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Bigg Boss 15 10th November 2021

Day 39
4:45 PM
Vishal tells Umar that I swear on my mom that I will play with you if you save me today. I will be loyal to you in the game.
Shamita asks Rajiv why people don’t trust him? Simba says because you don’t trust yourself Rajiv. Rajiv says I did a mistake once. Shamita says we don’t do such mistakes.
Karan tells Umar that we are going to be outnumbered. If you bring Nishant on our side then he will bring Pratik on this side also. Talk to Nishant. Tejasswi says I am worried about what the audience will think.

Nishant tells Jay that I don’t care if I don’t get chosen today, we will have our chance again. Jay says Karan will want to sort things with you now. Nishant says I still don’t trust him.

Karan tells Umar to think about choosing people who will become your assets. You will earn the loyalty of that person.

5:30 PM
Nishant tells Umar that you are smart, you know what’s right and wrong. I think about myself first, I have been clear with you till now. If you choose me then it will be a new beginning for us. I am from a different team but if you choose me then I will always play for the team irrespective of where my friends are.

The gong plays, Umar has to eliminate 2 people from the task. Umar says I am eliminating Pratik and Jay as my priorities are different.

5:45 PM
Karan tells Umar that you will feel bad if you don’t choose Afsana. We have to bring Nishant on this side. Umar says it’s not important to choose Afsana. Karan says Nishant would want to leave that group soon, we can benefit Vishal later on. He will be on our side soon.

Afsana asks Umar if he is confused about her? Umar says I want to make an alliance with some people.

Karan tells Tejasswi that if the decision was in our hands then I would choose Nishant. Umar doesn’t want to choose Nishant because Pratik is Nishant’s priority. Tejasswi says if Vishal will play from our side then we should choose him. Karan calls Umar and says you want me, Karan and Vishal? If you choose me, Nishant and Tejasswi then it will be a win-win situation for us. This is your chance to change the game.

Pratik tells Simba that I want Nishant to become VIP. Simba says I don’t think so.

Vishal tells Umar that if I have to choose between you and Shamita then I will choose you. I promise on camera that I will choose you over Shamita. I will choose Karan and Tejasswi over Shamita also. It’s my word to you.

Rajiv tells Afsana that I am shocked Umar eliminated me. We need this more than these people. Umar doesn’t use his mind. Afsana says I don’t know what he will do.

7 PM
Umar tells Nishant that you have Jay and Pratik, will you keep me as a priority? Nishant says for the game’s benefit, yes I will keep you as a priority.

The gong plays, Umar says this is very difficult for me. My friends won’t like me. I am eliminating Afsana and Vishal from the game. I am choosing Karan, Tejasswi and Nishant for the VIP pass. Jay says wow. Karan says I know it was a tough call for Umar, thank you. Nishant says thank you. Umar says you all deserve it. Umar says I didn’t give it to Afsana and I know she would be angry, she is my sister but I have calculated my strategy.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates right now only Karan, Tejasswi, Umar and Nishant have right on the trophy. They become the first 4 VIPS of the house. They are VIPs so they will be safe from the nominations. There is a room for VIPs and it’s their personal room. No other inmate can enter the VIP room except them. Only VIP inmates can use VIP room items, they can’t share them with others. These 4 inmates can use the VIP room now. Pratik hugs Nishant. Vishal tells Umar that you shouldn’t have talked to me then. Tejasswi and Nishant hug him. Neha tells Umar that I have respect for you now. Umar goes to Afsana but she cries. She says this show is not about relationships.

Umar, Karan, Nishant and Tejasswi enter the VIP room. It’s written that they can discuss nominations there. Nishant screams looking at the food items and drinks. Tejasswi is excited and says I can’t believe it. She says there are pastries also. Nishant hugs Umar and says thank you. They put on VIP badges. Karan thanks Bigg Boss. All other inmates are looking in the VIP room. Tejasswi says I am going to die. She hugs Nishant and laughs. Pratik says she has gone mad. Umar tells Karan that Afsana is angry with me. Karan says Afsana’s game won’t change, I can’t discuss nominations with her, she doesn’t think about the game.

Rajiv tells Afsana that your time will come also. Vishal says Umar did wrong with Afsana.

7:15 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that Karan came to me yesterday to make an alliance. Tejasswi asked me also. They know I am a strong player, it’s good that this happened today. I told Umar that my loyalty will be with them if they choose me but they didn’t. They think I will go on their side anyway. Shamita asks if you are on their side or not? Vishal says I was not chosen by them. Shamita asks are you with me as a brother and in the game also? Just tell me if you are not with me in the game. Vishal says I will tell you.

Afsana tells Umar that you can’t make strategies here, you could have saved me. Umar says I had to choose Tejasswi because of Karan. If I didn’t choose Tejasswi then Karan would have been miffed. I am thinking about the game. Afsana says you have hurt me, that’s all.

Shamita asks Pratik if Nishant will play from our side or from their side now? Pratik says he will do what’s fair. Shamita says Karan will try to play on their friendship. Pratik says Karan’s choice was not Nishant first. He wanted to choose Vishal first. Jay says Karan always plays behind backs. Pratik says Karan can’t be loyal to anyone.

Karan tells Nishant that we can help Vishal shine in the game so he can come on our side. Tejasswi says Vishal is very hurt. Tejasswi says Vishal is a great player, he can play mind games.

Shamita tells Vishal that I want to play the game, what’s your strategy? Vishal says they can feel I am with them but I won’t be. When I get the power then I will flip on them.

8:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that we would fight over nominations so let’s tackle it. We should find out who would be our options. Nishant says they won’t choose a strong player to be nominated. Nishant says we won’t target strong inmates. Nishant says you know my priorities are Jay and Pratik. Karan says my priorities are you people so I don’t care about others. Tejasswi says the same for me. Umar says Afsana is my priority. She will always be my priority. I don’t want her to get nominated. Tejasswi asks Nishant if he has to choose between Jay and Pratik? Nishant says we will come to a mutual decision then. Karan says if Jay was here then we wouldn’t have a mutual decision but 4 are sorted.

Vishal jokes that Afsana got fooled. Afsana says I trusted Umar but I don’t care. I will do what I have to do. Vishal asks if she still trusts Umar and Karan? Afsana says I never said that. I don’t trust them anymore.

9 PM
Shamita tells Neha that Karan-Tejasswi were trying to bring Vishal on their side. They promised their loyalty to him but Vishal is feeling betrayed today as Umar didn’t choose him. He is saying that he will flip on Karan now. Neha says I am not convinced. Shamita says if I go with Vishal’s plan then I trust him that he will fool them. Neha says I just trust you, Raqesh and Pratik here.

9:45 PM
Afsana tells Karan that you both have cheated me when you call me a sister? She tells Umar that you will regret choosing these people. You had power so you should have chosen a weak person. You chose Nishant who is not even part of your team? Umar says you are thinking wrong. Karan tells Afsana that Umar wanted to choose you only, we have done this knowing you will understand. Afsana says they are all taunting me now. They said that you both would fool me again. I will not agree with you both now. She cries and says it’s fine. Karan says do what you want to.

10:45 PM
Pratik asks Neha if she made the strategy? Neha says I don’t like these taunts. Pratik asks if she is crazy? Neha says you are a *****, she grabs his collar. Pratik says don’t do it, I was joking. Neha says I don’t like this kind of joke. Pratik says don’t grab my collar. I won’t talk to you anymore. Neha pushes him and says get lost. Pratik says I don’t like you cursing me. Neha says sorry for that.

1:30 AM
Neha tells Pratik that when you talk to me then I listen but you become rude. Pratik says I don’t like your words. Neha says I don’t like your attitude. Pratik says leave it now, control your hands and maintain respect. Neha says don’t come to me again, get lost. She goes from there. Shamita asks them to not fight, can’t you people talk nicely? Pratik says she grabs my collar and whatnot. I don’t want to do all this. Nishant laughs.

Day 40
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song tip tip barsa paani. They all dance.

10:#0 AM
Karan asks Umar if someone has to enter this room then who will be? Umar says I will choose Afsana and Vishal. Nishant says Vishal has nothing, he doesn’t have people, he doesn’t have a strategy. His only choice is to ditch his sister and come on our side but he won’t look good on TV. If he cheats his sister then his statement will be null and void. He will want to fool us and then make his sister feel good. We have to choose people who can easily come on our side and we can easily cut them out when we want to.

10:30 AM
Shamita says I am washing the cups again. Umar says Simba didn’t wash his cup. Pratik says just throw away his cups. Shamita says why is Simba not washing his cups? Neha says just don’t wash his cups, if he doesn’t wash them then we will throw them away. Neha puts unwashed dishes on the floor.
Pratik tells Umar to wash his cups. We will throw away the cups. Tejasswi says don’t do it, I will wash it. Pratik says you will wash all the dishes. Jay says everyone is taking my plates and cups. Pratik takes a cup and throws it in the bin. Umar says don’t do that. Jay asks Pratik to not throw it away, we need cups. Pratik says so they should wash it on time. Tejasswi says I will wash all the cups, don’t worry.

12:30 PM
Umar tells Afsana that you are our priority, just play your task and we will choose you. Just give your full effort to the task. When it comes to choosing then we will choose you only.

12:45 PM
Nishant asks Pratik to chop onions nicely. Neha says I was doing it but Pratik took chopping from me. He wants to stand near me. Pratik goes from there and says I won’t do it now. Nishant laughs. Pratik tells Neha that I am not talking to you. Neha says don’t be rude. Pratik asks her to not misbehave with him, I won’t take it. Neha asks him to control his tongue. Neha says don’t interfere in my space. Pratik says this is not your house. I want to complete work fast. Neha says don’t interfere in my task, you are misbehaving with me. Pratik says I am not touching you. Neha says I am uncomfortable with you near me. Pratik moves away. Simba laughs at them so Neha says it’s not funny Simba.

1 PM
Neha sits in a corner and cries.
Rajiv asks Pratik to say sorry to her. Pratik says I know what I am doing.
Neha tells Shamita that Pratik started misbehaving with me again in front of everyone. We shouldn’t talk to each other but he keeps bothering me. Shamita says then don’t give him attention at all. Just ignore him.

1:15 PM
Pratik tells Neha sorry for being rude. I care about you and you affect me. I don’t want to hurt you. I am sorry for reacting like that. Neha ignores him.

1:30 PM
Raqesh is in the confession room. Bigg Boss says we have to get your medical tests done so you will have to leave the house for some days, our team will be with you and you won’t talk to anyone outside. He asks Raqesh to leave the house.

2 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that if I have to talk to you then I have to think a lot. He says I like the way you are, you are very cute and I like it. If we have met outside then you wouldn’t like me as I am not over the top or filmy. She asks when did you develop a crush on me? Karan says it was a slow process, I just found you cute. I knew it was not from your side. Tejasswi says I like the way we are on the same tangent for everything, to me it’s hot. We are a strong team, I feel full with you. Karan says team? Tejasswi says I started noticing our chemistry. You are not filmy but you are cute. I am not flamboyant so I like your simplicity. I like you. Karan says I realize now what my type is. He says you are important to me, you didn’t know about my feelings but there are feelings. Tejasswi says I don’t care if our chemistry is shown on TV or not. I think only you should feel about my feelings for you. Karan says I understand.

3 PM
Karan reads the task for the inmates. They can win the VIP zone membership through this task. In the task, the weather of the house will change for 6 times. All inmates except VIPs will be miners in the task. In the gold mine, the inmates will try to collect gold as much as they can. VIPs will be shopkeepers who will sell clothes against the gold. When the weather changes, the miners will buy clothes and enter the campsite. The one entering the campsite last will lose that round. Simba won’t play for himself as he is punished but he will play on Shamita’s behalf as she is injured. The miners will purchase the clothes as per the weather requirement.

3:15 PM
Umar tells Karan that we can give the clothes to anyone we want to.
Umar tells Afsana to just gain some gold.

4 PM
The buzzer plays and the first round starts. Nishant tells Karan to let them play naturally in the first round. All inmates start collecting gold from the mud mine. Neha asks Umar to not help Afsana. Umar says I am just guiding her.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that we can choose as we want. The inmates give gold to buy clothes. They all wait for the campsite buzzer. Bigg Boss says hot weather is here. They all run to enter the campsite. Neha enters the last. Tejasswi says they can’t fight like this. Umar says Neha entered last. Shamita says Afsana left the campsite. Afsana says everyone left the campsite. Tejasswi tells Karan that you were not giving clothes to Rajiv, you took up his time. Umar tells Pratik that I saw Neha entering the campsite last. Neha says Umar is playing unfairly. Nishant tells Tejasswi that we should be partial towards Afsana only, let’s play fairly for all others. Neha tells Umar that you are being unfair. Tejasswi tells Neha that you entered the campsite last. Neha says but Afsana left the campsite also. The round ends. Bigg Boss asks Umar who got eliminated from this round? Umar says Neha was last so she is getting eliminated.

4:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Shamita that even I saw Neha entering the campsite last. Shamita says but Afsana left the campsite willingly. Pratik says Tejasswi can’t understand the tasks, Afsana can’t leave the campsite till the buzzer plays but she did leave. Tejasswi says but we saw the first aspect which was who entered the campsite last.

4:30 PM
Karan tells Umar and Nishant that no one is against Afsana. We can be blatantly biased towards Afsana but then everyone will go against us. Nishant tells Umar that if there is a task against us then we can’t use Afsana. I don’t care if Afsana comes here or not but I want to protect us.

Pratik tells Afsana that you will win the task respectively. Afsana shouts at him to not talk to her. Rajiv says they are playing unfairly because of Afsana. She tells Rajiv to shut up.

Tejasswi tells Nishant and Karan that we can favor Vishal as he is a strong player.

Afsana asks Shamita to shut Rajiv’s mouth, he keeps blaming me. I will get the task rejected like this. The buzzer plays and all inmates run to collect gold. They buy clothes from the shop for winter. Nishant says we don’t have Rajiv’s size. All laugh. Bigg Boss says it’s winter season. Karan says we will give clothes for 20 gold. Vishal gets all the clothes and goes to sit in the campsite. Pratik and Afsana follow him. They all run to get in the campsite. Tejasswi says Rajiv entered the campsite last. Pratik says you are confused about the task. Rajiv shouts that I didn’t get clothes on time. Umar says you didn’t have enough gold.

4:30 PM
Umar tells Karan that Afsana is breaking the rules, I can’t keep supporting her like this. Rajiv shouts at them that they are not giving clothes to him on time. Umar tells Rajiv that I won’t give you clothes as you don’t have enough gold. Rajiv says you gave clothes to many inmates who didn’t have enough gold. Jay shouts at him to talk about himself.

The round ends and Tejasswi eliminated Rajiv from the game as he was last.

4:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan, Nishant and Umar that Afsana came out of the campsite. I had to push her before Rajiv could enter before her.

Shamita tells Rajiv that Vishal is acting like he is playing from Karan’s side but I trust him. We should get Afsana eliminated from the task. We should send our member to the VIP zone that we can trust. I don’t Vishal can be trusted when he goes on their side.

Shamita tells Pratik and Neha that we can block people. Neha says once we enter the campsite then we can block Afsana and not let her enter her here. Pratik says let’s not play unfairly, don’t get hurt or hurt anyone. Neha says I want you or Shamita to get VIP power.

Afsana tells Rajiv that you can wash my dirt, I don’t care. Rajiv says you are not that important.

5 PM
Simba tells Rajiv that you are a VIP to me. Don’t worry. Rajiv asks them to play their task. Afsana says Rajiv just wants to fight with me. Rajiv says I was consoling you when you were crying, you are so selfish. Afsana says what have you done for me in the show? Rajiv asks her to get lost. Afsana says you have not seen my real face. Why are you calling me selfish? Rajiv says I have always stood up for you. Afsana says what have you done for me? You call me selfish? Should I say something too? Rajiv says tell me. Afsana says you are a donkey. She says I won’t spare you, anything can happen later on. Shamita asks Afsana to not threaten him. Rajiv says I am not scared of you. Afsana says I won’t spare Rajiv after this task. Rajiv says I am not scared.

The buzzer plays and the next round starts. All inmates start collecting gold. Shamita tells Karan that Umar is helping Afsana blatantly. All inmates run to get clothes. The rainy season is up so they buy raincoats. Shamita takes the raincoat from Nishant and runs to the campsite. Karan asks Nishant why did you give the clothes before the announcement? Neha tells Umar that you are playing wrongly. Umar says we can give clothe even before the announcement. Rajiv tells Tejasswi that the inmates can’t enter the campsite before the announcement but Pratik-Afsana entered before the campsite. Shamita tells Pratik that Nishant is not on our side, he was not giving the clothes to me. He purposely didn’t give me the raincoat. She tells Neha that I will get Afsana eliminated now. She tells Simba that I need your help, we have to block Afsana in the next round, they are favoring Afsana. Let’s break their power. Just don’t let Afsana enter the campsite in the next round. Simba says okay.

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