conclusion. Shamita tells Tejasswi that I have taken my decision after thinking a lot. Karan says I told Shamita to downgrade me but she is not thinking who is more deserving. Tejasswi says I knew she would downgrade me, she has an issue with me.

3 PM
Shamita tells Rakhi that Tejasswi hasn’t done anything for me in the show, she always had an issue with me so why should I save her? I just want you to know that Karan-Tejasswi wanted to downgrade you. We have to be fair in the tasks. Rakhi says we will.

Tejasswi talks to herself and says should Karan still support Shamita? Bigg Boss is favoring Shamita too much.

Shamita tells Karan that you haven’t done anything for me in the show. I got nominated for 2 weeks because of Tejasswi. Devo-Rashami supported me so I had to downgrade Tejasswi for them.

Tejasswi asks Nishant if he talked to Shamita to downgrade her? Nishant says no, I didn’t.

Shamita tells Karan that I talked to Nishant but I don’t think I could downgrade Rakhi, she has been giving a lot to the show. Tejasswi comes there and says Rashami didn’t ask you to downgrade me. Shamita says they didn’t ask me to promise but it was my goodwill gesture to them. Tejasswi says that’s your goodwill gesture? Shamita says do you want to fight? They supported me against you, they played for me so I had to downgrade you for them. Tejasswi says that’s not a good enough reason. Tejasswi says you said you see me in the top 5 so say that you are scared of me being your competitor. Shamita says you are assuming things, you always had an issue with me, did you do anything for me in the show? Tejasswi shouts that I trusted you that you wouldn’t downgrade me, you have lied to me, you have some issue with me. Karan asked you to remove him and not me but you still did it. You told me that you would downgrade Rakhi but you lied, I shouldn’t have trusted you. Shamita says you have never done anything for me in the show. Tejasswi says you removed me after calling me a strong contender? You keep changing your mind. Shamita says you can say anything you want. Tejasswi says don’t lie, I took your side. You keep getting benefits from Bigg Boss, your brothers and friends are sent to support you, you were safe for one week when you left the show. Shamita says you keep spitting venom against me, you are so insecure. Tejasswi says shame on you. Shamita says you are a pity picture, you even have an issue that I had an injury. She leaves from there. Tejasswi tells Pratik that not everything is not about Shamita. Pratik says not everything is about you either, stop being a victim. Tejasswi says I don’t need to be, you all always attack me first in the game. Tejasswi says Shamita is an under-confident girl, she can talk to Karan in corners but I don’t care. Pratik says stop victimizing yourself. Tejasswi says you people keep attacking me in every task. Karan takes Tejasswi from there. He says you can react but don’t say all that. He hugs her.

3:30 PM
Shamita tells Tejasswi that you said I want to be close to your boyfriend? She shouts at Karan to stop his girlfriend. Tejasswi says you keep calling me insecure. Karan tells Tejasswi that Shamita is not calling you insecure about our relationship. Rashami says Tejasswi was insecure when I talk to Karan also, she has this issue. Shamita shouts at Tejasswi that I don’t need your boyfriend. Tejasswi says she is still playing OTT, she said that she can’t become Karan’s friend because of me. Shamita says stop playing this angle. Tejasswi tells Devo that I am secure about Karan but Shamita keeps saying that I am insecure. Karan tells them to fight but don’t make an angle. Shamita says she is blaming me for my injury also. Rakhi teases Karan so he laughs and says you have started this angle. Rakhi laughs.

3:45 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that you can fight as much as you want with her but don’t bring this angle. Tejasswi says it’s a fact that she is dying to be with you. Karan says it’s not like that, don’t say all that. It’s not happening. Tejasswi says she has no other angle but to fight with me. I had to show her true angles. It’s good that she became a captain and downgraded me so now people know that she has an issue with me. I would never downgrade her as I thought she is deserving. She said I should be in the top 5 but then she downgraded me? You can’t see what she is doing. I told you she has something for you. Karan laughs and says this is funny for me.

Nishant tells Rashami that we can choose Pratik as the best performer. Rashami says I would vote for Nishant. Pratik says I don’t need any favor. Nishant says you are not voting for anyone else so let’s just choose you.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita kept taunting Divya that she was not called for the main season, Divya didn’t answer her back but the truth is that Divya was already in her first stint, she didn’t need 2-3 chances to win the show. Karan says you are right. He asks her to calm down. Tejasswi says I feel like crying. Karan says it’s good that this was shown. Tejasswi says finally it’s shown that she has an issue with me. They won’t let me reach the finale. They are always behind me. Karan says Nishant is against you also. Tejasswi says I know, she says I am not playing a sympathy card. Karan says she thinks Rakhi is more deserving than you, the audience can see what she is doing.

Nishant tells Rashami, Devo and Abhijeet to just choose Pratik. Rashami says I can vote for you but I can’t vote for Pratik as I don’t understand him. Nishant says Pratik won’t choose me so we have to find a solution before it gets rejected. Rakhi asks Nishant to play for himself.

Rashami asks Pratik if he can choose Nishant as the best performer? Pratik says I am fine with it but I want to fight for myself. Rashami tells Nishant that I am voting for you. Pratik says but I am fighting for myself. Nishant says let’s just choose Pratik. Rashami shouts at him to play for himself. Nishant tells Pratik that you are destroying this task also. Nishant says Abhijeet won’t choose me. Rashami says I can’t choose Pratik. Shamita says everyone has agreed for Pratik, only Rashami is remaining. Rashami says I want Nishant to win. Karan talks to Nishant. Nishant says two people are not voting for my name so I can’t convince them. Abhijeet says I am okay with Pratik. Rashami says Nishant can’t take a stand for himself so I can’t too.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks who they want to upgrade to a VIP? Nishant says we want to upgrade Pratik. Bigg Boss says we will give a task to Pratik and Tejasswi. They will fight for the ticket to finale. Tejasswi says I already know the result.

4:30 PM
Abhijeet tells Tejasswi that I will play for you. Rakhi asks Pratik to play for himself.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that I wanted people to see how Shamita has an issue with me. Nishant says just play your game. Tejasswi says everyone is pulling me down here. Nishant says anyone would have been in your place. Karan asks Nishant who would you play for in the task? Nishant says I will see the task and then decide. Karan says I am requesting you to play for Tejasswi.

Karan jokes with Tejasswi that you have Abhijeet on your side so don’t worry. She laughs.

Shamita tells Nishant that people don’t like Tejasswi, if you don’t support Pratik now then it would go against you. Nishant says I just wanted to end the task that’s why I didn’t fight for myself. Nishant says I am questioning if I play for Tejasswi then would your behavior change for me? She says no, I don’t have a right to tell you who to support.

5 PM
Karan reads the task for Pratik and Tejasswi. Whoever wins the task will become a VIP. The task ‘BB cycle shop’ will have two shops. They have to make their cycles using tools. There is a tools shop and the shopkeeper will change in every round, they will give one spare part to Tejasswi or Pratik as they want. The shopkeeper will change after a mutual decision between other inmates. Shamita will be the referee of the task. The one whose cycle is more made will become a winner.

5 PM
The task starts, Karan becomes the first shopkeeper. He gives a spare part to Tejasswi. Shamita decides who will go in each round. Tejasswi starts making her cycle. Shamita tries to help her. Nishant helps Pratik. Shamita asks Karan-Nishant to not help Tejasswi, you can’t do it. Pratik says they can’t help her. Shamita asks him to calm down.

5:15 PM
The next round starts, Nishant becomes a shopkeeper and gives a spare part to Pratik. Nishant helps him. Shamita says it doesn’t matter if the cycle runs or not, they just have to make it complete. Shamita asks Rashami to stay away from Pratik, she can’t help him.

5:30 PM
The next round starts, Abhijeet becomes a shopkeeper, he gives the spare part to Tejasswi. Nishant tells Shamita that I can become a shopkeeper again right? She says yes. Rashami says it was decided we will go in order. Nishant says we can follow the order and then repeat. Tejasswi says let everyone take their turns. Shamita says you got your turn. Nishant says it’s not written that I can’t have another turn. Rakhi takes Pratik’s part and throws it in the pool.

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