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Bhagya Lakshmi 8th October 2022 Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi to wear his clothes. Rishi asks Ayush to treat Malishka’s foot and then only he will wear his clothes. Ayush calls Shalu and asks her to treat Malishka. Shalu says she will treat her. Malishka says she is fine. Ayush asks if she was acting.

Rishi asks her if she was acting. Malishka says no, my leg was sprained. Shalu says she will treat her and twists her foot. Malishka shouts and says she is fine. Ayush asks if you are really fine now. Malishka says thank you guys. Ayush asks her to stand, walk, say thank you and leave. He says let husband and wife spend sometime. Rishi says if you want then you can take rest here. Malishka thanks him.

Ayush tells Shalu that Malishka needs more treatment and that’s why they shall take her to guest room and will treat her there. He says he will punch her foot, and will lift her to take her there, but she might slip and fall. Malishka says she is fine, gets up and goes. Lakshmi asks Rishi to wear the clothes and come. Rishi asks didn’t she hear what Ayush said. Lakshmi asks him to come down.

Neelam tells Virender that she will make Rishi do Ravan dahan. She says truth shall win. Dadi and Virender say the same. Malishka thinks Rishi and Lakshmi might be romancing and I am stuck here. She sees Rishi and asks him to sit. Malishka sits beside him. Lakshmi comes there and is upset. Malishka thinks she is upset, as Rishi didn’t romance with her and thinks he shall kick her out.

Rishi eats the food and tells Neelam that it is amazing. He says after you, Lakshmi makes tasty food. Virender asks Lakshmi to sit. Neelam asks Malishka to make Rishi have food to increase love. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Malishka smiles and looks at Rishi. She is about to make him have the food. Karishma asks Malishka to show her right on him, and says very soon you will marry him.

Rishi is about to eat. Ayush comes there and says he got the pendrive. Malishka drops the food from her hand. Lakshmi questions her. Malishka says food fell down in excitement. Ayush asks Mangesh to play.

Malishka thinks she will not leave Balwinder. Mangesh shows the CCTV footage, but nothing is in the video. Ayush asks what is it? Mangesh says I can arrange other corners’ pendrive. He says someone looted my assistant and stolen that pendrive which had all the footage. He calls Ravi and asks him to get all the footage again.

Malishka thinks she was almost dead. She thinks she lost the chance to feed food to Rishi, as Neelam gave her the chance. She thinks she has Balwinder to steal the pendrive. Balwinder drinks wine and picks his clothes, thinks if Guddu wears my clothes, as it is stinking. Malishka calls him and says they have footage still in office.

Balwinder asks if they don’t have any work. Malishka says this was Lakshmi’s idea and says she wants to suffocate her. Balwinder says then I will do the same with Rishi, and says until I have hope to get Lakshmi, I will fight and then I will kill her. Malishka says same goes with Rishi. Balwinder asks her to kill Rishi and says he will kill Lakshmi if they get trapped. Malishka says I will kill you first. Balwinder says you had said that you will do the same as me. He says we will not kill Lakshmi or Rishi. Malishka ends the call and thinks to kill Balwinder.

Ayush drops Shalu to her home. Shalu says this trouble is not ending and says my destiny is bad. Ayush says I am ruined as Rishi bhai is bearing you. He tells Shalu that there is nothing like inauspicious thing. Shalu says Neelam calls Lakshmi as inauspicious. Ayush asks her to see the positive side and says that Lakshmi got such a loving husband. Shalu says God gave me jhalla.

He says you shall invite me to have tea. Shalu asks him to come. Ayush says Neha will eat my brain. Shalu says bye. Ayush asks her to go. They look at each other. Ayush says final bye. Shalu says final bye. She starts walking and her dupatta is stuck. She says leave my dupatta, turns and sees him. Ayush says I didn’t hold it. Shalu asks why didn’t you hold it, it has become dirty. He says he will hold her and her dupatta next time. They smile looking at each other.


Bhagya Lakshmi 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi tells Rishi that Lakshmi will not stop caring for you, even if she is angry with him. Lakshmi offers something to Rishi. Rishi says that’s why I like her so much. Lakshmi falls and says you didn’t hold me like holding Malishka. Rishi holds her closer. Dadi signs Lakshmi and Rishi. Rishi says he understood everything, and says kiss. Balwinder plans to kill Rishi.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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