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Bhagya Lakshmi 9th October 2021 Episode starts with Ayush showing the money bag to Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks from where did you get so much money. He says he has looted the bank and then says the notes above are real and the others are fake in the bundle. He asks what to do next? Lakshmi says you have to call Shanaya and fix the meeting for tomorrow. She says there you have to give her greed. Ayush calls Shanaya from his VIP number. Shanaya asks Rohan to put the call on speaker.

Ayush asks if she is Shanaya Thakur? Shanaya says yes. He says he is businessman Bindra, and tells that he has heard her name along with Rishi and has a life changing offer for her, if she wants then she can come to the hotel Paradise Sherton. Shanaya says I am not interested. Lakshmi says we are Rishi Oberoi’s rivals and you will benefit from us. Shanaya asks what benefit? Ayush says such things are not talked on phone. Shanaya asks about your hotel name. Lakshmi says hotel Vintage Maiden.

Shanaya asks who are you? Ayush says she is owner. Shanaya says ok and ends the call. Rohan checks the hotel name. Ayush gets notification and says they are trapped. He asks Lakshmi what she will become, and tells that he will become sardar ji. Lakshmi says she will identify me. He says I need back up and asks her to do it for Rishi Bhai. Lakshmi agrees.

Next day, Shanaya and Rohan come to the hotel Paradise Sherton. The receptionist talks to Ayush and he asks her to send her. Receptionist asks her to go to 10th floor. Ayush and Lakshmi are in disguise. Ayush says Rani maa. Lakshmi says she can’t act. Ayush asks her tell her fake name. Lakshmi says Maharani Savitri Devi. He asks her to take heavy breathe and become like Neelam Mami. He asks her to remember that they are doing this for Rishi. Lakshmi takes something in her mouth.

Ayush opens the door and asks them to come inside. Lakshmi asks him to send her inside. Shanaya says I saw you somewhere. Lakshmi says day before yesterday. Ayush says her interview came on the magazine. He gives her water and asks her to drink. He says Shanaya ji you didn’t introduce your brother to us. Shanaya says he is my boyfriend Rohan. She asks what you want to say on phone. Ayush shows the cash briefcase.

Rohan asks how much it is? Ayush says 20 crores, and says if it is not enough, then see the factory papers, all this can be yours, if you agree to our offer. Rohan asks why do you think that we will agree to your offer. Lakshmi says we are sure that you will agree, as enemy of enemy is friend. She says if Rishi Oberoi’s business drowns, then our business will benefit and prosper, since you have filed molestation case on Rishi,

we got much benefit from it and wants to destroy all his business. Shanaya asks what I have to do? Lakshmi says Rishi oberoi jail. Ayush says I know his family is pressurizing you, Neelam Madam came to you yesterday. He says you can’t back off and shall make Rishi jailed, and asks her not to take back case in any greed, or anything. Shanaya says we need time to talk. Lakshmi says you are getting such and still needs time.

She asks Ayush to cancel the deal. Ayush asks Lakshmi to give them 5 mins. Shanaya and Rohan go out to talk. Malishka calls Ayush and asks him to open Rishi’s laptop and check his mails. She says he might have got mail from the agency from where Shanaya is sent, and tells that she has to send that to lawyer. Ayush says he is neither at home nor at office, he came out with Lakshmi to trap Shanaya.

Malishka asks are you bad? Ayush ends the call and tells Lakshmi. Malishka calls Ayush and thinks he is doing a big mistake, I won’t let him do any blunder. Ayush says she will think we are doing wrong. Lakshmi says she didn’t know that we came with full arrangements, and will not lose.

Virender talks to lawyer and asks him to get Rishi bail today itself. Neelam says I heard, if my son don’t return by evening, then I won’t be good for you too. Malishka calls Neelam and tells that Lakshmi has planned to trap Shanaya along with Lakshmi’s help. She says they are in the hotel paradise sherton.

Ayush switches off Lakshmi’s phone. Neelam asks Virender to call Lakshmi and finds her phone off. Neelam threatens Virender that if anything goes wrong then she will throw Lakshmi out of the house, and will forget that she has brought her to save Rishi. Virender goes to the hotel. Neelam tells Karishma that Lakshmi again went to trouble my son, don’t know what to do with her.

Shanaya talks to Rohan and says I feel that this is a trick to trap us. Rohan says we have checked on net and everything seems to be fine. Shanaya says I didn’t hear the company’s name. She says it is Rishi’s family trick to trap me. Rohan says if this happens, then Rishi will get 10 years jail. Lakshmi asks Ayush why did he show the money as it is fake. Ayush asks her to have confidence. Rohan tells that they will get the factory papers and money, and if anything is wrong, then Rishi will be jailed for 10 years.

Malishka comes to Rishi and tells him that Lakshmi again went to Shanaya. Rishi says Shanaya is very clever and will not leave Lakshmi. Malishka says who will make her understand, Shanaya will trap you badly due to her. Malishka says she is troubling everyone. Rishi says she has troubled herself too. Malishka says you are worried for her. She says you will be proved culprit. She says I got your bail, then Lakshmi went to Shanaya and then Neelam aunty. She says I am trying her call and her phone is off.

She says Ayush is with her, and tells that she has a feeling that Lakshmi will get trap herself and will trap him too. She says I will call Media myself and says I will tell them that we have nothing to do with whatever Lakshmi do, so that if any problems happens then she gets trapped, but not you. She says she is so illiterate that she don’t know what to do and what to don’t. She assures Rishi that everything will be fine, and she won’t let him jail. She goes.

Virender comes to the hotel room and find Ayush and Lakshmi. He identifies Ayush. Lakshmi comes there and calls him Bau ji. She takes him to room, and says Shanaya is here. She says you can scold me. Virender asks what is happening here? Lakshmi says I asked ayush to do all this and asks him to go, they will come back. Virender says I came to make you understand and says you didn’t know that Shanaya is very clever, and if she defeats then it will be bad for your husband.

Karishma says if you had scolded Lakshmi then she wouldn’t have done this today. Neelam asks her to think before telling her anything and tells that she don’t burst her anger on anyone without any reason like her. She says when I understood that Lakshmi wanted to save Rishi, I didn’t feel bad and have no complains with her. Karishma says you have no complains with her. Neelam says Lakshmi went to her, knowing how clever Shanaya is. She says she did same thing with Rishi, Lakshmi and me and I should have understood then, that such girls can’t be controlled by law.

Karishma says like Malishka is doing. Neelam says like your brother is doing. Virender tells Lakshmi that this plan will not work, they will check cash and papers, and asks her to come from there. Lakshmi says we have to try this for Rishi and whatever Rishi has to bear, and we have to bear. Virender says we will fight the case, but if we get caught here, then nobody will leave us. Lakshmi says if we leave, then also we will get trapped. She asks him to give 15 mins. He says I am setting timer, you will get just 15 mins. Lakshmi thanks him and goes out. Virender gets worried.


Bhagya Lakshmi 9th October 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Karishma suggests Neelam to do a press conference that whatever Lakshmi has done foolishness, they have nothing to do with that. Neelam agrees. Rohan asks Lakshmi and Ayush to let them count the money, and if everything is fine then they will agree to their demand. Malishka tells Media that Rishi has nothing to do with Lakshmi’s actions, and tells that she is from a village and that’s why don’t take her actions wrongly, like you have taken last time. Virender comes out and asks Ayush and Lakshmi, what is happening, you are dealing with them, they will sell you. Shanaya and Rohan looks on. Lakshmi and Ayush are shocked.

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